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I’m voting to close this question because belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comdippas 21 secs ago
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This question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com — Russ J 58 secs ago
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Noted. I will check with codereview site — Deepak Desaraju 17 secs ago
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Aastha I want to display half rows of the table MYSQL query SELECT * FROM STATION LIMIT (SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM STATION)/2 I tried to perform a query like this but I am getting syntax error. What is this query wrong? How can I perform this query?

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Q: Code gives API response(delayed from API)

Deepak DesarajuI have written a code to check the response from an API(response will be a delayed to at least 2 minutes from request). I am using an if condition to check the status continuously until I get a response and then got to next method. This is not good for automation or continuous processing or calli...

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Post here if you need a detailed review. As for your question "should I make another clas" - no you should not. Instead you should clean your code, move the username, domain etc. extraction code to separate functions, don't throw strings, move private data to the bottom of your class. — pptaszni 18 secs ago
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@Flimzy is this more of a codereview.stackexchange question then? — user6248190 28 secs ago
It's probably more of a Google question, to be honest. I'm not active on codereview, so I don't know precisely what kinds of questions they want there. — Flimzy 40 secs ago
Q: Updated bash/zsh function that cd to the root of git tree

Felixoidhere's the updated version of the code for being reviewed. Fixes: "private" _cg function functions definition as cg() {} general clean-up #!/bin/bash # cd to the root of the current git directory # If $PWD is submodule, will cd to the root of the top ancestor # It requires to stay in the curre...

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I’m voting to close this question because this question belongs on Code Review, another site in the Stack Exchange network. — AndrewL64 27 secs ago
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Q: Creating SQL Table from a Go Struct

user6248190I have been building an API in Go, which I want to link to a Postgres SQL table. I have always used NoSQL previously but thought it would be good to try a SQL database. Here are my structs type Activity struct { Activity string `json:"activity"` Payload Payload `json:"payload"` } type Pa...

Q: Find Binary Tree Path Sum

Erdenebat UlziisaikhanI am trying to resolve following problem. Please advice which part of the code can be improved. Given a binary tree and a sum, determine if the tree has a root-to-leaf path such that adding up all the values along the path equals the given sum. Example: Given the below binary tree and sum = 22, ...

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@Timeler thats why we need code review for :D you can make it work with 5 loops or in single line. — PDHide 41 secs ago
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Not on-topic for StackOverflow. Try posting this to codereview.stackexchange.com. — Thomas just now
Q: Javascript - Loop through datastructure

BreadcrumbPieI know my solution works, but I would like to know if the function can be simplified so that the loop is not called twice. Is there a way to pass the properties to be run through as parameters in the function? My given datastructure looks like (in which totalQuantities and typeQuantities might co...

If this is working code you think could be improved, see Code Review. As to whether you should include this in your portfolio, that's entirely up to you. — jonrsharpe 57 secs ago
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I have seen that and discounted before - why Map etc. Now I changed Map<String,Object> data; + setter/getter and updated my message builder ; and using toMap() when setting payload data. Hope my code reviewers accept it. — South star just now
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Q: Pandas DataFrame.sort_values() new method to exclude by row name

simkusI was working on new function with Pandas DataFrame. It's meant to sort values by column name but exclude specific rows from sorting and return sorted dataframe with that has rows with preserved positions. E.g. I have a DataFrame Name marks rank1 Tom 10 rank2 Jack 30 rank3 ...

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I somehow expected that. ;-) What's your actual question? If you're looking for code review then Stack Exchange Code Review might be the better place to post. — Scheff 59 secs ago
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Anyway it sounds like you're asking for a code review. There is a specific Code Review Stack Exchange where your question might fit better - take a look at their guidance. Generally here we only do questions about problems in code. If you have a specific question e.g. a performance issue, or a worry about the structure of a certain part (rather than just "could I do this better?") then we might be able to help you, but as it stands your post is too vague and doesn't appear to contain a real problem. — ADyson 53 secs ago
Q: Bank Management System v2.0 using OOP in C++

A JI've been learning C++ for a while. I wrote this app sometimes ago. The feedback that I got for that app was quite helpful Now I rewrote the app using the new knowledge that I acquired whole learning. This app has been complied with MSVC std-c++14. I want to learn writing efficient code with as l...

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"but I want to know is there any better solution for it or not." - If the code works but you just want to know if it's OK or if it can be improved, you should probably post it in Code Review instead. — Magnus Eriksson just now
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Q: python: return of the function producing output fille

Maître RenardI am dealing with a Python program that takes .pdb files from the input folder and combines them together in a similar manner to the cut utility in Unix. Here is the version of my code in a linear format: # go to result folder contained all pdb filles os.chdir(results) # set the name of final PDB...

Q: How to restrict a user to use only one plugin in WordPress

M JI want to restrict a specific user to use only one plugin. I don't want him to see any other pages on the WordPress admin dashboard like the Plugins page, Posts, or other pages. I want to show him just one link in the admin dashboard and let him to use just that page. I want to do it programmatic...

Q: Vuejs (but is not Vue specific) - how to structure this logic in a easy to maintain way

QwertAsdfgThis is a question about Vue, but it is quite generic enough that it doesn't strictly apply to only Vue. If I have the following (pretend there were many more components that it could return, this example is simplified) { methods: { componentToUse() { if(this.conditionA === '...

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Just a heads-up for people following this question, or just interested, I finally managed to attain my goal, but the process being a bit lengthy, It'll take some time for me to write a decent answer detailing what I did and explaining how it works. This will probably not be a perfect solution, so I'll also post it on the CodeReview StackExchange. — Sidewinder94 14 secs ago
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@rtt0012 You should open a question on codereview.stackexchange.comsmcs 59 secs ago
Q: What do you think about my solution?

NestorThe exercise was: Consider a list (list = []). You can perform the following commands: insert i e: Insert integer e at position i. print: Print the list. remove e: Delete the first occurrence of integer e. append e: Insert integer e at the end of the list. sort: Sort the list. pop: Pop the last...

Q: python: combining IF and TRY

Maître RenardI am dealing with a Python program that read .dlg filles from directory and make a list of these input filles using glob. Besides there is a check of the input and output (produced on next step that is not disccused here) filles. Notably if the input filles exist the script will check also the re...

4:37 PM
Q: Python: SettingWithCopyWarning but still running

Johnathan CodingsI'm getting a warning when running the code below which would lead me to believe that is a better way to write this. I have three phone number columns and I want to check if the number starts with "08" and is of length 10 which would means it is an Irish mobile number. If this is true I want it t...

Medi Madelen Gwosdz on November 30, 2020
What does it take to attract developers to your organization and to create an environment internally where they feel empowered to do their best work. One of the most successful strategies is to employ a great developer evangelist, which we’ll shorten to DevEv for brevity’s sake. In an era of remote work, DevEvs might be…
Sorry John, but there's a separate Stack Exchange site called Code Review for tips on working code. Stack Overflow is for help with specific, actual problems.... — Tony Delroy just now
5:28 PM
Q: Remote computer file transfer with PowerShell script

Zoran JankovRemote-Computer-File-Transfer I have created a PowerShell script, , for remote computers file transfer, for computers that only support New-PSDrive cmdlet, and I would like someone to take look at my code and give me guidelines on what I am doing the wrong way and what I am doing right. The Scrip...

Q: Sieve of eratosthenes: My optimized version

theProgrammerI wrote a simple prime number program that checks if a number is prime or not using sieve of eratosthenes, I also wrote an optimized version that only generates the sieve_arr when the val exceeds the length of sieve_arr. sieve.py # sieve.py from array import array from math import sqrt def siev...

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Q: Sorting Algorithm (from scratch) in Python

esker-luminousI am attempting to write a Python program where I have to create a sorting algorithm without the assistance of the built-ins (like the sort() function). I used the def keyword to create the sorting_function() (the code bits in this paragraph will make more sense once you see my code) so all I hav...

@RicardoTribaldos well in that case you do not allow the merge, also, there are parts into github or gitlab or any other service where you can configure the rules to merge and the branches where people can merge. Also there are code reviews. — Christian Blanco 5 secs ago
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StackOverflow is not a massive code review site. Learn more about MCVE's (Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example) here: idownvotedbecau.se/nomcveSamathingamajig 9 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by A J on question by A J: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/252843/revisions
Q: Thread safe optimized list

Facundo La RoccaLast week I was challenged in a technical interview with a code challenge about threads and efficiency. The challenged required to create a service to detect whether an ID had been already seen or not. The requirements were simple: Return true or false if a given id was already seen or not Dupli...

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Q: Setters dependent on other instance variables in Java

krenkzI am relatively new to java and I am trying to set up a class with non-trivial setters, but I wonder if setting an instance variable via another one is allowed/good practice? public class Pdf { private byte[] bytearray; private String name; private PDDocument pddocument; private ...

9:23 PM
Ryan Donovan on November 30, 2020
Welcome to ISSUE #49 of the Overflow! Seven sevens, quite a lucky set of numbers in many cultures. This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: in space, no one can hear you seg fault, setting a clock made of atoms, and the surprising…
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Yes. [padding] [padding] Seriously, if you want a review of that, consider posting on CodeReviewsehe 49 secs ago
Q: NextJS API endpoint for a 'form backend' service

DasBeasto(This is using NextJs but there was no tag for that available) I'm building a form backend service, similar to Formspree. The user can create a form however they like on their frontend and submit it to my API endpoint to be collected and stored. This becomes tricky when needing to handle files as...

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For feedback on working code the Code Review site would be better suited. — kaylum 56 secs ago
Q: Rust - Need help making code idiomatic and clean (with lifetimes)

xilpexthis is the first real program I have written in rust. What started as a clean piece of rust code, turned into a lifetime monstrosity when I decided to make my enums and structs use &str instead of String. The algorithm implemented is irrelevant; I just need help making my code more idiomatic and...


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