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12:00 AM
@pacmaninbw Dang that things a chonker. They do look like RJ45s... What are they?
Sorry my doggo wanted a fuss, and now I should probably get to bed ASAP D: Gniknom
They are RJ45s
Oh, nice. That's pretty cool
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4:10 AM
Q: Call a window application from another window application

Bastien VandammeI have the feeling this question is for "Code Review" but it could be a question for "Stackoverflow" because this is also a general question about coding and way to manage the separation of concern and architecture of his code. I have a solution that contains 2 projects: xxxMode2 can be built as ...

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6:00 AM
Q: Where to free resources with a try-catch statement

VansFannelI've just started to learn C++. I have this class and I don't know where to put the following two lines because of the catch: delete[] chost; delete[] cport; I think they are in the right place, but I have doubts because in C++ doesn't exist finally. Header: #pragma once #include <string> #include

6:45 AM
@CaptainObvious heh a case of Jekyll and Hyde!
In fact, no. I'm writing both codes and maintaining myself. I used this as a way to explain. For real my colleague is me. I used this language to help to identify the code. I can change by A and B. Sorry. — Bastien Vandamme 1 min ago
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8:01 AM
@Peilonrayz RPi4 has an M2 slot? That makes things a lot easier and stable. I'm going to get one of those, stick it behind my TV screen and be done with it then. The old ones can stay for experimental purposes...
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Well, of course I know him. He is me.
@Mast I did a validity check yesterday, but you need an expansion card which interfaces with the USB. D:
9:01 AM
Might as well jam a usb stick in then, unless you need enormous amounts of data.
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11:24 AM
Questions to review code are off-topic for SO. Use Code Review Stack Exchange instead! — tacoshy 1 min ago
12:21 PM
Maybe this question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comSomeBody 20 secs ago
1:13 PM
@pacmaninbw yes - its like a switch with audio ports :)
1:41 PM
Q: Flow with multiple retryable functions

KeykoYumeI have a python script to archive some data (export from mongo to a local json file and then upload it to s3) Is there a better way to implement/improve the current flow? Each step should be be retried in case of failure and if the step is still failing after the set no of retries it shouldn't ru...

Q: Similar scripts being used separately for each column, making page load slower

Brondby IFThe page I'm creating is very simple, the problem is that I created the entire first <div class="column ..."> but then I had to use the famous Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to create the other <div class="column ..."> because I don't know how to group scripts. The <select> elements for example is created...

2:06 PM
You can find similar question HereAbhishek Priyadarshi 49 secs ago
2:58 PM
Q: Is there a problem with removing this switch from the Func?

Matt WI have come across this code which, to my mind, should be a straightforward switch statement. IMHO adding the Func<> code makes it more complicated to read/maintain. Am I right? var env = new Func<dynamic>(() => { switch (Key) { case Values....

3:30 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Documentation says it is an 8 port switch. Normal switches don't cost quite that much. ;)
Yes, there are other ways to write the program. There are other ways to write every program. Suggestions for improving your code are off topic for Stack Overflow; and even if they weren't, this isn't remotely specific enough as a question. If you want "any suggestions, feedback, comments" on your code then this is the wrong website. You could try codereview.stackexchange.com, but only after reading their FAQ materials and making sure your question meets their requirements. — Karl Knechtel 24 secs ago
> ‘PING’ button on front panel for simple IP access
3:49 PM
4:40 PM
Q: Vectorized code to find the position and length of runs of 1s in a bit matrix

eripI'm trying to write something like an adjusted run-length encoding for row-wise bit matrices. Specifically I want to "collapse" runs of 1s into the number of 1s in that run while maintaining the same number of 0s as original (right-padding as necessary). For example: input_v = np.array([ [0, 1,...

5:06 PM
Q: Simplify LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress helper for dynamic parallel DLL instantiation

Marek SeberaCode is meant to be used in Windows .NET (tested with dotnet5.0) to dynamically load C library and return delegate of given function Code lower is result of my attempt to rewrite the [DllImport] annotations based header file, that was provided by 3rd party along with the DLL library itself, when ...

5:48 PM
Is anyone familiar with linear algebra and matrix transformation
@SamyakMarathe Last time I've done that was years ago, about a decade. Are you sure you're in the right place?
... perhaps not... ≥⁰,⁰≤
@SamyakMarathe I know what linear is and I know what algebra is... so I know linear algebra ;)
I know both, but not enough to teach
6:11 PM
Been a very long while (decades).
What is your specific question? Does your code not work? Otherwise you might be interested in posting on Code Review. — Cory Kramer just now
7:14 PM
Q: is this a good way of making a employee dictionary

HisticIs this a efficient way of making this I had this as a project last school year and decided to try and optimize it and was curious if this is a good way of doing this to see how much i have learned import os dict = { # "empId": ["title", name] "000001": ["ceo", "joe", "smith"], "000002": [

7:40 PM
Linear algebra and matrix transformation are staple in mechanical engineering courses.
@Mast It was required when I was a CS major.
8:05 PM
Q: JS script fetching GitHub API for personal website

MauricioRobayoI've built a quite simple personal website, everything is in a single file because it is very straightforward, but I think the JS script could be better structured. All it does is fetch some repos from the GitHub API and displays them in a horrible format. This is it: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"

8:23 PM
@Mast For me too (general Engineering degree). And pretty useful in computing (think 3D graphics, fer instance).
possible answer invalidation by MauricioRobayo on question by MauricioRobayo: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/264455/revisions
possible answer invalidation by MauricioRobayo on question by MauricioRobayo: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/264455/revisions
@Duga doesn't appear to be an AI - removed a color style, added a separator to the list of symbols (for text-based loading icon?), neither of which are mentioned in the 1 answer
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11:56 PM
Q: The file uploads well to the folder but problem is : the name of the file which is in the folder is different from the one saved in the DB

fresnel 1. This is my model const mongoose = require('mongoose') let TicketSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ _id: String, ticketTitre: String, ticketCategorie: String, ticketDescription: String, ticketImage:{ data: Buffer, contentType: String } }) module.exports = ...


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