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12:11 AM
Q: C# Winforms App ,EF6, DB First with Auto Mapper Generic Repository and UOW context is not updated automatically when database is changed externally

Andreea ElenaI've started to work on a single user c# winforms application, with EF6 db first approach, AutoMapper, Generic Repository and UnitOfWork. They have been previously implemented by others former colleagues . I'm not very experienced with those concepts but I have read a lot of links. The main issue...

hmm... Duga must be down again...
in Duga's Neighborhood, 24 secs ago, by Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ
@SimonForsberg does she need a reboot again?
@SimonForsberg could that URL be used by an automated tool, e.g. Pingdom?
1:00 AM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Good question... Restarting her now. At least the machine itself seems to be working (for now...).
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I don't like sites that says "Free Trial"
but yes, it could be used by an automated tool
@SimonForsberg me neither 😏
actually I should have checked that URL now to see if that was responding... did you happen to check it, @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ?
@SimonForsberg 50 minutes ago it returned a 5xx response
perhaps I should have recorded the error message... IIRC it included the word Gateway
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ 504 Bad Gateway?
502 Bad Gateway - nginx
1:05 AM
right, 504 is Gateway Timeout
Hmm... not sure what happened to her, but she's back now
thanks for the ping
1:27 AM
Note: You can test with the following script on *nix (tested with sh and fish; messages is mostly to help me when I forget where I saved the script later, may help yous, shell status code will be 0 if HTTP code is 200)
curl -sI stats.zomis.net/GithubHookSEChatService/registration/index | grep -Po "(?<=HTTP\/1\.1 )\d+" | xargs test 200 =
1:43 AM
Please repeat on topic and how to ask from the intro tour. “Improve my code” is not a Stack Overflow issue: it's too broad, although some such requests do well in the Code Review site. We expect you to make an honest attempt, and then ask a specific question about your algorithm or technique. Stack Overflow is not intended to replace existing documentation and tutorials. — Prune just now
2:12 AM
Q: how to efficiently draw line numbers in edittext ondraw without causing lag in scrolling

JoreI have an implementation of an edit text to show line numbers and also highlight the current line. I think it needs more optimization because when I scroll through the edit text with about 500 lines of code, it lags, yet when I comment out the code, the scrolling is smooth. I need help optimizing...

If you have working code that you're asking to be reviewed for improvement, you should ask on Code Review instead. It was designed specifically for that purpose. Before you do, I'd suggest that you run your code through a profiler to identify any bottleneck. It seems you're trying to perform premature optimization, looking to improve the performance of code without having identified a performance problem first. — Ken White 39 secs ago
2:34 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is a code review request. This might be better suited to the Code Review Stack Exchange site. Before posting there be sure to read their FAQ to ensure that your question meets their guidelines. — John Conde 23 secs ago
3:33 AM
1. don't use enums else how can one write custom components ? 2. use GetComponent<T>() where T : Component, this will remove the need to cast. 3. parent should be changeable anytime, in Parent property you could call an OnParentChanged so to perform extra tasks required and so on. 4. for code review you can ask at codereview.stackexchange.comaybe 20 secs ago
4:13 AM
Q: Any Best way to create PHP Form Validation submission form without js?

MaryAnnHello I am a newbie of PHP Any Best way to create PHP Form Validation submission form without js?? My html code: Hello I am a newbie of PHP Any Best way to create PHP Form Validation submission form without js?? My html code: <form method="post" action="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($_SERVER["PHP_SELF

Maybe try on codereview? — Matt just now
4:57 AM
5:26 AM
Q: Code refactoring for services and controller based architecture node.js

confusedWarriorI have my app structured as below, Routes -> Controllers -> Services So, for /bookings there is BookingController and BookingService Role of controller is to take the request and distribute the tasks between one or more services. Now Let's have a look on below code. BookingService.js const { ...

6:15 AM
Q: Web scraping using selenium in python

user15069057CODE: applicationData = [td.text for td in webBrowser.find_elements_by_xpath('//td[@class="wpsTableNrmRow" and text()!=" "]')] applicationHeader = [re.sub('[^A-Za-z0-9]+', '', td.text) for td in webBrowser.find_elements_by_xpath('//td[@class="wpsTableShdRow"...

6:38 AM
I think you would do better asking this question on codereview.stackexchange.comStephen C 36 secs ago
Q: Is this proper usage of Try and Catch in C++

CrypticEthosI'm learning how to use try and catch, as such I decided to implement it into one of my practice files. Is this proper usage? Or am I misunderstanding its application? namespace StringPractice { template <typename... T> constexpr decltype(auto) getSize(T&&... Args) noexcept { retu...

Q: python - made a small text game, i've been struggling on solving a loop with 5 attempts/mess ups, and game over

Za33cKthis code is from a short text based game I created, I am stuck and cannot think of how to solve this issue def searchBoat(gamePlayer): inventory = ['dish','rod','cone','wire'] inventoryTwo = [] player = gamePlayer if player == "Dave": search = 'yes' while search == 'yes' or search == '...

@StephenC Why are there no "best practices"? I mean some problems have a better way of solving them which are better in terms of memory it uses or time complexity etc. Wouldn't they be the "best practices"? and thanks for the codereview link. I didn't know such a thing existed. I removed the "red flag", which has become quite controversial for a while. — Yogesh Sarma 48 secs ago
7:28 AM
Q: Asp.net Rest Api higher requests

Roberto RossiI would like to build a Asp.net (with net5) rest api service, and i would like to know if i'm on right way. This service will cache values from other service Y for X minutes, if client will ask data and this data is expired on this service it will ask on service Y (with GET request) and will upda...

7:44 AM
Thanks, Holger. This is what I was talking about, @StephenC. Writing code in a simpler way. "For instance, memory usage and efficiency are not necessarily the most appropriate criteria" in this context(competitive coding) it is appropriate. And I guess I should have posted this in codereview.stackexchange.com. Thanks anyways. — Yogesh Sarma 32 secs ago
8:10 AM
Anyways @StephenC. Thanks for the article and suggestions about the "red flag". I'll post any such questions in codereview.stackexchange.com from now(without the red flag :p). Cheers. — Yogesh Sarma 16 secs ago
8:41 AM
Q: Entire discord bot

JoyteI've made a Discord bot, and (to my knowledge) the code is pretty good. However, I've mostly taught myself python and discord.py (the discord library for python), so I was wondering if there's any improvements to be made. The only thing I can discern right now is that I could probably do with a f...

9:22 AM
Sorry - this isn't a code review site - asking can this be improved is far too general. — Dale K 16 secs ago
If you have working code that you want to improve, you might want to check if your question is on-topic for codereview. — khelwood just now
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10:42 AM
Q: simple function f(g(x,y))

Mingi KimSo the main problem is def f(x,y): return (2*x,2*y) def g(x,y): return (-x,-y) z = g(0,1) print(z) print(f(z)) it's an example. I have one function and returned two values. And I want to print the f(g(0,1)), do you have any idea with it?

11:31 AM
Q: Dependency Inversion Principle with connection to a SQL Server

dns_nxFirst, this is my first post on this stack exchange site. So please be patient with me. If there is something wrong or you miss something, please let me know. I will add it asap. I am currently working with the SOLID principles and trying to achieve a practical implementation. I have seen Tim Cor...

12:19 PM
Q: Work-In-Progress RPG

HerodegonHere's an RPG I'm working on that uses only standard C++ libraries. I'm having trouble conceptualizing a coordinate system for characters spawned in a map, and the inventory/item system is only a shell at the moment. However, I've created a small demo including some of the features that will be p...

12:46 PM
Greetings, Programs.
1:08 PM
Q: Java Macro Program

X3GoldenI've created a macro program using java applet, I'm planning on adding more ways to add a macro but I've been stuck on the "Key binds" part of my plan. I've tried many ways of adding a keybind to start the macro when the applet window is not focused/selected. I want to use a keybind to activate t...

1:26 PM
Not a big fan of the new review queue interface.
This type of question is better served on CodeReview.SE — pinkfloydx33 47 secs ago
2:21 PM
Q: Tic-Tac-Toe code using c#

PARTHI am a beginner coder and was wondering how to improve my c# console code. It makes a tic-tac-toe game. Please ignore the bold as i need to include it to add my question. Your wonderful, Smart and beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you in advance again Thank you in advance ...

3:17 PM
Ryan Donovan on February 24, 2021
Single page apps are all the rage today, but they don’t always operate the same as traditional web pages.
This belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com — Russ J 31 secs ago
3:34 PM
Q: Function to use projections in legacy algorithms

metalfoxI love the "projections" introduced by the ranges library, and I would like to use them in algorithms that haven't been rangeyfied yet. I had the idea of using them through a function like this: #include <utility> #include <functional> template<typename TFn, typename TProj> auto constexpr proj(TFn

4:19 PM
@SteinÅsmul Thanks for answering. I am talking about the .xml files here. These files change a lot with every miniscule change you do to the configuration, which leads to every pull request being very large even for a tiny change, which bloats the entire code review process — David Montgomery 24 secs ago
Thanks for answering. Well the core issue I have is that you get huge pull requests even for tiny configuration changes, which bloats the code review process in my opinion. The .wxs files are updated after you build, so maybe in this case I can do without them... — David Montgomery 56 secs ago
4:59 PM
Thank you for your feedback! I didn't pay much attention to the code of Person; you'll notice that it doesn't even have a setId() or implement equals() and hashCode(). — Matthias Braun 8 hours ago
Well, okay then :P
It took some time to respond on my feedback :P
@skiwi you're like the people Chuck Norris puts in a coma: lucky
as a zombie hunter and necromancer I have many answers with no response
Q: Reduce computing time of planning method (grid)

LisaDHas anyone an idea how to change the planning(self, sx, sy, gx, gy)-method to save computing time? I'm new to NumPy and don't know how to use it effectively yet, but I heard it could also be a good solution. import math import matplotlib.pyplot as plt show_animation = True class AStarPlanner: ...

5:51 PM
The fact that the new review queues interface does not provide a link to the question is problematic, especially for close votes and reopen votes.
@pacmaninbw you mean how it used to have a link with text "link" on the right side? The title of the question is still linked to the question but I notice it doesn't have target="_blank" like the aforementioned link
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ That is the link I mean. I find it quite usefully when in the queues. It allows me to examine edits among other things.
@pacmaninbw yeah... do you have a mouse with a scroll wheel? If so, can you "click" the scroll wheel for opening links in a new tab?
2 hours later…
7:40 PM
I have a scroll wheel that goes sideways too.
Oooh, easier ways to open more tabs?
@Mast ditto - for forward/backward navigation
@pacmaninbw I always examine the question while reviewing.
Sometimes that leads me to VTC'ing on the question itself instead of in the queue, which makes for odd reviews.
Mouse was cheap too.
Sharkoon makes good mice that are really affordable.
8:14 PM
The new review queue lay-out is absolutely terrible...
1 hour later…
9:33 PM
@SimonForsberg I could probably set up a cron job on my work machine (since it is always on) to ping that URL occasionally, then take an action like emailing somebody or posting in chat if an error is received... I also considered if a socket was available, we could avoid pinging periodically and then if the socket was closed or had an error then we could take some action
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ A socket is not available
I think for this purpose, pinging periodically is better
PSA all @Duga webhook users: Make sure that your webhook is using HTTPS!
Not sure if there are any @Duga webhook users here that aren't already in the Rubberducking or Coding Projects room, but just in case
@SimonForsberg okay- how periodic is too frequent?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Once every minute or 5 minutes or so should be good enough
hello guys exist a way in php to convert hex color like #2B8029 to near ansi color???
I think it could probably handle more often, but I don't think it's necessary
9:45 PM
@SimonForsberg I was guessing 1 minute was good
10:03 PM
Q: Similar Word Finder

WilburSimilar Word Finder I created this similar word finder for fun. (word.txt are words from http://www.mieliestronk.com/corncob_lowercase.txt) Is there any way to make this better or more accurate? import java.util.*; import java.io.*; class Main { public static void print(String text, int time...

10:14 PM
I think you're looking for Code ReviewTomerikoo 5 secs ago
10:24 PM
@FranciscoNúñez I doubt there is a built-in function in PHP but try looking at this SO question and the answer, or else this one and its answers - you'd likely need to use hexdec() and maybe chr() though I'm not sure about ANSI codes
11:15 PM
possible answer invalidation by Scotty Jamison on question by Scotty Jamison: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/251497/revisions
@Duga OP just changed order of two properties (function calls) in a POJO .... I don't see that as being in response to either answer and neither answer appears to be affected by the change but if somebody thinks that should be rolled back (perhaps on principle of not editing) then feel free
11:56 PM

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