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There is a stack site for code review, that might be more what you're looking for. — Vulpex 52 secs ago
Code Review won't review an entire project. — Amy 11 secs ago
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I’m voting to close this question because optimization questions belong on codereview.SE — outis 53 secs ago
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I'd suggest taking it to CodeReview because SO doesn't normally deal with working code. — pavel 18 secs ago
Put your questions here codereview.stackexchange.com, as that is the right location. This exchange is for people with non working code. — thethiny 50 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Anarchy on question by Anarchy: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/256803/revisions
This question is a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com. This might also be a good point in time for you to learn some test design techniques. Eyeballing it and saying "well I can't think of a counterexample" is the stage where your code is ready for some proper tests. ;) — timgeb 40 secs ago
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you might as well ask this question in codereview.stackexchange.comAnurat Chapanond 35 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Anarchy on question by Anarchy: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/256803/revisions
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If your code is working as expected and all you want is advice on improvements then perhaps it is better to ask at codereview.com instead — Joakim Danielson 42 secs ago
@Liam I don't have the required reputation to post that question on codereview — Zong 36 secs ago
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If your code works, you may want to try ask this on codereview.stackexchange.comPete 5 secs ago
Q: Java array extension/reduction

Sir MontesI work with the Oracle JGeometry method which returns (or takes as method argument) 2D segments as double array (x1,y1,x2,y2 ... xn,yn). I need to extend this array to contain 3D segments as double array (x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2 ... xn,yn,zn) by default Z value or reduce to 2D (by removing of all Z coo...

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You can check a recommended approach here - codereview.stackexchange.com/a/256865/184584rifaqat 27 secs ago
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Hi, you should really try to make a minimal working example that reproduces your problem ( with some generic data) and post this here. Making a full code review on an external page is probably not going to happen. — mikuszefski 35 secs ago
Q: install helm chart via code

bred strarutsI use the following code which works ok! The code is installing helm chart in k8s cluster, and I want to verfiy that im writing it ok. tmpfile, err := ioutil.TempFile(kp, kcp) if err != nil { log.Error(err, "error") } defer os.Remove(tmpfile.Name()) if _, err := tmpfile.Write(cfg); err != ...

11:27 AM
Q: Cookie consent box on button click

potatogandalfI'm just getting started with frontend development. I tried to make a pretty barebones cookie consent notice. I still don't fully understand flexbox and positioning, so the code is messy. HTML: <button id="shownotice">Click to ask</button> <div id="consent_elem" class="consent_notice" hidden="...

Q: Recuring action handler

OraceIn my application I have a class responsible to save in a file the current status of the application (model) when it change : public class BackupAgent { private readonly Model _model; public BackupAgent(Model model) { _model = model; _model.Changed += Save; } ...

Q: WPF LiveCharts DateTime chart

Dimitris PlatisI am trying to use the DateTime option in Livecharts to create a graph of Dates vs Values from a Datagridview. However, although the Y axis is as it should be and the point are spaced properly along the X-axis, the X-axis labels show only 01/01/2001 at point (0,0) and not the rest of the X-points...

I had a similar problem. I solved it by creating a class FilesHelper with a list(Path dir) method (non-static) that for production just calls Files.list(dir). For testing this FilesHelper class is much easier to mock (because it's methods are non-static) and it's implementation is so simply that it is easily shown correct in a code review. — Thomas Kläger 50 secs ago
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I'm writing crappy code again and this time even in Dutch.
May God have mercy on my soul.
@Mast Whyyy
@skiwi Database validation. Most of the data in our parts database is non-standard and using the default viewer for it is sloooooooooow, not to mention a pain to navigate.
I screwed up a bit though. When I added headers to the data, I introduced an off-by-one error somewhere.
You can probably guess what that's supposed to do and what it isn't doing...
Naturally I haven't gotten around to the clean-up stage yet...
Something that shouldn't have broken it broke it, something that shouldn't have fixed it fixed it and now it works again...
@Mast D: I don't envy I recently tried to make an Excel writer in Python... Was not fun
Maybe I should add a bit of OO, that never makes things worse.
@Peilonrayz I'm getting surprisingly good at it. It helps that I can now use openpyxl instead of that win32client crap.
@Mast Ah the only thing worse than one one-off-error, two one-off-errors ;)
@Mast Oh nice, never heard of openpyxl! Yeah IIIRC I remember you working with the win32client...
12:29 PM
Q: Not so Excellent Knight's Tour

MastNote: This is part of a set of demo applications I'm writing for colleagues to show we're not limited to VBA when dealing with Excel. Considering our IT challenges (no admin on-site & no local-admin privileges), this has to work on Portable Python without external libraries. Specifically, the Pyt...

Odd thing is, I started that question with "This is a haphazard solution NOT recommended to be used in the field!"
Guess what's at the top of my current script...
I'm parsing unverified XML into templated Excel functions. What could possibly go wrong.
12:43 PM
Q: Web Component prevent multiple API fetches

hartenfellerI work on a small Web Component that converts an amount of money to another currency. For that, I use an API that returns the exchange rates. I want to use the component multiple times on a page and thought that it would be a waste of traffic if every component fetches the same exchange rates. So...

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possible answer invalidation by Anarchy on question by Anarchy: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/256803/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Anarchy on question by Anarchy: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/256803/revisions
if your code works you might want to look at code review SE — depperm 58 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Anarchy on question by Anarchy: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/256803/revisions
Also, once you have a working code, you can ask codereview.se to review your code. You will learn a lot of experience from that. — kelalaka 12 secs ago
@Duga The answer is fine with any AI
2:20 PM
@Peilonrayz Since when is that the defining factor whether AI is acceptable or not?
@Mast All the answerers being fine with AI is a factor, probably not the defining factor.
2:33 PM
As long as there's only 1 answer and the answerer is fine with it, most of it isn't a problem. But there's still the future reader to take into account that won't understand what the heck is going on if the answer isn't fully edited to fit the new revision.
Oh yeah. You are correct here.
I'm so used to the answerer being willing to then edit the answer.
If your programs works, and you'd like advice on how to improve it, perhaps codereview.stackexchange.com is more suitable for your problem. — 0 0 18 secs ago
First ask at CodeReview; if you get a positive response there, you should indeed delete your question here. — 0 0 12 secs ago
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Q: An exercise concering Kotlin Set

michael.zechTask description: Declare a function twoInThree(a: Set, b: Set, c: Set), which returns the set of all elements, which are contained in exactly two of the three given sets a, b, c. My solution: fun main(args: Array<String>) { var a = setOf<Int>(1, 2, 5) var b = setOf<Int>(2, 7, 0) var ...

3:16 PM
Q: K&R histogram of length of words

aritraI am doing exercise 1-13 of K&R. The problem is to print a histogram of the lengths of words in the input. This is the easier problem, printing the histogram with horizontal bars. This is what I came up with. Is there a better way to do this? Are there any bugs? Also, can anyone tell what the out...

3:41 PM
Q: Typescript from Class to functional programming

VarunI have a following abstract class Listener which encapsulates boiler plate code for a client. I can then have multiple listener for various events. As a self learning excersice I converted this to functional way. Is this is correct way to implement in functional way? I am trying to avoid creatin...

Q: number with the most prime divisors

XusI've done a program and it works fine as I want to but I feel it could be better and more advanced so I want some master advice on my program which is going to take many numbers and return the number with the most prime divisors and the number of its divisors in front of the number like this 678 ...

4:32 PM
Q: How to move a player in a text file for a Maze game in C#

MansiI am quite new to programming in C# and my task for my homework is to create a maze game by reading an ASCII maze template from a .txt file and printing this to the console in visual studio. I need to include a player that moves about using left,right,up,down keys to find the exit in the maze. My...

Greetings, Programs.
Ryan Donovan on March 08, 2021
IaC allows developers to supply IT environments with multiple lines of code and can be deployed in a matter of minutes (in contrast to manual infrastructure, which can take hours if not days to be deployed).
@Feeds More buzzwords
4:58 PM
Q: Tkinter application design for scientific data collection, processing

teauxfuI'm seeking a code review on my Python project. I built it as an in-house tool for data collection and processing at the lab where I work. The domain is chemical performance testing. The program grew organically to provide the following functionality interface with some hardware for data collect...

5:23 PM
Q: Dynamic number of runnable tasks

Paul DraperI want to execute a number of tasks that may enqueue other tasks, and do all that in parallel, ending only once all tasks are finished. For example, some sort of crawler that starts with node A, discovers B, C, and D, then visits each of those and discovers other adjacent nodes. If one task has a...

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Please note, that Stack Overflow is focused on problems in the code. For the code review there is a specific site: Code Review. But before asking there make sure to check their on-topic list. — Tsyvarev 32 secs ago
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Q: Should I add optional parameter to my function for test cases?

ali-starI have the function below, I want to access the context globally and I don't know if it's a good idea, I'm getting the context from the Application, I have TestAppliction in the test environment and I don't have access to the Application class, so I decided to add an optional context parameter to...

7:52 PM
This is a sooooooooo long question that I have lost tracks in the middle. You have to consider migrating your question to codereview.stackexchange.com -- CodeReview folks will definitely help you. — fluffy 48 secs ago
Q: My Updated dhondt (political voting system) method implementation in C#

Mj _I have took the advice on some people and improved my dhondt method calculator, which is a system that takes a file of data for a number of political parties and try to find which party to assign seats too, and this all depending on how many seats the data file wants to assign and the total votes...

Q: Scikit-learn SVR stock prediction

NeedHelpPlsI am messing around with the sklearn ML library to see if i can "predict" stocks with it, currently when it takes all the datapoints i have, it "predicts" it but i am trying to get it to predict into like the future. import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from sklearn.ensemble import ...

Q: How clean is my PHP code

user13477176I am uploading and selecting code from my MySQL DB and I have a feeling some of it could be written in a much shorter way but I don't know how. Can someone tell me if this is clean code or if it's too much. Thanks <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', 1); include 'config/conne...

8:15 PM
What exactly are you having difficulty with? If you want a review, perhaps try Code ReviewCharlieface 19 secs ago
@Charlieface CodeReview? Please do not recommend CR for incomplete/non-working code as copy-paste of an assignment found in this question. — Alexei Levenkov 31 secs ago
8:35 PM
You should probably post this question in the code review section. If you want ideas for a tic-tac-toe game, you can look at this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/65729757/5237560Alain T. 57 secs ago
9:16 PM
@AlainT. please don't recommend users post code that doesn't work properly to Code Review, since such code is not on-topic there. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 36 secs ago
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Q: Getchar function

David542The following is my attempt at writing a gets or scanf function that makes it a bit easier to work with. I suppose an easier way would be to use fgets, but hopefully the following is good enough for some feedback: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include <ctype.h> #define TITLE_MAX 50 v...

Q: Reimplemented R function(s) is surprisingly slow

Make42I reimplemented the functions https://rdrr.io/cran/fclust/man/RI.F.html, https://rdrr.io/cran/fclust/man/ARI.F.html and https://rdrr.io/cran/fclust/man/JACCARD.F.html of the R package https://rdrr.io/cran/fclust/ in Python. However, it seems - even though I use numpy a lot, that the result is pre...

10:28 PM
Q: Linked list for array of movies

David542I am attempting to create a Linked List where someone can enter in some movie titles and their rating for it. Here is what I have thus far: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include <ctype.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define TITLE_MAX 50 void mygets(char buffer[], size_t li...

10:47 PM
SO is a place for specific and concrete programming questions so your post does not fit into it. Maybe codereview.stackexchange.com is suitable for your questions (but check if your question fits there too). Please read How to Askeyllanesc 43 secs ago
Q: Detecting Dependencies in Common Lisp Project Files (Part 2)

davypoughThis is a rewrite of the Dependencies program submitted previously at https://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/255635/detecting-dependencies-in-common-lisp-project-files/256336?noredirect=1#comment506766_256336 that incorporates the many insightful changes recommended there. I'm requesting ...


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