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REFRESH! There are 7815 unanswered questions (89.3152 answered)
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Would it be better to post something like this in code review or just post the same code three different times to ask different questions? — Bob the Builder 23 secs ago
Its not a code review, its 3 different questions. However it seems whatever you are using as your editor is the cause of most of it, so maybe ask them one at a time and you might not need 3 questions. — Dale K 21 secs ago
Q: Reading a CSV file using Haskell

Julian EspinelI'm reading a CSV using Haskell. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate way to do it. This is what I'm doing: Read rows from a CSV -> returnlazy byte string Parse the rows from the CSV to a Stock record -> (headers, [Stock]) Remove the headers -> [Stock] Filter the stocks that are "Common Stock" -

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I’m voting to close this question because This question might belong to code review stack exchangeHR01M8055 just now
Q: Forms are sometimes extremely slow to respond

VariatusMy project has grown for a year and now comprises of 19 standard modules, 7 class modules 11 forms. Some of the forms appear to freeze when called but, in fact, they are just slow to respond, taking a couple of minutes, regardless of what is clicked, e.g. just a change of focus or triggering an e...

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@Peilonrayz What happened to your answer on the Main Meta? I cannot see it anymore.
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I’m voting to close this question because it belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comstackprotector 59 secs ago
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Questions about coding style are more appropriate on Code ReviewBarmar 13 secs ago
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Welcome to SO. Please take the tour, read How do I ask a good question? and How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Example. This question is better suited for Code Review. — Michael Ruth just now
Q: Hangman Game problems

Chelsea RutgersI'm fairly new to coding and I used a template and added my code but now the code won't work. What is wrong with the code? Could anyone help? import random word_list =[] f = open('short_words.txt', 'r') # Importing the word collection text file for x in f: word = str(x) ...

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Q: Implementation of Sieve of Erosthenes in Java. Is it efficient enough

SreeI have implemented Sieve of Erosthenes in Java as follows, is there a way I can modify the below code to make it more efficiently. The current execution time is 0.8481224 seconds import java.util.LinkedList; public class LinkedListEx { public static void main(String[] args) { ...

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@MartinR I'm removing it until the 19. I'd get an upvote and then almost immediately after our meta's votes would change.
9:12 AM
@Peilonrayz OK!
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Q: How to represent deeply nested data

LeogoutI work on a project that has a lot of hard-to-grasp data shapes. I'm talking about lists nested as deep as 5 levels. Often I have to reorder the way that data is represented in these lists. For example, I may have to flatten the 4th level and transpose the 3rd with the second, take the mean() of ...

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Q: How can I explain my code in Code Review

Aryaman I am new to Code Review and I am really enthusiastic to post my code for the problems that took me hours to crack. It has really helped me upgrading my poor logic and unoptimized code blocks and overall it would help the other people as well. But the problem is that I have to put hours commenting...

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Q: Build a mobile view from existing content on page load without creating duplicate content JS only

BinaryRunesI want to check the viewport size on first load. If necessary build the mobile view from existing content (surround titles and text with summary/details tags), remove the desktop view from the DOM (duplicate content) and add the mobile view. When a mobile view was already built before (multiple r...

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codereview might be a better platform for your question — jibsteroos 48 secs ago
12:02 PM
Q: Trying to read all IPs from a file and get the IPs up and down status in two separate files

RaceTechI am trying to read nas.txt file where IPs are listed in new line. I want to read the file and all IPs to check whether it is reachable or not. If it is reachable then will write up along with the IP (ex. up in a up.txt file else will write down along with the IP (ex. down in do...

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Q: JS icons animation

xXConcasXxI've wrote a simple JS that takes care to animate an icon. At first I wrote it quickly and without paying attention to any kind of optimization: import '../js/core/sidenav.js'; const SIDENAV_ITEM_USER = document.getElementById('sidenav-item-user'); const SIDENAV_ITEM_SEARCH = document.getElement...

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I don't believe this step always retrieves the row inserted by sp1 Then throw an error. I'll guess that stored procedure sperror also needs investigation. NOLOCK is a terrible habit to develop and suggests some serious code review is needed. — SMor 5 secs ago
If the code is working, this question should go to codereview.stackexchange.comthinkgruen 14 secs ago
2:46 PM
As for simplifying it, that would probably be better asked, in the future, at codereview.stackexchange.com as your formula works just fine, but you are looking for a review. I believe something like =IF(ISBLANK(C7), "", IF(OR(AND(C5<=C7, C5<=C6), AND(C5>C7, C5>C6)), ABS((C7-C5)/(C5-C6)), 0)) or =IF(ISBLANK(C7), "", IF(OR(C5<=C7 * C5<=C6, C5>C7 * C5>C6), ABS((C7-C5)/(C5-C6)), 0)) would suffice though. — JNevill 46 secs ago
Code reviews are kinda beyond the scope of this site, but as a rule of thumb, if a pointer argument is supposed to never be null, you should almost always use a reference instead. So int get(hash_table* ht, const string key) should really be int get(const hash_table& ht, const string key) for example. — Frank 36 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because this question belongs on the code review stack exchange (codereview.stackexchange.com) — jwezorek 53 secs ago
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This feels like it is more appropriate for Code Review. For presenting a menu to the user, use the bash select command. There are lots of example here on SO, search for them. — glenn jackman 38 secs ago
Thank you for the information. I did a little digging and as you stated arrays are one-dimensional. I am going to post this in a code review. — JHussle 26 secs ago
3:56 PM
I used to always memset newly-allocated structs to 0, then go back and manually set all pointer fields to NULL, just in case. But my resolve is beginning to weaken after all these years. If we were in a code review, and your code used plain memset to initialize some pointer-containing structs, I'd mention the issue for conversation's sake, but I probably wouldn't flag the code as unacceptable. — Steve Summit 52 secs ago
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Q: server hosting single page site using TCP Sockets in C

user786I have written a simple server to host my page and css(css file is 22KB). Using sockets and TCP. Can any one please review it and give feedback on how can I make my server reliable using tcp and other C related feedback. Thanks #include <unistd.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include

What is wrong with this solution? The only thing I could think of would be to either merge the else if, or to use obj.display = str === "display". Note that code review questions should go on Code Review. — Sebastian Simon 49 secs ago
4:55 PM
Q: Convert string to object array javascript

ketanI want to convert string to object array. Suppose I have following string. const str = "someValue,display"; I want to convert it like following. [{ columnVal: "someValue", display: true }] if it's display then I want value as true if noDisplay then false. I tried following but, to me it doe...

This sounds like good for the Code Review stack site. For purposes of learning though, know that there are a lot of ways to do things, try a bunch out and consider pro/cons of each. — Kache 5 secs ago
@Kache Link: Code Review. Required reading: their How to Ask pagewjandrea 57 secs ago
5:19 PM
Q: Using arrays more effectively with numpy

Zac LI previously posted some code I've been working on and had a fantastic answer, but as I didn't post the full code I was then unable to bring it all together using the much faster numpy implementation, so a review of the full code is much appreciated. I now realise that using vectorised operations...

Q: Creating an order system for customers

JHussleI am having a little trouble with my order system. I believe that the approach that I am taking is all wrong. Basically I am trying to create an order system that allows customers to pick out a pizza with all the ingredients, drinks, coupons etc. Right now my code is not working and I am debuggin...

If your program isn't working right, then Stack Overflow is where you need to go with your code. Code Review requires working code for us to review. — Thomas Ward 24 secs ago
(flagged accordingly: close, non working code)
@ThomasWard when suggesting users go to SO you might want to also suggest they have an MCVE lest the post be closed as too broad or needing debugging details
i'm typing from phone though so
ERR: lazy
comment updated
The closure notice does contain a link to the CR meta that mentions they can post on SO and warns about possible rejection there
but often times people don't read 😏
@ThomasWard FWIW flagging immediately doesn't follow our migration guidelines.
5:31 PM
i flagged it with the close vote option... E:NotEnoughRepToCloseVote
nor did I intend for it to be migrated
but i'll remember for the future
(in this case, however, User says "I'm trying to debug" not "I have this working code", which was the justification)
@ThomasWard Oh sorry I didn't see your flag. Some doggo seems to have ninjaed me
@Peilonrayz yes, because another mod already handled it
also closing of the post via close queue would also mark the flag as valid
@Peilonrayz if it were a custom flag saying "Migrate this" you would see it in the flag logs
however i personally don't push for migration ;)
@ThomasWard Ah, in this case you should do fine then ;)
any flags I file are close flags or "Spam" flags :P
but yeah from my Ask Ubuntu moderation behavior, I never push for cross site migrations :)
Q: Is there a way to simplify getting the character that appears the most in a collection with Linq?

Taco タコスI have a collection of strings, all of which are three characters in length: string[] test = { "abc", "bbc", "cbc", "aac", "bac", "ccc" }; I want to determine which char is present as the center character in the most number of elements. I've created a Linq query that accomplishes this goal: var ...

6:30 PM
@Peilonrayz @ThomasWard For the record, a vote to close is still better than no vote. Even if migration is the preferred option.
@Mast except that if I have no voting rights it doesn't matter
the only way to put into the close queue is to flag it
sooooooooooooooooo :P
Personally I'm not fond of migrations and I know a lot of SE users have even more issues with it. There is no obligation to migrate.
@ThomasWard Leaving a comment on it in this chat room tends to work quite well too :-)
yawns needs lunch
6:34 PM
munches chips for desert
@Mast sandy chips?
or dessert?
crisps for dessert
There's no desert in miles...
More salt than sand.
7:07 PM
puts @Mast into the salt mines to mine the salt now you're in a salty place. :P
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raises ears
8:30 PM
@ThomasWard I've been to a place called Salty's - it was nice
Q: How to execute my stored procedure for event creation, event ID as primary key?

d3hero23I have a stored procedure that I have inherited in my current company. It is used to create an event ID column that allows another stored procedure to bulk upload sales data to those events. (Event ID is the primary key for the tables) I have used this procedure about 10 weeks in a row wih no er...

8:59 PM
Q: Identify bad versions program

Alan BagelI am doing this problem: You are a product manager and currently leading a team to develop a new product. Unfortunately, the latest version of your product fails the quality check. Since each version is developed based on the previous version, all the versions after a bad version are also bad. S...


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