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Q: Database Schema

SARA Hello every one i'm new to MySQL database design My question is this database is correctly build or not We used users table to login and get account type and here the code to login $result = mysqli_query($db->_connect()," SELECT * FROM users WHERE nam = $_n AND pas = $_p "); if (!empty($re...

12:47 AM
Q: Filling up a numpy array using data from a list

Mark HI am looking to optimize the nested for-loops shown in the code below. I have a list, mixtures, that contains points that represent 1 Gaussian Mixture (GM) on each line. My goal is to run a function kl_divergence between all combinations of GM's (with i≠j) and store the results in an array PxP....

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Q: What is the right way to import a constant according to Google's python style guide?

Anthony KongAccording to the doc here https://github.com/google/styleguide/blob/gh-pages/pyguide.md#22-imports 2.2 Imports Use import statements for packages and modules only, not for individual classes or functions. Note that there is an explicit exemption for imports from the typing module. Does it cov...

Q: .htaccess file syntax check? security check?

Ryan StoneThis is one of my main .htaccess files and I'm wondering if anyone can review it and tell me if I have the syntax correct, I'm still not 100% sure what should and shouldn't be inside a module, I know that they can be nested but this is about as far as my knowledge goes. This is in the main root d...

Q: jQuery AJAX JSON response

mr_muscleI was looking good explanation of jQuery AJAX for JSON response in Rails app and I found this page - https://www.alfajango.com/blog/rails-3-remote-links-and-forms-data-type-with-jquery/ where I have this code below. Is this code is up to date? if not how this should looks like? $('#i-want-json')...

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Q: Project Euler # 42 Coded triangle number in Python

emadboctorThe nth term of the sequence of triangle numbers is given by, tn = ½n(n+1); so the first ten triangle numbers are: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, ... By converting each letter in a word to a number corresponding to its alphabetical position and adding these values we form a word value. Fo...

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Q: Class design supporting many payment methods

Novice UserSuppose originally a Person class supporting a single CreditCard for purchases a user can do. public class Person { private CreditCard creditCard; public boolean hasCreditCard() { return creditCard != null && creditCard.isValid(); } } Now, a Person can have multiple credit c...

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Q: Project Euler # 43 Sub-string divisibility in Python

emadboctorThe number, 1406357289, is a 0 to 9 pandigital number because it is made up of each of the digits 0 to 9 in some order, but it also has a rather interesting sub-string divisibility property. Let d1 be the 1st digit, d2 be the 2nd digit, and so on. In this way, we note the following: d2d3d4=406 ...

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Q: Console app to get XML from API and save to database

Michael Brandon MorrisI am making a small console app to get XML from an API and then save the data to a database. While this project was not created via test-driven-development, I have tried to make it such that tests can be written easily and properly. Additionally, the core portions of the application are in a sepa...

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If you have a working code and is looking for a code review, there is codereview.stackexchange.com. Just make sure to check and follow their guidelines — Andreas 44 secs ago
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Q: how do i write a header file for a program that is supposed to preform a binary search?

Leo Meier// this program is for a binary search i need help specifically for building a header file //ive been struggling with this program for a few days. // any suggestion? thank you #include<iostream> #include<fstream> #include"BinarySearch.h" using namespace std; int recursiveBinarySearch ((int...

Q: Project Euler # 44 Pentagon numbers in Python

emadboctorPentagonal numbers are generated by the formula, Pn=n(3n−1)/2. The first ten pentagonal numbers are: 1, 5, 12, 22, 35, 51, 70, 92, 117, 145, ... It can be seen that P4 + P7 = 22 + 70 = 92 = P8. However, their difference, 70 − 22 = 48, is not pentagonal. Find the pair of pentagonal numbers, Pj ...

Q: Evaluating a math expression given in string format

radI am currently working on building a calculator using Java and JavaFX to practice my coding skills. I wrote the following methods to evaluate a given expression. What can I improve? Is there anything you would recommend me to change? public String evaluate(String expression) { char[] token...

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Q: Is it wrong to dynamicly fill my DI system?

KovuI am using C# ASP.Net and with the IServiceCollection I am using this DI container system. Now my application grow and my amount of classes is about 150+. So instead making a very long list of adding each and every class to the DI container, I started to work with Attributes like [ISingletonDI]...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions abour working code belong on Code ReviewJim Garrison 34 secs ago
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Q: My code is a simple file sequencer with outdated c++. How do I rewrite it with new c++ features?

AndrewMy path to learning c++ has been a rough one. Currently, I'm writing a project and my knowledge is very outdated. While I can write code that accomplishes the tasks required, I'd like to improve and learn new aspects of the language. So, I've written a class called Sequencer. It works. It's not...

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Q: Project Euler # Triangular, pentagonal and hexagonal in Python

emadboctorTriangle, pentagonal, and hexagonal numbers are generated by the following formulae: Triangle Tn=n(n+1)/2 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, ... Pentagonal Pn=n(3n−1)/2 1, 5, 12, 22, 35, ... Hexagonal Hn=n(2n−1) 1, 6, 15, 28, 45, ... It can be verified that T285 = P165 = H143 = 40755. F...

If your code works and you just want to make it "better" then you may want to post this on codereview instead. — bruno desthuilliers 44 secs ago
8:34 AM
We're going back to BASICs, are we? @Raidri — John Dvorak Jul 3 at 13:50
Solving sorting problems the old way.
9:21 AM
Q: How closely can code on this site be copied into other projects?

redbeansI understand that code found on Stack Exchange is under a Creative Commons License. This stipulates that 1) any projects using the code must be shared with same (or compatible) license, and 2) the author must be credited. This doesn't work well in some situations, such as closed source projects...

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Perhaps the time has come to rename the site to Project Euler Review.
10:22 AM
Does anyone know a good meta post to guide this guy: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/224602/…
10:54 AM
@dfhwze Oh, it's that time every so often.
@dfhwze @200_success I'm not pushing you or anything, but that sounds like something right up your alley. He's (probably) referring to your answer on MSE.
Q: Python Best way of Exception handling in a function

S.K. VenkatThe following Python class is what I am trying to refactor in the case where I have to add validation of the existence of an AWS cloudformation stack before creating it in the method create_cfn_stack : class AWSPlugin(object): """ AWS Plugin class """ def __init__(**kwargs): """ ...

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possible answer invalidation by rolfl on question by SG_90: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/224603/revisions
11:37 AM
@Duga Not invalidation, but something screwed up the edit. Fixing it.
If someone named Andreas shows up here, ping me.
I believe this question belongs more to Code Review than here. BTW check out some examples of how to use sealed classes as you use them not quite the way they are meant to be. A sealed class, explained in the simplest way, is just an extended enum. So for example in your case you don't need to define an additional enum class Type to differentiate your MasterList children, they already are enums. — Julia Samól 14 secs ago
@Duga @rolfl I don't know what went wrong on your edit, but the result missed a couple of lines. I think I fixed it now.
possible answer invalidation by Mast on question by SG_90: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/224603/revisions
11:45 AM
Removed the quotes, added quotes using Notepad++'s regex.
Strongly suspect a bug of sorts, since the lines shouldn't have disappeared like they did in your edit.
Thanks ,,, ;l
For those interested, this is how you mass-prepend > to Notepadd++ in such a manner that the code is still intact but now within a quote.
Make sure search mode is on regex. and note the space between > and \1.
@rolfl Np. Thanks to @Duga for notifying or I wouldn't have seen it.
@Mast can't you do s/$/> /?
@Vogel612 Shouldn't that be s/^/> / ?
12:04 PM
Q: Matplotlib realtime monitor

Bruno VermeulenI would like to share a matplotlib real-time monitor plot that I needed for another application. Basic trick is to reverse the time, so that t=0 is now and t=20 is twenty seconds in the past and to plot the signal from 0 at the right towards the left. The core method is update that reverses time ...

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@Vogel612 Dunno, got 2 fields, not 1.
s stands for replace, the ^ is what to look for, the > is what to put there
@Vogel612 So, look for /?
no. look for the beginning of a line
^ is the begin line anchor
Ah, yes, that works too.
I keep forgetting about anchors in regex.
I do remember never to confuse + with *.
That once almost cost me a lot of data...
12:33 PM
@Vogel612 s stands for sed, doesn't it? I recall @rolfl always writing s/this/that/
well, to be fully exact, it stands for the sed-command "search"
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

SirPythonMeme: s/old message/new message/ Originator: Unknown Cultural Height: The 2nd Monitor. Background: Often in chat, a user will type something like this: s/funny/annoying/ In response to what another user said as a "joke edit". Occasionally it is actually used to correct spelling. The meme ...

Q: Dynamic Programming Experiment

JsonDorkI'm doing an experiment trying to freshen up my unit-testing and learn dynamic programming. Every test passes but I'm curious of the result of some of them and worried if I'm doing the testing correctly. Currently I just got the one scenario for each method, with the input of 40, the goal of this...

@dfhwze I've asked that user to add the Python tag to their question multiple times, but they refuse to. Just seems like they don't care about the site, just about getting answers.
12:53 PM
@Peilonrayz I think in this case @dfhwze is thinking about the rate of which they post new questions.
@SimonForsberg And I'm talking about their mentality
A couple of years ago, we had something we called "JDQ" (JavaDeveloper Question), which was a question from JavaDeveloper, they were about typical algorithm and data-structures questions like lists, trees, more trees, even more trees... (you remember these @rolfl?) Now maybe we have PEQ: Project Euler Question
The JDQ's often got the same answers over and over again
Wasn't overexchange such a type too?
A common term is "help vampire", in the Python tag we've had multiple people spam low-quality programming challenges
But I wouldn't call emadboctor a help vampire, because it may just be a small mess up.
@Peilonrayz I'm very cautious with calling anyone a "help vampire". It's often hard to tell the intention behind behavior.
1:05 PM
@SimonForsberg You can be a help vampire with good intentions.
All of a sudden I'm a fan of rate-limiting.
You likely want to post this on codereview.stackexchange.comJay Blanchard 32 secs ago
One of the problems people may have with your questions, is you won't learn as much by rushing through the exercises and posting multiple on the same day. After all, you'll be making the same mistake over and over before it gets reviewed. — Mast 2 hours ago
I'll try to slow down my pace and take some time to review the feedbacks if any. Thank you for letting me know that. — emadboctor 2 hours ago
So, should be getting better?
@Mast Wow it's increased from yesterday...
Honestly, when you go over 5 questions a day, something's going wrong.
1:09 PM
Can you add the correct tags, as I requested in one of your previous questions. You may want to reduce the amount of questions you're posting. — Peilonrayz yesterday
@Mast I don't think so
@Mast That's an interesting suggestion that I really like. 2 questions per day for everyone below 10k reputation?
FWIW there already is a builtin rate-limiting in SE
I don't know the specifics off the top of my head, but there are factors for a single community and there also is post rate limits that are network-wide
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because as stated, the OP wants their code to be reviewed. It should be moved to codereview.stackexchange.com as per @JayB 's link. — Funk Forty Niner 42 secs ago
The JDQ's died out after a while... I wonder what happened....
Q: Linked HashMap in C

DemCodeLinesI was looking for comments (on performance and general implementation) on the following Linked HashMap implementation in C: typedef int (*cmp)(void *a, void *b); typedef size_t (*hash_fn)(void *val, int bound); typedef struct { int index; size_t hash; void *key; void *val; s...

Q: Vectorizing the for loop

papabicepsThe following code evaluates probability mass function for all possible states of a model. def PDF(size): b = np.random.randn(size) J = np.random.randn((size, size)) density_func = np.zeros(2**size) states = dec2bin(2**size) for i in range(2**size): density_func[i...

1:24 PM
@rolfl well the reviews (understandably) got more and more annoyed
They must have renamed their account.....
Oh,,, there it is.
I suspect a significant part of my reputation score comes from questions they asked....
SEDE tells me .... 2370 rep plus 17 accepted answers.... so that is total 2625 rep (less bounties, if any)
1:41 PM
If you want help improving working code you should post this on CodeReview.SE. If you do decide to do so please delete the question here. — NathanOliver 21 secs ago
Q: Useless parameter in test case

HéctorI have this Kotlin function: fun handleCreateUser( email: String, existsUserWithEmail: (String) -> Boolean, createUser: (String) -> User) : Result { //some code } I'm writing a unit test for that: @Test(UserAlreadyExists::class) fun test() { handleCreateUser("test@test.c...

2:01 PM
@Vogel612 If there is, it's not exactly strict enough to work.
@rolfl That's a drop in the ocean with your rep.
well it was built for a community where answering takes less time...
@SimonForsberg Let's put it at 3 to prevent it from getting shot down, but yes. I'd support such a feature.
I get what you are trying to do. However, I feel like it is the wrong approach and will lead to future bugs. You are using a getter that effectively takes input. I would reject this in a code review for that fact alone. Perhaps, you could consider caching the slow calculations. If you want a caching solution I can provide one otherwise I'd recommend you ask this directly on github.com/buzinas/tslint-eslint-rules/issues as I think you are more likely to get the answer there and faster. Or take a look at the src as they have many loop rules. — Michael Hobbs 42 secs ago
Some would say asking more than 5 a day, especially 2 days in a row, would be considered abuse.
On the other hand, people would just create more sockpuppets.
So, meh, not going to work.
@VladimirPanteleev You're right, it would. Nice catch! You can do my code reviews any day :) — hrdwdmrbl 44 secs ago
2:14 PM
Taryn Pratt on July 22, 2019

Putting the 2019 server into the existing 2012 cluster – as expected, this fails due to the operating systems being different

Attempted to just add it to the existing AGs when not being in a cluster – this fails because it’s not in a cluster

Created a separate single node cluster for the 2019 server and attempted to add as a replica to the AGs – this fails as well

Evict it from the existing 2012 cluster

Rebuild it with the Windows Server 2019

Create a new WSFC with one node

Install SQL Server 2017 …

2:35 PM
@Mast Depends on if they would understand the reason behind the limit or not. If they understand the reasoning, I don't think they will create sockpuppets.
Besides, most sockpuppets can be easily identified.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to Code Review. — gsamaras 7 secs ago
@gsamaras I'm voting to keep this question open because it is a specific enough question for Stack Overflow. Have you read codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/q/5777/31562 ? — Simon Forsberg 44 secs ago
Q: PLC logic library

L3sekI have been implementing a library of PLC logic blocks (i.e. AND gates, OR gates, RS flip-flops and TON, TOF and TP timers) in C++. I have decided to model all of these logic blocks with C++ classes which implement common interface namespace LogicBlocks { class LogicBlk { public: enum Logic...

@SimonForsberg Rate limiting without limiting sockpuppets feels like putting a fence around your yard and leaving the gate open.
Or, perhaps more appropriately, locking the gate without placing the rest of the fence.
You get the idea.
@Mast It's not. Sockpuppets also have disadvantages, their reputation is spread out
2:50 PM
Are help vampires interested in rep?
If they were, they'd start asking better-quality questions.
I mean, my 20th highest scoring question is at 11 points. That goes a lot better than asking 11 questions getting 1 point.
@SimonForsberg I wouldn't be surprised at some point they would ask how to merge accounts.
Hardly my best question, but a good question. Because I like asking good questions, answerers like good questions, the site likes good questions, everybody likes good questions.
@dfhwze There's that.
I just don't like the idea of assuming the worst possible outcome of implementing such a feature.
@SimonForsberg Or a user needs to wait X hours before being able to ask a new question.
X > 2 in this case
@Peilonrayz How can you tell the difference between a "help vampire" and someone who posts multiple questions in a short period of time because they have noticed how great Code Review Stack Exchange is and want help with making a lot of their code better, and just haven't understood how it affects other users on the site?
2:55 PM
@SimonForsberg Then why would they be in a rush to get it all out there?
@SimonForsberg I already have answered that above?
@pacmaninbw Yah just edited before your comment :p Anyway, have a star :)
@dfhwze I think it's more of a question of "Why not". Maybe there is no rush, technically, but as they have written 10 Project Euler challenges, why not post it all at once?
@Peilonrayz Where exactly?
I'll think about that one during dinner, brb
2:57 PM
@dfhwze thanks. :)
Q: define quantity for each selected item in the same time

namo i have tried a lot to get an answer for my problem i'm working on a restaurant order management system , and apart of the system is a point of sale at the same time(for cashier) , when a customer visit to the restaurant , the cashier be able to fill a receipt,for example (3 pizza with 2 sandwich...

3:19 PM
@Duga Close-vote retracted, but question on SO deleted and user has created an account on CR... not sure if it's a good question for CR or not
Q: try to emulate enum Class C++ in C

Claudio DaffraI am trying to emulate a enum class C++ in C, the code below works as I expect. I used this code as indicated in stack overflow va_args_number // .................................................... JOIN #define JOIN(id,_1) id ## _1 // .................................................... CONCAT ...

@CaptainObvious ....and there it is!
3:41 PM
The only benefit I see to this construct from hell is that you know a code review with your superior is coming and you're looking for a way to get conveniently fired. — Martin Véronneau 11 secs ago
Your question seems more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.com. — Socowi 14 secs ago
4:50 PM
possible answer invalidation by dfhwze on question by alaskanloops: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/145068/revisions
@Duga This code did not compile. We all overlooked it at the time of posting.
@dfhwze Because of the missing } at the end?
@SimonForsberg Yes
@dfhwze So... would you have voted to close it if you noticed?
@SimonForsberg I would have flagged, and commented. And I would have retracted the flag on edit of the OP.
4:55 PM
@dfhwze Flagged for what?
@SimonForsberg Code not working as intended.
@dfhwze Why flag and not close vote?
@SimonForsberg I think that has the same result with my current reputation, or ..?
@dfhwze No it doesn't AFAIK. If you flag it, it will go to the review queue only. If you close vote, you will put in the first of the 5 needed close votes and then it will also go to the review queue.
Either way, I think it's a bit too excessive to flag or close for not working for minor copy-paste errors like that.
@SimonForsberg At his rep, can he CV at all?
I know I couldn't for a while, until I hit higher rep, but I forgot the level.
5:00 PM
5.4 rep? I certainly hope so!
3k rep to close-vote IIRC
@SimonForsberg Perhaps so. Hard to find a line when to flag or not.
@dfhwze I've never encountered a >= 3k reputation user wanting to flag, when they instead can just close-vote
@SimonForsberg so for minor copy paste issues, you suggest a comment would suffice?
I still flag answers and comments, I just VTC questions when I need to.
Yeah, 3k to CV.
I need to push the last 3k so I get my delete privs back.
5:04 PM
Q: To check if no. of occurrence of each alphabet in a string is equal or not(except for once when the no. of occurrence "may" exceed by at most one)?

SoumeePlease refer to this problem from hackerrank. Sherlock considers a string to be valid if all characters of the string appear the same number of times. It is also valid if he can remove just character at index in the string, and the remaining characters will occur the same number of ti...

@pacmaninbw I mean flagging questions for "should be closed" specifically. Other things should be flagged of course.
@dfhwze That's my personal view of it, yes. Instead of going through the hassle of closing the question, waiting for an edit, then reopening it - that entire process can take several hours, maybe even a day.
@SimonForsberg Ok, fair enough :)
@SimonForsberg AFAIK as soon as you hit 3k, you can't flag to close anymore
@Vogel612 Actually you can... apparently even mods can... wanna try it?
I'd prefer not to, in case it's automagically made into a binding vote
also I'm currently trying to beat some WSDL & SOAP/HTTP into submission, soo ...
5:10 PM
@Vogel612 It is... Indeed it gets hammered.
@SimonForsberg Should I ask a question with a missing parenthesis for you to test your powers? :p
@dfhwze Already did on one of my own (deleted) questions
Now I'm curious though what happens when a regular non-mod user flags a question as should be closed (preferably not their own)
Here's a question with 2 close votes: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/224686/…
Perhaps I could flag it ..
It gets added to the Close votes
Ok, then apparently there is no difference for you
Yeah, I think a flag at that level just automatically gets turned into a CV.
Come to think of it, I found that out when I was working toward the flag badge.
I ended up needing to flag comments.
5:17 PM
Hah same here!
IIRC, poor rolfl handled most of them :D
@Mast I don't understand what you're referring to, or what the context is.
@200_success preceding meta question posted by feeds
Dang, @rolfl only has 9k to go before he reaches 100k.
Doesn't SE send swag at that level?
@Hosch250 So... he's at -8k right now?
30 secs ago, by Hosch250
Dang, @rolfl only has 9k to go before he reaches 1k.
5:23 PM
@Hosch250 Hmm... we haven't gotten any swag sent out since graduation. I want another duck!
I'll trade you my duck if you'll get me a CD I can't get in the US :D
@Hosch250 not anymore
long story short: too many people got to 100k :D
5:27 PM
In other words, SE has inflation worse than Zimbabwe?
5:55 PM
@Hosch250 - you could have said the same thing a year ago ... ;-) "Dang, @rolfl only has 9k to go before he reaches 100k."
Q: C# Recursive search on Node Tree with Linq and Queue

StacklysmI've created a Node class which contains two important properties: public Node Parent { get; private set; } private List<Node> Children { get; set;} As the name suggests, the Parent object holds information about the ancestor of a certain node, if the parent is the root of the tree, then the ...

6:20 PM
@rolfl :(
Q: Julia set in Julia (and other fractals)

Oscar SmithI've made the following to draw a series of zooming in images of a fractal. using Distributed, FileIO, ImageCore, Images, ImageView @everywhere function mandel_pow(z::Complex, p::Number) c = z maxiter::UInt8 = 255 for n = 1:maxiter if abs2(z) > 4 return n-1 ...

Q: Breaking select function with timeout or by writing to its filedescriptor using another function in the same module

yousalMy question is I have this chunk of code my timeout works fine so I haven't mentioned all its things. When I call stop() I should get out of the start function. Right now I am getting stuck at my select till my timeout. How should i write to the filedesc from my stop function. static int filedes...

Q: Proxy Rotation with Proxybroker

workin 4weekendI have a script that I want proxybroker in for proxy rotation. How does it go in? with proxybroker having country_code = ['US']> someone please help me. import os import requests import re import backoff from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from fake_useragent import UserAgent for i in range (10): ...

If you believe that the code works correctly, consider presenting your work (with its unit tests) in a more-complete fashion over at Code Review. You'll likely get some suggestions on making it more efficient, easier to read, and better tested. Before you do that, make sure to read A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users first, as some things are done differently over there - e.g. question titles should simply say what the code does, as the question is always, "How can I improve this?". — Toby Speight 35 secs ago
@Hosch250 - for your interest: data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/167924/… ..... my line is pretty flat :(
But, I have moved 3K in the past 12 months... which is more than I expected.
7:14 PM
@Duga possible answer invalidation?: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/224421/…
possible answer invalidation by Bruno Lemos on question by Bruno Lemos: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/224421/revisions
@rolfl Dang, I fell off the first page.
I'm #1 on the second page now.
7:44 PM
Q: multiple api calls through promise

zi ziupdate1: - I need to make two different api calls. - from the result of first api call I am getting id in the variable firstAPIid, https://reqres.in/api/users?page=2 - I need to pass this id firstAPIid to the second api call. can you review my code. I did multiple api calls through promise. ...

possible answer invalidation by L3sek on question by L3sek: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/224676/revisions
@Nico238 There's no trick to the question. No objects are getting deleted whose pointers are in the map. I'm not voluntarily adding those loops, I'm trying to find them in a large codebase and avoid more of them being introduced in the future. It's so easy for any of our several devs to write for (auto pair : map) without thinking about it, and easy for those to escape code review too. The "black magic" would just be whatever template specialization tricks needed to get an error when this pattern is used. — Trillian 8 secs ago
@200_success I'm terribly sorry, that was indeed quite unclear. I was referring to this meta question.
8:10 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I'm coming for you :p codereview.stackexchange.com/…
@dfhwze hehe I just got the largest bounty I've ever been awarded
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Congratulations! :p
I'll be travelling the rest of the week so I likely won't have much time for CR :/
Unfortunately this is more of a question for CodeReview, not StackOverflow. — zfrisch 41 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it should be posted to codereview: codereview.stackexchange.comzfrisch 39 secs ago
9:15 PM
possible answer invalidation by Stacklysm on question by Stacklysm: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/224691/revisions
I recommend moving this over to codereview.stackexchange.com. — PixelEinstein 57 secs ago
@Duga ಠ_ಠ OP just added a link to gH in a quote block...
Q: How I can reach the same result of animated circle services menu using minimal code/elements (to avoid divseption)?

Romanas Chakrawell I'm building solar energy web and had idea for interactive circle services menu can anyone tell how I can reach the same result using minimal code/elements (to avoid divseption)? the demo of the intended result is here https://evsdev.ga/dev/home/ any help or pointers would be very appreciat...

9:35 PM
If your code works but you want to improve it, you might also ask on the Code Review stack exchange site — G. Anderson 29 secs ago
10:04 PM
Q: Grouping sorted coordinates based on proximity to each other

Josh SharkeyI created an algotrithm that groups a sorted list of coordinates into buckets based on their proximity (30) to one another. Steps: Create a new key with a list value and pop the first point in the list into it Scan the list of points for points that are close to it. Push matches to the new li...

10:24 PM
Q: Merge dataframes on timestamps and time intervals using data.table in R

VonI have two dataframes (x and y) that I need to join, conditional on the timestamp in x falling within the time interval of two columns in y. I've accomplished this using data.table::foverlap() by adapting some of the code in this stackexchange question), but in order to get it to work on my data...

10:44 PM
Q: File compressor

LinnyI have written a file compressor in python. I would like feedback on code readability, efficiency, and any other nitpicks that you find. Any and all feedback is considered and appreciated!\ compress.py """ Import Statements """ import os import random import re import string UNCOMPRESSED_FILE ...

10:59 PM
10 hours ago, by Peilonrayz
But I wouldn't call emadboctor a help vampire, because it may just be a small mess up.

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