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RELOAD! There are 7077 unanswered questions (89.7405% answered)
> So why exactly are there two and which one should be used? Or is this just a reminisce left behind for compatibility issues etc.?
The second part of the first question seems like it would attract opinionated answers, but that isn't the only question there...
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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ VBA and you're asking why?
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Q: HTTP Client Skeleton

WindowsGoBRRRRRRI've made a simple winhttp client in C++ and here is kind've the skeleton of the header file. I was thinking of initializing the session once and then using it throughout the rest of my http client structure. I don't know if this is super stupid but this was my thinking. This is just a skeleton o...

2:36 AM
I made a few (relatively minor, but not meaningless) updates to my code, and my question has no answers yet, is it fair to edit my question in part to bump it?
The Help Center described "progress updates" as being acceptable reasons to update while your question isn't answered, but to me that seems a little vague in the context of CodeReview.SE
2:47 AM
@naiveai maybe you already saw this meta post (given that you are here) but if not, perhaps the answers will provide helpful tips
Q: Dealing with a question with no answer

f.rodriguesThe Help page suggest that if a question has received no answer, the poster should: Edit the question to provide status and progress updates Document continued efforts to answer the question Offering a bounty I opened this question, which I think has all the qualities of a good question: It...

Also relevant:
Q: Is it allowed to edit code if there is no answer?

L. FarosIf I have kept working on the code, and there are no answers (say one week after the original post), am I allowed to edit the code to reflect the changes I have made to it? I believe this question is closely related (yet not a dupe, I hope) to: Is it okay to modify code in a post if we've disc...

Looking at the info for top users it appears that there have been 12 questions asked and 6 answers provided in the last 30 days
There was one answer 3 days ago but the next youngest answer was submitted on 10/17
also this time of day is often a time of low activity in this room - there will likely be users from Europe coming online within a few hours
but activity lately has been lower in general in recent weeks and months
Yeah, I'd expect that given the holiday season, I was just clarifying because the meta posts seemed somewhat vague with respect to this precise concern.
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Q: Minimum number of jumps required

VinnieSaw this question while going through some String interview questions. I was not able to execute this since I was getting a Time Limit Exception on the website (Geeks for Geeks). I tried couple of test cases and seems to work fine. Would be grateful if someone can check the basic logic and tell m...

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Q: Dice throwing simulation in Java

E's computer classFor one of my labs I need to write a complete java program which will simulate a "very simple" dice betting game. The specifications are as follows: simulate the throw of 3 dice. If you throw three sixes then you win $20; if you throw three of any other value then you win $10; if you throw two di...

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Q: Color matching swing GUI game

CodingNinjaI've made this program here (~240 lines) in which the user has to match their RGB Panel(right) with a randomized color on the left. It's a pretty fun program, and I suggest you try it out! It's fully runnable as is. But a lot of the code seems repetitive and I was wondering how it could be conden...

6:17 AM
Q: Minimum number of jumps required to reach end of array

slepicThis is based on this question: Minimum number of jumps required It seems that the OP got it quite wrong, and I was curious if my thought process was alright and since it is a different language I wanted to link it to the OP for inspiration. But I welcome any points you want to make. Here is the ...

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This queston might be a better fit for Code ReviewSelcuk 17 secs ago
7:30 AM
Q: Clarification in the right choice of design pattern for the use case either Mediator or Observer pattern or guava event bus

SaravananI am having a small confusion in the below implementation, whether to choose the mediator or the Observer or to use event bus guava event bus. Below is the logic public class A { public D Save(D data) { //validate the data //generate a text file for the data and push to ...

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You would have one action type FETCH_SIDEBAR_DATA and some other property in the action object which tells you whether it’s begin, request, or end. Here’s an answer I wrote about using abstraction to combine redux actions. — Linda Paiste 6 secs ago
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@naiveai First answer tends to make the question 'answered', but on a case-by-case basis it could be somewhat more complicated.
For example, in case of obvious non-answers, or if answers arrive before the question is answerable.
Q: How should we deal with askers fixing off-topic questions when an answer has been posted?

PeilonrayzI did a quick search to see if this has been asked, but it didn't seem to be. The intent behind this question is from how this question was handled, but is not limited to it. The situation is an asker posts broken code. It gets an answer. (Question may get closed as 'off-topic broken code'). O...

@naiveai If you ever need a response, feel free to ping me. I read pretty much everything that goes on here, just not in real-time.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ It's a bit of a best-practices question. Should be better on Software Engineering.
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Q: Understanding scopes - leetcode #1460

EMLI am attempting Leetcode challenge 1640 - found here This is my first attempt at the solution. However I keep getting a runtime error because it says local variable "found" referenced before assignment I thought that outer scope variables can be accessed by inner scopes. I don't understand why ...

11:10 AM
Q: This bisection method code in matlab is giving me an error

user232548I am coding how to get the exact root using the bisection method in MATLAB. Dichotomie means bisection method. p is the function, a0 and b0 are the 2 points, nmax is the maximum iterations and tolx is the error. THIS IS THE BISECTION METHOD function [r,n,errx] = Dichotomie(p,a0,b0,nmax,tolx) %Thi...

11:34 AM
Q: Decoding indeterminate types using JSON Decoder

Lorenzo BI'm working with a REST service that responds with indeterminate types. In particular, it can respond with a String, a correct payload (T: Decodable) or an error payload (PayloadError). In order to cope with this type of requirement I've ended up with the following solution: do { let decoder ...

11:50 AM
The code in this question is not implemented.
Q: Scala String type ambiguity

James FlashI want to drop some elements in scala Seq, but get confusing error: <console>:33: error: type mismatch; found : Seq[java.lang.String] required: Seq[String(in method drop_Val_List_In_List)] tmp; ^ What is Seq[String(in method drop_Val_List_In_List)]? The code is below: /...

Note that if you already have working code, CodeReview may be more appropriate than Stack Overflow. Please be mindful of their policies and read their how-to-ask whether your question actually applies, and how it should be presented. — MisterMiyagi 20 secs ago
12:05 PM
this question is MRC. The full function is not provided and at least 2 more functions need to be reviewed as well.
12:22 PM
Try learning from other people's projects then: github.com/nlohmann/json or github.com/open-source-parsers/jsoncpp or codereview.stackexchange.com/q/38879/33623. Your question is way to broad for the site and I don't believe you understand the true depth of your request. — MonkeyZeus 51 secs ago
Q: Planned Economy Bakery - Trying to scale a nested loop with a heap

Tennis TubbiesLet's say you are living in a controlled economy where there is a baker in town, and every day he bakes a random number of loaves of bread (sometimes the oven breaks, or he has less ingredients). The people in the town queue up to buy a loaf of bread (you can only buy one loaf) based on a pre-ass...

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I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com instead — Green Cloak Guy 13 secs ago
1:02 PM
Code review questions should be on codereview.stackexchange.com rather than here. :-) — T.J. Crowder 12 secs ago
I'm not asking for a code review. I'm asking for a better solution or even a lib or other way to solve this same issue. I've just posted this code to highlight what I've done so far. — lwb 22 secs ago
1:36 PM
Q: An element_wise_add Function For Boost.MultiArray in C++

JimmyHuThis is a follow-up question for A Summation Function For Boost.MultiArray in C++. Besides the summation operation of all elements, I am trying to focus on the element-wise operation here. The main idea of this question is to implement an element_wise_add function for Boost.MultiArray. The purpos...

Q: Determine Daylight Saving Time (Start - End) with Javascript

lwbI posted this on stackoverflow, then they asked me to post it here instead. So basically: What I'm trying to do is get the Start and End of the DST of my current location. Years are not important for me, just the Start Month, Day, Hours and Minutes. I've searched for a solution but didn't find an...

2:00 PM
Q: Can someone look over my code and clean it up?

Xon503Can someone look over my code and clean it up? I am trying to make a calculator with multiple inputs to add up. This is a snippet of the code that just needs to be cleaned up and shortened and I am relatively new to python so if anyone wants to clean this up thank you. #functions def x(): #ne...

@CaptainObvious Not sure what they are asking about.
Medi Madelen Gwosdz on October 30, 2020
Welcome to ISSUE #45 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: why the meaning of 60Hz depends on whether you are a monitor or a lightbulb, how the community team smashed 631 tickets in just two weeks, and why what we…
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Please see the edit history for this question. The code hasn't changed so it is still probably broken.
2:28 PM
We don't know what it is you're asking about. Are you having a problem? If you're just looking for someone to say "This looks good", then this is not the place for it. StackOverflow is for asking specific questions and getting answers. You might get what you're looking for at codereview.stackexchange.com. — Andy Lester 47 secs ago
2:38 PM
"get", "set" in what context exactly? We've no idea specifically how you've implemented it now, in order to say whether your approach is out of date or whatever, or what advantage you might think you'd gain by your (also vague) alternative suggestion. And anyway "newer" or "better" or "ideas" is subjective. This isn't a code review site. If your code works and doesn't have obvious security flaws, then we're largely not interested in it. There is a separate Code Review site where you might be able to ask this kind of thing - but please check their guidance first before you do. — ADyson 53 secs ago
P.S. There is a separate Code Review StackExchange site where you might be able to ask this kind of thing - but please check their guidance first before you do. — ADyson just now
Please consider to post your question on CodeReview if it is working but you are looking for general improvements. See their help pages for how to ask on-topic questions, though. For Stack Overflow, please consult the How to Ask and minimal reproducible example page how to ask a complete, specific on-topic question. "it feels like this could be done better" is an extremely vague problem description. — MisterMiyagi 35 secs ago
Q: How to make signup form complete and connect it to mail

Coder_So I watched this video, where they created a signup-form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAOBXGPuKqo Now, I have done everything in that video. And the signup-form is ready and looks great. But how do I connect this to my e-mail, so that when a new visitor, subscribes and signs up for new posts...

3:20 PM
Monking - Happy Friday!
This question should be posted here. It does not belong to Stackoverflow. — Jagger 44 secs ago
@CaptainObvious CNWAI
@Jagger when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?". In the current form the code above would likely be closed as off-topic because it is missing context, and there is no indication that the code belongs to the OP. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 36 secs ago
3:45 PM
@pacmaninbw I saw that the code changed in version 2 so presumed that resolved the error removed in version 3... I am trying it online, which may not be be the best for someone like me who isn't familiar with Scala but its better than nothing
Okay, I only saw text changes.
4:02 PM
Q: C# Intermediate Calculator Program

BahkbarI recently created an intermediate calculator program, primarily to practice programming in C# but also for use with my college subjects. Any feedback on coding practices I can implement to optimise this program and any other programs I write in the future would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. us...

possible answer invalidation by Aryan Parekh on question by Xon503: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/251339/revisions
@skiwi Hey Skiwi. How many tabs are you on these days?
Greetings, Programs.
@Duga Doesn't seem to be a problem.
4:08 PM
I've been trying to keep the number of open tabs down. I only have about 100 in four windows on two monitors.
@Donald.McLean Are they all relevant to what you are currently working on?
@Kaz 3095
Have been at about 3000 for a few months now actually, it stabilized a bit
I've retagged most of the parse.com questions, do we still need a synonym? If I complete the retagging before that, the tag will probably disappear. @Vogel612
if you suggest it, I can approve it.
IIRC the tag remains for a bit after the last question is gone
@pacmaninbw Sites/pages I read regularly, documentation for technologies that I am actively using, JIRA tickets I am working on, pages of training I'm working on, the GitLab server hosting my code, the Jenkins server that builds my code. That's probably about 95% of them. There's probably a few abandoned tabs that will eventually be closed.
4:24 PM
I started using a philosophy with tabs of not getting attached, if I didn't bookmark it clearly it isn't that important.
In the same concept, at work all our JIRA tickets self-delete if they've been in the backlog for more than 90 days.
possible answer invalidation by James Flash on question by James Flash: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/251334/revisions
Q: Method to delegate command to methods in different files

r10lomoI am writing modules for a bot and in my last post I learned that I can delegate a command to another method but now I need to delegate the command to different files. Since I dont want to write the whole code into one file. So my question is how could I write this code to use multiple files. Thi...

4:40 PM
@DerKommissar Interesting concept deleting tickets. Doesn't remove the need for the change.
4:59 PM
@Vogel612 Requires a score of 5 in the tag.
I don't have that.
5:15 PM
Q: Radix Tree Implementation in c

rusiru thusharaI tried implementing a radix tree using C language in oder to get the auto complete suggestions of a dictionary. What are the improvements that I can do here. Also, is there any better way of doing this. Thanks in advance. The text file I used has the following format a at along bat cat Here's my...

@Mast How do I +1 that?
@pacmaninbw You can't, I have no answers in it.
Thanks @Vogel612
should be ... done now
It is.
While we're on the subject of tags and synonyms, there's this Salesforce-issue that's getting stale.
Try codereview.stackexchange.com for this kind of question. — Hedgy 18 secs ago
6:28 PM
@DerKommissar I don't see us ever having self deleting tickets - our priorities are in constant flux and we might not get to something for a couple of years, but we have to keep it on the books so that everyone knows that we know that they know that it's still there and we'll get to it when we can.
I also responded on CodeReview, if you want we can close this topic here and continue there. — Finomnis 35 secs ago
@DerKommissar Yea, or store them otherwise. I have an Excel with sorted hyperlinks.
@Malachi How're you doing anyway?
6:43 PM
@pacmaninbw We treat our board like a physical board, so much like how a sticky note would fall off a whiteboard, we let tickets "age away".
@Donald.McLean It's not for everyone, works for us because we're user-centric developers, so all our tickets are "someone needs this." If something sits in the backlog too long we let it go away.
Like SE does with flags after 2 weeks.
@Donald.McLean Exactly. At the companies where I've previously worked that's exactly how we did it.
If someone brings it up the timer on the ticket restarts, so it's not a big deal.
Basically, "is this something customers quit caring about? Let it go away then."
Makes sense in some contexts.
Regulations in our industry change constantly, so some things just "go away" anyway. (I.e. we had customers request a feature in Jan that VISA and MasterCard advised us was impossible in April or so.)
Again, not for everyone, but it works for us and it prevents the backlog from growing indefinitely.
I've seen backlogs with literal thousands of tickets / issues in them...it's impossible to manage those.
We also prioritize tickets by how many individual customers have requested it, but every request counts as a "refresh" on the ticket (I think they just add a comment and use the last comment date).
6:55 PM
Definitely not the worst system out there.
Well it works for us, I wouldn't recommend it in places like Don's because they have completely different organizational needs than we do.
It's also only for the backlog from what I understand, which means once something is moved elsewhere it sticks around.
Change: while (temp->pLink != NULL) into while (temp != NULL). When it works go get a code review at: codereview.stackexchange.com — Martin York 6 secs ago
7:40 PM
Yeah, our environment is a bit outside the norm. :-)
Q: Vue 3 composition API typescript using ref in Object

michalHi I using Vue 3 with Typescript. In my code I have variable: const editItem = ref<{ id: number title: string author: string }>({ id: 0, title: '', author: '', }) This variable I update using this method: const updateItem = (data: { id: number title: string author: string }) =>...

7:52 PM
@Mast I am doing well. working a lot, it's our busy season right now
we actually did a purge of our "BUG" project, all the Low, Lowest, and I think the Mediums got closed in a mass action
then after a while we created a new project called "DEFECT"
along with it came a new process.
the idea of closing those tickets was that the real issues would surface again, a lot of them were 1+ years old, they weren't getting resolved and were causing people to tell QA to Retest
the Director is trying to implement Defect/Bug Caps for each Product Development Team, but it's a mess. we will get there one day
Q: Swift iOS rewrite a function that use Firebase database without updating a global variable

salvatopI'm learning swift programming and i built a music trivia app for iOS that use firebase real time database. I have a function that before the game start get the number of record for each category of the game and update a class variable that is a tuple called records. var records = (classical: 0, ...

Q: A Sequence UML for User Login, is this valid?

Miguel StevensI'm trying to create a sequence diagram, before I write the code, I came up with the following first diagram for a simple login case, does this look valid? You can edit and view the diagram here: https://www.planttext.com/?text=dPAnRW8n38RtUmgFhLJ4VWE2IktKgISUm5mCMCeb9zifukthImkexNKXWnKd___5jh9M...

8:09 PM
@CaptainObvious CNYW
8:33 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ but probably appropriate for software engineering.
@pacmaninbw yes- my auto-comment has a link to a meta that mentions that fact
Questions asking for advice about code not yet written are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 27 mins ago
My bad!
its probably better that way
explicitly mentioning it may be better than trusting the user to click the link and read...
honestly I haven't used that auto-comment much and wasn't aware it linked to a meta that mentioned SESE before today
Another pre-teen (month-wise) zombie bit the dust today :)
8:44 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ LOL
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Bravo!
Been spending a lot of time sending out resumes and cover letters lately. I haven't heard from my contract gig since July.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Thanks for the response to my Zombie CR :-)
@dustytrash We appreciate thank yous here!
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Only.
s/1,210/only 1,210
You can do it :-P. Maybe do 2 a day for 2 years.. Plus however many new ones get posted per day
8:55 PM
Q: Read data from Tables (Image file) dump in Excel or CSV

Astrian_72954Here is what my code looks like. outer = [] for i in range(len(finalboxes)): for j in range(len(finalboxes[i])): inner = '' if (len(finalboxes[i][j]) == 0): outer.append(' ') else: for k in range(len(finalboxes[i][j])): y, x, w, ...

9:43 PM
Q: Are these lambdas well-written? - input checking, converting loops to lambdas, regex,

user3616457I have an input checker class with some RegExes, and I have converted some of the loops to lambdas. Am I doing it right? They seem to work fine, but I'm new to Lambdas. Does this offer a performance benefit over the commented implementation? Should I try implementing the first one as a lambda, an...

10:32 PM
Q: parallel processing of files from a directory

user3053970This code does parallel processing of files read from a directory. It divides the directory into 'core' number of file chunks and process those chunks in parallel. 'cores' is the number of cores in the linux system. from multiprocessing import Process import os from time import sleep import multi...

Q: Rusted days - a WolframAlfa port

badukerI wrote a silly Rust program inspired by a WolframAlpha query. I know, that's nothing serious, but if there's anything that could be made more, well, proper Rust-like, I'd love to know! Of course, general feedback is welcomed too. For starters, here's my Cargo.toml: [package] name = "rusted-days"...

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Q: Maze Generator in C++ using iterative approach

theProgrammerThis is a simple maze generator program. It didn't want to include header files and separate compilation cause it was meant to be simple and straightforward, pardon my inability to include comment but I also think the code is both readable and understandable. I implemented an iterative version du...


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