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Q: Assembly Language (AVR) Button Scanning/Debouncing Routine

AirheadSo, I'm very new to assembly language programming for microcontrollers. I'm using an AVR XMega A3BU X-plained board, and I've got a program where I need to interface with 7 buttons. 3 of them are on the board, and 4 are connected to a cheap 4 button membrane keypad. I need to debounce the switc...

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Asking for opinions is off-topic. And if this code is working for you and your looking to peer review, then Code Review is the appropriate site — Stephen Muecke 27 secs ago
12:32 AM
Please submit this over at code review, I have a good review. codereview.stackexchange.com — Zak 21 secs ago
12:46 AM
Q: multilingual website with database in mvc

Elxan QuliyevI created multilingual site in mvc and I reached the result.But I'm not sure it's the right way.I'm running my codes now. I have created a class named changeLanguage to change the language. public ActionResult ChangeLanguage(String LanguageAbbrevation) { if (LanguageAbbrevation != n...

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possible answer invalidation by Manelicus on question by Manelicus: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/182247/revisions
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i think I have a thing for writing python libraries and then getting them codereviewed lol
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Q: Python library for tio.run interaction

Thomas WardWhat started as a fork of a CodeGolf.SE member's TioJ Java implementation to interact with the tio.run (we'll just call it TIO from herein) website with a bot or other command line script ended up becoming its own project for me to fuss around with. Essentially, this is a Python way to submit co...

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Q: Analysis of the most common words in a text

user67809I have been trying to gain more understanding and experience in the NPL area and, to get some more practice, decided to attempt to create a simple high-level analysis program. Here's what I'm trying to do: Add a function that allows me to read in a full document (wordpad) instead of Console.Re...

Q: Increasing speed of calculating this scenario

PGODULTIMATEI created a code that was supposed to determine how well my system of guessing is. The scenario is that there is n amount of tanks. Each tank is uniquely numbered 1 to n. Seven of these tanks are captured so we only know their serial number (This is done by getting a random number from 1 to n for...

@ChristianNill Sam Onela's comment was actually directed at Stephen Ostermiller. Specifically, the part in that post where it says "Not all questions about analyzing code are off-topic on Stack Overflow, and not all code review requests are on-topic on Code Review". This was probably fine on both, quite frankly. I see a lot of people who conclude that just because something is on-topic on another site that it is automatically off-topic here, which is not the case. — Ajean 14 secs ago
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Not sure if this is more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.comYuchen Zhong 33 secs ago
@YuchenZhong: No, it isn't. Code Review is for peer review of working code, and the poster has clearly said this code isn't working because it produces undesired results. — Ken White 23 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it should be on codereview.stackexchange.comLawrence Cherone 7 secs ago
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Q: Google OAuth Boilerplate in Python Tornado

Justin OlsonI recently started a project using python-tornado, and needed to implement google OAuth to manage user logins. I struggled getting this working in the context of the project, and decided to abstract it out to a simple working demo. Since it was such a bear to get up and running in the first place...

The reason I mention CodeReview is that this seems to me to be a question asking about best practices which are off-topic for StackOverflow as seen here. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/296542/…. You've written all the code except that one line that you want which you have an idea for already. If you make your best guess and then say you are unsure about the placement and quality of that line you will be entirely on topic CodeReview. Best of luck either way! — Joey Harwood 25 secs ago
There is no question here. One of the police will be along momentarily to tell you that and suggest closing this. You are asking for a code review. There is another SE for that. — Rob 35 secs ago
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Q: Python/Pygame Fighting Game Pt. 2

SnivyDroidPart Two of a code review. I've updated my game with plenty of things, Sadly it is so large I cannot show it here. https://github.com/Pygasm/Rects-Fight

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Q: Fat-free MVC Controller

herondaleI have this class containing a method that performs a few processes for displaying the payment page. class Payment extends Controller { public function displayPaymentPage() { $session = new Session(); if(is_null($session->getSessionKey('userId'))) { header(...

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Q: Minimum window substring using python containing substr in any order

noman pouigtGiven an array of unique characters arr and a string str, Implement a function getShortestUniqueSubstring that finds the smallest substring of str containing all the characters in arr. Return "" (empty string) if such a substring doesn’t exist. Algorithm is used. import collections import sys ...

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Q: can't update record (Live Editable Table (MYSQL/PHP/javascript))

RintanI'm create live editable table, it changed data in table but it doesn't update data in database. can anybody help me, to see where my mistakes ? Update.php $query = "UPDATE admin SET '".$_POST["Nama Depan"]."' = '".$_POST["value"]."' WHERE id = '".$_POST["pk"]."'"; index.php </body> </html>...

possible answer invalidation by iantukic on question by iantukic: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/182353/revisions
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Q: I need java code for below quetion

guru prasadPuzzle #2: Chances Of Second Girl Child Problem James and Calie are a married couple. They have two children, one of the child is a boy. Assume that the probability of each gender is 1/2. What is the probability that the other child is also a boy?

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This question is off-topic for Stack Overflow. Please read the help center pages for details of what questions are allowed here. Questions asking how to improve existing and working code may be suitable for codereview.stackexchange.com but first please check their help pages for how to write an acceptable question. — AdrianHHH 6 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic here on Stack Overflow. Please read the help center pages for details of what questions are allowed here. Questions asking how to improve existing and working code may be suitable for codereview.stackexchange.com but first please check their help pages for how to write an acceptable question — AdrianHHH 40 secs ago
Q: Where is the right place to aks for help on an existing app?

Peter71I wrote a small copy app in XCode 8.3 Swift and OSX. It has a memory leak. Over time it consumes 4 GB / day. So after some days the system halted. I totaly recoded it, trying to avoid complicated system calls. But it still has the same issue. I cannot strip it down, because it is already reduced ...

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A good place for code reviews is codereview.stackexchange.comPatrick Artner 57 secs ago
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@202_accepted Enough for a lifetime of monitors.
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Q: Nested loop with synchronous and asynchronous behavior

fsocietyThe problem is as follows. I have an array of objects like so: let myObj = [ {'db1':['doc1','doc2','doc3']}, {'db2':['doc4','doc5']}, {'db3':['doc7','doc8','doc9','doc10']} ] Note that this is a data structure I decided to use for the problem and can be changed if it can improve the overall im...

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Q: Laptop screen dimmer for Linux (Python)

JebbyI recently got a new laptop and the battery wasn't the greatest in the world.. So I decided on a little project to save some battery: Make a screen dimmer for Linux distros that use Gnome Shell, changes brightness based on battery level and charging status, and runs from command line. Can any...

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Welcome @JennyHilton
Captain Obvious is a robot that shows us new questions.
I posted the following question 2 days ago..It will be very helpful if someone can help especially to the second question ... codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/182232/…
@pacmaninbw - Thank you
It might be a while before you get an answer.
You are welcome.
@pacmaninbw - sure thanks!
You can also ask questions on Meta, there is a link on your profile page.
@JennyHilton ^^
2:08 PM
Q: Process files in a directory and upload them to URL

Jonathan DeweinI have some code that I wrote for a personal project which takes, as arguments, a directory and a URL. It then processes the files in the named directory, archives them, and uploads the archive to the specified URL. I have heard that there are many ways to do this(TIMTOWTDI), particularly, with ...

Q: SPI Connection Class on embedded Linux

biberIm currently developing on a embedded Linux chip with a couple of spi devices attached. I wrapped the code to do SPI transfers in a C++ class. A Class represents a single Spi Connection to a single external chip. My C++ is quit rusty and im not sure about my code style here. The class itself work...

2:21 PM
@CaptainObvious well, I see this has certainly gotten some upvotes heh.
2:35 PM
@JennyHilton @pacmaninbw That question is one vote away from being closed.
@Mast or until a CR diamond gets to my flag on it.
at which point poof
in other news, good day to thee.
@ThomasWard What kind of flag? If it was a flag for closing, those aren't necessarily handled by the moderators. They go in the review queue, which is also handled by regulars with reputation above some couple thousand points.
@Mast they also show up eventually in the standard flags queue :P
but you're right
@Mast - Yes @pacmaninbw was pointed out this to me since I couldnt see it... I've update my question , is there is something else that I could do ?
2:55 PM
@Mast I am aware of that. I posted my original comment to @JennyHilton yesterday. She appears to have edited the question.
@JennyHilton Your formatting is confusing, your grammar lacking and there is still no actual code shown.
Q: Looking for better way to deal with Loot system

vouxxi grey if self.enemy['hp'] <= 0: print(self.enemy['name'],' has been defeated') self.exp = self.exp + self.enemy['exp'] self.gold = self.gold + self.enemy['gold'] if randint (0,1) == 1: self.inventory.append(self.enemy['loot']['a']) print("You'...

It's example code. You're not interested in improving the code given, but looking for input on how to approach a certain problem. That's not what we do.
yay for free flags
There's a term for people asking such questions, especially when asking them in places not reserved for questions. It's not friendly so I won't say it, but I urge you never to pull something like this again. — Mast 2 mins ago
I think I managed to stay just within the rules.
3:03 PM
@Mast do you want the lawful evil, neutral evil, or chaotic evil Thomas to comment about your comment
@ThomasWard Which one of them is Constructive Thomas?
depends on the type of "constructive" you're after :P
@Mast lawful says that you did manage to stay within the rules, but wasn't firm enough about the "Don't do this ever again" part. Neutral says "What Lawful said, but needs more evil against the person to point out what they did wrong in the most evil way that is still civil alllowed.". Chaotic just says "BURN THE EVILDOER" and fifty other things that are too profane to say here.
@Mast - I edited it once again, is it better? if not please let me know what I can do else...thanks
@ThomasWard Don't do this ever again or risk the fury of all those taking affront to such heinous activities.
that sates both Lawful and Neutral. Nothing suits Chaotic except pure destructive firebombing of the target so.... :P
3:13 PM
@ThomasWard Figured as much.
The Good Moderator Thomas drifts between lawful and neutral evil when burning the flags queue.
@JennyHilton You didn't address my last stated problem with it.
Chaotic evil moderator Thomas only comes into play when people don't play by the rules in such a way that they should be suspended heavily.
but meh
Good to know even moderators can have a chaotic evil side without burning the site down.
3:44 PM
@Mast it's what makes me so good a moderator. I adhere to the standards of the site without obliterating everyone for every minor infraction
the chaotic evil side is only brought out when it's a major problem
the lawful and neutral sides take cominance normally
oh lookit exploding computers
Q: Python Stack Implementation

Melissa StewartThis is my Stack implementation in Python. class stack: def __init__(self): self.head = None self.size == 0 def push(self, item): node = Node(item) if not self.head: self.head = node else: node.next = self.head ...

4:10 PM
If it is a codereview you should probably post it at codereview stackoverflow and say so - this SO is mostly for non-working code to be fixed — Patrick Artner 24 secs ago
I do still have my alignment in my twitter bio ...
possible answer invalidation by Melissa Stewart on question by Melissa Stewart: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/182427/revisions
4:27 PM
@Duga Wasn't mentioned in the answers, besides, it fixes the question.
Q: Handling multiple IO operations that return optional values

danbroooksThe following Haskell code reads a Pandoc document from the DB and then serves it to the user after making a transformation, after the first run it is stored in memory via IORef State, inside a [(String, Pandoc)] so the document can be quickly looked up again, without hitting the DB or doing the ...

5:08 PM
Q: Days till date in javascript

Eyal CohenI'm using node.js and moment in order to retrieve the days until the next 8th. const getDaysTillSalary = () => { const today = moment(); const currentDay = moment().format('D'); let currentMonth = moment().format('M') > 8; let currentYear = moment().format('Y'); currentYear...

5:23 PM
Q: Python3 Stack implementation with List built-in

Thomas WardSo, inspired by this other code review, I wanted to see if I could implement a very basic stack without the linked-list approach taken by the OP in their implementation. To that end, I came up with the following Stack class. I wrote it for Python 3, but it actually works as-is in Python 2 as we...

5:47 PM
I've debugged and code reviewed way too much code where someone inserted a line with the correct indentation and didn't realize whoever had written the original code had left out the braces. — user4581301 16 secs ago
So in sum, you wish to re-factor working code so that it is more OOP-compliant and thus more extensible. I'm not sure if this type of question is appropriate for this site, and it may be more appropriate for the Code Review Stack Exchange site. Check their help to be sure though. — Hovercraft Full Of Eels 34 secs ago
6:22 PM
If your program works, consider posting to Code Review. — Thomas Matthews 49 secs ago
6:50 PM
@ThomasMatthews It obviously does not, so what makes you think of Code Review? — Mast 57 secs ago
7:11 PM
I'm not sure how which queue it was in is relevant? The point of answers is to provide a solution to the question asked. If you want to comment on code quality only, then use the comments, or get an account on codereview.stackexchange.comADyson 55 secs ago
Q: Python3 Stack implementation with List built-in - Round Two

Thomas Ward Previous code is available at Python3 Stack implementation with List built-in, this is a second-round review after I made alterations. Once again, let's review my Stack implementation, with built-in lists, and with review notes from the prior review implemented. Any changes and suggestions ...

Q: Bash Script Checkers Game

user8662048I am trying to write a Checkers game completely in bash and have never attempted anything with this level of difficulty. I have figured out how to make the board with an array, alternating colors, and x for one piece y for the other, but I am not sure where to begin with getting the "game pieces"...

possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by NieDzejkob: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/182095/revisions
7:27 PM
Q: Utilizing OOP when creating a web browser

armaraI've created a Browser class that's working as it should, with 4 JButtons. What I'm working on now is understanding object-oriented programming a bit more (mostly been working with Python), so I thought it would be good practice to try and split up my Browser class into 2-3 classes. For example...

Q: SQL-like syntax to order and filter a collection of associative collections

CarcigenicateI was helping someone on SO with an assignment to create a macro that accepts an SQL-like syntax, and is able to filter and sort a collection. I realized that while their instructor is insisting on them using macros, macros aren't actually required at all. I decided to try my hand at creating a f...

Q: Check if a stack of Integers contains a sequence of consecutive values

cody.codes Write a method isConsecutive that takes a stack of integers as a parameter and that returns whether or not the stack contains a sequence of consecutive integers starting from the bottom of the stack (returning true if it does, returning false if it does not). Consecutive integers are i...

8:01 PM
Not your down-voter, but you should close this question now since you've asked it here. — Hovercraft Full Of Eels 59 secs ago
8:42 PM
No difference. condition_variable implies a locking primitive. I'm happy to review real code. In case you haven't heard about this site: Code Reviewsehe 1 min ago
Q: A game that is going somewhere

Bloxy CraftSo i'm working on a game in tkinter. It is very different from Bubble Blaster. It is a clicker game. code: from tkinter import * from tkinter.messagebox import * from time import sleep import math extraCashCost = 50 class AppUI(Frame): def __init__(self, master=None): self.saves =...

9:00 PM
possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by Bloxy Craft: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/178438/revisions
9:16 PM
Q: avoid complex values on optimizer

S. Cowi'm running a couple of optimizers, like Simulated Annealing, fminsearch, fminunc on MATLAB. How can i state in the optimizers that i don't want them to run into "regions" of complex numbers? For example, i'm evaluating a log likelihood and the fminsearch and the Annealing are reporting maximized...

9:32 PM
Q: Alternatives to SignalR to build a messaging system in ASP.NET MVC application

SarhangI want to build a message/chat system in my ASP.net MVC application. Something like Airbnb or Facebook. I know I can use SignalR to build a messaging system. I want to know if there are any third party tool that I could use instead to reduce the development work? I know there are services out t...

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possible answer invalidation by Coal_ on question by Coal_: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/174108/revisions
Is there anything wrong with it or are you asking for improvements? If it's the letter it may be better on codereview.stackexchange.comMatt Fletcher 17 secs ago

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