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9:06 PM
Conspiracy theories are interesting... I think the silliest one I know of is chemtrails...
What about dihydrogen monoxide
Hah yeah that one is good too
Ever seen this bit?
"dihydrogen monoxide" isn't a conspiracy theory.
You could (accurately) say that dihydrogen monoxide is used in "chemtrails" (water condensation)
I don't know what "chemtrails" are. Are they just the lines of clouds left by jets?
9:11 PM
yeah, It's a fake hoax.
Some people think there's this big conspiracy where the gov't are trying to poison the population or some silly thing like that
Not realizing that those cloud trails are just that, clouds.
I mean, a conspiracy theory doesn't even have to be untrue to be a conspiracy theory.
A conspiracy is nothing more than a crime committed by a group of individuals. Group being anything more than one.
Penn and teller :D
And a theory, well, that's just an idea to explain how something happened.
9:17 PM
I think there is a conspiracy to keep me unemployed :(
Code Review is the most interesting of all the SE
"I think Bill & Ted stole that box of twinkies" is a conspiracy theory.
Is the time machine a Tardis ?
So... I'm about to embark on the process of developing a Wiki for my SQLConnect library.
I have no idea about anything apple, but aren't you going to post a release
What do you mean a release?
9:29 PM
GitHub releases
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Oh, hmm.
Perhaps I'll do that this afternoon.
yeah that's the one
you can upload binaries too
9:34 PM
you can put the static library in the release too.
So, if I do a "release" on github, do I have to do anything special to make sure I'm not modifying that code? Or will github manage that for me?
It will be easier to grab a release than downloading the master branch
you can manually upload stuff when you are making a release, GitHub will manage the source.
So, @JeroenVannevel next to your releases, theres a tag and a link to the commit
I presume that this means that even as I continue to make more new commits, github will always point that release to the same commit point?
without me worrying about it?
9:37 PM
Okay, cool.
It's really just a snapshot in time where you can say "up until here I consider it release X. Here's a binary for your pleasure"
put the .h and lib**.a in a zip
9:44 PM
you can also generate websites using github
10:20 PM
there's "__MACOSX" folder in the zip file, I have no idea what it does. I think it stores some binary meta data related to the OS, I think you can safely remove it
Q: Is building a test instance from a mix of both mock and real objects OK?

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10:54 PM
Mods united.
I'm currently using a query to locate questions with only one non-language tag.
...but yeah, now I know that makefile is different.
Q: Do all [makefile] questions need to have a language tag?

JamalThe makefile tag has 19 questions, 3 of which do not have a language tag. They have already been reviewed and are not closed. We also don't get very many makefile questions, so I'm not sure if they should be approached any differently.

11:18 PM
Oh wait. Never mind. You're that guy... — ckuhn203 44 secs ago
Yup. Someone else even complained on Meta about something done by this person.
@Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera I'm pretty sure I can only remove that from a non OSX device.
I can't see the file at all on OSX as far as I know, and you can only see it on Windows if you have hidden files turned on.
And it's reasonably safe to assume that anyone who downloads the zip will be using OSX...
you can also generate websites using github
11:30 PM
I should ignore , , and .
Goto Settings->Github pages
The 'controlled demolition' theory was concocted by the government to distract us. '9/11 was an inside job' was an inside job!
Update the readme.md then generate it
11:33 PM
@ckuhn203 LMAO.
Hmm, I think for now I shall work on trying to get a good Wiki for the library going.
btw,It takes like 20 seconds to generate one
Does XKCD has everything ?
not yet, but getting close.
If you include what if?, maybe.
11:41 PM
Perhaps instead of using standard arrays and dictionaries, I should return the results in custom objects.
@nhgrif what scenario?
In my library. Did you look at it?
I don't speak iOS gibberish so I only vaguely skimmed over it
It just lets you connect to a database and perform queries
but if you are referring to result objects that indicate a success/failure of a call: custom objects rock
11:43 PM
what does "the-2nd-monitor" mean ?
Success or failure is indicated by the delegate method called, and error is described appropriately-ish with the existing NSError object that all Objective-C programmers are familiar with.
class Result {
     bool Success;
     int ErrorCode;
     string ErrorMessage;
     string ExecutedQuery;
For example
I'm talking about the actual results of the query
The tables/rows/columns returned by a SELECT
Yeah, me too. I just threw in that last one for debugging purposes since it comes in handy
Well yeah, you have to add that too ofcourse
I just forgot it
Well, right now each row is a dictionary
each table is an array of rows
and the total result is an array of tables
11:45 PM
Why can't you parse it so you have an array of objects?
It's a dictionary of objects
with column names as keys
So, "SELECT TOP 10 ID, FullName FROM Employee" will give you 10 dictionaries with an ID and FullName key each
Is that something obj-c specific? Because I'd immediatly turn that into an object
It's just an Objective-C collection
I don't know about that
I think it's HashMap in Java?
It's just a key-value collection
11:47 PM
Dictionary in C#, HashMap in Java yes
Yeah, NSDictionary
I know, but I was referring to storing it as a dictionary instead of actual objects
It'll use less memory but the strongly typed nature of an object makes me want to parse it into that instead
as in: create 10 objects and return them as a list instead of that dictionary
It's in a dictionary because I need keys
I need to know what value is the result of which column
SELECT ID, FullName FROM Employee
I need to know which result is the ID column's result, and which result is the FullName column result
And they also need to be paired together so I know which ID belongs to which full name
I'd do this in C#:
Do we need ? It also has no tag wiki.
11:51 PM
// insert the value into the dictionary
row[columnName] = columnValue;

// then later, when I'm done building the row...

// add an immutable copy of the row to the table
[table addObject:[row copy]];

// then later when I'm done building the table...

[result addObject:[table copy]];
@Jamal Do we have ?
No. :-)
Then we probably don't need ...
what are questions tagged with it about generally?
List<Dictionary<string, string>> sqlResult = `SELECT TOP 10 ID, FullName FROM Employee`;
List<Employee> employees = new List<Employee>();
foreach(Dictionary<string, string> row in sqlResult) {
	employees.Add(new Employee {
		ID = row["id"],
		Name = row["name"]
Just making sure. I'll kill it, then.
One loop too many
11:54 PM
@nhgrif Importing things, I guess. And each question merely uses import in the code.
Back to 40 tags with > 200 questions.
what does "the-2nd-monitor" mean ?
Q: Import management

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I'm not sure what else that would be tagged with and seems appropriate
@Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera Many people have multiple monitors (I don't), and they keep the chat open in one, and do real work in the other. It's also common to have your code in one, and reference material in the other.
It's meant to be a play on words.... there's a meta post about it, I think.
@nhgrif For this question, or overall?
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