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12:10 AM
Q: The 6 semi-essential meta questions of every SE 2.0 upgrade

Manishearth In the spirit of The 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta I realized that there were a few things that needed to be decided by a large site that has suddenly gone SE 2.0. Initially I planned to make meta posts for each one, but then I realized that there were many of them, and since I'm ...

12:24 AM
wet ep
12:55 AM
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2:22 AM
Is this like efnet IRC #math?
Not quite, since #math was a bit more responsive. Perhaps tomorrow...
3 hours later…
5:25 AM
\infty-chat theory....
5:42 AM
It'll probably take a few days for folks to find chat. It's got some cool features , one-boxing is quite nice, feeds, and if you're handy with Javascript you can write your own bots (though we don't guarantee the API to be stable)
6:04 AM
@skullpatrol What are you doing in a chat-room for mathematical researchers?
6:26 AM
(At the risk of saying something slightly sacrilegious, this might have been a good opportunity for someone with good design skills to redesign the MO logo!)
1 hour later…
7:44 AM
@MarianoSuárez-Alvarez Yes, please :)
Also, your favicon is uppercase and the main icon is lowercase
M and m are not the same! m is the eigenvalue of M!!!
(Well, at least when I use math that's the only similarity)
8:41 AM
Q: How can I log in into my old mathoverflow account?

johnI had a separate log in account for mathoverflow. Now, I'm unable to log in into that. I see only options of logging in using google, facebook, stack exchange etc but no option of logging using mathoverflow. How can I access my old account?

I made that into a canonical (yet temporary) resource for anyone still finding themselves disenfranchised from their account. I just fixed about 15 more, I'm hoping we'll have all of them found and taken care of soon.
@TimPost btw, what's the exact nature of the agreement between MO and SE, in terms of the privacy policy (/content policy)?
Similarly, does MO inherit any network policies like "no meta tags"?
@ManishEarth What has worked well for MO should continue to work well for MO - just as every other individual SE community operates slightly differently. We're here for guidance, basically as consultants as we work through the transition.
@TimPost Ah, I see
Including the old privacy and content policies (the copyright and "all rights licensed to SE" thingamajig) ?
moderator agreement, etc?
(in which case the footer links may need changing)
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10:05 AM
10:16 AM
There is a rather hidden new feature in the site you might be amused, or interested by
10:31 AM
@badp It may be interesting to make a list of useful new features with explanation on how to use each one (or links to relevant meta faq posts). What say?
For example, review queues
You could probably just link to Popular Demand's list
SE 1.0 is old
like, ~four years old
@badp No, the good features
@Manishearth So nothing about the hell-bans or the ban lotteries or...
Let's see. What do we have:
- review queues
- realtime updates
- the 10k tools (not sure)
- self answer
11:23 AM
@Manishearth The cartoon reminded me of this.
1 hour later…
12:39 PM
@MichaelGreinecker Technically, I'm not a mathematical researcher either (undergrad physics student), but I may not count :P
12:57 PM
@ManishEarth It was only a question. I think in the case of sp, the answer would be rather revealing...
@MichaelGreinecker Yep :) I know all about sp -- banned him a couple of times from chat
My comment here was sort of tongue in cheek
1 hour later…
2:20 PM
@Greg hey
2 hours later…
3:57 PM
I think most of the lost sheep are now back into their accounts properly. A few still trickling in, but we were able to get everyone sorted pretty quickly. Whew.
@TimPost Lost cows, not sheep
yesterday, by fredley
user image
I'm awesome because I have purposes for which there is no discernible difference between cows and sheep.
@TimPost Yeah, but you are pretty picky about primate species. Hmph.
That always matters.
5:06 PM
@TimPost, thanks for the Meta answer. As you can see, it is a tossup whether people will use Chat after the first few days. Interesting to see what happens when a discussion in comments goes long and the software suggests, or creates, a chatroom for two.
@WillJagy I think people will if they find that it fits their workflow well - it's great for asynchronous communication, and all nice and wired into the global inbox.
@TimPost, right. I used to suggest that on MO, years ago. It would have meant email. People even said they disliked the idea, because it would then not be visible to others...but these chats would be visible to anyone who thought it worthwhile to visit the room, or at least the transcript of it.
"An error occurred submitting the question." Anyone have an idea why?
@TheMaskedAvenger Let me take a look
(It would be my second within 24 hours.)
5:17 PM
I just checked the logs, and I don't see any particular reason for it. I'm assuming you didn't get any kind of more specific error (there are quality checks in place that will trip on really short titles, but they are rather specific in their output)
If there is a more specific error, I am not seeing it. Sometimes the browser view
shifts, but I can't swear that it is related to the error.
I will try submitting it again and see if something different happens.
Success. Refreshing the browser page might have helped. Thanks for your time.
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6:41 PM
7:02 PM
fixed that for you
What is a preferred topic for this room?
@TheMaskedAvenger I believe that's still being established. Most sites do a mix of discussions about the topic of the site with some social "getting to know your fellow users" type stuff.
7:12 PM
OK. Is civilized and congenial anonymity discouraged here?
@TheMaskedAvenger Not really
Not yet, anyway
Using your real name on MO is encouraged. But not enforced. (it's not a rule)
Chat probably won't discourage anonymity
OK. What is the hyphenation rule for manishearth?
@TheMaskedAvenger My name is Manish Goregaokar
The Earth is just randomness from my first few accounts on the Internet
So Manish-Earth
OK. You can call me Masked for short, if you must. I suspect man-ish-earth is an appropriate rule then.
@TheMaskedAvenger Manish is better :P
7:19 PM
OK, but if you call me Manish, I might not get it. I'm willing to try it.
@TheMaskedAvenger lol
It seems not much math is going on here. Do you know if number theorists hang here?
@TheMaskedAvenger The room is new. I'm not a mathematician, I'm just helping things get started
With luck, math will start soon :)
OK. If Pace Nielsen (or is it Neilsen?) shows up, I'd be interested in his take on a recent question of mine. AFC
8:19 PM
So far no mathematics has actually happened here. :-) Mathematicians can be a little old fashioned, and this whole "chat room" thing is not going to appeal to many. I'm showing up everyone so often just to see if anything is happening.
8:37 PM
well as a second year student i can hardly imagine it is possible to chit chat over the kind of math done on MO
9:00 PM
@ScottMorrison i wish people would come in here and talk math. that'd be awesome. that's why i keep checking back.
9:11 PM
@JBeardz why don't you start talking about math ?
Yep. Start discussing math and you'll automatically get more takers
"No math was hurt during the production of this chatroom."
@AnnaLear Actually, that's a pretty good room topic ;-) (I won't change that though, not yet)
@ManishEarth Yeah, let's hold off on bringing our usual weirdness to this room... :)
@ScottMorrison We have biweekly chat sessions on Physics (not as many users as you guys). We have fun discussions, half about the site and half about interesting new stuff. I think you need to just give a nudge, usually people like it. In fact, after the dist settles a bit, scheduling chat sessions may be an awesome idea. There's even a link on the main page shortly before and during the session.
@AnnaLear Exactly
9:22 PM
I probably can't discuss any math at MO-level but I can certainly share interesting things I come across:
(Google Brandenburger-Keisler Belief Paradox, that's not the only paper)
2 hours later…
11:04 PM
Regularly scheduled chats does actually sound pretty fun. As suggested, perhaps when the dust settles.
11:23 PM
@ScottMorrison Yep. I ought to have added that to my 6-meta-questions post (making it 7, restoring the balance in the world). Right now meta is full of confused people though, and François has already marked one post as "featured".
@ScottMorrison, one worthwhile aspect is unscheduled conversations when a posted question is not quite worked out completely, and there are two or three who still want to work on it. Smaller chatrroms give an alternative to email, which I used to suggest on MO but nobody ever did or agreed with. These will be "transparent" as far as the main site goes.
Is there any plan to put chat on the sidebar as it is on some other sites? Right now, it seems pretty hidden.
@EvanJenkins it ought to show up
The sidebar elements switch in and out -- so you may see it some times and not the other
@EvanJenkins, If you click from Main to Meta, this page shows on the right. On Main, not so much
Yeah, I see it on Meta.
What determines when it shows up?
11:31 PM
@WillJagy Yep. But chat events get people to like chat. A few folks start hanging around, and finally you have some regulars. And if your community is large enough, you may have constant conversation.
@EvanJenkins Oh, I see what's happened here. It may be the SE-MO agreement. The chat box usually shows up paired with the cross-site and community promo ads block.
@ManishEarth, yes. And I am accustomed to this from MSE. As long as there are no kids or others bombing me with questions here, I can stay on it rather than viewing the transcript.
@EvanJenkins And you guys don't have an ads block due to the SE-MO agreement. I suggest opening a post on meta on it
@WillJagy Yep. Try to stay around and keep the homework kids off the lawn :P
@ManishEarth Hm, interesting. Will do.
The ads thing is just a hunch
(Also , you may benefit from community promotion ads -- these are nonprofit ads the community gets to create.)
@ManishEarth You may be right, although it appears in Meta without ads (which appears to be standard for other Meta sites)
11:35 PM
Yeah. The sidebar logic is quite random and confusing, never really understood how it works.
This chatroom was not tested on animals. You'll be the first!
2 hours ago, by Anna Lear
"No math was hurt during the production of this chatroom."
Manish, I saw that. My quote was from the cover of a Discworld book by Terry Pratchett
Q: Chat does not appear in the sidebar

Evan JenkinsThe chat doesn't seem to appear in the sidebar on the main site (although it does on Meta). ManishEarth has suggested that this might be due to the no-ads agreement. I think it would be useful to have it appear in the sidebar, because right now I think its visibility is too low.

@WillJagy ah, I see
11:43 PM
On the American edition, not the original British: amazon.com/Interesting-Times-Terry-Pratchett/dp/…
@JosephO'Rourke, Hello
@WillJagy - I really don't like that title font. And the American Pratchett covers generally.
@David, Howdy.
Got a bit confused there with input - needed to edit. Twice!
@David, I have a few of the earlier ones with the British artist, cannot remember the name of the first one.
That is all
11:48 PM
It is fairly typical for American books to self-advertise on the cover. I guess I'm used to it.
Paul Kidby, the current one, and the late Josh Kirby as the old one.
Ah. So it really was the same last name.
I was thinking of changing my MSE "gravatar" to the Mona Ogg. Wait, Kidby and Kirby, not quite the same
British/Australian covers here: terrypratchettbooks.com/index.php/books. Re Mona Ogg - do you mean just the face, or the full portrait?
And if you could work in some of this guy's work en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Ogg...
11:52 PM
I looked at both, there is just too much detail for a little icon online. The original, in The Last Hero, is impressive..."The teeth seem to follow you around the room"
Right. Never took any classes from Ogg.
Perhaps Rincewind's face from The Last Hero cover at the link I gave?
Anyway. I can see this is getting no work done. Must go
@David, bye

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