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Q: More idiomatic way to move item from one dict value(list) to another?

JacobIRRIs there a more idiomatic way to handle the following scenario? I'm open to lodash, etc. if needed. This does what I want, but I feel that there is probably a shortcut I'm missing: const migrateValues = (obj, srcKey, destKey, value) => { updatedSrc = []; obj[srcKey].forEach(x => { ...

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Q: Writing a paycheck

IsabelleHomework help please? I can't figure out how to write the deductions, and I keep coming up with syntax errors in the beginning... The project is this: A small company pays its employees by the hour. An employee’s total weekly pay equals the hourly wage multiplied by the total number of regular h...

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Q: Macro to generate an emum and a array of strings


3:38 AM
Q: java code im new

lory[java code, I'm very new and I'm stuck at this exercise I'm supposed to fill in the blanks can anyone help? I just started this course and they don't explain a thing 1,2 and 3 are missing code anyway didn't know where else to look thanks 1] ____1_____ grupo.java.com; public 2 NumerosPrimos{ ...

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Q: Excel VBA Chart Crosshair Cursor with Chart_Mousemove VBA event

NareshBRAINTEASER There is no problem with the code Just wanted to know whether it can be made more efficient? Any advice? I am trying to make a crosshair cursor for excel chartsheet. I have referred to many webpages such as https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26426358/calculating-datapoint-positio...

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possible answer invalidation by Darnoc Eloc on question by Darnoc Eloc: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/237403/revisions
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@Duga rolled back
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Q: C# Code to Find all Divisors of an Integer

MilliornI made this so I can feed it integers and return an array with all the divisors of that integer. I put checks in in case the integer is less than 2. Order of integers in the array must be smallest to largest. The code works. What I need is to optimize this code to be as fast as possible. Rig...

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Hi Alex, IMO opinion your question is well suited for Code Review codereview.stackexchange.com you should give it a try. — RomainL. 20 secs ago
@vivek_23 True, but this code (and OP) could benefit from a code review anyway. — Heike 21 secs ago
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Q: Haskell | Exception: Non-exhaustive patterns in function myAny

Sidharath KhannaI have just started learning haskell and wrote a customized code for any function. Please suggest why does it still shows Non-exhaustive patterns error even after I have used otherwise or where I am going wrong? Exceptiom raised :- Exception: main.hs:(37,1)-(40,21): Non-exhaustive patterns...

Q: Is there any better shorter way to write this code to toggle css class on vote

LearnTodayI have this jquery handled buttons. But I think I over did it with the if else statements. I am wondering if the code can be more efficient in some way than what I have. mainly it's voting up and down. So what is does is toggle buttons and inserts html function handleVote(commentid, voted, typ...

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Check the available methods and try to come up with a solution yourself. If you get stuck, add to this question what you have tried and describe exactly how it fails. If it works but you're trying to optimize it, delete this question and post on codereview instead. — Chris G 34 secs ago
Q: code to write a c template file (outputs a c file with desired no. of functions) {level: beginner}

Shashwat DGeneral description I am writing a code to write c template file; the executable takes two arguments (main) <file name> & <no of questions> and outputs a file with a file named argv[1] and inside which there are n no of functions with n+1 switch cases in main() calling those functions; where n =...

Q: Implementation of an asynchronous TCP Server for a game emulator

Ash KetchumNot reinventing the wheel, writing for educational purposes. I've attempted to write an asynchronous socket server for a gaming emulator. Before I start I want to address one issue. I've spoken to a few people and one of them ( which I hold in high regard ) says that I should find a better way o...

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Please vote to reopen:
Q: Refactoring try blocks with async/await

FelixI have two functions which I would like to simplify. They have largely the same logic, but one is asynchronous and uses one await in a try block. I'd like to have the logic in one place, but could not figure out a clean way of doing that. Any suggestions? from requests import get, HTTPError # D...

Could still use a better title perhaps, but at least it's reviewable now.
Sort of
@SimonForsberg I suspect this is in part due to the Welcome Wagon. There's an increased risk of being called out for nothing after leaving a comment nowadays.
@Mast The code is still missing context IMO. It'll probably chameleon into something else. "Oh but my actual code doesn't do that, thanks but your answer's useless"
@Peilonrayz The actual code is slightly different, but at least it's pointed out which part.
> Despite the simple (synchronous) dummy functions, in async_next we use asynchronous IO to retrieve things. Other than that, the situation is exactly as it is here.
It's not a great question, but with the current site scope it feels like it's within the limits now.
@Mast I don't believe that when cond, which did nothing, was there and is now removed.
11:23 AM
@Peilonrayz That's fair.
Q: Ini config loader / saver

Harryplease take a review of my simple .ini config loader / saver: // // value wrapper // class IniEntry { public: // // default ctor IniEntry() { } // // copy ctor IniEntry(const IniEntry& rhs) : _Data(rhs._Data) { } // // move ctor IniEntry(IniEntry&&...

11:56 AM
@Mast How do you mean? Called out for nothing for leaving a comment, how/why?
@SimonForsberg I was called out on meta as hostile. I asked how, they said you didn't do x. I did x.
@Peilonrayz What? Where? By who? How were you hostile?
@SimonForsberg the meta post is still up.
that being said: I think that post was because of a discrepancy in mindset and expectations
@Vogel612 Which meta?
@OliverSchönrock To be clear, I don't think you are demanding a utopia. I merely want to understand you. I am sorry, but I lack the skills to understand what makes that question on or off topic. I know I can understand comments. It may be hard, but do you have an example of a hostile comment, and could you say what makes it hostile? — Peilonrayz Jan 31 at 16:43
the somewhat all over the place question by Oliver
12:05 PM
@Mast What happened to the comments on that?
@Vogel612 @Peilonrayz Well, that guy has left the site anyway. See transcript here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/104009/2020/2/2
@Mast ~whistles
"Secondly I found the whole process a little hostile." What exactly did you find hostile? so we can improve and not be as hostile in the future. Do you find "vandalize" to be hostile? How could we convey the same information and not be hostile? — Peilonrayz Jan 26 at 15:20
Q: Minecraft Modded Connection errors

SloppyPuppyI created a Crazy Craft server;and currently unable to connect from the host machine;every time I do try I time out;can someone review the log and tell me if they know what could be the cause. [12:58:54] [Netty IO #4/INFO] [FML]: Attempting connection with missing mods [] at CLIENT [12:5...

@SimonForsberg that's not really a good reason to discount the things they said
12:07 PM
@Vogel612 Was there a reaction after my last comment? If not, I haven't missed anything. If there was, I have.
@Mast yea there was. check again, should be visible now
@Vogel612 This I agree with. Because who'd stay around on a site they think is hostile?
@SimonForsberg On top of what @Vogel said, there are a lot of people on SE that claim to have left the site yet are still logging in every day.
@Vogel612 Ah, thanks.
That actually makes kind-of sense.
Also an important detail to post correctly.
@Vogel612 Sure, absolutely. But read through the transcript there. Personally I felt like I was getting nowhere. Sadly, I guess neither did he. I told him that I absolutely agreed with parts of what he said, but I also disagreed with some of his conclusions.
yea, I already read that transcript :)
12:11 PM
@Peilonrayz I think this comment captures a lot:
there's a few good reasons in there to at least put less importance on what they said
@Peilonrayz as a new site user a better method of policing the changes to code would be to advise the user on how to reach their goal - the 'why' they make the change, rather than just blanket undoing a change. It felt as though there's one correct way and everything else gets reverted. Not saying this is the case, just how it felt as a new site users. — user6916458 Jan 26 at 15:51
I see a lot of comments about "The rule is that (...)" or "You should (...)" or "You should not (...)", but very often these comments fail in capturing why it is like that. I think this leads to us being seen bad.
@Vogel612 Here's my comment
@SimonForsberg Like sure comments can probably be improved, but apparently trying my best isn't good enough. Why bother trying to comment, when one mistake causes you to be labeled toxic?
@Peilonrayz Because a culture where nobody comments is even more toxic.
We can all make mistakes every now and then.
@SimonForsberg Either way I'm toxic so why not go for the easiest option?
12:19 PM
@Peilonrayz Please don't give up...
Every week it takes a conscious effort to not give up, you know that?
I'm still willing to put in that effort, don't get me wrong, but it's not a good sign.
I want this site to survive too much not to put in that effort. But there are times I have to fight the urge to say "Sod them all, someone else can clean up the crap today".
12:35 PM
I'm glad Toby, Sam and Graipher are still helping in the queues. Would be a mess if the 4 of us left all of a sudden. Stephen, forsvarir, alex, all people making sure the site doesn't go under.
Hello. You might get a better feedback on codereview.stackexchange.com/, since your code is already working fine. — Eric Duminil 56 secs ago
And then there's all the people writing answers that are thinning.
@EricDuminil It could use a lot more context to be meaningfully reviewable though, both please refer to the FAQ on asking questions. — Mast 42 secs ago
@Mast In some tags if a common answerer leaves the tag will just plummet. Like you can see the dip in C# that dfhwze made.
And then the zombies just keep increasing
1:26 PM
@Peilonrayz We need your opinions to keep us honest, you add much value to the site.
@Peilonrayz Ouch.
Good question :) But I don't know. "Best practices" questions would be on topic, but maybe you indeed are better off with this on Code Review. Mind, it's hard enough to get to see any good question at the mo, as my front page is currently running over with 1 Reps' "plz explain this codez" and "waht is this error". — usr2564301 1 min ago
1:43 PM
Hey guys, it's been a while :)
Also, Monking
Q: Which of these is a better practice to write Python unittest for CRUD operations of REST api?

Francesco BoiI have a python class that has methods to perform the CRUD operations via REST api: class my_class(): def get_obj(self,...) -> requests.Response: res = requests.get(...); return res; def create_obj(self, ...) -> requests.Response: res = requests.post(...); ...

Such questions might be better suited for codereview, but please read their FAQ first! — Ocaso Protal 19 secs ago
1:59 PM
@pacmaninbw I don't think I'll be going anywhere for a while. Unless SE Inc start some more fires, or vandalize anymore of my content.
@Kaz Oi, good to see you!
@Mast I know quite a bit about how much it takes to keep going. And I don't mean just CR.
@SimonForsberg :)
Been rather busy for the last ... (checks notes) ... 2 years.
Glad to see the community is still here and the zombies are still somewhat under control.
Q: Simple JS XMLHttp wrapper class

Marijan SpasenovskiI was recently in a situation where I had to use vanilla js (no es6 and no http libraries, so I came up with this simple wrapper for get calls : var Http = (function() { function Http() { this.xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); } Http.prototype.get = function(url, onload) { ...

Q: printing cross pattern recursively in c++

Yubiusso basically im new in c++ and i got a question in c++ to print a cross pattern recursively and im having some problem with my code. When i call both the functions i get a spacing in the middle of the pattern idk why #include<iostream> using namespace std; void spaces(int s) { if(s==0) r...

Q: PostgreSQL Select only rows from group/partition with certain value

jcfI have the following table in a PostgreSQL DB (simplified for the question), where I want to select only the rows marked with *: uuid | status | info1 | info2 ------------------------------- 1234 | CONF | - | 10 1234 | START | abc | 10 1234 | FIN | abc | 10 * ----------------------...

@Kaz Oh it definitely hasn't been that long... chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=kaz&room=8595
2:17 PM
@SimonForsberg Maybe not in chat, but definitely on-site.
Last question I answered was just over 3 years ago :(
@Kaz Monking @Kaz
@CaptainObvious No.
@Kaz I miss the shining armor.
2:41 PM
@CaptainObvious Please migrate that to Programmers, too hypothetical for us but straight up their alley.
Q: How to modify a method which dynamically calls upon a set of various child classes to work for any new child class

Connor1234The following method is used to add objects to a polymorphic arrayList from a file. It reads lines from the file, and based on a specific line which denotes the category of the product object, it uses the loadFromFile() method of the specific class, before moving onto the next. We are taught to ...

3:05 PM
Simple, have different handlers for different classes of action (number entry, operation, equals etc). IN any case your question might be better on codereviewJamiec 58 secs ago
The Community Team on February 17, 2020
In this post, we’d like to talk about some of the initiatives that are happening internally at Stack Overflow aimed at addressing and repairing our relationship with our community.
3:26 PM
Didn't know codereview was a thing, tbh. I'll post it there as well, thanks. — Genetic1989 36 secs ago
3:42 PM
US people have the right to bear arms, Canadians - to robotic arms. — IMil 15 hours ago
@Mast Oh wow 😂
@Feeds I don't know how, but somehow that image looks a frowny face. Very apt.
4:08 PM
well, at least they're actually trying to become at least somewhat more transparent
@StuartBotfield Posting it to Code Review StackExchange would be a good idea if you would like to hear other's opinion about it. — Kaenbyou Rin 53 secs ago
@Duga Really?
@pacmaninbw I think they do have code, but it's just not in the post
@Peilonrayz I know we have opinions, but I didn't think we were that opinionated.
@pacmaninbw Ah, I get you now
4:20 PM
If you're looking for an overall review of a working piece of code, you may wish to consider posting this on CodeReview.SE. This site is tailored towards answers specific questions about languages, programming, etc. — Brian 9 secs ago
5:00 PM
possible answer invalidation by Harry on question by Harry: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/237432/revisions
5:18 PM
possible answer invalidation by Harry on question by Harry: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/237432/revisions
5:31 PM
Q: JavaScript: Better way to sort an array by setting custom index

Vijin PaulrajI'm trying to create a sorted array based on the below input data: Input: [{"title": "100_baz"}, {"title": "01_foo"}, {"title": "05_bar"}] function indexSort (input) { let output = []; input.forEach(value => { if (value.title && value.title.indexOf('_') !== -1) { ...

5:47 PM
Reviewing code to get suggestions to improve it isn't on topic for SO. Submit this to codereview.stackexchange.comdirkgroten 20 secs ago
@Duga Both rolled back by Toby
6:03 PM
this is maybe more a code review than a dev question : see codereview.stackexchange.comBruno Thomas just now
6:18 PM
FWIW, generally questions about improving existing code are better asked on Code Review. Note that they require the example to be in-context. — wjandrea 45 secs ago
6:34 PM
Thank you @Chris for the through CodeReview. — Kaleab Woldemariam 20 secs ago
7:03 PM
This is probably more fit for code review. — Funk Forty Niner 39 secs ago
This question appears to be off-topic because it is a code review request. This might be better suited to the Code Review Stack Exchange site. Before posting there be sure to read their FAQ to ensure that your question meets their guidelines. — John Conde 21 secs ago
7:36 PM
This might be more suitable for codereview. — Arkistarvh Kltzuonstev 16 secs ago
7:53 PM
Q: Security PHP, MySQL and Unity

KiritoI'm developing a game using a database for players and purchase elements (I have not implemented this part yet) and I want to know if the way I'm doing it is safe for database and game and the possible improvements I can apply. On my unity c# script, I have functions to call PHP files on the ser...

8:03 PM
Nomination phase for the moderator elections of The Workplace and Space Exploration just started.
@CaptainObvious MRC
Q: KMP vs. Naive substring search algorithms

Darnoc ElocWhy would a brute force/naive algorithm outperform a KMP substring search/pattern matching algorithm? Are there known specific/prototypical scenarios, (i.e., the pattern substring contains no suffix which is also a prefix) in which this is the case? How would one optimize performance of the KMP a...

8:54 PM
Q: Rate my first python prime checker

Zakariaso I'm new to programming i started like a week ago and started learning python. Currently, i only know some basic arithmetic operations in addition to some basic knowledge about lists, dictionaries, strings, etc. So I tried testing what i learnt so far so i made this prime number checker, except...

9:34 PM
Q: Count frequencies of elements in array

stackptrI've been writing code to get the frequencies of elements of an array. The code works, but it uses a lot of "old style" C constructs, some of which I feel should be changed to more C++-like features, but I don't know exactly which way would be best. In general, I feel that a lot of the code could...

9:56 PM
This seems more a question for codereview.stackexchange.comjeprubio 35 secs ago
10:35 PM
Q: Is this the correct usage of a view in PostgreSQL?

ADBI have two tables. One stores locations and another stores different ratings for those locations (where ratings can come from different users, so one location can have many ratings). I'd like a way to display the location name next to it's average ratings. I believe I need to use a view to create...

11:03 PM
A Stack Overflow question should be about a specific problem, with only the shortest code that demonstrates it included. As the terser comment above says, questions asking for general suggestions on how to improve working code belong on our sister site Code Review instead. — Charles Duffy 9 secs ago
11:31 PM
I think Code Review might be a better place for this question. — Kacper FloriaÅ„ski 12 secs ago
Stack Overflow is for specific, focused questions about problems with code. If your question is general about the whole code it is a little off-topic here. It might be better for codereview but not sure if it is on-topic there — Tomerikoo 43 secs ago

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