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@Peilonrayz Don't use this ridiculous hyperbole. The question clearly asks for a better way to DRY up the code. The code works and the op wants to find a better way to do that, all of which codereview claims to want — Eyeslandic 13 secs ago
RELOAD! There are 6888 unanswered questions (89.8293% answered)
@Duga Handled
1:01 AM
Q: Load multiple worksheets from Excel file to multiple DataFrames

DanThe spreadsheet can be found just above the references section at this link. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1872497316301429 It's a publication for STR DNA locus frequencies to calculate match probabilities. I'd like to build a match probability calculator and scale it up to d...

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Q: Tips on my LILO java code

john1999I've been trying to learn java recently and I finally finish my first code. Any suggestions on where I can improve? Also, is it possible to send an argument to a class using something like an init function in python and are there any good and bad habits that I should keep in mind? class LIFO { ...

2:38 AM
Q: Yet another implementation of Conway's Game of life in Haskell

smb374 (Sorry for my bad English) Hi, I'm interested in getting feedback of my own implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Some details: Uses gloss for animation Uses rio for shorter dependency list My implementation suffers from performance issue when the population grows larger than 2000 cells. My...

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@Mast I’m guessing these are similar but different type of “fluff”:
Not really a big fan of cookies, btw. — Jesse C. Slicer Feb 3 '16 at 23:06
If I needed more flags I might flag those (or the post) and mark them as “no longer needed”
4:16 AM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ @Peilonrayz I see it happen more and more and I'm not sure it's worth the effort to fight it. Fluff in comments is not much of a problem since comments aren't supposed to last forever, but traditionally it has no place in questions and answers. They're just a distraction.
But if enforcing a network wide policy that has been in part undone already may take more effort than it's worth while alienating users, yeah, not a fan of that either.
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Q: how can i make a beter code in python?

md-yzit is my code for problems five of euler project where is my wrong and how can i make a beter code please make my code true # five problems multipation = 2 def lcm(i): global multipation if (multipation % i != 0): for k in range(2, 21): multipation *= k if ...

@CaptainObvious more broken is almost impossible
6:11 AM
give me a true code — md-yz yesterday
@Heslacher They could've screwed up the indentation too, that's always fun in Python.
Q: C++ Practice on STL templates and algorithms

starrkI have implemented the following program below for an assignment for practice on STL templates and algorithms. All I'm doing is implementing the codes for the printing of empty files, un-empty files, etc.. I would love to know if there is any way to make the code more optimized. Note: From the re...

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Q: LeetCode: my calender 2 C#

Giladhttps://leetcode.com/problems/my-calendar-ii/ Implement a MyCalendarTwo class to store your events. A new event can be added if adding the event will not cause a triple booking. Your class will have one method, book(int start, int end). Formally, this represents a booking on the half open interv...

possible answer invalidation by starrk on question by starrk: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/247412/revisions
@CaptainObvious One more VTC please.
@Duga Rolled back.
I've been using a variation on the standard comment more and more to focus less on invalidation and more on "don't touch the code after receiving answers, period".
Please do not update the code in your question after receiving answers, doing so goes against the Question + Answer style of Code Review. This is not a forum where you should keep the most updated version in your question. Please see what you may and may not do after receiving answers. — Mast 1 min ago
It doesn't look pretty, but at least it's very clear.
Considering the language barriers we sometimes see on this site, I think that's a win.
7:52 AM
Q: Arduino-based darkroom timer

marcellothearcaneDescription I have created a darkroom timer, which is used for enlarging and developing film. It has four separate timers, and can toggle mains via a relay to turn on the enlarger for a specified amount of time. Something like a mix between a triple timer for development and an enlarger timer. Fo...

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@furas I idid'nt know the code review website. Thx for the information. — PIFASTE 58 secs ago
Q: How to rewrite recursive function that has 5 arguments (2 optional) with fewer arguments?

GirkovArpaIs there a way to rewrite this function with fewer arguments (preferably 2) while keeping it recursive? The entire code can be seen here: https://github.com/GirkovArpa/hutton-typescript Maybe it's perfectly standard to have so many arguments. I don't know. const encrypt = (pt: string, pw: string...

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Note: questions asking to review working code to suggest improvements ... might rather go to codereview.stackexchange.com ... also note: "is better" always depends on context. — GhostCat 37 secs ago
If you want code to be reviewed than codereview.stackexchange.com might be a better place. — JonasH 27 secs ago
9:02 AM
After you refactored working code as much as you can, you can post it on codereview to get more help. — ComputerVersteher 55 secs ago
@Mast IDK the proper word for it but 'flowery'/'positive vibes' fluff I'm fine with. Anything for a better UX. But noise like "thanks"/"EDIT:" can just get nuked from orbit
But yeah, sometimes it's just not worth the effort
@Mast Yeah, I've not been a fan of the standard AI comment. Your comment seems good, do you know of any links we could provide to cite "doing so goes against the Question + Answer style of Code Review"? I think it's a bit lost in that second link
I'm not sure stackoverflow might be the best place for this. It's meant for relatively specific questions. Sounds like you're wanting a code review (codereview.stackexchange.com) and you probably want to look at the library pandas (which you have kinda implied) and something like plotly for data viz. — AaronS 21 secs ago
I don't fully agree with 'Anything for a better UX' since it there's a different UX for new users, veteran users and passers-by which makes a good call for one possibly a bad call for another, but if you call for trying to be flexible with policy not to scare people away, absolutely.
If that makes sense, I may be running low on coffee.
@Peilonrayz Not sure, perhaps it needs another answer in that thread to make it more explicit?
I agree "Anything for a better UX" is not the optimum wording. From your explination I think we understand each other. I think we agree here
We tend to do that a lot lately.
Now I'm worried.
9:14 AM
@Mast Hmm. Possibly, IDK what SE's best practices around this are and all the Meta "gurus" (200, Simon, Mat) have mostly stopped meta activity on CR, with there being no "meta mod" if that makes sense. So IDK the proper procedure.
9:25 AM
@Peilonrayz With a lot of the 'old guard' inactive or less-active, I think it's down to you, me and Vogel now. I know for a fact Mat is still a regular on meta, so we could ask him if there's any doubt. SE doesn't have procedures about FAQs, that's up to the sites themselves AFAIK, curated by the moderators.
I could be wrong, but it seems there's no FAQ on FAQs
I'll ask the lot in the Tavern.
I think I need some coffee, you summed up like 2 lines of text in 5 words. And made it tons more sensitive
That sounds about right
9:42 AM
A FAQ is definitely community-curated. If you post a poor answer on a FAQ question, it can be downvoted and eventually removed.
The indented procedure is for a high-quality meta post to become FAQ, but I see nothing that prohibits adding fresh answers to an old FAQ entry.
I can imagine most communities are much more strict with answers to FAQ posts than to other meta posts, nothing wrong with that.
But there's a good situation here, I think.
As in, a good reason to add an answer.
We could always make it a new question if you prefer.
Q: How to manage multiple bookings in same order in SQL?

Meet PatelI am working with system that user can book services. I am developing using PHP and MySQL. Now Currently all things are working fine. But I need to manage Multiple Bookings in Same OrderId What Issue currently facing : currently I am getting this response in API. { "success": 1, "data": {...

Q: I can't figure out why MongoDB connects but does not retrieve data. I'm using Python with pymongo

Delroy Browni'm brand new to Python and MongoDB and currently trying to figure out how to retrieve data from a database. When running the code I get the Mongo is connected message in the terminal followed by an error that I can't figure out. I've spent a good amount of hours searching online and am now hopin...

Yeah, what you've said sounds accurate and correct. I don't think anyone would be too strict on what we're suggesting. It seems like some missing, but potentially very important (to make users empathise with us) info.
I would guess an answer would be ok. In a perfect would we'd expand on the "In addition..." section and link to it. But given the Markdown limitations an answer seems like the next best solution
9:57 AM
Yea, there's no paragraph support yet.
Paragraph-linking, whatever it's called. The think I so often abuse in PDFs.
I go to edit it to see if we can hack it in with ids and the preview is foobar cause they didn't migrate the markdown to the new one
Seems like they just cached everything so nothing breaks. But whether it's actually broke or not is a different story
They did indeed cache posts, it will be rendered with the new engine on edit. I'm not sure why some posts got migrated while others were cached, but I'm sure there's an MSE post on it.
More info here.
Given I've not followed and just learnt about this. I'd assume there's no point in migrating something that hasn't been edited in 3 or so years.
This migration won't enable header IDs. This migration is already a big thing so we don't want to conflate adding new features with running the migration itself. Both, markdown-it and markdig support header IDs via plugins so implementing this feature will now be easier than before - but it remains a different discussion. — Ham Vocke ♦ Jun 1 at 12:05
@Peilonrayz Some of the old posts were already compliant with CommonMark so didn't need migration.
@Mast I mean the ones that aren't - that would need to be migrated
@Mast Yeah... :(
10:10 AM
I was looking for an example of a migration on an old post, but it seems most if not all of my answers were already compliant.
But I'm sure I've seen one recently...
10:25 AM
suitable for codereview but maybe offtopic there too — Vishesh Mangla 14 secs ago
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Please read minimal reproducible example then. Meaning: code is really helpful, but this community isnt really about reviewing code. You see: if your code passes your tests, and you want it reviewed, then turn to codereview.stackexchange.com for example. If it not passing your tests, then include desired and actual output in your question here. — GhostCat 17 secs ago
If your code does work as intended, you could to post it on Code Review. But it would need a major rewrite and different rules apply there. Would you post your question as-is, it would get closed fast. — Mast 42 secs ago
Q: Best way to update easely values and verfications?

UtopionIf you have hundreds of variables. If you add verification to each. If you know that the client will ask for regular changement (adding/deleting variables and verifications). What should be the best way to intialize your data ? There is 2 solutions that I see and each one has advantages but I don...

Q: Simple async task scheduler

PeterJI've written a .NET Core console application to monitor the operation of a sensor network and I'd like a review of the task scheduling performed by the main program loop. There are three tasks that are all declared as public static async Task that perform the following operations: CheckGateways....

M nk ng
Still having a vowel problem?
@Mast better than bowel problems.
If I post on SO Meta about pointing to our help center when they redirect to CR are they going to scream at me?
@Mast Y s
12:08 PM
@pacmaninbw We've done that. We've written guides.
Both on our and their meta.
Ok, I see what's wrong now, thanks for the feedback, I am going to reformulate it on code review ! — Utopion just now
@Mast I think it should be noted that IIRC the users that posted on SO were 'established users'. That presumably knew a thing or two about the wonders of MSO
Q: Be careful when recommending Code Review to askers

chillworldCode Review is becoming well-known on Stack Overflow. The folks over on Code Review are happy about that. The only problem is that there are a lot of questions redirected to CR which don't belong there. So I want to ask that the users who direct askers to CR (or request migration of questions...

Q: Add Code Review to 'belongs on another site' now that the site has graduated

Martijn PietersNow that Code Review has graduated, can the site be added to the community-voted migration targets list? Current 90-day migration stats show that with 92 migrations and 9% rejections it is doing better than Tex.SE migrations (61 / 13%) for example. On the whole, the community appears to underst...

A: 'Try Code Review' flag

Martijn PietersYes, Code Review is likely to be a migration target (belongs on another site ->) when it comes out of Beta; Tim Post (community manager) has already stated this: However, I'll go out on a limb and say that we'll very likely set this up once Code Review is set to graduate, possibly even before...

Q: What is the latest on adding Code Review to Off-Topic Migration Options?

user3956566It's been a year since this was discussed Add Code Review to 'belongs on another site' now that the site has graduated What is the latest progress with this?

Shit, there's a lot of outdated information in there.
We may have to take a broom to it.
Q: Does being on-topic at another Stack Exchange site automatically make a question off-topic for Stack Overflow?

nhgrifI regularly come across Stack Overflow comments which take this form: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com This always bothered me. I've read the Stack Overflow help center. I've read the Code Review help center. Nowhere in either...

Ah, yes, he's a regular.
56k there, 25k here.
12:18 PM
Yeah you got some good one I've not seen in a long time
Just wanted to make it a little more complete :)
PNote: MSO CR posts
@EugenSunic I was attempting to document through code. This is not Code Review and OP is a beginner. I did just update it to explicitly utilize the key. — Mr. Polywhirl 51 secs ago
12:45 PM
Q: Simple console calculator in python

LyZeN77I am new to python, I made a calculator but I need to make it calculating unlimited numbers and to shorten the code more, how can I improve it? Any help is appreciated. while(True): print() try: nums = int(input("How many numbers you want to calculate?\n")) # x = float(input("...

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2:00 PM
sound like you are looking for a code review....have you tried: codereview.stackexchange.com ? — mrxra 39 secs ago
Teresa Dietrich on August 10, 2020
A new tool for bringing your organization’s essential knowledge together in an easy-to-search platform.
2:47 PM
Q: Team scrambler VueJs

Julien BreuilI wanted to do a very little project of a team scrambler. There are two teams of 5 players. Each player has a unique color (in his team) from a limited pool. You can use 2 actions : Scramble the teams which mix all players between the two teams Request new color for a team which reassign new col...

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4:23 PM
Code reviews belong to the aptly named Code Review site. They do expect that you put the code in the question itself, not as a link. — Guy Incognito 49 secs ago
4:41 PM
This might be more appropriate for Code Review, but first make sure learn how to format code in your post. — Fred Larson 28 secs ago
Q: Parse data from Input file and print results

vkk05I have written a script which does parsing to the input file and take out some values from them with respect to the node and print the data accordingly. Below is my script, and it works as expected: #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Time::Local 'timelocal'; use List::Util qw(reduce)...

Q: How do I volleyrequest to see if data does not exist in mysql table? I want to set an x drawable in an imageview if an entry does not exist

Connor DalyI am making an app that has users complete a survey. They are given a grade that is time based. This means if you complete the survey (called the monthly check in) within 5 days you get an A, 8 days you get a B, and so on. Using Volley, I am able to determine the grade and set my drawable image t...

Please repeat on topic and how to ask from the intro tour. You haven't defined "more professional", nor have you described any problem with your code. Overall, you seem to ask for a code review or a design overhaul. Either of these is off-topic for Stack Overflow. — Prune 28 secs ago
5:40 PM
Q: Finding an element without pair in a list O(n**2)

Lorinc NyitraiI'm practicing algorithms, and I just can not come up with a faster solution to this problem, but I'm not hitting the benchmark. The problem is: in a large list of large integers, I must find the one element, that is present in odd numbers. E.g. [1,1,1,1, 2,2, 3,3,3, 4,4,4,4]. I wrote several sol...

Q: Integrating web scraping code into loop

WilliamBackground:I have systematically written code segments that scape a recipe website for certain recipe stats of information including - Ingredients list Method / Instructions Prep time Cook time Yield My code for each code segments and there output are as follows: (1) Boilerplate code: import re...

6:16 PM
@cigien I don't like using namespace std; either, but it is a feature of the language and this is not Code Review SE. — Acorn 40 secs ago
6:28 PM
I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on CodeReview.SE. — Pranav Hosangadi 45 secs ago
Q: Do you really think that I am using polymorphism in my code(c++)?

BilalMohibI am asking this because after studying I am confused that it is necessary to declare base class object and then declare derived class object and then store refrence of derived class object in base class in c++ to use polymorphism but what you think I have used polymorphism in Accounts,Current Ac...

6:51 PM
I wonder if this quesiton is in scope of CR:
Q: Banking system using polymorphism

BilalMohibI am asking this because after studying I am confused that it is necessary to declare base class object and then declare derived class object and then store refrence of derived class object in base class in c++ to use polymorphism but what you think I have used polymorphism in Accounts,Current Ac...

@πάνταῥεῖ I don't know C++. It's lacking a description of what the code does but otherwise it seems fine
May I ask why you ask? Do you think it's potentially off-topic / not sure?
@Peilonrayz Yes, exactly.
The OP elaborated about their doubts, and finally wants to know, if the code they wrote uses polymorphism or not.
7:08 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Hmm, I've reread the comments, I don't really understand them, and I'm still interpreting them as the OP asking if their code is 'correct' - which it seems you said is not the case. (Note not in the broken sense) I think we've talked about this before on meta and I think even with your interpretation it's on-topic. But my memory is a bit hazy here.
Personally I'd just convert the comments to an answer, get some rep and call it a day
@Peilonrayz Ty. I am a bit too lazy to do that right now. I'll leave that for someone else.
Q: Deploy folder to desired path - PowerShell function

Zoran JankovI am still learning PowerShell and I would like your opinion on my folder deployment PowerShell function. It basically check if a defined folder exists and creates it if it does not and writes it actions to log and console. <# .SYNOPSIS Creates folder if it does not already exists. .DESCRIPTION T...

7:38 PM
There is no single answer, I would suggest you to share your implementation in codereview.stackexchange.com and see what responses you would get. — Koray Tugay 31 secs ago
8:30 PM
Gotta say, where I sit I'm more worried about bugs around unexpected semantics than about typos. Typos typically get caught in code review or linting; code that's correctly written but does something unexpected at runtime requires a higher-quality review that's not always available. — Charles Duffy 15 secs ago
If you have an example of working code that you are asking if there is a way to make it better, then this question belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com , not Stack Overflow. — Taplar 56 secs ago
@CharlesDuffy I could just as well assure you that f'a b c d {something} e'.split() is more obvious than a typo and by that logic would get caught in code review. — khelwood just now
Q: Can I shorten this assembly code to test if a number is even?

Ellen SpertusHere is MIPS code to return 1 if a number is even, 0 otherwise: isEven: andi $t0, $a0, 1 li $t1, 1 sub $v0, $t1, $t0 jr $ra My question is whether this can be done in fewer instructions. I could implement isOdd in two instructions (by eliminating the li and sub), but I don't see a s...

8:48 PM
I believe this question is more suited for codereview.stackexchange.compawello2222 56 secs ago
9:27 PM
Q: Method name if class already contains a part of it

hsadikI have a class called ComputerGameService. In this class I've methods with following names: ComputerGame getGameByUrl (String URL) void saveGame(ComputerGame game) ComputerGame getGameByTitle (String title) Long getNumberOfGames() List<ComputerGame> getRandomGames etc. Should I name these methods...

10:08 PM
You're interleaving accesses by each thread? No wonder performance is worse!! L2 spatial prefetch tries to complete adjacent pairs of lines. Also cache aliasing, only using 1/4 of the sets. The standard way to parallelize is to have separate threads write contiguous ranges of outputs. (Also, you missed my point about how to indent asm. You still have all the instructions in the left-most column, not indented relative to labels. See this codereview for good style.) — Peter Cordes 45 secs ago
You missed my point about how to indent asm. You still have all the instructions in the left-most column, not indented relative to labels. See this codereview for good style. — Peter Cordes 24 secs ago
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11:33 PM
Q: How can I make these functions work as OOP?

Colorful CodesI have several functions/methods in a class that are kind of connected. However, someone told me this is not proper OOP. How can I separate these methods to work independently. class directory: #FILES, LINKS AND DIRECTORIES current_path = [] hold_files = [ 'test1.txt', 'test2.py', {...


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