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possible answer invalidation by Luis Batista on question by Ashwin Gounder: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/244877/revisions
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Q: Scraping (Selenium)

Edan Ben-AtarI can't seem to figure out how to click throw the load more until there is no more results. I've managed to scroll to the button in various ways. Can't seem to load to it and actually click. Help? from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys from selenium.common....

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It's unclear what you're asking. If you want a code-review, try codereview.stackexchange.comPhil 40 secs ago
I'm sorry but it's not. Your only question is "Is my process at the backend correct?" which sounds like you want a code review and as such, isn't a good fit for stackoverflow.com. If you have a specific problem or error, please add those details to your question. Explain it in terms of what you expect to happen vs what is actually happening — Phil just now
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Ben Popper on July 03, 2020
To infinity and beyond.
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Q: How to convert python tic-tac-toe game into class

ANIRUDH EDUPUGANTIenter code here Board = [] for x in range (0, 9) : Board.append(str(x + 1)) playerOneTurn = True winner = False def printBoard() : print(' ____________ ____________ ____________ ') print('| | | |') print('| | | |') print('| ', Bo...

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@DerKommissar Great! What topics?
@Peilonrayz I'll reserve some time for it this weekend. You basically made a DSL for comments?
Q: Multiprocessing OOP procedure python

snowflakeFollow up question Image processing using Python OOP library I want to use multiprocessing to analyze several images in parallel: segmenter_class = { 'hsv': HSV_Segmentation, 'lab': LAB_Segmenter }.get(procedure) if not segmenter_class: raise ArgumentError("Invalid segmentation method '{}'"....

possible answer invalidation by Martin Frank on question by Marcel: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/244829/revisions
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@Duga Fine.
Couple of loose ```.
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Q: How to simplify javascript object reducing code for custom CssSelectorBuilder

SergiiI've developed task solution following learning program: class CssSelectorBuilder { constructor() { this.selectors = [{ selectorName: '', selector: '' }]; this.order = ['', 'element', 'id', 'class', 'attr', 'pseudoClass', 'pseudoElement']; } element(value) { const it = new CssS...

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@Mast Ah, thank you ^^ I guess it could be called that
7:33 AM
Monking @Zeta
@Peilonrayz It may be a case of insufficient coffee, but it looks like there is no getting-started in your docs. How do I use this and what do I need for it? There's tests in Python, but Python won't connect with my browser I presume.
So, will this generate a list I can use to copy-paste from? Can I insert them into a userscript?
@Mast Oh, I'll write up a proper version of that in a bit, currently it's only in the readme. It's just a CLI tool, here is how to install and run it to get one comment
git clone github.com/Peilonrayz/se_comments
cd se_comments
python -m pip install -e .
python -m se_comments "Welcome[John Doe],VTC[Broken[Quote[this does not work], Asking[to fix this]], Inline], Scope[Title]"
You could stick a python -m virtualenv venv, . /venv/bin/activate after the cd if you want a venv (commands different on Windows)
I run virtual machines nowadays. If anything gets too polluted, I just nuke it and spin a new one.
Works wonders with software that uses too many background processes too.
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If you don't have git installed you should be able to download a zip
Eh, I don't know how to get started with VMs but if it works don't fix it ;)
Yea, no, in hindsight all information seems to be available.
@Peilonrayz Running Windows 10?
Go to the Windows components thingy, install Hyper-V. It's ludicrously easy after that.
Assuming your rig can hyperthread, otherwise I don't know if it works.
No, I've moved back to Arch, I was starting to miss a tiling window manager. They're super nice :)
@Peilonrayz I have fond memories of openSUSE in that regard.
I think I can hyperthread, IIRC I can't run all hyperthread things cause Qubes won't run on my PC
But basic stuff probably. I could probably learn xen but meh. I have no need.
I keep turning my rigs into dumpster fires, so a bit of compartmentalisation doesn't hurt.
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lol XD
If only I could convince IT to allow the same on my work rig.
@Mast Hmm, I could possibly add a JS front end, but I'd also need to make a basic flask server. It wouldn't be too hard, other than destroying repurposing SE's design to make it not look like hot garbage
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codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/244898/… Don't we require f.readlines() here first to iterate the lines?
@VisheshMangla No.
for line in f: takes care of that.
readlines has been deprecated for years.
As in, don't use it if you don't have to.
8:42 AM
oops, I was using it always. Thanks for clarification
@VisheshMangla If you'd use it anyway, inside of a context manager like that, I think you'd be missing half the lines.
Since you're reading twice and handling only once.
But I'd have to test that.
When in doubt, context managers help a lot. Usually.
9:23 AM
@Mast A context manager shouldn't change how the object works. It's just sugar around a try finally
If you're meaning something like for line, _ in zip(f, f) then probably
9:41 AM
@Peilonrayz The question is whether a context manager works a bit like an ordinary loop here or not, where you should not be incrementing the iterator in the loop if it's already done by the loop-construct itself.
For example, a trap I've seen in C++ a lot:
for( int a = 10; a < 20; a = a + 1 ) {
  cout << "value of a: " << a << endl;
Questions about refactoring existing working code are off-topic for Stack Overflow. codereview is more appropriate, but your question needs tweaking if you want to post it there — Michael 16 secs ago
If you're reading every line in a loop (for line in file) and reading a line inside the loop, you're reading twice of what you should be doing at least.
@Mast Ok, I understand you. It's not dependant on being a context manager but the internal representation of the steam
That makes sense. It's a common problem in Python too for i, v in enumerate(lst): lst.pop(i + 1) kinda thing
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Sigh... these days I miss the normal user ability to have to click through to R/A and Spam posts..
How're you seeing so many R/A and Spam posts?
someone wasn't happy to get a suspension for abusive language and is now hurling insults and NSFW pictures around
Oh, that's distasteful
yea, but at least it's not complicated... I didn't have coffee yet, but I still moderated the crap outta that
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Q: A simple reactjs form to calculate the liquidity ratio, daily cost of running, and days cash on hand

sunnzThis is just a very simple form that tells you the liquidity ratio, daily cost of running, and days cash on hand of a company, given their current assets, current liabilities, and total expense of the year. The output gives you a very simplistic of how a company might be doing financially. The re...

Q: php multidimensional array initialization

lingI've basically the same question as this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22183704/php-multidimensional-array-initialization. So, considering this php statement: $a["info"][] = "o"; $a["info"][] = "o"; $a["info"][] = "o"; This works fine, however reading the php documentation about arrays, I...

Q: A better code design for factory pattern in Spring Boot application

J.OlufsenFactory (SO answer used as a reference) @Configuration public class ActorFactory { public BiFunction<Actor, String, Actor> actorFactory() { return (type, name) -> switch (Actor) { case Consumer -> createConsumer(name); // draft of not compiling ...

Hello! For constructive criticism of your code please try Code Review Stack Exchange (but the site is not meant for debugging) — user2314737 39 secs ago
@user2314737 This question would be off-topic on Code Review as it does not work as intended. Please familiarize yourself with what is on-topic and our guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users. — Peilonrayz just now
@Vogel612 Quite effectively, I haven't noticed any.
@CaptainObvious HAMMERTIME!
it's just been two + the mod message reply
Aha, the culprit:
I don't believe this is the right place for this. Probably Codereview — Chitowns24 Mar 4 '14 at 21:44
@Peilonrayz I just suggested to use Code Review Stack Exchange for "code criticism", thanks for the link but I had already read the on-topic page and in fact I specified in my comment that that site is not meant for debugging code — user2314737 40 secs ago
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Q: Chemical reactor with UV light project in python

DreoastehIntroduction I'm new to python and made this code which computes the decay of sulphur dioxide (SO2) pollutant in a chemical reactor by ozone (O3) when it is hit by UV light. Code description Short explanation of the code: using the Cantera python package I define a set of properties for the gas (...

11:15 AM
@CaptainObvious Need one to close the HAMMERTIME!
11:30 AM
Q: More "Pythonian" way to perform a nested loop through an array?

Jan StullerThe code below tries to solve the following task: "Find the maximum price change over any 5-day rolling window, over 1000-day period". By "any 5-day rolling window", I don't just mean "t_i + 5", but rather "t_i + j", where "i" varies from 1 to 1000 and "j" varies from 1 to 5. I have tried to use ...

11:45 AM
@Mast All sorts, I have a pretty big list
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If this is working but you're just looking for improvement you might want to try codereview.stackexchange.com — Michael Murphy 12 secs ago
Q: JsonStatus - A tiny C++ JSON writer

CplusPuzzleJsonStatus (as in status file) Goal A simple and fast JSON writer in C++ (JSON output only). When you need something so small that you're not sure you even need a JSON library and you don't feel like adding lots of code into your project but you also want something to take care of the commas, col...

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Jon Chan on July 03, 2020
At Stack Overflow, one of our main missions is to close the gap between companies and developers during the hiring process. Though you may know us primarily as a Q&A site for developers, we are also a talent platform, and are in a unique position to connect developers with companies and jobs that they are…
1:19 PM
posted on July 03, 2020 by CommitStrip

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What do you lot use for OOAD diagrams?
@CommitStrip Try logging less.
possible answer invalidation by Adrian Sultu on question by Adrian Sultu: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/244236/revisions
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@Duga Rolled back.
Mast: i disagree. your edits wont make the code run any faster. in future pls post your answer separately, and not edit the original ques — rogerwhite 47 secs ago
Now what...
I wasn't talking to you.
But if that's your level of English, I doubt I can convince you of that.
@Mast Wat
2:12 PM
Q: Simple proof-of-work (based on HashCash)

MindingI'm trying to build a simple (yet effective) brute-force protection for my App-API. The client requests an identity - the server supplies a random string (called seed, which it remembers via PHP session) and a security level. If the client wants to login it needs to supply a suffix for the seed ...

@Peilonrayz Exactly.
IDK why we're getting an influx of "don't edit my stuff" people. Maybe cause I upped my editing I'm noticing it more...
If I were to code review it, it would fail, but SO is not for code reviews. The only actual error I noticed at a glance was the type of content you were using. — Crowcoder just now
Could be.
2:32 PM
@Vogel612 Yes, you were on it very effectively. I saw some distasteful language pop up in the (poorly-supported and somewhat maligned) CR mobile app, but it evaporated very quickly.
@Reinderien I've not heard about the app in a while, last I heard it was removed from both app stores
Wow, really? I guess if I uninstall it I can't get it back...
Q: Optimization for data storage

anthoI'd like your advice on the design of my application. I use websockets to receive new data and the request module to retrieve older data. Then I use pyqtgraph to display data and tables etc with pyqt5. There are some data that I don't keep in memory, I just display them on screen without the poss...

I probably can't source the claim, and I'm assuming I can see it on the app store cause I have it installed...
2:39 PM
@Peilonrayz It's no longer supported, but by the amount of support requests that keep coming back on MSE it looks like it hasn't been pulled.
They should've pulled it.
Yes, if only to leave a vacuum that annoyed people fill with their own solution
I must be misremembering or read hearsay. Looks like it's going to stay there meta.stackexchange.com/a/342028
@Reinderien I've found the mobile site to be fine, just if you're fine with no push notifications
Push notifications are basically the only thing I use it for :P
Makes sense, I turned them off. So the migration is I guess easy for me. I decided I didn't want to wake up and respond to messages straight away
Commenting, editing and moderating from the mobile site is crap.
Flagging comments impossible.
2:48 PM
I would replace the works with a "ding if something happened, now go check your laptop" app.
@Reinderien lol the second review I saw was literally "I think editing other user's posts is a bug"
I lack the emojis to respond to that.
@Mast That's so dumb. Like there's space and everything...
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Q: Creating an app to simulate load

KixokaI am writing an app that is supposed to simulate load on our web api and NServiceBus(particular) service. This is the first time I am writing an application like this. It appears to run ok, however it takes a few seconds before anything shows up in the console window. Is there a better way to ...

3:22 PM
@Mast also when forcing full site ?
At least flag icons are exposed then
Q: My Graph Implementation In Python

RocknRollDeltaI have implemented a graph based on theory, and I'd like some advice regarding best practice, and thoughts about what i didn't implement that would make it even more useful, along with ideas that are supposed to be in graphs, but i missed them. I have included documentation in the code, to explai...

Q: Return payload in service layer

Tiago In my project I am using the ADR architecture, a branch of MVC. In my actions (Controllers) I handle only data that comes from the request. When there is a business rule that defines which status code I return, I do this treatment in my service. Imagine this scenario: When editing a user, I check...

@ankii I'd rather use the app then go desktop mode.
3:40 PM
@VisheshMangla: that's just personal preference. You are 100% correct that I could have just used a single-row vector, i.e. a 1d array. — Jan Stuller 14 mins ago
Can someone read the comments and improve the question?
Q: Password Generator Python

KadragonDecided to make a password generator to get more familiar with python. I had to break up the code into two boxes due to weird StackExchange highlighting with the triple quotes. How would you improve this program on the grounds of: Readability/cleanness, Performance, Security. Feel free to include...

3:56 PM
@ankii I have 2 27" monitors. I'm not going to bother on a bloody phone if SE doesn't want me to.
There's usually a PC in the vicinity anyway.
@VisheshMangla The question is fine.
yes actually I initially started with flattening the array
You can still do that.
@VisheshMangla As we've discussed before comments about the code go in answers.
You're talking about speed in the comments. You could implement a couple of variations and benchmark em.
hmm, ok
3:58 PM
@Peilonrayz @VisheshMangla Absolutely. Use the answer box what it's for. The comments on that question will probably be removed eventually, so make sure everything that should be in an answer, is in an answer.
Question is clear now.
sometimes it's unclear what's a comment or what's an answer. Don't worry it will come with practice.
Please try to be less aggressive in your comments as well. We all overdo it at times, but it's good to stay neutral and not harass the author.
@Mast @VisheshMangla This this this. Would make a good answer
sorry, I will behave better nowonwards. I 'm behaving like I m on StackOverflow. Sorry
4:36 PM
I know it's not what you intended, but the implication makes me giggle: "harassment is relegated to StackOverflow; we don't encourage that here"
5:01 PM
Q: Is there a better way to unit test a repository for a large aggregate root?

David AndersonIn our project we use domain-driven design and our customer aggregate root is large. The unit tests for the aggregate root itself are simple (~50 or so tests), but I am struggling with the repository tests. Other aggregate roots in our system are not this large (number of fields), and the databas...

Q: Dynamic fixed width flat file parser in C++

Carlos RodriguesI am doing a research to implement a dynamic system of parse and generation of fixed width flat files in C++.... The system works, but, it is not reliable ... The class "FlatFileStructure", holds all the informations about the field in particular, such as position on the line, size, type of field...

5:25 PM
Q: Telegram bot in Haskell using custom monad transformers

Me againNote: I show almost all of my code for completeness, but I really only want the review to focus on Session.hs, Handler.hs, and maybe Controller.hs. I can delete the extra code from the review or collapse it to definitions. The project I've never heard of monad transformers and monad stacks before...

Q: Why doesn't my recursive strategy work to sum up node depths?

thehorsetrack2001To sum up all the nodes' depths in any given binary tree, I've written the following recursive algorithm: def nodeDepths(root): final=0 helper(root,0,final) return final def helper(node,d,final): if not node: return final+=d helper(node.left,d+1,final) helper...

5:39 PM
Perhaps post your awk code at codereview.stackexchange.com for advice on cleaning it up. — chepner 16 secs ago
Q: DNA Translator and Verifier (using BLAST)

sammanProteins are chains of amino acids. Amino acids are coded by codons, a sequence of 3 DNA/RNA molecules. DNA also has 3 open reading frames. This is basically the DNA sequence, but shift it by 1 (i.e. ignore the first entry). Thus, you will have 3 different translations (no skipping, skip 1st entr...

6:05 PM
It will be better if you modify it to match the site's needs. Too many bad question on any of the stackexchange networks will soon lead to ban for days to ban for months. — Vishesh Mangla 54 mins ago
@VisheshMangla That's not a helpful comment. The question is not salvageable.
Besides, the first question ban doesn't last months.
wow that's a looong review
Q: HybridSort of QuickSort and MergeSort

FlatAssemblerI'll try to publish a paper about the programming language I've made (ArithmeticExpressionCompiler, short AEC) in Osječki Matematički List and, in order to demonstrate its usability for implementing algorithms, I've tried to implement a fast sorting algorithm in it. The basic idea of my algorithm...

6:38 PM
Q: CodeWars Deodorant Evaporator

reggaeguitarHow can I make the solution to this https://www.codewars.com/kata/5506b230a11c0aeab3000c1f/train/fsharp more "functional"? module Evaporator let evaporator (content: double) (evapPerDay: double) (threshold: double): int = let minUsefulAmount = content * (threshold / 100.) let ...

Q: Printing a number from memory in assembly

CarcigenicateI'm trying to work up to being able to print the hailstone sequence in assembly. To do that though, I first needed to learn how to actually print a number out using the write system call. After a few design iterations, I ended up using division to get each digit one at a time by using the remaind...

6:54 PM
@Vogel612 Wat, it just doesn't stop.
Stack Overflow is more for questions about code where there are specific problems. General review of already-working code is more appropriate on Code Review. — TylerH 45 secs ago
As it seems to work, this is not a valid question here. Maybe CodeReview would be a better fit. — TaW 1 min ago
@Vogel612 Holy carp
@Vogel612 Almost as long as some of my questions.
yea it actually got an automatic flag by the robot for being that long
and that almost never happens on answers around here
7:13 PM
possible answer invalidation by Frybii on question by Frybii: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/244838/revisions
@Duga @pacmaninbw Ordinarily I'd roll that back, but considering your answer states you're explicitly not reviewing variable names...
7:50 PM
Q: Red-Black Tree Implementation in Python

Chlorox Bleach69i'm wondering if there are better practices, and optimizations, i could make on my code, to do things easier/faster. I have added comments, in many places in the code, to make understanding easier. import sys class Node(): def __init__(self, data): self.data = data # holds the key ...

@Mast All of a sudden there is a lot more to review, especially horizontal spacing. The names make it easier to read the code now.
I am not sure myself, but you can read FAQ at code review to see if you could reword it enough so that they accept it. They have some strict rules, though. — Dharman 27 secs ago
@pacmaninbw You'd prefer to leave it as-is?
Thank you Santa.
8:14 PM
Q: c++ program to help find move sequences to solve Rubiks cubes

Paul BaxterThis program takes a text file and parses the initial cube start position, the pattern that the result should have and an optional start sequence. The cube is using numbers instead of colors for more exact positioning. Each face is represented by 9 numbers 3 rows of 3. The top face would be 1 2 3...

Q: How to split a big class of PHP?

Sajeeb AhamedI have a PHP class which has a good number of methods. I can categorize the methods into several criteria. Let me demonstrate it with a proper example. Say I have a class like- class MyClass { public function methodA() { // Method Body Here } public function methodB() { ...

8:25 PM
You've already posted this on Code Review. Are you looking for a code review (where CR is appropriate, and you should delete this question), or are there bugs or problems that need to be fixed (where SO is appropriate, and you should delete the CR question). — 1201ProgramAlarm 7 secs ago
8:44 PM
I’m voting to close this question because this belongs on Code Review. — tadman 29 secs ago
@tadman Don't use the existence of Code Review as a reason to close a question. Evaluate the question and use a reason like; needs focus, primarily opinion-based, etc. Please familiarize yourself with our guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users. — Peilonrayz 31 secs ago
@Duga Overexchange is back
He knows where to find us.
I want to change my phone's background from black to white, and apparently I need an entirely new theme that changes everything to get readable text... -.-
Why would you want a white background on your phone?
I wouldn't even know where to change my theme. Not on this phone.
It's a pretty picture...
But otherwise nah
@Peilonrayz Instead of slamming the door in their face, it seems appropriate to bump this over to Code Review where it meets most of the criteria. — tadman 39 secs ago
I think this question is too broad for SO. Whether it fits on Code Review or not, I don't really know. I think to fit here, it needs a more specific question. That question could be performance related, but would need more focus. — Flimzy 40 secs ago
8:54 PM
Just in case anyone is good with better than me at UX here, I could use some feedback.
in Coding Projects and Factorio Addicts :), 59 secs ago, by Duga
> These options of highlighting current player exists right now:
https://games.zomis.net/#/local/Hanabi - green text
https://games.zomis.net/#/local/Splendor - yellow border
https://games.zomis.net/#/local/LiarsDice - background color
https://games.zomis.net/#/local/Skull - border shadow

I need lots of input on which of these ways are preferable, what is good or what is bad with each approach, and how can it be improved?
^^ Relevant GitHub issue I'm working on
Ping me with any feedback either here or add a comment on GitHub
Or in the Coding Projects room
@SimonForsberg That's a lot of links, is there like a here's where the colours are link?
Not that I'm any good at UX, I'm probably pretty bad at it
@Peilonrayz There are four options, on the four different games.zomis.net links. You will see the options directly when you click the links.
Yes it is too broad and opinion based, but it is asking what is going on with a large code sample. It's difficult to ask a more targeted question when addressing the issues requires a full code review. With that in mind, I think indicating that codereview.se is more appropriate is a legitimate solution. — Marc 58 secs ago
I'm not dealing with "which color" should be used at the moment, but more "which approach to use"
Oh, I think I get it now. I clicked on the first one and was confused where to look. The other three stand out to me
I swear I've seen the "skull" on Roll20 before
8:59 PM
@Peilonrayz Roll20 ?
It's an online D&D site
I see
@Peilonrayz Yeah the green text is probably one of the worst ones. How would you rank the others?
Skull / Splendor > LiarsDice (If the box was smaller it could work) > Hanabi
Q: LeetCode 862: Shortest Subarray with Sum at Least K

EmmaI'm posting my code for a LeetCode problem copied here. If you would like to review, please do so. Thank you for your time! Problem Return the length of the shortest, non-empty, contiguous subarray of nums with sum at least k. If there is no non-empty subarray with sum at least k, return -1. E...

Personally I'd pick between Splendor and Skull if you have a flat or more 'aero' theme respectivly
9:05 PM
@Peilonrayz I don't really have a theme for the site yet, but working on this is one part of unifying the design of the site
I guess you have options then! I think all, bar Hanabi, look professional, nice and fit the rest of the site (that I've seen) so I'm sure your redesign will look good :)
No, it isn't, your question is about why you got the feedback you received. There's more wrong here than the print function. This requires a code review. — Marc 24 secs ago
@Peilonrayz Do you think the rest of Hanabi looks good, besides the player highlighting?
Yeah. Really nice
I'm sure if you put skull's highlighting in there it'd fit quite well
@Peilonrayz Hanabi makes use of Skull's highlighting when you perform an action BTW. It highlights the affected cards
I'll try the Skull highlighting for active player in Hanabi as well
9:20 PM
@SimonForsberg I've found the yellow border, but I swear I've clicked everything but not found the blue one. Also that ripple effect when you click buttons is sweet
@Peilonrayz Oh, right. Those effects are only in use when playing Hanabi on the server, not in a local game. I realized it's related to the action log feature which is only available when playing on the server
The ripple effect is from the Vuetify library
Is it meant to change the size of Player 1's box (the big one) and the start position of all the other grey boxes, when you hover over a grey box?
@SimonForsberg Hmmm. Difficult.
@Peilonrayz Not really... I just haven't changed that yet.
Ah, from what I know of CSS I can imagine it's gunna be annoying to fix.
9:28 PM
@Peilonrayz Probably not that annoying. Just gotta find out what's causing it again...
@Mast Any comments welcome
I have just changed Hanabi btw to be the same as Skull, @Peilonrayz.
So the green text is no more
Skull stacks incorrectly when the screen becomes too small.
Looks nice. (I'm sure you've noticed) Might want to reduce the size so it doesn't touch things it's not meant to as easily.
Splendor looks odd all over.
1) I'm not a fan of that blue and green from Splendor. 2) What's up with the inconsistent heights?
@Mast probably related to your screen size / zoom level
@Mast Yes I'm now randomising how many players to play with, I've coded Skull to support up to 16 (theoretically it could support more of course but that's where I draw the hard-line)
Reload the page and you get a different amount of players
@Mast Yes it's not responsive yet
@Peilonrayz How do you mean?
in Coding Projects and Factorio Addicts :), 3 mins ago, by Duga
[Zomis/Games] Zomis pushed commit 71770b9d to master: Fix bug with Hanabi cards getting yellow border, because of Splendor
@SimonForsberg I've forgotten what it's called, but the 'size' of the blue glow. I want to say radius but I'm pretty sure that's for rounding corners. It's interacting with the button below it
9:40 PM
@Peilonrayz Screenshot?
I think I understand what you mean though
Ah, I see
I was just waiting for Imgur :( Boy is it slow. I can now see why that person was complaining on Meta the other day
And it is actually called radius
Wat, that's unexpected
9:42 PM
blur radius and spread radius. But for rounded corners it's border radius
I'm really confused about that hover bug, it's almost like they have baseline align or something, but I can't make heads or tails of the containing div. The animation makes sense otherwise
@Peilonrayz The joy of positioning things in CSS. That one especially has been tricky for me, as that component ("CardZone") has a very buggy animation when I develop locally, but it works when I build it.
Wow, it actually is just baseline. .animate, .list-complete-item {vertical-align: top;}
It moves the buttons on the highlighted card, but eh, I'm sure you'll be able to fix that with an animation :)
@Peilonrayz Where, how, what?
Q: Refactor Typescript interface

OguntoyeI have an object with three possible properties: consistencySelector = { transaction: "kkjk4k45kjlkf"; newTransaction: {}; readTime: "sometime"; } I would like only one property to be present at any time using the following definitions: interface Transaction { transaction: string; newT...

9:51 PM
Damn, I refreshed the page to verify if I broke that and now it won't highlight the boxes any more.
@SimonForsberg 100% with the windows each on a quarter of a 27"
So, tablet size, roughly.
@Peilonrayz That looks ill aligned.
@Peilonrayz Yes I fixed that issue xD
Remove ".splendor" from this rule: .splendor .chosen-once, .splendor .actionable:hover and it's back
Ah, I have a chrome tab open still, it did it before. Not my problem ;)
If you subtract 1px from the top of v-card__actions on the highlighted card it should fix that too
9:54 PM
The yellow highlight border of those cards in Hanabi was just added by mistake, it was never meant to be there
Nooo!!! All my work ;)
Overall it feels like changing border size for highlights is a bad idea. Things move all over the place when you do that.
@SimonForsberg should work if you compensate it inwards, but items shouldn't 'grow' indeed.
Nothing wrong with changing the border size to indicate something, but grab the extra area from the item itself.
To fix that I think you can subtract from padding, or have a bounding box around it. But IIRC padding is odd and likely to break too
That could work.
And yes, has its own risks.
9:57 PM
My solution is almost always, put it in another div...
That's the solution to every problem in HTML, isn't it?
Then future Peilon gets annoyed with all the divs and should clean them up later
Oh yes
There's a joke about HTML calculators. They only ever need 4 things:
adding, multiplying, subtracting and div id ing.
what a pun
@Mast 🤦
10:05 PM
@Peilonrayz Yeah I have no clue how to fix it. I'd need a written summary pull request of changes to perform in order to get it right :)
@SimonForsberg I'm not a fan of having no space between text and the image. I've changed Player 1 but not Player 2 i.stack.imgur.com/Ot1uj.png
@SimonForsberg Fixing this case is simple, making it generic probably not so much
@Peilonrayz Right, I was thinking about the same
Q: How to make Print() method memory & CPU efficient?

overexchangeProblem Statement You are receiving n objects in a random order, and you need to print them to stdout correctly ordered by sequence number. The sequence numbers start from 0 (zero) and you have to wait until you get a complete, unbroken sequence batch of j objects before you output them. You have...

10:29 PM
@SimonForsberg Hmm, I don't know enough about your code or HTML animations. But changing the padding on v-card__title slide-fade-item others-view from 16px to 11px as part of the animation, along with changing the v-align should fix it if you want to add Splendor back. It's a shame I don't know how to translate this from English to CSS, otherwise a PR you would get
^ might be 12px rather than 11px
"You guys usually answer questions together. Found a place [at Code Review] that one of you is missing :)! Just kidding!" ---- :))) oups ... caught me! :) yeah, we do often answer together. note though that ikegami can (and does!) address a whole lot larger range of issues.(and I'm quick and happy to say that I've learned from them a lot over time, and of course still do :) — zdim 56 secs ago
@Peilonrayz Hmm... I think I'll just leave it without that yellow highlight. I might be changing the highlights in Splendor as well.
Q: In-memory database class

AnchovyLegendI built this basic in-memory database that can support some basic operations, like SET, GET, DELETE, COUNT, etc. As well as support transactions. Some of the constraints are as follows: GET​,​ SET​,​ DELETE​, and C​OUNT​ should have a runtime of less than O​ (log n),​ if not better (where ​n​ is ...

11:06 PM
@SimonForsberg shouild be doable if you reduce the margin sizes for it in return
This also might belong better on codereview.stackexchange.comcellepo 24 secs ago
11:38 PM
Oh, I manage to get it working. But it jiggles the buttons in a way that's not great.
class="card-zone animation-list-complete" -> class="card-zone animation-list-complete splendor"

# chunk-vendors.css line 5093
.v-card__title {

# app.css line 381
.list-complete-item {
    -webkit-transition:all 1s linear;
    transition:all 1s linear;
    vertical-align: top;

# app.css line 786
.actionable {
    padding: 4px;
.splendor .actionable:hover,
.splendor .chosen-once {

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