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REFRESH! There are 8020 unanswered questions (89.2254 answered)
REFRESH! There are 8020 unanswered questions (89.2254 answered)
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@CaptainObvious After posting an answer on this question, I'm not sure if I should, there are at least 2 problems in the code that should prevent it from working.
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Probably better to ask this on Code Review? codereview.stackexchange.comChaddRobertson 37 secs ago
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I'll post to code review. Sorry, and thanks! — meowsoftly just now
6:16 AM
Q: Any issue with this as a password generator?

meowsoftlyWas trying to create a password generator like the one Bitwarden has... Curious if anyone sees any issues with this? (wordlist shortened for readability) There perhaps there's a more efficient way I've over looked? Code $wl = @("abacus","abdomen","abdominal","abide","abiding","ability","ablaze","...

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This is a QA site. Do you want a code review? Please visit codereview.stackexchange.com for that. — Abdullah Leghari 59 secs ago
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Q: Java program to calculate gamma function

MrFrozenBiscuitSo, I've been trying to make a program which calculates values of gamma function for real parameter, so I used the approximation for the integral representation of gamma function and wrote this code, but the result isn't really being correct. Idk what's wrong in the code, but the approximation of...

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code review ... the update did not entirely fix the issue. The code e.g. checks hardcoded for just a role property. But the entry provided in addition to the standard { user: 'userName' /*, one more entry */ } can be anything. — Peter Seliger 44 secs ago
code review ... the update did not entirely fix the issue. The code e.g. checks hardcoded for just a role property. But the entry provided in addition to the standard { user: 'userName' /*, one more entry */ } can be anything according to the OP. Check with the updated test data. btw ... the recursive approach with its data argument resembles a reduce task. — Peter Seliger 36 secs ago
code review ... the update did not entirely fix the issue (thus the return value still does not match the expectations). The code e.g. checks hardcoded for just a role property. But the entry provided in addition to the standard { user: 'userName' /*, one more entry */ } can be anything according to the OP. Check with the updated test data. btw ... the recursive approach with its data argument resembles a reduce task. — Peter Seliger 5 secs ago
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But not in my proposed GitHub solution your github solution is entirely irrelevant if people sign an NDA, why make peace with people stealing code if you can entirely LEGALLY prevent them from doing that ? regardless, you can definitely divide your app into different modules and then integrate those back into one main app, but you'll have to ensure standards are kept throughout your entire project. how do you plan on having code reviews ? what happens if someone is off sick ? who's going to be responsible for the integration of these libraries together ? lots of overhead involved — a_local_nobody 23 secs ago
Q: Optimizing my code for Project Euler+ problem #1 on HackerRank

Shriya MohantyThe Project Euler contest is ongoing on HackerRank and the first problem is finding out the sum of multiples of 3 and 5 below a certain number N. Two of the hidden test cases fail when I execute my code. I don't even see an option to unlock the test cases to know what it is but it shows that my c...

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Please also see <github.com/golang/go/wiki/CodeReviewComments> — those are from the Go core devs, and it mentions the particularity of how loop iteration variables work. — kostix 47 secs ago
Please note that this issue is covered in the FAQ. I would also heavily recommend reading github.com/golang/go/wiki/CodeReviewComments and accompanying docs. — kostix 43 secs ago
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I think this question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com since you're asking for a review instead of help with an issue. — Reyno 46 secs ago
Q: Random Number Calculator

TheLostOneSo i made those two random number generators, but i have some trouble getting the random results to add to one another over a third button. The result should be shown inside the same window in another textbox. Im pretty new to programming and would like to have some advice. tried to read the the ...

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Seems like an opion based question and i think it's better use codereview.stackexchange.comSimone Rossaini 57 secs ago
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Q: How to add extra onClick functionality on the button in react?

decpkI've to extend the default onClick functionality on the button. If a user clicks on it the user's onClick should trigger, but I also have to extend it with triggering my own function with the user's onClick. I just want to trigger my own onClick function with the onClick click handler provided wi...

Q: Readiness Prob for Akka and Scala Service

Zvi MintsI want to create Readiness prob for two Akka typed actors, each actor uses Aerospike In order to fetch data, so i guess that the best way to achieve readiness prob is to check if its client is working and not getting any timeout exception, connection error, etc. I created the following HealthChec...

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Q: Implementation of a beta-binomial test in Python

DatamanI have been unable to find a Python function for performing beta-binomial test. There is, however, a binomial test function in the scipy.stats.binomtest and I have used it to get ideas for the implementation of the beta-binomial test. As I am not very confident of my statistical knowledge, it wou...

Q: Optimizing code for speed when iterating over multiple pandas dataframes with the use of vectorization/numpy

shramI have four data frames namely: U,B,V,R They each contain two columns: wavelength and fraction, filled with floats/integers. I am applying an operation to all these data frames and iterating over them. To do so I first put them into a list: bessel_filters = [B,U,V,R] I have another list with cor...

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@ScottHunter If the code does work then there is nothing to Fix. This sounds like a request for codereview which should be posted on codereview.stackexchange.comOH GOD SPIDERS 50 secs ago
2:58 PM
Q: My code generates a path through a grid - How can I simplfy it in terms of list, dictionary's, stacks and queues?

MunkybunkyThis code works but is cluttered and I think could be improved in terms of how it is implemented. Basically my code works - what it does is from the start location, it chooses a random direction and then moves in that direction, stores the location and repeats until there are no more directions t...

Q: Simple DataFrame class in Python

raskolnikovI'm quite new to Python and as practice, I decided to program a prototype of a DataFrame library similar to Pandas. A DataFrame is simply a table with named columns, each of these columns is called a Series. In my case, a Series only holds values of a certain type (and the None value). Two Series...

3:24 PM
Q: An rough implementation of `std::is_constructible`

Mansoor Ahmed MemonAs a challenge/fun activity/task, I have implemented my version of std::is_constructible. Here is the source code: #include <cbrainx/cbrainx.hpp> #include <iostream> template <typename T, typename ...V> auto aux(long) -> cbx::false_type; template <typename T, typename ...V> static auto aux(int) ->

Q: Change values in array until no consecutive values

luxI have to find an algorithm to solve this question : You have an array with n integers in it. Make an algorithm that changes array so that there are no consecutive expressions in it and returns the amount of changes to be made. For example in array [1,1,2,2,2] the smallest amount of changes is ...

3:49 PM
Q: Python: Class to calculate different variables of a projectile motion with angle, velocity (+ initial height) (first OOP program)

RúshiI'd like to hear your constructive criticisms about my first OOP project. I explain more what I actually do in the code's comments, and I tried to be quite explanatory with names etc. import math as m class projectileMotion(): """ This class calculate the movement of a projectile using i...

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Just as heads up that you might have more luck on codereview.stackexchange.comJonSG 40 secs ago
5:26 PM
@JonSG, the question needs work before it's suited to Code Review. You should have pointed the asker at A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users, as some things are done differently over there - e.g. we need a good description of the purpose of the code to give context, and question titles should simply say what the code does (the question is always, "How can I improve this?"). It's important that the code works correctly; include the unit tests if possible. — Toby Speight 5 secs ago
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Q: How to not use the output of a function for the arguments of another function

Andy KI wrote this first function that use a JSON datafile as an input def jsonfile_loader_work_rate(filename): '''Load the json file, to retrieve the interventions id and the cars id ''' try: with open(filename, "r") as jsonfile: json_data = json.load(jsonfile) ...

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@TobySpeight I agree that more work needs to be done to bring this question up to acceptable standards. Note, I did not provide and answer and prompted the use to further clarify their issue. I just pointed out that questions of the type "my code works, help me make it faster" are more aligned philosophically with CodeReview. Do you disagree? I'm not sure I should be expected to point out the required etiquette on other sites. It is the responsibility of the user to understand how they should participate. If this is some sort of "Meta" driven requirement I will certainly abide by it though. — JonSG 18 secs ago
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Q: How to find solution to an equation in Java?

MrFrozenBiscuitSo, basically I wanna know how to get solution to an equation in Java. For example, there will be a lot of equations solutions to which will not be of an exact form we know. For example, the equation x^5+3x+ln(x)=0 has a solution x≈0.349085... so I just wanna know how do you calculate the solutio...

Q: Javascript - Is it good practice to have a class method check constructor arguments before proceeding with construction?

Eduardo ColaI have a Component class that receives a params object as its sole constructor parameter. This object contains all the required configuration to build the Component. I chose this approach (instead of having multiple parameters) because the Component object gets instantiated from an AJAX request w...

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If the code works and you're looking for advice on improving it, Code Review is the appropriate place. But see codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/… first. — Barmar 11 secs ago
Q: How to optimize my code for a list of popular items

RandyI have a few lines where I am trying to get a list of the 25 most popular Items sold on an E-Commerce web site. The code works but I would like hints on how to optimize it. var ecommerceItems = await _context.BmaEcItems .Select(e => e.Itemnmbr) .ToListAsync...

Q: Implementing Database Connection Pooling

Philipp DoernerI am re-implementing a web-application, partially as a learning exercise to learn nim as well as multi-threaded programming. As part of that learning exercise, I want to implement connection pooling as there is no library or package in nim that I am aware of that implements it for me, while also ...

I can move this to codereview. Should this be deleted from here? — Muhammad Kamal 5 secs ago
8:25 PM
you should try Code Review instead:) — Abraham Zinala 58 secs ago
It's unclear if the code is or not working, if it is working then Abraham is correct, this should be asked in Code Review. If it is not working then you should clarify what is the issue. — Santiago Squarzon 15 secs ago
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Q: How can I allow drag and drop over the whole containing element?

Nate ThompsonI've tried to make a custom file upload input. The goal was to just have it be better looking and and enable the whole container to have files dropped onto it. My issue is this, I want the input onChange event to be triggered when a file is dropped anywhere inside of the containing div.file-uploa...

11:12 PM
f another developer on my team does - that's what code review is for. — Caius Jard 16 secs ago

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