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9:50 AM
Today another post from 1 rep user on meta. And Meta MathOverflow is one of the few per-site metas where I have seen spam posts - which is also a consequence of the lowered reputation threshold.
Q: Allow posting on meta without any reputation for the first week

Scott MorrisonWould it be possible to remove the reputation requirements for posting on meta for the first week, while we iron out all the login problems people are having? We've already had a few instances of people asking via email, after they found they couldn't ask their question here.

It seems that the exception has outlived its usefulness. Maybe we should ask to revert it. — Emil Jeřábek Jan 12 at 14:34
@EmilJeřábek That sounds quite reasonable to me. Especially considering that the main site is protected from being abused by posting many similar questions by question bans after enough negatively received posts, but on meta there is no question ban. — Martin Sleziak Jan 15 at 4:42
A: Allow posting on meta without any reputation for the first week

Shog9Ok. I've lowered the reputation requirement here to 1 for the time being. You'll probably want to revert to 5 at some point just to make your own lives easier, but during the transition dropping it seems like a good idea.

for the time being — John Dvorak Oct 19 at 7:41
@ScottMorrison A few user commented on your post (linked above) that this is probably no longer needed. So far without any response from the moderators.
Sorry for bothering you with this in chat - of course, I can open a new question on meta about this if this is preferred way to go about this.
I just thought that if this the decision that this is no longer needed is clear-cut and no discussion is actually needed, then perhaps mods could just ask SE staff to change this privileges back to 5 reputation points, as on other sites.
Certainly, if you tell me that it is better to discuss this on meta first, I can make a post on meta. (Well, unless somebody else posts this before me.)
I can imagine the post on meta being useful if you (and other mods) want some feedback from the community before this change or even simply to have more transparency (i.e., not making the change without getting opinion of the userbase on meta first). But still, I've decided to ask here in chat first.
Since I have mentioned spam posts on meta, here are the posts that were detected by SD: metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/search?site=203 Only three spam posts in total (maybe some spam posts were not caught) - but still it might be better if spammers are prevented from posting here.

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