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Q: 2048 Game Implementation with Excel VBA

JimmyHuI am trying to implement the game 2048 in Excel VBA. The each TRUE / FALSE Boolean value in row 2, 4, 6 and 8 are used for determining the data of each cell in row 1, 3, 5 and 7 is 0 or not. The experimental implementation Sub MergeUp() Dim loop_num Dim loop_num2 For loop_num2 = 1 To...

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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Wowsers, I'm slow had to read the question like 5 times to notice the AoC reason... Thanks
Q: React Native FlatList with Scroll-To-load data

Peter StengerI am creating an application that interacts with spotify. A part of my app is a FlatList screen displaying a list of songs and song controls. I am under the impression that my FlatList is very poorly optimized, leading to slow load times as you scroll down. The main issue I want to resolve is th...

@Peilonrayz should I have added more space before the AOC?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ oh, no no. I'm apparently just that slow today
12:52 AM
...like my internet...
yesterday I upgraded to service that is supposed to be ~6x faster for the same price and now it is back to where it was.... though it could be caused by neighbors on the same cable connection
1:06 AM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Yikes, I hear American ISPs are... ****. Yeah, kinda annoying. Same cable as in to the cabinet?
2:06 AM
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Q: I'm a beginner in C, the following is a Code snippet that I made, I want to know how can I reduce the amount of line like duplication in my program

Ah KangI noticed that I have a lot of duplication in my codes, but I really don't know how to solve duplication that's why I decided to seek for advice and help from StackOverflow. I also notice that I have been using more than 1 loop in more cases so I wonder can you all check on my following code snip...

3:30 AM
Q: Accuracy of Windows high resolution timing class

George TianI'm attempting to implement a high resolution class used to time the execution time of functions in Windows. After using this documentation, I have come up with the following: #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> class Timer { private: LARGE_INTEGER start_count; LARGE_INTEGER stop_...

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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I was wondering why you were talking about monitors for a moment.
Apparently I'm a bit slow too.
@Peilonrayz Yes. X over SSH.
Although we used something like that to connect with the ntserver as well, but that probably got you the entire Windows environment in a window.
It's been a while.
8:18 AM
@Mast during college I had a summer internship working in an IT department for an airline company and attempted to say PCMCIA but wasn’t so familiar with the acronym and left out the second C- somebody joked about a machine that went AWOL
8:51 AM
Yes, it's fine. Keep in mind that asking about security advice of working code is off-topic for Stack Overflow. Code Review is better suited. See their help center: codereview.stackexchange.com/help/on-topicArtjom B. 20 secs ago
9:06 AM
If the code works and you just want someone to review it, you can post it over at Code Review instead. Make sure you read their guidelines first though. — Magnus Eriksson 34 secs ago
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Haha
That's nice.
9:51 AM
Q: Maze Problem in c#

Gin09Here's is the question ● Each room has a unique name and can be connected to between zero and four other rooms through doors named north, south, east, and west. ● Rooms are not necessarily spatially coherent. If A is north of B, B might not be south of A. ● Doors are not necessarily bidirectional...

Q: Encrypt output of password_hash(argon2i)

the_floorI want to put an extra layer of security to my hashed login password (using password_hash function with argon2i) and encrypt the output with two secure keys, which are safed in config file in a directory outside of the public aera of my wordpress site. I did many research and came up with the fol...

@Mast I've never really used X forwarding. But I can see why X forwarding would be nice. FWIW you can install an X server on Windows and X forward. To get WSL apps on Windows you have to.
@Peilonrayz Does that work on non-WSL (native Windows) apps too?
@Mast I think the X sever acts like a slave/X<->Windows compatibility layer. As such the master windows stay around. I would doubt you could get X over SSH on non-Windows apps. I've only used X on Windows once; OpenGL was foobar so my terminal of choice didn't work...
10:14 AM
Oh I made a mistake s/X over SSH on non-Windows apps/X over SSH on Windows apps/
Ah, that makes a lot more sense.
Either way it feels like I'm between a rock and a hard place again.
I'm looking for a perfect solution to a situation where none exists, which tends to end badly.
Perhaps it's time to cut-out the VM, it would reduce the layering of the problem significantly.
10:31 AM
Hmm, the solution you want could be implemented by remote desktop software to be remote window software. However if Steam's RWS is anything to go by... RWS becomes RDS very quickly if the software breaks.
Yes, that sounds like a great idea that never got implemented correctly for Windows systems.
while (true) { ... break; } is a bit strange ((exception if using continue inside it)) but better try Code Review (also a Stack Exchange site) if that is the reason for this post — user15244370 58 secs ago
It doesn't help that "X Windows on Windows to Windows" is a terrible search query...
"XOrg display server" or "X11" may make the first part a bit easier... but... good luck!
10:48 AM
@Peilonrayz Apparently X11 forwarding wasn't available in the now-native OpenSSH at Win 10 build 1809.
It appears Windows uses this version of portable OpenSSH
Hardly seems to be under active development.
@Mast Ugh, I can guess why but... You could try (Windows + X) -> WSL -(SSH)> Remote but eh, still kinda horrible
@Mast I thought my answers were long, just trying to see the readme on that repo. Holy moly
The entire repo seems filled with lots of words and little substance.
@Peilonrayz Here's the relevant issue.
> I've seen 3 different people say the same thing 3 times now - that the latest version of OpenSSH will make it into the "next" version of Windows. It never happens :/
Seems like even if it works, it may not be production ready.
11:05 AM
@Mast And I'm still on v7.7...
VcXsrv was a PITA to set up the first time. If you go admin privileges all the way you get something which works
Got them everywhere except on the server, for obvious reasons.
If you don't go admin privileges all the way, you brick your firewall rules and have to use admin privileges to remove firewall rules and reinstall the damn thing.
Oh by "all the way" I meant local admin rights when installing VcXsrv
I SSL VPN inside, the firewall is irrelevant, right?
Windows Firewall on your local machine
You need ports open to communicate with the X server (which is a local server)
It's not the same port as the rest of SSH?
11:14 AM
I think I'm explaining this wrong. Maybe s/server/daemon/ would make more sense? To communicate with X you need to talk over the network (but not going outside the machine)
And I can't force that over VPN like I do with RDP because...?
Think of the X server like a web server. To communicate you need to talk on network protocols. But if you have a local web server say a Flask dev server, using a VPN makes no sense because the server would be local to the machine.
X11 usually uses a local unix socket, which is a whole other beast and part of the issue why X11 forwarding to Windows is still a mess.
VcXsrv is an X server for Windows
Similar to Xming?
11:25 AM
@Mast I presumed <- was in response to this which talks about VcXsrv
@Peilonrayz Yes.
And this
Which is roughly the same issue it appears mentioned in a different place.
Q: Pipeviewer: A lazy pv-rewrite with not enough features

ZetaIf you ever had to pipe a large amount of data from some program foo into another program bar, you're probably familiar with the pipeviewer application. In case you're not familiar with the application, here's a small demonstration of a minimal rewrite: Essentially, pv will take any input from s...

11:45 AM
@Mast I've managed to get X forwarding working fine. Had to correctly enable X forwarding on the server but otherwise works fine. But I did get Windows -> WSL working which was more involved before.
Oh I'm forwarding as Windows -> WSL -(SSH)> Remote
You're (ab)using WSL as intermediary?
Wow, I can even forward kitty (the OpenGL terminal which wouldn't work with WSL)
@Mast Yeah. I'm being lazy, I already set up WSL and I didn't want to figure out how to setup Window's SSH correctly
If that enables a more sensible X11 forwarding, it might be just the way to go.
The remote is a Linux box. Getting remote working to a Windows box will probably be more involved
Yea, the problem is with getting the X server set-up. Connecting to a well-configured system is the easy part.
11:58 AM
Q: How do I reduce run time to less than 3 seconds?

Anyonedef draft(ranking): # count = 0 for i in range(0, len(ranking) - 2): for j in range(i+1, len(ranking) - 1): for k in range(j+1, len(ranking)): if ranking[i] <= ranking[j] and ranking[j] <= ranking[k]: count += 1 return count ...

This is actually R/A, not just NAA.
@Mast Thanks ^^
I learned a lot about flags from Charcoal.
Is that how the answer now marked as Spam/Abusive?
Kinda like the "Thanks" No Longer Needed auto delete?
@CaptainObvious Me thinks the code may be broken. Note < vs <=, and the fact the if is pointless if the input is sorted, which the for loops assume.
If this answer works, then go to Code Review, take their tour, read their how to ask help page, then post your code there. Here, your question is justifiably closed as 1. Needs More Focus, 2. Needs Clarity, 3. Opinion-based. — mickmackusa 56 secs ago
12:16 PM
@Peilonrayz More like the Spam auto delete.
@Peilonrayz Yes.
@Mast Lol. Oh cool didn't know about that
12:37 PM
@Mast I had some okay results with using Putty as the SSH client forwarding to VcXsrv
1:14 PM
Q: Handle sql operations with function and array php

Zujis KarolisNeed some advices to create functions that handles sql query operations with given array. My code works properly (it is just example), but need some check it is safe, or there's a better way to get desired result. I want to note that all dangerous characters before adding to array are cleared wit...

Q: Check unbalanced parentheses

op olBelow source code is my solution of the K&R exercise 1-24. Exercise 1-24. Write a program to check a C program for rudimentary syntax errors like unbalanced parentheses, brackets and braces. Don't forget about quotes, both single and double, escape sequences, and comments. (This program is hard ...

1:27 PM
@Vogel612 Apparently that's made for Linux programs on WSL. I'd need to get the native Windows program connected to WSL for that to work too, IIUC.
2:23 PM
Q: Write a function "commonPrefix"

michael.zechTask description: Write a function "commonPrefix", which takes two strings as parameter and returns the common prefix. Example: Parameter "abcdef" and "abc1gv" would return "abc". My implementation: fun commonPrefix(str1: String, str2: String): String { var sRet = "" var i = 0 val len...

2:56 PM
Q: Add / Overwrite an object in an array

ÁlvaroI am trying to overwrite an object in an array if the title property exists, otherwise just push it to the array. I found two approaches and I wonder which one is the preferred one. Performance is not really and issue but I wonder whether mutability could be, or just there is a better way to do t...

Q: What is the best way to organize work with MongoDB in Flask?

nosheyakkuI`m trying to make an API for Flask together with MongoDB, before that I used the SQL DB using SQLAlchemy and there I used models for organizing the database. Now i'm a bit confused how to organize code for working with DB. Since the standard MongoDB client does not provide an opportunity to crea...

This question would be better to ask on codereview.stackexchange.comCharlie Wallace 52 secs ago
3:25 PM
When you have working code and are asking for best practices, code style, mutability or performance considerations, then this is more suitable for Code Reviewtrincot 6 secs ago
3:46 PM
Q: Go Web API for Sending Emails via Contact Form

MacksI've been playing around with Go and finally found a use case for a little web service I could build. It takes JSON data via an HTTP POST request and sends me an email via Mailgun's API (it's used for a contact form on my website). I'm new to Go and would love some feedback on what I could do bet...

Q: Better Javascript Class for collapsing Items

Homer PittI'm trying to get into object oriented javascript programming. I have written a class for collapsible elements as a test. These elements all have a certain class and no matter how many elements there are on the page, they should all be collapsible. It works so far, but I don't think it's very ele...

4:37 PM
Q: MultiLingual Project including routing

Tim CadieuxOne of my staff wrote this application in .netCore 3.1 about 18months ago. It works "to a certain extent" but I feel like its bloated and perhaps isn't the best way. I work somewhere were all our applications need to be bilingual and just about every tutorial you will see localises the ui but n...

5:03 PM
Q: AI for OpenTTD - A* Path Finder: Follow-up and unique_ptr slow performance

Marlon SmithOriginal review here: AI for OpenTTD - A* Path Finder If you'd like to run the code yourself: https://github.com/marlonsmith10/empire_ai (use_smart_pointers branch) Changes have been made based on the previous review. In particular, using std::priority_queue and std::unordered map have dramatical...

possible answer invalidation by Homer Pitt on question by Homer Pitt: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/256813/revisions
5:40 PM
@Duga Didn't edit the code.
This would be better off asked on code review. — masseyb 15 secs ago
6:04 PM
@pacmaninbw It appears a white line was removed from the code.
But that's fine I guess.
6:44 PM
Q: Firebase object convertion to hashmap exception

binyyI am making an online chess with firebase realtime. I have a gameConnector class to connect the players. To connect, I change the value of a variable and the other player should listen to that change with ValueEventListener. Both players use this same class. My problem is that the value always ge...

well looks like this may have better answer in codereview.stackexchange.comKing King 29 secs ago
7:35 PM
Q: Cleaning up code for a chrome extension that should be much more basic than what it currently is

codeinblenderAs a player of the online game Pokéfarm Q, I'm making a fan-made extension to help players search through forum threads and CSS codes/userscripts. So that I can easily fetch data from a Pastebin I created, I added a function that ignores the CORS headers when the user is visiting https://pokefarm...

8:25 PM
Q: C# Console, Connect 4 Game

PARTHthis is my second post here, and the second project I made. I wanted to know, how to improve my code of connect-4 made in c# for console. using System; namespace Connect_4 { class Program { // computer's board, that computer checks if someone wins static string[] BoardCol...

9:09 PM
This question is really off-topic for this forum. It's too opinion-based. Maybe consider codereview.stackexchange.com (though you should check the site first for what is considered on-topic there). That said: The model should not have any references to UI elements, such as labels. The view should observe the model and react to changes, instead of the model directly updating the view. — James_D 39 secs ago
9:25 PM
Are you asking for a code review, or are you having a specific problem with your code that you need help with? You've included a lot of code in the question, but you never call validerNom. What are you planning on passing as the argument to -TableauUserName? — Mathias R. Jessen 26 secs ago
Mmmm. This seems so far beside the point I'm tempted to point out that this is not correct case-folding. If we're going to be "precise" about things, I'd point out you should use proper locale-aware collations with full UNICODE awareness as appropriate. This calls for a party with ICU or something :) Also, can't help but noticing the <string_view> include, but then the sudden lack of interest in using it to create "safish" interfaces. Now I have the urge to do code review again. Bah. — sehe 43 secs ago
1 hour later…
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As your code is working, your question is probably much better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com - it's too broad and off-topic for SO. — Thierry Lathuille 43 secs ago
11:13 PM
"This code works, but just courious to know is there any way to improve it." Then this question is probably better at codereview.stackexchange.com. — Jonathon Reinhart 13 secs ago
Q: how to compare two dictionaries values based on a key?

J2015I have a code that with two lists of dictionaries, and should make a final dictionary based on the comparing of two lists. This is the code: zones = [ {"id": 10, "serial": "11068", "lat": 35.25, "lon": 10.74}, {"id": 11, "serial": "11122", "lat": 35.34, "lon": 9.89}, {"


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