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12:10 AM
REFRESH! There are 7296 unanswered questions (90.5266 answered)
12:40 AM
FYI this type of question is more suited for the Code Review Stack Exchange website. — rshepp just now
12:58 AM
I’m voting to close this question because it asks for code review — bolov 1 min ago
3 hours later…
4:19 AM
Too broad for SO. SO is for specific coding related issues not for reviews. Revies is a scope of Code Review while code review is not for product reviews. — tacoshy 56 secs ago
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7:10 AM
@SepRoland: It's now been cross-posted to codereview: Speed up strlen using SWAR in x86-64 assemblyPeter Cordes 46 secs ago
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10:36 AM
Q: 3 days of C# - what to do better (unit converter)

SouthI am new to programming. I picked up a C# course from freeCodeCamp.org a few days ago and today I created my first code from scratch. I know probably it's not the best optimized but it works. Some things still don't make sense to me completely but I hope in the future it will all click. However, ...

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12:50 PM
@VoiceOfUnreason Actually my code reviewer tell me that none of my url endpoints follow the restful guidelines. I search on the internet about it, but i found it hard to understand how it applies to my case. Example site like restfulapi.net/resource-naming and freecodecamp.org/news/… hence I ask for help on stack overflow to correct my URL so I understand. — ibex 15 secs ago
1:41 PM
@SimoneRossaini The code review site is for code that is working as expected. This code does not work as expected. — pacmaninbw 10 secs ago
2:28 PM
Q: Raspberry Pi/PySimpleGUI based resistance test system

Isaias_EEHardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+, Elecrow touchscreen, DFR0660 Barcode Scanner, ADS1115 ADC I would like any bad practices/possible failure points pointed out specifically in the loop(), read_adc(), and catheter_test() functions. The write_to_report() and measure_single_catheter() functions were remove...

3:23 PM
You may want to post this on code review - there are several issues IMHO, which when addressed, will allow you to test things. There is no separation of concern, verbs are used as a class (maybe better as a method), and I'd remove statics from here as behaviour feels to belong to an instance rather than a type. — oleksii 29 secs ago
4:16 PM
4:52 PM
@Holger Not that different; I treat null the same way SQL treats it (unknown value), i.e. I want the NPEs. More NPEs more better. Then I know what to fix. I shoot down if (x == null || x.isEmpty()) all the time in code review. However, Someone asked an SO question. That is rarely the right time to start tossing personal taste around, and in the rare case that it is - objective reasoning needs to be supplied. — rzwitserloot 25 secs ago
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6:47 PM
Q: sendmsg() scatter-gather coroutine awaiter, optimized suspending

serafeanMy attempt at an Awaiter for sending scatter-gather data over an open file descriptor. Tested only on gcc-13.1.1 Micro-optimizing by suspending the coroutine only when actually needed. No perf measurements done. I hope to build on this to create a write_all coroutine. template <std::same_as<std::...

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9:33 PM
For general feedback on otherwise working code you'll want to use Code Review instead. To learn more about this community and how we can help you, please start with the tour and read How to Ask and its linked resources. — David 52 secs ago
Seconding code review stackexchange site. Check out their how to ask article. — JNevill 48 secs ago
9:57 PM
The title could use improvement,but the question is right for code review. — pacmaninbw 10 secs ago
Stack Overflow doesn't really do complete code reviews of entire applications like that. If you take a look at the help center of Code Review you may be able to make this question on topic there, but it would need some work. It may be on topic here also, if you were to be more specific about what the problem is and where you think it is happening. Generally, dumping a lot of code on people and asking them to figure out what's wrong is a non-starter here. I suggest taking the tour and reading How to Ask. — Heretic Monkey 45 secs ago
10:36 PM
Note that Code Review is generally a better place for questions that aren't about a narrow, specific technical problem. — Charles Duffy 16 secs ago
Q: Is it a good "paper, rock, scissors' game?

watskyfirst time I made a quick program, which is a game "paper, rock, scissors'. I am looking for any advice, and information if it is done in proper way or it is not. Here is a code I did: import random import time #get user's name while True: user = input("What is your name? (Type 'q' if You...

"So you are sure I am not experienced" I'm sorry, but yes, you either didn't work as a programmer, or your workplace didn't have (sane) code reviews. This wouldn't pass any decent review. — HolyBlackCat 47 secs ago
11:05 PM
Q: Reduce run time in Clojure

Bindiya HI have a task which runs sequentially. If I have hundreds of thousands of tags, it is very time consuming. Can this be modified to run the task in parallel? Works fine upto 100 tags (:require [content :as db-content] [impl.content-tag :as db-content-tag] [story :as db-story...

Q: How would you make this unit testable?

David KlempfnerI originally posted this question here, but was told a code review was needed first. This class is used to call an API that creates/updates groups in an Identity Provider. I'd like to unit test the following class. How can I mock the HttpClient when it's used as a static readonly field in a stati...

11:55 PM
@oleksii The OP took your suggested and posted this question with no modifications on Code Review. We do not answer how to questions there. If you would like to perform a code review on the code here is the questionpacmaninbw 5 secs ago
Q: Simple Python Notebook using Tensorflow Datasets

Mah NehI am learning Python and tensorflow-datasets, and build this simple notebook for training a model. Most tutorials are incomplete and wont work, advices on better coding is welcome. import tensorflow as tf layers = tf.keras.layers models = tf.keras.models import tensorflow_datasets as tfds (ds_t...

Q: Currency Converter (calling an api in c#)

SouthI am in my first week of programming and I created a currency converter. I want to use real time exchange rates through an api when sending the result. This code itself works just fine. But, being new I am always skeptical if it's done the proper way. I found this method working: var client = new...


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