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Q: Unity C# Print Strings Randomly From The List After They Get Selected

FK22I have two lists with 4 strings each. I shuffle them and then I select a string on each list to create a combination of strings from both lists. I want the four combinations (written below) repeated four times (so 16 combinations in total) but each of these combination should be presented in a ra...

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possible answer invalidation by Hadwig on question by Hadwig: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/217231/revisions
Your question is off-topic here for a couple of possible reasons. (1) it appears to be a code review style question. (2) If it is about faulty code, then you should be describing what you want to happen, what code you have, and what's going wrong with the a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example so that we can run the code ourselves. — Enigmativity 41 secs ago
1:27 AM
Q: refactoring to make it simple without many if

DeveloperI have this piece of code in my repository of nodejs. Criteria is huge but I have cut it short to keep the question simple. there are lot of if conditions, which I don't really like... wondering what is best way to refactor it to more simple and to the point... const { a, b, } ...

Then it's off-topic as it is a code review style question. Perhaps try it on codereview.stackexchange.com? — Enigmativity 42 secs ago
Your question would be better asked on the codereview site — Simply Ged just now
2:14 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comNaman 47 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Dair on question by Krishna K: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/217233/revisions
@Duga Just code formatting.
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Q: Implement BinarySearchTree class in python

A.LeeI am currently study the basic data structure and trying to implement everything as I go. can anyone give me some feedback about class BinarySearchTree how to make the code more elegant. any review are appreciated. class TreeNode: def __init__(self, value=None, left=None, right=None): ...

3:23 AM
Q: React Hooks conditional in useEffect

dwjohnstonI'm starting using hooks, and I have a specific scenario that I'm thinking useEffectis appropriate for. Essentially what I'm doing is: I have some ssiData in the redux store. If that data has an invite code, and the invite isn't already accepted, then I want to display a QR code If the invi...

Q: Clarification on running multiple async tasks in parallel with throttling and polly policies

Jonathan AllbrittenI'm trying to run multiple async Tasks in parallel with throttling using polly AsyncBulkheadPolicy + WaitAndRetryPolicy. My understanding so far is that the policy method ExecuteAsync does not itself make a call onto a thread, but is leaving that to the default Task Scheduler or someone before it...

4:02 AM
Q: Minimum number of parentheses to be removed to make a string of parentheses balanced

thadeuszlayThe task: Given a string of parentheses, write a function to compute the minimum number of parentheses to be removed to make the string valid (i.e. each open parenthesis is eventually closed). For example, given the string "()())()", you should return 1. Given the string ")(", you ...

5:02 AM
Q: Converting VBA Add-In to C# VSTO. Code following button click event

Courtland9777This is my first program with C# and VS and was originally a VBA Add-In I wrote. I have embarked on this as a learning exercise. The code does work and provides the desired output in a new workbook. The code below is called from a button on a custom ribbon created in Excel. It collects data from...

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Q: Fetching movie data using jQuery

Scott Requirements Display movie datas inside all tags that have the class movie_list Make an ajax call for fetching movie datas Fill loading text before fetch data If any error occurs during loading, the content should be empty What I did Cached all elements which have the class movie_list Made ...

Q: To to write a Unit Test case to check if localstorage is empty once I logout of the Web app

UdGI am trying to clear my localstorage when I am logging out of the application. I want to write a unit test case in Jasmine to check if this task is performed when logout function is run. I am writing test cases for the first time so got stuck in the approach. In my compoment.ts file I have a log...

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Hi Henry, your question seems to be legit. However, main SO is for fixing errors/coding problems. I assume your question fits much better at Code Review. — ZF007 6 secs ago
7:02 AM
Hi Henry, if you include your code it would fit better at Code Review. — ZF007 55 secs ago
7:37 AM
Q: Undesrtanding How 2D Matrix Is Used In Solving Hackerrnak Equal Solution

Anit Shrestha ManandharI have been trying to improve my problem solving skills and dedicated few months trying to learn techniques for Dynamic Programming problems. I was trying to solve https://www.hackerrank.com/challenges/equal/problem. And I was able to find a solution Brute Force solution which did not pass the ...

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What is the question/problem? Is this a code review question? — Andreas 48 secs ago
So it's a code review question? Off topic here — Andreas 8 secs ago
Yes you want code review. That is off topic here. Go to code review and ask the question there. — Andreas 51 secs ago
Since you have working code, this may be a better fit on Code ReviewDamien_The_Unbeliever 56 secs ago
umm not really sure I am getting you correctly. I am not looking for code review. I am looking for algorithmic approach, the problem is not related to any language. It's just a scenario which cannot be solved without recursion. — Danyal Sandeelo 37 secs ago
Read the don't ask page, stackoverflow.com/help/dont-ask your question does not have a problem, the code works, and your asking for a better solution. That is exactly what code review his for. Go look at it. — Andreas 13 secs ago
Q: Azure Active Directory B2C - User flows (policies) for signin/signup and password reset

Herry ShawnI want to integrate Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) through Azure Active Directory (AD) B2C in my website built in PHP only for authentication purpose, I checked its documentation and some code samples, I have created following things from its tutorial which mentioned here https://docs.microso...

Good Monking
8:16 AM
Q: Comparing Java Semaphore versus ReentrantReadWriteLock

coderoddeIn this post, I attempted to compare the performance of two concurrency constructs: java.util.concurrent.Semaphore, ReentrantReadWriteLock. The idea is to increment/read an int in a thread-safe manner. net.coderodde.concurrent.fun.ConcurrentInt: package net.coderodde.concurrent.fun; impor...

If your code works and you want tips on how to improve it, try out the Code Review SE forum. — lucasgcb 41 secs ago
8:54 AM
Q: Sum of number devide by its GCD

AndraProblem: Given a formula: GCD(x,y) means the GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) of x and y. For example: if N=2, then: f(2) = 1/GCD(1, 4) + 2/GCD(2, 4) + 3/GCD(3, 4) + 4/GCD(4,4) f(2) = 1/1 + 2/2 + 3/1 + 4/4 f(2) = 1 + 1 + 3 + 1 f(2) = 6 Given N, find f(N)! Simplified formula that I found us...

9:51 AM
Give a try to ask this on codereview (not my downvote) — Cid 57 secs ago
2 hours later…
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Q: GUI Number Generator in QT C++

slizikyI'm pretty new to Qt but already have a little experience with C++ so the first "project" I wanted to try out was a GUI random number generator. I am looking for some advices either in naming conventions or OOP architecture, what should I do better and what I'm already doing good. The code is re...

I didn't cast any votes, but the close votes show that someone thinks your question is too broad. However, your question currently asks if there is "a better way" to do something that you have already accomplished. This sounds like you are either asking for code review, or seeking opinions - both of which are off-topic for SO. I suggest you try to reformulate your question so that it focuses on a much more specifc programming problem: what exactly do you think your current solution fails to achieve? — ekhumoro 47 secs ago
12:49 PM
Q: grabbing data from an email and updating an excel file

monkeySeeMonkeyDoI am looking for any advice regarding the following problem. I have thousands of emails that read like so: Joe Bloggs has registered interest using email joe@blogs.com I need to pull out the first name, last name, and email, then match against a spreadsheet. Nothing is unique, the email may e...

1:09 PM
Q: slow JavaFx PostgreSQL CRUD app with complex object

CorellianAleI've created a JavaFX app to the data about Vessels, Employees and Jobs. The current version works but it is quite slow which I need to fix. I understand the root of my problems but I do not know how to avoid it I have several entities class Vessel { IntegerProperty id; StringProperty n...

possible answer invalidation by Nikhil Gupta on question by Nikhil Gupta: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/216768/revisions
This looks like a question for codereview.stackexchange.comjaco0646 20 secs ago
This might be better suited to CodeReview. — Ctrl S 55 secs ago
This may be better suited to Code Review. — Ctrl S 25 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by maxpelic on question by maxpelic: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/217203/revisions
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possible answer invalidation by yummylipbalm on question by yummylipbalm: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/217222/revisions
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possible answer invalidation by Nikhil Gupta on question by Nikhil Gupta: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/216768/revisions
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Does your code currently work? Can you make a working example? Are you asking how to make it "better"? If so, this question is off topic for StackOverflow and would be better suited for CodeReview as you are asking about refactoring working code and not about an error — Taplar 34 secs ago
2:35 PM
@Duga Looks like they invalidated it twice even... rolled back
If the only difference is in the where group=?, then that's what you want to parameterize. Perhaps also separate query and output code. Might be a better fit on codereview.stackexchange.com possibly (but showcase some attempt or thoughts). — mario 25 secs ago
Q: Is it good practise to use javascript template literals to achieve more DRY code?

Christos LytrasIf we follow the DRY principle, then we should avoid repeating things like identifiers and class names etc. If we have a condition that checks a boolean so to hide or unhide an element by altering elements class: if (isVisible) { $('#btn-stop').removeClass('hidden'); } else { $('#btn-stop')...

2:53 PM
@CaptainObvious I'm confused if that's on-topic or not, looks like it's lacking context(?) & is a best practices question.
If you're looking for a code review, please try your luck at codereview.stackexchange.com as your question is off topic on StackOverflow. — Hille 11 secs ago
@Damien_The_Unbeliever Thank you for feedback. There's definitely some refactoring to do is I left it in development state to get feedback on my main concerns. The link you provided was a great read. I'll move this post to code review. — user1447679 just now
3:21 PM
@Duga citrus ~== yummy ?
@HIlle No - there's no reason why it's off-topic here. I'd say it falls under the first bullet point listed in the help "a specific programming problem". The fact that it might also be on-topic at code review doesn't mean it's off-topic here. — DavidW 14 secs ago
@Duga looks like response to a comment.... I'm not sure if it really invalidates any of the answers but maybe it doesn't matter if it does or not
3:50 PM
@Peilonrayz I'd say it is off-topic, even if just for a lack of more context of the real code...
@Afonso Hey!
@Duga Agree with Sam, Duga got the username wrong. Looks like a rather pointless edit as well...
@Duga That one looks like it is actually invalidating, though...
@Graipher I presume user changed name in the past ~12 hours
@Graipher should we leave the added context (i.e. 2nd half of newest addition) , requested in a comment?
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If it is working, possibly better located at codereview.stackexchange.com? — Aconcagua 16 secs ago
~ yells like George Costanza: "Serenity Now!"
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ @Graipher The user recently changed their name, yummy was last used at 00:28:45Z
~ exclaims like Chandler Bing: "I knew it!"
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I should yell that more often
@Aconcagua Thanks for the pointer. I wasn't aware of the existence of CodeReview! Where do you draw the line between StackOverflow and CodeReview? — j00hi 31 secs ago
5:52 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ ~asks like Michelle Tanner: "Are you nuts?"
I haven't watched Full House in quite a while.... maybe I should do so soon
I watched the pilot of Fuller House a couple years ago... it was "okay"...
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ It was... a significant difference from the original series :) It was a fun comeback mainly for the nostalgia
yeah - true
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You're asking for code optimalisation which is part of Code Review and can be found hereZF007 51 secs ago
8:47 PM
Thanks for the quick response! I have posted in on the Code Review forums as well. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/217288/…network_coder 10 secs ago
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Q: Learning the LESS Framework - a brief code snippet

user8758206I’ve just started a new job and am learning the LESS framework. I understand the concept of things like variables, nesting, etc, but wonder whether there are obvious inefficiencies in my code - e.g. is there a better way to structure the media queries, and is my code not dry enough? A snippet of...

Q: Per pixel Image Computation with Gamma Correction in OpenGL and C

raisa_I've been working on a way to optimize pixel computation in OpenGL with C. If this information helps, my current environtment = Linux (terminal) + GPU (Nvidia 1080Ti). I'm working with old OpenGL (with GLUT) and not Modern OpenGL. Here's what I'm doing, this function will take image input, this i...

Q: Python server that performs sentiment analysis on Twitter data

Luis AverhoffI have a fully working Python server that utilizes Tornado, asyncio, websockets and tweepy(Twitter's Streaming api). The main point of this server is to receive a query from the user, call upon tweepy to track the query, perform sentiment analysis on any message received and send it back to the c...

Q: Encrypts using AES with random initialization vector meant for data with limited visibility and then long rest

user1447679I've done some research, reviewed countless SO questions that appeared similar, leading me to endless rabbit holes. My solution is working, but I don't like it. I want to create a random IV for AES and store it with my cipher. You'll see various approaches based on the comments in my code. This ...

Q: Roman digit to integer

MANOJ VARMAConverting an Roman Digit to a Integer using C#. Any suggestions to reduce improve run time and memory usage would be appreciated. public static int RomanToInt(string s) { if (s.Length>=2) { int currentIndex = s.Length - 1,HighestValue=CharacterValue(s[curren...

Q: Django model for real estate

namo I have built a real estate management system with Django. I want to know if my design database was wrong. Please let me know how to improve it. Should I make the models use more than two tables (classes)? class Profile(models.Model): user = models.OneToOneField(User, on_delete=models.CASCAD...

Q: Check whether string of braces, brackets, and parentheses is balanced

thadeuszlayThe Task is taken from codewars: Write a function that takes a string of braces, and determines if the order of the braces is valid. It should return true if the string is valid, and false if it's invalid. All input strings will be nonempty, and will only consist of parentheses, b...

Q: Return different types from web scraper method

sfarzosoApplication Logic The software take odds data from an internet site and store them inside my own database, this application is basically a scraper. There are different types of odds, eg: FullTime Under / Over Double Chance My goal I want avoid code redundancy, for doing so, I created a met...

Q: Clone Vector in rust except at one index

MatthiasLet's consider you want to clone all items of a vector orig except the item of index i should be taken from alternative value alt. Lets say the items are of the type struct Bla{ // Some fields } Using for loop On simple solution would be: fn clone(orig: &Vec<Bla>, i: usize, alt: Bla) -> Vec<

Q: Windows 7 and Symlink to pipe

Drift89That's the situation: I've a program that sends data to a text file. Those are just information about lights state of an arcade machine. I need to send this information on a COM port, so I've replaced the txt file with a symbolic link to a pipe. I don't have access to the source code of this main...

Q: Rotate array to the left

varaprasadI am a beginner in programming. To rotate the array to left, I have written the below code. Please point out how to optimize the code and anything I am doing which is not good programming practice. package arrays; import java.util.Scanner; public class ArrayLeftRotation { public static in...

Q: Converting Single Liked List to a Doubly Linked List using class inheritance

oradI managed to create the single linked list using the following class named node: class node{ protected: int info; //value int lenght; node *next; node *head; (In public I have the working funcitons). And the other class double_node: class double_node : public node{ node *prev; My issue h...

Q: Stopwatch exercise from training course

WebbarrI'm currently undertaking a training course to try & further develop my skills in C#. The latest exercise was to create a basic stopwatch class that meets the following criteria - Design a class called Stopwatch. The job of this class is to simulate a stopwatch. It should provide two method...

Q: angular service for centralizing common grid functions

J KingI have an angular 7 app that is data focused and as a result has dozens of grids. These grids are from the Kendo UI for ANgular component library made by Telerik. These grid components expose hooks for the sort, filter, group functions of the grid. 90% of the grids I have are a very simple CRU...

Q: Convert Raw Transaction File into Properly Formatted Accounting File

tulanejoshCan you help me make this code bulletproof? My concern is the code does not catch errors and/or does not execute my intent. Intent: At the end of each billing cycle, Amazon generates a raw transaction file for my store's orders that cycle. I am converting that raw transaction file into accountin...

Q: Fastest way to find dataframe indexes of column elements that exist as lists

network_coderI asked this question here: https://stackoverflow.com/q/55640147/5202255 and was told to post on this forum. I would like to know whether my solution can be improved or if there is another approach to the problem. Any help is really appreciated! I have a pandas dataframe in which the column valu...

@CaptainObvious geez, stacking up posts, much?
possible answer invalidation by andrewtw on question by andrewtw: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/217235/revisions
9:28 PM
@Duga I done rolled 'er back
9:50 PM
Q: Google Kick Start Practice Round 2019 - Mural

L.TrinhMy code exceeds the time limit on the second test set. A suggestion/hint of a better algorithm would be appreciated. Problem Thanh wants to paint a wonderful mural on a wall that is N sections long. Each section of the wall has a beauty score, which indicates how beautiful it will look ...


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