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TTQW - gniknoM
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Eva, you need to provide more information about the context of the calls, your code (minimal, reproducible example), desired behaviour (not simply speeding things up - code optimization requests belong on Code Review) — Oleg Valter 41 secs ago
Q: How can I increase the speed of my code that deals with checking unique words and their abbreviations?

Aviral SrivastavaIn an attempt to solve a problem on Leetcode, I used dictionary and sets to have O(1) time complexity. However, my speed is too slow, better than just the 5% of Python submissions. Here is my code: from typing import List class ValidWordAbbr: def __init__(self, dictionary: List[str]): ...

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This is not the right place to ask for project optimization advice. I would suggest using a profiler and a decent benchmarking tool. Also try CodeReview — TheGeneral 32 secs ago
@TheGeneral Thanks! I'll try CodeReview — Crowbar 42 secs ago
Thanks, @OlegValter. I have requested it on Code Review. - codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/245439/…Eva 22 secs ago
Q: BigQuery.Jobs.query() takes a long time in a custom Google Data Studio connector

EvaI am using Google's BigQuery API V2 on a custom Google Data Studio connector. The BigQuery.Jobs.query() calls take roughly 50 seconds, this is too long, so I'm looking ways to speed things up. Sample code function runQuery() { // Cloud Platform project. var projectId = 'XXXXXXXX'; const ...

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Q: ¿What can I do to optimize my game of life code?

CrowbarI've been working on a little implementation of game of life, it works well with boards of size 20x20 or smaller, but when I try to increase the size it gets really sloppy. I never worked with threads, but if they increase performance I'm open to learning and researching about them. Here is the c...

I see no glaring errors, but without seeing the rest of the code there's really no way for us to tell. C.f. my close vote: This site is about specific problems and how to solve them. We're not where you post to check that your code is OK (that's Code Review, another site in the SE network). If you go there, please post something complete that can actually be meaningfully reviewed. — HTNW 34 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Dinero on question by Dinero: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/245437/revisions
4:59 AM
Q: Python [Discord.py] - Sports Fixture Bot

Brendan RodgersI have created a simple bot using Discord.py which outputs the contents of text files which contain scraped sports fixtures and channel data (scraped data is received from other small scripts I created but haven't included here). discordbot.py import discord import os from dotenv import load_dote...

Q: Reduce sorting time from a text file in python

TanvirI have a large text file(~600 gb). File consist of float and/or int only.To sort data, I open the file and read line by line and then save my desired line into an array. At the end I saved my file. My code that I have tried so far, import numpy as np from datetime import datetime startTime = date...

Ben Popper on July 14, 2020
A conversation with the co-chairs of Stack Overflow’s Black and Brown affinity group.
5:42 AM
6:04 AM
@pacmaninbw Like this. Notice the message numbers in the link?
> https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/54933598#54933598
@Duga Fine.
6:36 AM
Q: Find pair in array with maximum sum using recursion

Raj MalhotraNot sure the best way to solve this using recursion. Below is what I have tried so far: public static void findSum(int[] a, int sum, int i, int j) { if(i == a.length) return; if(j==a.length) return; sum = (a[i] + a[j] > sum) ? (a[i] + a[j]) : ...

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Q: Choosing the optimal and right data type

SHadecuteI want to create Migration in Laravel7 Did I choose the optimal data type for user table? To take up less memory space and speed up data reading my code is: public function up() { Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) { $table->id('user_id'); $table->string('...

Each title has the same node type as the title itself. This means that title has parent-children relationship. Each node has the same properties. So, using this point, you can implement using Tree and TreeNode. Reference code for tree code is: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/135432/…. If you are Korean, you can get a help from blog.naver.com/…Gi Yeon Shin 45 secs ago
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Q: Multiprocessing (and/or Optimizing) Nested For-Loop

Bahauddin OmarI have a nested for-loop that looks like the following. The for-loop is used to scan a spatio-temporal (3D) cube and run a specific kind of cross-correlation used in seismology. # some initialization i,j,k = np.where(Pg1t > 0.1) qp = np.sum(Pg1t[:-1,20:40,20:40],axis = 1)/20 corr_arr_x = np.zero...

@pacmaninbw Remind me to go in the review queue :)
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Never knew that existed :O
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Q: Parse string into a struct

gabrieledarrigoI'm writing a C application for the Networking course at the University. Basically it's a UDP server that can receive two commands: GET key SET key value That are executed against a Hash Table data structure. I'm now writing the code that parses the string into a command struct, and the logic is...

Q: RPG Library Design

Martin FrankThe RPG Library (the ERD-model here) is used to create Prototypes of Monsters and Items. These prototypes will later be used to create Instance in my RPGGame. I do not have much (de facto: none) experience in ERD-Design, so i appreciate any help. purple databases are static tables green tables...

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possible answer invalidation by Peter Csala on question by John: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/245412/revisions
8:18 AM
If your code has no issues (running without errors) and your question is only about performance, this question should be better asked at codereview.stackexchange.comPᴇʜ 12 secs ago
8:38 AM
Q: Dynamic range for autofill (VBA / Excel)

bobI have no programming experience so I have been reading up online to get specific codes to work for my excel (VBA). The following is an attempt to find a cell called "country", create a whole colum to the right of this cell, add a heading and then a formula below the heading and copying the formu...

Q: Proper use of .NET Framework's AesManaged class

ferskenMe and my co-worker has been tasked with encrypting and decrypting text data using AES256. However both of us feel quite uncomfortable with this as this sits squarely outside our normal problem solving domain. So first, the code we've come up with: public class AesManagedTextEncryptionService { ...

9:18 AM
@Duga Fine
Was probably a copy-paste mistake anyway.
Q: A function that opens and returns the contents of a file and some tests for it

oprI have the files "locale/{languageCode}.json" saved as part of the project, the reason that I made the read synchronous is because I think it is better that the internationalisation library I am using is initialised with the correct locale (rather than an async read, then dealing with promise res...

9:49 AM
@Mast It removes a couple of lines, but meh.
Q: When push data to array decide which key need to use

ArterSometimes I need to push data to the array, but I have one different key (here I have key color and key name) and another part of the object is the same. I use IF/else to check this, but i wonder is there any better and cleanest way to handle this? getData(passedData, dataControl: string) { ...

Welcome to Stackoverflow! For code-reviewing questions, please head over CodeReview. Cheers! — Jescanellas 6 secs ago
10:24 AM
@Jescanellas Thank you! Is it possible to move this question over to CodeReview? I'll post there in future. — Dan 16 secs ago
10:39 AM
Q: small web scraper to read product highlight from given urls

Hooman BahreiniI have written a Python scrapping program, using Scrapy framework. The following code reads a list of urls that need to crawled and gets product highlights from the list... it also follows the next page button. The resulting products are automatically written to an output file, as I have set FEED...

11:03 AM
Q: QT thread with timer

pm40I have a qt code that opens some threads and waits for a response, all timed with a QTimer. For example (thread1 is declared in the header) thread1 = new QThread(); OpenCVWorker *worker1 = new OpenCVWorker(); QTimer *workerTrigger1 = new QTimer(); workerTrigger1->setInterval(30); connect(workerT...

11:24 AM
@Peilonrayz Yea, not worth the hassle.
Q: how to use dict to check if in a set of given buttons, which got pressed

LeonardCohenGhostI have a dict like this: self.ws = {} self.ws['1']={pg.K_f:'gun1'} self.ws['2']={pg.K_g:'gun2'} and write this to check which key got pressed: keys = pg.key.get_pressed() for i in self.ws: if keys[self.ws[i]]: for t in self.ws[i]: self.weapon = self.ws[i][t] and got this e...

Q: c# Converting from one object to another without using foreach

Great Khan 2016I am return an student object from my database and I want to convert it into a StudentRecoredRequest model. The way i have implement is shown below. I was wondering if there was a nicer way to convert from the student object to studentsystemrecordrequest. Thanks var result = await _contex...

so this place different with stack overflow huh? ok then — LeonardCohenGhost 8 mins ago
@Mast Agreed :)
11:52 AM
@Peilonrayz Wat indeed.
12:05 PM
@Peilonrayz I'll try, but I'm getting so old my memory is getting spotty. :0
Oops, I meant to say "Reminded" rather than "Remind"
@CaptainObvious WAT? You want us to write your ######## code.
12:35 PM
Got 3 '-10' rep today because "User was removed"
12:47 PM
Welcome to Stack Overflow. We're here to answer specific programming questions. For code review, try our sister site Code Review. — Chris 9 secs ago
that kind of questoins are usually asked here codereview.stackexchange.comIfaruki 32 secs ago
1:46 PM
I’m voting to close this question because this is better asked at codereviewstovfl 26 secs ago
1:56 PM
@DerKommissar darn... I wish that wasn't the case
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ lol
Meh, life
it appears that bubbler has left...
wow... Stack Overflow moderator election without a primary phase...
2:18 PM
Q: Creating a Constructor used only for testing: anti-pattern?

FoxDeployI have a class which uses the Azure SDK. The class has two constructors, shown in pseudo code below: public StephensWorkerClass(){ this.azureClient = await getNewAzureClient(); } //normally used //just for testing public StephensWorkerClass(IAzure azureClient){ this.azureClient = azureCli...

2:30 PM
@Vogel612 maybe because there are seven candidates? the right side of the election page has this text in the yellow info box:
> After 0 days, the top 10 candidates based on primary vote score proceed onward to the election phase.
yea, it's because there are seven, but I don't recall an SO election without more than 10 candidates
@CaptainObvious example code
Q: Client side authorization when retrieving from server

GrantI have an endpoint to retrieve the user's authorization based on Joseph Silber's Bouncer. I have a global can() function. It creates a unique key based on the authorization request and sets an object's property based on that key. can (ability, model = null, id = null) { const key = `${ability}_...

@Heslacher Need 2 more VTC
@pacmaninbw 1 more
@CaptainObvious CNWAI 2 more VTC needed
2:52 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Sorry, can't help, been there done that
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ wtf I reviewed things yesterday why've I got like 20 reviews today after like 12 hours...
@pacmaninbw I wasn't trying to ask you specifically, just chaining the messages so anybody reading your message and heslacher would hopefully see the reduction in necessary votes
@Peilonrayz Because there are at least 10 of a day?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ And I really wish I could VTC twice on that one.
Gotta go vote on SO
@Vogel612 The times, they are a changing.
Q: Pattern matches Result<T, E> either into T or new error E'

alexjacksonthis question is about pattern matching and wrapping Error types in Rust. I love the Result type in Rust and I often find myself doing things like the below code snippet. This type of match is particularly relevant when I want to wrap an error from a library (e.g. std::io::Error) with my own erro...

3:12 PM
@Peilonrayz hmmm... your activity page. shows 9 since July 10th, 5 of which were 17 hours ago and 4 in the last 20 minutes...
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Eh rounding. I skipped a couple too
I posted the message just as the queue stopped too so at around 7 my exaggeration became a bit of a hyperbole
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Interesting that page doesn't show deleted questions, I reviewed 6 yesterday and it's missing the one that was deleted
3:52 PM
How many people on this site VTC without leaving a comment if there is no comment? This question has 3 answers and 4 VTC. I'm going to leave a comment now, I am 1 of the VTC. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/245471/…
too many... waaaayy too many
@pacmaninbw well for me that question is clear and imo it is enough context there. What are you missing?
4:08 PM
@Heslacher For one thing it isn't even a full function, for another how is it used.
For C# I need to see at least a full function and preferably the entire class.
It wouldn't help much to have this as a function and it doesn't matter for me how it is use because it is easy to read. OP states what the code does and that it works as intented. I think we sometimes tend to fast to closing a question which isn't great(the question).
I would have answered it as well if I had time.
@Heslacher We don't even know if this is only part of a function or it is the complete function.
This isn't SO.
@Heslacher When the top answer is talking about code not in the question then it goes over the line for me. I've learnt that this is just a horribly grey rule after the amount of disagreements I've had over it.
@Peilonrayz which top answer?
@Heslacher The long one
by iSR5
@pacmaninbw Interesting now it has 3VTC
4:19 PM
Well I have read it now 3 times and I nowhere find something about code not in the question.
@Peilonrayz Just saw that.
@Heslacher I find that hard to believe.
can you pass it as a quote so I can read it again?
Where is StudentRecoredRequest defined in the OP?
@Peilonrayz I retracted my vote after seeing Helsacher's message .... now I regret that decision... but I like seeing the discussion here
4:31 PM
@Peilonrayz nowhere but it really doesn't matter because we see how it is created. For the question it doesn't matter where or how it is defined. It may be just a POCO or it may be some god-class. OP shows how he/she is creating that object passing values for 4 properties. It doesn't make the question off topic, it just makes it a not that good question.
@Heslacher I think we can see where we disagree, "but it really doesn't matter". I've been snake bit by assumptions like surely the OP is doing this and then they go "haha, no, y u write useless garbage?"
@Peilonrayz I know that feeling had been there as well but only if OP posted example/stripped down code. For me that code in question is just pulled out of a bigger method because OP isn't feeling well with this piece of code.
Nevertheless, time to go home.
And this is why it takes 5 people to vote. You can go in the review queue and get so it has 1+ leave open votes.
I did up vote your answer because it is a good one, however, this question is off-topic because it does not have context. Off-topic questions should not be answered. Please consider your actions in the future. — pacmaninbw 41 mins ago
@pacmaninbw Isn't that a mixed message?
4:47 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Eh, no harm :)
100 points says that c# question goes hot within 3 hours :) (unless it gets closed/deleted)
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ If it does, it would be one of the few questions I'm in favour of kicking from the list.
5:08 PM
Q: Spiraling integers in a two-dimensional grid

blackened(Clojure beginner.) Advent of Code 2017: Given a spiraling integers in a two dimensional grid, 17 16 15 14 13 18 5 4 3 12 19 6 1 2 11 20 7 8 9 10 21 22 23---> ... we are asked to calculate the shortest distance from a given integer to the starting point 1. For example,...

Q: LeetCode 126: Word Ladder II

EmmaI'm posting my code for a LeetCode problem copied here. If you would like to review, please do so. Thank you for your time! Problem Given two words (begin and end), and a dictionary's word list, find all shortest transformation sequence(s) from begin to end, such that: Only one letter can be cha...

@Mast Absolutely, but they had no notification that the question was off-topic. No one had commented, and only one of them had sufficient experience to know the difference.
6:00 PM
Welcome @JeffE
Thanks -- was just popping in, I feel a bit foolish that I've been around SE for a long time and just found out there's a whole chat thing
@JeffE Welcome to the 2nd Monitor.
Please keep in mind that CR is not SO and we prefer longer questions rather than short terse ones.
@Peilonrayz Back up to 4.
6:20 PM
Questions about Optimize working code is better asked at Code ReviewJens 55 secs ago
Q: Optimizing string analysis using slicing

Matteo NNZI am currently taking back Python after over 6 years I do not use it, and to do that I am solving some small challenges on Hacker Rank. I wrote a code that works, but which is not performant and I would like to have some ideas to optimize it. Problem statement Given a certain string, count how ma...

6:46 PM
Q: Stopwatch interface OOP (Vanilla JS)

nax-p5I'm learning OOP and the first exercise of the course was to made a Stopwatch class. I did it really fast and decided to make an interface for this little app. I created the interface. Basically I want to know if the aproach that I used is fine, if I needed to create another class to control the ...

@JeffE Welcome to The 2nd. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the site and/or chat. We may not respond immediately, but we will respond.
@pacmaninbw It's a royal mess.
I dare not close it since it is answered by multiple people so apparently there is enough context, but if it hadn't been I'd have voted to close it in a heartbeat.
If we close that, the next thing that happens is someone complaining on meta and we'll have to defend ill-defined policy on a grey question.
I for one am not up to that today.
I'll put that on my list of this should've been handled better but how....
7:01 PM
@Mast I only close things if I know I could post an answer on meta so I'm fine with this. Well as fine as you can be explaining something as ill-defined as MRC.
@Mast Get 200♦ back... :(
@Peilonrayz does that mean we need to go to Vancouver BC? If I drove there I could be there in ~5.5 hours (depending on traffic)
@x1n13y84issmd42 no it is not. The common and recommended approach, as per CodeReviewComments, is: "Go interfaces generally belong in the package that uses values of the interface type" — Emile Pels 36 secs ago
~ (picturing a scene from Nat'l Lampoons Christmas Vacation)
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Unfortunately I think it'd take more than a little drive :(
~ says under breath: "fiddlesticks"
7:09 PM
lol :)
Q: Slow Box&Cox proceess using DataFrame and for loop - Python

Mario ArendI am trying to speed up the following code to obtain Box&Cox transformed data, where the original data is a Pandas Dataframe, and the process uses this DataFrame. If you can elaborate in faster way of doing this it would be very helpul. import numpy as np import pandas as pd from numpy.random imp...

Code Review is the place to ask for style advice. But see codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/… before posting. — Barmar 6 secs ago
@Duga over-exaggerate much, Barmar?
@Mast I agree with everything you have said. Root cause analysis is that the first person to VTC should have left a comment, that left everything wide open.
As I mentioned above, there were 4 VTC and no comments, real problem.
okay so that should look like this ``` <?php if($transactionrows == 1){ $code = $_POST['code']; $check = $main->check($_POST['check']); if(!empty($code)):?> html code <?php else:?> html code <?php endif; ?> ``` But i saw solution with functions example ``` function check($transaction,$code){ if(empty($code)){ $html = <<<html code return $html; } if(!empty($code)){ $html = <<<html code return $html; } } <html> <body> <?php echo check($_POST['transaction'], $_POST['code'])?> </body> </html> ``` that is correct option for readable code? — MaksStonka 2 mins ago
🤦 / (-‸ლ)
7:24 PM
Wat, I didn't know that second one is a facepalm...
5 hours ago, by Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ
user image
seriously ATFOOCL (i.e. about to fall out of chair laughing)
Now that I know "ლ" is a hand and isn't a flower it makes a lot more sense ;)
@pacmaninbw Absolutely.
@Peilonrayz I had to zoom in 200% to notice it could resemble something like a hand.
Bloody icons are too small.
@Peilonrayz Looks like someone put a fist in their eye.
When adding additional information you should edit your question instead of adding a comment. Learn more about comments including when to comment and when not to in the Help Center page about Comments. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 8 secs ago
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Who's that?
@Vogel612 Yes, there was some consternation in the election chat about that.
I remember an election a few years ago with 19 candidates. Quite the difference.
Q: Simple blackjack game using OOP

adriansekulaI've decided to learn python as my main language and after watching some tutorial on youtube I decided to write this blackjack game using OOP. Im sure it has a lot of beginner mistakes and might be simply bad. I also don't guarantee that it will always work but i would appreciate any feedback you...

@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Oh, the one with APL.
Did he recently pick a different username? Bubbler doesn't ring a bell...
sure... I believe that user didn't send any messages here, but camped/lurked
Better place this question as codereview site of stack exchange. — u_mulder 9 secs ago
7:37 PM
@Mast Yeah it kinda does
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ #mein'16/17
@Peilonrayz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ this user whom has been on SO for ~5.3 years, CR for 1.66 years, CG for 2.33 years...
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Thank you. Can't have that, so I closed it.
That should kick it from the list after caching, I hope.
@Mast IIRC a closed question can't become hot but a hot question that is closed doesn't stop it from being hot. Probably best to flag whether I remember correctly or not
@Mast my french-major wife tells me that the french term for "Hide-and-seek" is "cache-cache"
7:56 PM
@Peilonrayz If that's true, it's a bug.
A: What are the criteria for questions to be selected for Hot Network Questions?

David FullertonBasically what's documented here: What formula should be used to determine "hot" questions? We have a few tweaks: Successive questions from the same site are penalized by increasing amounts. So, the first question from SO in the list gets multiplied by 1.0, the second by 0.98, the third ...

> Closed questions are excluded
I think it is gone now
@Mast Maybe I should rephrase what I said? But that is about selecting this is after selection has happened.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Vogel kicked it off a minute ago.
@Peilonrayz Yes, it's possible whatever is doing the selection will only reevaluate questions every so often.
time for ... lunch? dinner? I don't even know anymore...
At least every 72h though.
@Vogel612 How's your thesis going?
Q: Pin and Password Generator JAVA

BrianI am reaching my one year on programming and decided to create a simple pin and password program to better help me understand arrays. As far as coding standards, best practices, and functionality what else could I do to this to make it better? public static void main(String []args){ choiceP...

it's ... going through increments at this point, but my GF is a harsh reviewer...
it's so much worse that she's basically always right with her criticisms
@Vogel612 The trick is not fighting it, or I wouldn't have been married as long as I am.
I'm not fighting it, at least not seriously. It's just so frustrating to be justifiably told that my wording is regularly confusing
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Caching does tend to create hide-and-seek bugs, so, that's appropriate I guess.
@Vogel612 Oh, absolutely.
8:01 PM
I kinda pride myself in my writing, at least since I wrote a few hundred answers around here
@Mast I don't think it works like that, that's why there was the whole curfuffle around some sites being kicked of HNQ because someone on Twitter complained that the site is misogynistic or something.
Writing answers on CR and writing a thesis is not the same style of writing though, I strongly suspect.
@Peilonrayz Twittergate, I remember that.
@Vogel612 Deadline tomorrow?
although time is slowly losing its meaning...
@Mast So many dumpsters, so many fires...
@Vogel612 Halt durch, you're almost there.
8:13 PM
@KECG Welcome to The 2nd. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the site and/or chat. We may not respond immediately, but we will respond.
@RemyLebeau • std::vector is required to have its moved-from state be empty and in a valid state. (I don't have chapter-and-verse on hand.) But in general, it's good policy to presume anything moved-from (even if the move-operation didn't take place) is in a valid-but-indeterminate state only good for re-initializing or destructing. Makes code reviews a lot less nitpicky. — Eljay 24 secs ago
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Last seen 12 seconds ago.
Q: Taking n lines from a file which contains m lines, repeating the file lazily if necessary

Enrico Maria De AngelisThe desire for such a function came out of the necessity of generating a "source" of Lorem ipsum by repeating over and over the same 50 or something paragraphs of the text. Actually I am curious to know how to do it in C++ (I guess boost::hana has something to offer in this respect), and I will a...

@Peilonrayz I think it's getting to the point where there are more fires than dumpsters.
8:30 PM
lol, yeah
are there dumpsters nested within dumpsters?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I think I've seen that once or twice, but not in this instance.
8:51 PM
@pacmaninbw likely in The APL Orchard
1 hour later…
10:25 PM
Q: Why my code is not catching the except NameError? PYTHON

anafitchHello i wanted to know why my code is not catching the NameError, I don’t know what im doing wrong, the NameError still appears. What I want is that if someone uses the get function and tries to reach a column with a letter or something that is not a number, the programs returns “its not a number...

@CaptainObvious CNWAI
Hello newNianek! What is the error you are having? If you are not having an error, this may belong on codereview.stackexchange.com instead of on Stack Overflow. — Brandon Olson 6 secs ago
11:03 PM
You need to go get some advice on codereview.stackexchange.com this code is not good - your data structure are particularly inappropriate. — symcbean 57 secs ago
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I put my nail in the coffin, need one more.
nice... I can't see anybody reviewing it in the CV queue history lest I would include a link to the CV queue item... with text 1 VTC needed :/
@pacmaninbw BTW when I think of the phrase nail in the coffin I think of NBA Jam where it implies the last blow - e.g. a TKO so in this case it would be the fifth VTC
Q: Split money into every possible combination of coin denominations

agtoeverBackground and objective of the code Based on this Dev.to challenge, I wrote the Python code below (TIO link also available). The task was to return the least number of coins in a given denomination to from a specified amount of money. I generalised this into a function that gives all possible co...

And that is why I didn't say Nailed ITor Hammered.
11:20 PM
@BrandonOlson When redirecting users to Code Review please provide them with a link to our guidelines to how to ask a good question. I do the same when I suggest the quest should be asked here on Stack Overflow as well. — pacmaninbw 55 secs ago
Thanks Santa.
11:39 PM
Q: Clear-net browsing with Lynx over Tor

S0AndS0This project is designed to enable clear-net browsing over the Tor network with the Lynx web-browser. Currently everything seems to be functioning as intended, however, it would be most appreciated if anyone could point out mistakes and/or ways that this project can be improved. Questions Are t...

@pacmaninbw when I think about the phrase nailed it I think of pinterest failes like this one

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