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6:00 AM
creative commons
Oh. Yes. Thank you.
Under "Psych-Nein" you are more than welcome to download any for free. I'm particularly fond of "Dark Matter" I sampled Stephen Hawking on there :D
Hi, Pizza-Face.
have you seen John Oliver interview SH ?
6:03 AM
I don't think so... link?
@Jamal Hi, Waffle-Lips ;-)
hilarious (~6 minutes)
OK I'll watch soon, I need nicotine a minute!
ah, John Oliver...
6:18 AM
"Both of us" LOL
@janos That video was hilarious
yes, it is :)
glad you liked it
I better get off here, before I get argumentative on Facebook. Has someone invented yet a device where you can punch people over the internet?
Well, so long :)
see you later !
6:44 AM
A badge who's name appeals to me reinventing-the-wheel
oh, I'm #5 in that tag. who knew...
7:29 AM
Q: What software is used to create a logo with the BACKGROUND?

user61581What is the name of the software that creates the given logo? Consider the following points: 1. The logo(3D) 2. The background(Note that the background is inbuilt feature. I figured it out because it appears in various of logos in freelancer.com)

Q: What's the better way to arrange this socket namespace code?

mi6crazyheartFinally I managed to work with socket.io namespace stuff which i'm using for building a chat module. Here employee of multiple organization can join & make chat with other employee of respective organization. What i'm doing at here is - creating separate namespace for each organization. So, it'll...

Q: What am i Missing while trying to create a Menu in a Win32 App(Resource)?

Rishabhim trying to learn Win32 using Visual c++ 6.0 (MSVC++ 6.0) im learning through this site(winprog.org) i have already created applications with menus, but i left programming many weeks ago, so i was just refreshing my memories, and so i forgot how did i did in past, but now with the same steps whe...

8:15 AM
I wish @Brythan hadn't upvoted that one just yet....
1 hour later…
9:19 AM
Any moderator around? I had to heavily modify the goal of my code and am not sure on the guidelines for changing things. Conversation is still really productive so I don't want to disrupt the thread.
Wow.. where is everyone?
9:47 AM
Heya, I am here.
What is monking?
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

Vogel612Meme: Monking Originator: Morwenn Cultural Height: The 2nd Monitor Background: A morning greeting to the Monkey doing his monkey-business, in other words: monking Examples: A small chat search Variations: Monkernoon, Monkevening, Monknight, ... Important is only that it begins with Monk... ;...

@robbintt What you should do / shouldn't do after receiving answers
A: For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?

200_successYou have several options for follow-ups: Accepting an answer If one of the answers gives you good advice with clear directions for improving your code, just accept the best answer and upvote any other answers you feel were helpful. The checkmark that you confer is the best way to show appreci...

10:15 AM
Thanks Heslacher
10:35 AM
Q: How sloppy/bad is my code and what can I do to fix it? (Noob) C++

xChubzI am relatively new to C++ programming(and StackOverflow) and want to go to school Computer Sciences. My main problem right now has been time management, I haven't had much time to learn this language cleanly. However I am about to go on Holiday break and will have plenty of time to learn. Here ...

10:48 AM
If you consider the following upvote-worthy, you may get yourself a Handegg hat wearer in your midst.
A: Custom JavaScript validation using the factory / module patterns

kleinfreund(The following is about the HTML only.) Identation The identation of your markup is all over the place. I suggest identing by atleast two spaces. I prefer four spaces, though. I’ll append a fixed version below. Space Use it. Separate distinct blocks of code with one or two newlines. Don’t cl...

Q: Python, testing user input speed with random phrase

KiDoThis is a plugin for a Jabber/XMPP bot which gives the user a random phrase, and starts a timer in ms, when the user replies with same phrase, the bot replies with the timer. I have made another one but the bot gives only one random word, and it's working like charm, when I tried to make the word...

11:20 AM
Hey @Simon
Ah, looks like my answer also qualified for Necromancer.
Well, Physics is currently crushing us. :/
I already predicted this yesterday or the day before.
They have more people actually getting hats. We just had a higher hat per people ratio.
Which meant that they had more room than us to get more hats.
11:40 AM
Q: Optimizing code for foreach. PHP

DizzyMy code now: $i=1; foreach ($items as $item) { if ($i == 1 || $i == 4 || $i == 7 .....) do something.... if ($i == 3 || $i == 6 || $i == 9 .....) do something.... } I will be grateful for the help

12:00 PM
Q: SPOJ Problem : Piggy-Bank Wrong Answer

Hasil SharmaI was solving http://www.spoj.com/problems/PIGBANK/ problem on SPOJ using Dynamic Programming. Questions asks you to get the minimum value that is possible with given weight (w) and one or more coins (n) with given value, \$value[j]\$ and weight, \$weight[j]\$. I am using following recurrence ...

Say I want to implement an algorithm in python. Is this the correct forum to ask for how to do it?
@N3buchadnezzar It's the correct forum if you already implemented it, it works, and you want to improve it.
@N3buchadnezzar No. The best approach would be to try to implement the algorithm as best as you can on yourself. If you get stuck, post your current code and a description of the algorithm on Stack Overflow. If you managed to implement the algo and want feedback on your code, you can ask here on Code Review.
Right, thanks. It is really confusing with all the computer related stack sites these days
StackOverflow, CS, codereview theoretical CS etc
Generally speaking, none of the sites actually writes code. Every site helps to write/improve it.
12:06 PM
@Morwenn Yeah, of course. I am just having problems getting started. If you know what i mean?
monking @skiwi
hey @Heslacher
It's actually 1pm already... Sssh
Monking @skiwi. Bolognaise.
@N3buchadnezzar If you think you "grab" the understanding but can't get it, CS or Programmers may help you uderstand an algorithm. If you already tried to implement it but have errors you don't quite understand, StackOverflow may be the right place.
Anyway, you have to try beforehand. Trying is one of the requirements before asking a question.
12:11 PM
'Yeah I will. Have been reading a few documents on the algorithm, but getting somewhat frustrated as no article show any psudo-code, or actuall code. Just the resutls
12:22 PM
Yeah, already the 21st. Grrrrr
I commented on a post and didn't get my hat :/
@Morwenn can you link the comment? I want to test if an upvoted comment works
@janos Sure: here you go.
You're right. Moreover, _Pragma actually takes a parenthesized string literal which gets messy when the pragma already takes a string literal (GCC diagnostic for example). — Morwenn 1 hour ago
ok, let's see, give it a couple of minutes
let me know if it worked, I have to step out now
12:39 PM
@Morwenn If I look at your profile and your hats you already have Solstice
@Heslacher Heh? o_O You're right. But I never got notified for it.
Sometimes the notifications might not kick in.
Atleast, that's what I sometimes experience during Winter Bash.
(Almost typed Winter Bach).
Well, it must be recent since the Code Review leaderboard is not up-to-date it seems.
(Now I typed what I didn't almost type. Oh, well)
Q: List comprehension: avoid duplicate function call

bolovto_convert_files = [FileEnc(filename, getEncoding(filename)) for filename in filenames if getEncoding(filename) != None] The problem here is that getEncoding gets called twice for each accepted file name: once in the if clause and once in the expression preceding for. I know...

12:41 PM
Ok, it's now up-to-date.
And I just got the notification.
Hum, it makes a nice hairpin.
I see your previous hat at the new location now. :P
@Morwenn They started awarding Solstice yesterday.
@Heslacher It seems to depend on the locale time.
A: Why didn't (or did) I or some other user get a hat although the requirements were (or weren't) fulfilled?

balphaLeeway on date-based hats Unless the requirement mentions a specific timezone, hats that are date-based are often awarded for 12 hours before and 13 hours after the specified date in UTC, to accomodate people everywhere in the world. This means you can earn such a hat even though for you it's no...

Q: List comprehension: avoid duplicate function call

bolovto_convert_files = [FileEnc(filename, getEncoding(filename)) for filename in filenames if getEncoding(filename) != None] The problem here is that getEncoding gets called twice for each accepted file name: once in the if clause and once in the expression preceding for. I know...

What do you think? Is this offtopic? It sounds like he/she is asking for a specific way of writing the code. Or is this still in scope?
12:50 PM
No idea about python
1:04 PM
@kleinfreund It's a good example of a poor question for code review that is proven to be on-topic by a good answer.
Sound accurate. Thanks.
I still struggle with classifying bad on-topic questions, and off-topic ones
But, 1-liner questions are especially hard to classify
I just downvote them
Anyone want to spend a few minutes here and see if I am wrong? :
This question is a disaster and is an example of what code review should not be. I am closing this post as 'unclear', and recommend that if you want to sort it out you post a question on meta. Right now it is impossible to determine how much of the answers are dependent on edits, comments, or chat. This question should have been closed as 'unclear what you are asking', or 'off-topic, broken code'. Instead it has undergone multiple revisions, specification changes, and revisions based on feedback. — rolfl ♦ 24 mins ago
Holy macaral, that are many comments.
Yours sounds reasonable as far as I can tell.
1:09 PM
It also has ...... edits to the question based on both answers, it has 'use this code' on an offsite host, and was auto flagged for too many comments, and for too many edits.
edits to the answers based on changes to the question too.
Ugh.. how did we let that happen?
Now what?
Frankly, I cannot see a way forward .....
In one sense, deleting the whole thing will be one of the better options
I agree, but I think the other mods should see it too
Roman would be the loser though, even now. It seems he put a lot of well-intentioned effort in to helping, and is now being penalized
next thime he should do it differently though
Roman, I can tell you have spent a lot of time and effort helping the OP, but this situation is a mess. It's a mess in part because when the question started 'morphing', you engaged in a 'collaborative effort' to get things 'right'. While your motivations are well intentioned, it leads to situations where the question/answer nature of Code Review becomes broken, and things lose value. Having spent 20 minutes trying to untangle what is being said here and in response to what, I am giving up. — rolfl ♦ 27 mins ago
@Jamal / @200_success - Opinions on this shambles? ^^^ :
Q: LinkedList (doubly) implementation

igorastvorovThis is the link to the GitHub page where the file with the code is stored. https://github.com/igorastvorov/CollectionsKit/blob/master/CollectionsKit/CKLinkedList.m

1:17 PM
^^^ Link-only question.
I agree with kleinfreund. You have edited the code, and perhaps it now works, but the question is still 'unclear what you are asking', so is still off-topic (but for a different reason now). — rolfl ♦ 1 min ago
@rolfl That's why I voted to reopen, the close reason would be a different now.
It's a 'philosophy thing'. I would prefer to leave it closed (even if it is now for the wrong reason), than to reopen it in a broken state. Reopening things gives the wrong impression that the question is now 'good'. I am not criticizing your reopen vote, that has good merit too.
Apparently I have to get up, and get going. Given that today is Sunday, it seems like it's going to be awfully busy
Yes, I see your point. That's probably the better thing to do.
@rolfl The OP in question had asked here in chat for a moderator (some hours ? ago) about the question and the editing. After no mod answered, I linked him to the "What you could/couldn't do after receiving answers" and thought, he/she will undo the edits. Didn't recheck if he/she really does.
4 hours ago, by robbintt
Any moderator around? I had to heavily modify the goal of my code and am not sure on the guidelines for changing things. Conversation is still really productive so I don't want to disrupt the thread.
1:45 PM
Yeah, looks like you pointed them in the right direction, but I get the impression things were off-track before it got there.
> Conversation is still really productive so I don't want to disrupt the thread
^^^ sign that they are no longer in Q&A mode
2:09 PM
Aye. "thread", "conversation", "forum" in a comment should raise an auto-flag!
2:54 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg - I suspect your epic and marshal badges this past week have contributed to Code Review's jump from #23 to #21 on the site-badge-rankings query: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/199310/…
@rolfl nice! Now more people should get those badges!
@Mat'sMug, you're next!
Record answers given, record answer votes, record question votes.
isn't activity supposed to dip? ...
not that I'm complaining...
@SimonAndréForsberg AssertClass now has a full suite of unit tests :)
@Mat'sMug Two words: Winter bash.
@rolfl, any sede for checking amount of rep cap ?
3:01 PM
in VBA, 2 mins ago, by Duga
> Parts of the unit testing framework depend on COM/.NET interactions and can only be integration-tested. For example, a test that raises an error should be inconclusive, but that cannot be simulated in a unit test.
@Heslacher Possible (almost), but hard.
@SimonAndréForsberg look at WB2013 timeframe on SO's activity chart
@Heslacher See data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/164174/… and sort in reverse order by date ... ;-)
thanks, used my userid 5 times needs to be improved
@Heslacher Have you seen your text/based rep page?
3:06 PM
each user has a (personalized) text-dump of their reputation.
see the last entries... the summaries.
cool thanks
(everyone going to that page will see something different).
Does the number there match with SEDE?
(it should be close).
For me it says:
days represented 415
rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 93 days
earned at least 200 reputation on 112 days
3:08 PM
^^ each dent corresponds to the holidays / Winter Bash
for me it matches exactly
good. It is off-by-one for me.
days represented 132
rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 5 days
earned at least 200 reputation on 6 days
earned at least 200 reputation on 6 days <--- says 6.
OK, and SEDE shows 6 too
3:11 PM
@Heslacher If you go back through your text-based reputation page, it will have numbers in [] and others in () braces on your rep-max days.
Heya again.
@MadaraUchiha done, thanks!
I guess [] is not counted
When is a question eligible for a bounty? I want to place one.
 2     73862 [1]
 2     73862 [0]
 2     73862 [0]
 2     71993 [0]
 2     71736 [0]
3:12 PM
@kleinfreund 2 days after it was asked.
@Mat'sMug nice hat :D
A: Custom JavaScript validation using the factory / module patterns

kleinfreund(The following is about the HTML only.) Identation The identation of your markup is all over the place. I suggest identing by atleast two spaces. I prefer four spaces, though. I’ll append a fixed version below. Space Use it. Separate distinct blocks of code with one or two newlines. Don’t cl...

@Heslacher [] indicates that after that entry, the user was at cap. So, sometimes you get partial amounts like [7] too
3:16 PM
@RubberDuck I edited the question with more concrete code example, but it still isn't production code, since the solution is still a proof of concept. — omittones 7 mins ago
@RubberDuck I'm on your page there. The question has come a long way since it was posted. :D
OP posted in September. Question was closed yesterday. Huge improvement.
We should have Winterbash every day. I wouldn't have found that question otherwise.
Yeah, it helps in a couple of scenarios.
I think that makes up for the parts where one needs to game a bit to get a hat.
@kleinfreund I have no idea what you're talking about. Like, what, people game hatz??
Not falling for that. ;)
3:21 PM
@RubberDuck we have 48 passing tests now :)
Well crap @Mat'sMug. Guess I need to step my game up. Lol
Can I to something like http://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest,unanswered?
Yes, two ways.....
as a search, or by goign through......
Search as:
Thank you, that works. :)
Q: Function caller (to multiple receivers) interface

JaDoggThis class is designed for calling a similar function of multiple objects of multiple classes using a single interface, (it is not for calling functions that returns a value) A potential usage will be sending same data to multiple writers (log writer, html generator and styled printer to console...

3:29 PM
What would you say? Bounty worthy?
Q: Basic Block Building Game Part 2

Ethan BierleinI've taken my previous block building game and added some performance improvements, and commented some things that needed to be commented for better explanation. /** Here are few instructions before you start... * IMPORTANT (ON KHANACADEMY ONLY): When you make changes to the code, all tiles wi...

@JaDogg Hey JaDogg ... long time ;-)
Q: Function caller (to multiple receivers) interface

JaDoggThis class is designed for calling a similar function of multiple objects of multiple classes using a single interface, (it is not for calling functions that returns a value) A potential usage will be sending same data to multiple writers (log writer, html generator and styled printer to console...

@CaptainObvious Slow today ....
I'm working full time (still intern, hopefully become permanent )
3:33 PM
nice, congrats. Interning is a great way to get a foot-in to a job.
yes it is :D
Hey! Grats @JaDogg! Good to see Ya!
One great thing is transportation is free for interns.
Thanks :D
@JaDogg Yeah, bicycles and walking.... sound normal for interns... ;-)
No there is a van to pick me up, and it's free
Some other employees use it too, but it is not crowded.
3:39 PM
Monking @Phrancis
writing some more code inspection tests...
Ahah ... had an idea... now, how do I find the time to implement it..... so much to do.
Right, I am off for a day.... well, will have sketchy activity
Q: Log my external ip address using NodeJS

tetsujin1979I've been learning NodeJS recently, and have a small program to get the external ip address on my home network from fugal.net, compare it to the previous ip address, and if there is a change update the stored version, and send an email with the new ip. I'm running node 0.11.12 on a Raspberry Pi...

@Mat'sMug Are you obsoleting us?
I've been thinking of doing something like that. Writing a tool that will create an automatic first-pass answer.
3:54 PM
haha nah
I really ought to be working on my car, but it's cold.
hey again
hi @skiwi
4:10 PM
@Edward You see this one ....? codereview.stackexchange.com/a/73555/31503
Ahhhhhh better..... no more nasty switch.
That question was bugging me.
@rolfl Ah! Someone has attempted it already. I was thinking of one for C++ questions.
@Edward Oh, that's easy.... just have:
  don't   use Namespace::std
:) I usually say "don't abuse using namespace std;" because it shouldn't be strictly forbidden.
There are a number of things like that, though. I see a lot of memory leaks.
And a lot of unused variables
And a lot of poor formatting
... and that's just my own code...
@Edward I got a similar impression when I ran the Rubberduck code inspections on my own code.. so many parameter is passed ByRef implicitly...
4:19 PM
One hint.... if you decide to post RubberDuck code to CR, make sure you run it past itself first....
well, Rubberduck is written in C# and inspects VBA code...
OK, fair point
I wrote an "automated code inspector" for a job some years ago, but it was tuned to analyze assembly language for common errors.
Back to laundry
@Edward that would have been a trick.....
It was about 75% of an assembler when I was finished.
In fact, writing an assembler would have been easier in some ways.
This was for a very simple 8-bit processor, so the instruction set was relatively small.
4:22 PM
I think Mug is starting to feel the same way about the parser @Edward.
By time he's done, it should be trivial to implement an interpreter...
I wouldn't doubt it.
I... wouldn't want to go there, ...but yeah I guess I could make a managed runtime for whatever I'm parsing...
I'm not saying you would want to go there @Mat'sMug. Just that it wouldn't be a big jump.
I just haven't solved the parsing of Expression nodes, so it's all very cloudy still
I was thinking too, that there might be some good stuff in the Open Office repo. It supports VBA. They almost had to have written a parser.
But I've gotta go for a bit. C y'all later.
4:25 PM
that would be scrap everything you got and start over though
cya @RubberDuck
cool, that works!
        public void VariableTypeNotDeclaredInspectionTest()
            var code = "Private foo\n";
            var parser = new Parser(_grammar);
            var node = parser.Parse("CodeInspectionTests", "TestModule", code, false);
            var projectNode = new ProjectNode("CodeInspectionTests", new[] { node });

            var inspection = new VariableTypeNotDeclaredInspection();
            var results = inspection.GetInspectionResults(projectNode);

            Assert.IsTrue(results.Any(result => result.GetType() == typeof(VariableTypeNotDeclaredInsp
Q: AngularJS Nested Directives - Is there a better approach?

Andrew Van SlaarsIn an effort to learn more about angularjs directives, I decided to create a simple, edit-in-place directive. I built a simple directive that would display a value, along with an edit link and the edit link would toggle visibility of an input and the save/cancel links. From there, I wanted a setu...

Q: When extended code is not known and may behave badly

MondainHopefully this "question" passes muster as I am mostly looking for experienced developer "opinions". In the Red5 server we have no control over what implementers do with their applications and as such we have attempted to implement code that would prevent them from causing bad things to happen. ...

4:42 PM
@Mat'sMug Not necessarily. I just meant that it might be a good reference if you're having trouble with something in particular.
#107 fixed! :)
gotta go - later!
@Mat'sMug see ya
I need to go, too.
5:05 PM
Q: PHP OOP best practice for getting and setting instance variables

Friso van DijkI was wondering about best practice with getting and setting and the best way to go about it. I've been taught that method names should be descriptive, but I've seen various coding styles around the block and now I wonder what is best practice, or what is actually seen as being better. I've enco...

@Mat'sMug You mean this:
in VBA, 31 mins ago, by Duga
> fixes #107
5:21 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg #107 was a bug with the parser, a comment that ended with a colon would throw an exception
Yours was #120
Q: EF GroupBy query optimization

sDimaI have this method: public async Task<ActionResult> Index() { var orders = await db.Orders.AsNoTracking().GroupBy(x => x.Status).Select(g => new { Status = g.Key, Count = g.Count() }).ToDictionaryAsync(x => x.Status, x => x.Count); ViewBag.InWork = orders[WebApplication.M...

Q: mergesort with std::vector

morbidCodeI made a murgesort implementation based on this code. Please review my c++ version. using size = std::size_t; template<typename T> void merge(std::vector<T>& v, size low, size mid, size high) { size i = low, j = mid+1; std::vector<T> old{v}; for (size x = low; x <= high; ++x) { ...

5:47 PM
@Mat'sMug Sounds like a nice case of bug, though minus points for not including any randomness!
6:14 PM
Q: Is there a more concise way to add values in a loop to a column in R

Bram VanroyIn my data frame I assign values to the column Register by checking another column (Source) for specific values. Based on those values, the output in Register changes. I am relatively new to R, but I have some coding knowledge. The following code contains lines that are all so similar that I can...

Anyone here using Android is not at all satisfied with the music player app? Recommendations?
@kleinfreund Rocket Player seems to work
Though be careful when renaming a song, it caused it to not play it anymore lol, had to restore the original version
I mean the native app can't even handle multiple artists in the artists field, etc.
I'm surely not touching my files on mobile. :D
6:36 PM
I tried Shuttle Music Player. Doesn't recognize albums with a set album artist, but different artists on the tracks either.
I try Rocket later @skiwi. Dinner time.
I got in the Hot Network Questions: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/74296/…
Probably start pulling in awful answers now.
Almost to popular question too.
@kleinfreund Me, and I sprung for "PlayerPro Music Player" (non-free version) and have been happy with that
What happens if I can't award my bounty because there are no answers?
Does all that rep go to Community or something?
In other words, does it just disappear?
6:54 PM
Q: Basic volume issue representation

MaxI have the following struct: public struct VolumeIssue { public readonly string Volume; public readonly string Issue; public VolumeIssue(string volume, string issue) { this.Volume = volume; this.Issue = issue; } public bool IsNullOrWhiteSpace() { ...

@Hosch250 yup. Unicorns eat that rep.
Thought so, except for the Unicorns.
7:11 PM
Yeah, they always surprise everyone...
@Phrancis I guess we can call you pizza-face now? ;)
(just saw your new hat positioning, and lol'd)
I'm curious about that one:
It looks like the GroupBy is causing it... are you having performance issues? Missing index on Status? — Mat's Mug 1 min ago
@rolfl PlayerPro fails at the same task.
Album with various artists and a set album artist.
And btw @skiwi Rocket doesn't deliver either.
7:29 PM
@Mat'sMug And accurately so ;-)
@kleinfreund write one! :p
Q: Trying to make Laravel controller skinny

AkarI'm trying to make controllers skinny as possible. So I use repositories for accessing the database and I use Services for do other stuff. In this case, I use it to insert a new post to the database. for validation I use JefferyWay's validation package for Laravel. PostController.php <?php ...

@janos That TED talk was amazing
yeah, I replayed that a lot
7:44 PM
The Pink Floyd bit was a pretty cool touch :D
Q: what is the best way to convert resultset to json

yuriaI have been looking up a lot for this.. but nothing simple.. is that elementary process really has to be that hard?

@CaptainObvious Nope
Q: Can my responsive Nav be made simpler?

user2898276I've created a responsive nav but feel there's probably a more simpler way of doing it. HTML <header> <a href="#" class="menu-toggle">toggle</a> <nav class="main-nav"> <ul> <li>Link</li> <li>Link</li> <li>Link</li> <li>Link</li> ...

7:59 PM
@kleinfreund It works for what I want to do :p
This review took me a whole day to write, so I'm going to pimp it shamelessly:
A: 2D Convex hull exercise

200_successTerminology In your hull function, you use the name origin to indicate the chosen point with the minimum y coordinate. That's confusing, as the term usually means the point (0, 0) in the Cartesian plane. For the rest of this review, I'm going to refer to the chosen point as the pivot instead. ...

And it's eligible for Revival. :-)
Which reminds me: it's time to check One Vote Short again.
Thanks @Santas!
50k! Congrats @200_success!
(btw you're getting +100 on that answer)
8:15 PM
How generous! Thank you.
Gratz @200_success!
So many bounties this month, and I don't think it's all due to hats. It's nice to see more rep being given out. I'll give another bounty sometime, if at least to account for some of my crappy answers that got a lot of rep.
Nicely done @200_success !
Eh, it's that time of the year!
More bounties to come on xmas!
And Best Of Code Review 2014 hasn't even started yet!
8:19 PM
@200_success you need more hats!
@Jamal I put up 3 bounties this week - only one got me a hat ;)
8:35 PM
wow, congrats @200_success!
@Mat'sMug Okay, bounty #20 now!
Woah, I've never seen that many gifts under the tree active bounties!
Nevermind; that's 21 bounties.
Only one Java bounty, and that's my own. Bah.
Well that last one was my 20th offered bounty :)
8:44 PM
Congratulations on the 50k, @200
@Mat'sMug What did the two others give you?
There's a lot of C++ bounties up
perhaps it's time to learn C++ then
How hard can it be to say "Don't use using namespace std;"?
@SimonAndréForsberg Probably about as hard as saying "Don't use import java.lang.*;"!
9:00 PM
Q: Appending URL parameters to links

NReilinghI've got some pages that may or may not load with a ReturnUrl parameter, and some links that will be generated without that parameter (though I've applied a class to them). The site uses jQuery, and I think I've found the most elegant and least breaky solution as follows: $(document).ready(func...

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@Phrancis That made me think seriously about it for a second...
9:26 PM
Okay, last time I'm mentioning this thing, but there is a Handegg waiting. Have a good night (Atleast Simon and whoever is close to our timezones).
+1'd already :)
Thank you anyway. Hopefully someone finds it later. Or I post another one. Probably on another Saturday.
Gagh! why is it so hard to get a combo box with a bindinglist?!
Sorry..... needed to vent.
I see a Handegg waiting no more ;-)
9:42 PM
Ayy, thank you. :))
I'd love to be contradicted on that one: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/74424/23788
^^^ huh?
won't come from me
@skiwi you around?
I have a weird Java8 issue
9:58 PM
@janos I'm around, if that helps
hey @SimonAndréForsberg!
feeling better?
looking at making the suggested improvements to microbench, I have this weirdness:
private void invokeMethods(Object instance, List<Method> methods) throws InvocationTargetException, IllegalAccessException {
    methods.forEach(method -> method.invoke(instance));
coughing a lot, but I'm alright :) Hope you're well :)
it's a change suggested by @skiwi
Yes, alright
Ah, I see the problem...
silly @skiwi...
the lambda can't throw an exception
it makes sense, but I'm getting a build error: unreported exception java.lang.IllegalAccessException; must be caught or declared to be thrown

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