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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions about improving working code belong at codereview.stackexchange.com. — Ahmed Abdelhameed 27 secs ago
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Q: Given the matrix, How build a colored graph in python or sagemath

Janeth BenavidesA code has been constructed, where as a result it generates a strictly upper triangular matrix nxn associated to a graph where in the position \$a_{ij}\$ with \$i<j\$ 1 if edge \$v_i,v_j\$ is red 0 if edge \$v_i,v_j\$ is blue Example def CBinario(numin): L=[] while numin!=0: L.append(num...

If your code is working, you should consider posting this to Code Review — seadoggie01 38 secs ago
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"Here's my code, please review it" is generally considered off-topic here. Code Review, by contrast, exists for precisely that purpose. — Charles Duffy 34 secs ago
In How to Answer, note the section "Answer Well-Asked Questions". As discussed in A Guide To Code Review For Stack Overflow Users, Stack Overflow permits only questions about specific, narrow problems with the shortest code necessary to reproduce a single preidentified issue; whereas our sister site Code Review permits only questions with complete, working code where general review is requested. This question is unambiguously in the latter category. — Charles Duffy 30 secs ago
This question is more suited for codereview.stackexchange.comSiddharth Rout 38 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network codereview.stackexchange.comSiddharth Rout 40 secs ago
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Q: Very simple library system with JavaScript

Mauricio RobayoI am following the Odin Project and building the Library project. It is very simple, just render a list of Books and we can add and delete books from the list. However, I feel the code can be improved hugely, as it is getting too messy and I am not sure if I am using the class in the right way....

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on Code Review. — meagar ♦ 14 secs ago
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Q: Send excel data to Kafka

bkumarI would like some one to review my code and let me know the feedback. Each Kafka Message is like as follows [{guid=id.Value1, timestamp=1386394980000, booleanValue=null, longValue=null, floatValue=null, stringValue=value1, source=X, metadata=null}] This is what I implemented: ExcelReader imp...

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Your code is hard to follow. I am guessing that is due to how you indented the code. You can look here for some ideas. This question is hard to understand as-is. If my understanding of the question is correct, it's not a question for StackOverflow. This question my be better for CodeReview. I am not really sure. — Sedrick 33 secs ago
Q: OOP: is overriding parent constructor always bad practice?

T30I have a Room class: class Room { protected $price; public function __construct($price) { $this->price = $price; } public function getPrice { return $this->price; } } Now I want to handle a new room type: Private. When the room is Private, I need to multiply...

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@Sedrick We have a dictionary file that we use to check the text in a TextArea after the misspelled words are found with enter the found !=true method where we want to go back in to the same dictionary and use the contains term to search for words that are correct. We then Stream or Iterate over the new "list" looking for correct spelling suggestions. Each method Streams and Iterator produced different results. YEP we did look at the Post you suggested. YES we are not good at formatting code when we are slamming a test project together Thanks not sure we would put this on CodeReview — Grendel 28 secs ago
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Ian Dela CruzI jist got this code from google but I need code to make it have pin code with 3 tries only. hope you can help me. THANK YOU include include unsigned long amount=1000, deposit, withdraw; int choice, pin, k; char transaction ='y'; void main() { clrscr(); while (pin != 1213) { print...

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This question seems like it might be a better fit at codereview.stackexchange.com, though tbh I'm not entirely familiar with their rules and guidelines. — Ilja Everilä 36 secs ago
@Duga Definitely, rolled back.
Dugo saves the day, again.
@SimonForsberg Well, it's very applicable at times. Some questions simply are not meaningfully reviewable without more context and a total waste of effort if they aren't fixed. It's too bad it's abused so often, but part of that may be due to the close reasons not being very intuitive.
We've tried to fix that, but you can't fix it all.
@CaptainObvious we don't add features and the code needs to be written by op
possible answer invalidation by Heslacher on question by Ian Dela Cruz: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231297/revisions
@user3629249 There's no point in fixing the formatting. This question is off-topic for two reasons: it's not the poster's own code, and it doesn't work correctly as intended. Therefore, this question should be closed and deleted. — 200_success 35 mins ago
Please make that Q&A go away.
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@Mast at least it's closed now
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Q: Unable to read in values of type double

Mukasa Ricketts Basically the user enters firstName,lastName and grade into an array and the data is then outputted to the screen The problem I have here is that this code won't save any float values** enter code here #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> #define colN 20 void printRecords(char fName[][c...

9:18 AM
did you see my mail?
yea I did :)
I'm happy to repeat that you have more professional experience than me now :)
9:36 AM
I never thought that would happen XD
Also they just called. I got the job
Congratulations :)
Now I just gotta turn down all the other jobs I was poached for
And I gotta remember which ones they were
I sign next week so I guess I'll have to deal with quitting my job then
I've never quit before
9:50 AM
@Gemtastic Congratulations!
@Gemtastic Just don't quit until you got a written contract in hand.
Signed contract.
Yeah I was talking to them about the start date as I am between assignments currently so I think my current employer will let me go asap as they don't earn any money on me atm
And they told me to wait before we signed too
That was a little embarrassing
The first time is always the weirdest. You get used to it, but it's never fun dealing with the paperwork.
Since I haven't really changed jobs my bump in wage is huge
Pretty sure it won't be as huge the next time
Q: Leetcode Word break 2

nz_21I am trying to solve this question Given a non-empty string s and a dictionary wordDict containing a list of non-empty words, add spaces in s to construct a sentence where each word is a valid dictionary word. Return all such possible sentences. Note: The same word in the dictio...

I also feel a gigantic relief that I don't have to do the online tests the other companies sent me. I really don't like those
✓ Whiteboarding
✓ Technical interview face to face
✓ Turn in assignment
✓ Coding in front of others
❌ online tests
10:13 AM
10:42 AM
I initially read the first item as waterboarding
@PrabirChoudhury did this answer resolve your problem? For code reviews you can use codereview.stackexchange.comSuleymanSah just now
11:23 AM
Honestly, your question is not a good fit for Stack Overflow. It only shows how questions like this end up with more and more other question being asked. This is not a chat. Head to Code Review. — Martin Prikryl 22 secs ago
11:38 AM
Q: GCD Groups with list

DC_SharpIf N numbers are divided into two groups and the product of the respective groups is calculated. Out of the different groups, only the groups whose product gcd is 1 are to be picked.get the number of ways in which this can be done. Note: The two groups cannot be empty. Since the output can be ver...

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@CharlesDuffy flagged the question for moderator intervention requesting that it be migrated to the Code Review sister site. — masseyb 52 secs ago
@AGirlHasNoName IIUC my solution should be acceptable?
if not please poke me so I can put that right
12:22 PM
@Vogel612 looks good thanks
cool :)
12:55 PM
A new first, a head hunter contacted me on stack overflow yesterday. Unfortunately the stack the company needed was not one I'm comfortable with.
@pacmaninbw Bummer
Probably the result of being the top answer on an HNQ.
SO is not the "Code Review" SE ... oddly enough, Code Review is ... however, this isn't a good fit there either, since there's nor really an awful lot of code to review here. — CD001 26 secs ago
@410_Gone The were looking for a hands on SW Engineering Manager for Rust and Node.js.
Let me guess? They want 10 years of experience in each lmao
12:59 PM
Q: Estimate area of cropped circle with Monte Carlo

GabrielI looking around and not finding anything, I developed a simple function for estimating the area of a possibly cropped circle inside a frame. It uses a very basic MC implementation. It is pretty fast but I think it could be made simpler. Any thoughts are appreciated. import numpy as np from sci...

@410_Gone Guy dropped the suit.
@410_Gone I'm not sure how much experience in either they want, I've never used either one.
I was just making the joke that a lot of these "recruiters" want N years of experience, when the language / ecosystem isn't even N years old.
@410_Gone Good for you, try not to get physical in the future.
@410_Gone been there done that
@pacmaninbw I probably will...but not because I want to, because I need to.
Gotta pay my lawyer about $500 for the consultation, and the "fine" for whooping him is $250, but the court hasn't ordered that yet.
1:03 PM
@JAD Yes, ofc, a little bit of waterboarding is way better than online tests
@AL MaMun. Its a good question. Continue to ask good questions. Lucas Meine answer addresses your concerns. ... In fact CD001, SO is a code review site, unless you have some new definition on what review means. — GetSet 58 secs ago
@GetSet - not really, primarily SO is about fixing buggy code - not improving/reviewing code that works... that's sort of the difference between SO and Code Review. — CD001 1 min ago
@410_Gone Many times I wish I were in my 20's again, but then someone reminds me about the bad things about me in my 20's. I once pointed a gun a someone, then I put the gun down and picked the guy up by the throat. It really isn't worth it.
And yes his feet were dangling in the air.
How to pick up a guy:
1. Wrap your arms around his waist (should be easy enough if he's tall)
2. Hold on tight and lean back
3. Balance him on your hips.
4. His legs are now dangling and his frail masculinity injured.
Side effect; he might not hit on you the way you'd be wishing he did
1:26 PM
codereview.stackexchange.com might be better suited for this. — Matthew 32 secs ago
1:40 PM
Q: C# client side evaluation or server side

A191919I have GetDepartmentWorkers stored procedure that return such data FirstName SurName Name Sarah Connor Security Kyle Reese Security Paul Winfield HR Bess Motta Financial Controller: namespace Api.Controllers { [Route("api/[controller]")] [ApiCon...

1:53 PM
Here is my code codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/231309/… but I've just noticed I haven't handled yet json arrays 😮 — VinD 49 secs ago
For optimisation questions CodeReview is more appropriate. If you have a bug in this code, then please explain here. — trincot 57 secs ago
Q: General Adapter for single Type of Item

Xar E Ahmer I have created a single adapter for single type of item. Does these callback effect performance of RecyclerViewAdapter. And how can I improve it. This adapter will work for single type of item (single type of data ) GeneralAdapter.class public class GeneralAdapter<T> extends RecyclerView.Ad...

Q: Thoughts about a json2clos decoding using cl-json

user212061Coming from this question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58131614/how-to-convert-json-string-into-complex-clos-object-using-cl-json-library I've finally come up with the following solution. I use cl-json custom handle functionality json::*object-key-handler* to always know the last key ...

@Gemtastic Well that went differently than expected
2:10 PM
That's quite a task you have there... Since you're already familiar with JavaScript I'd suggest you build on that because many questions don't seem like they'd need to be answered in a Java context, e.g. what tables should look like, how to prevent accidental deletions of products, authentication options (OAuth being one), persisting carts or working with a partner (like code reviews or pair programming). — Thomas 34 secs ago
2:24 PM
@410_Gone :)
@Gemtastic alternatives include possibly badass moves like the "Gamstragegriff", though that's considerably harder to pull of on a guy who doesn't want to get picked up...
2:51 PM
Ryan Donovan on October 25, 2019

Can you fight zombies with mathematical precision? Could a hungry fish benefit from dynamic programming? These are the questions that inspire the developers who craft the questions for Facebook’s annual Hacker Cup. 

Today is the grand finals for the competition, now in its ninth year. The programming contest is open to the public and attracted over 6,000 participants this year. The final 25 contestants, who passed through four qualifying rounds with the highest scores, will try to solve their way to victory starting at 9:30am PST – 12:30pmEST -5:30pm Dublin time. You can catch the live stream here.  …

3:02 PM
@pacmaninbw Being in your twenties sucks. All the expectations, all the crap you have to figure out, all the mistakes to make and not the experience to properly deal with it half the time.
Although, honestly, 30's is just your 20's with more money.
@Vogel612 Last time I launched a guy I came in at the knees, then flipped him over my back onto his head. :D
@410_Gone Congrats.
@410_Gone that sounds hard to pull off from the front?
@Vogel612 Super easy, if the target is moving. As they're coming at you, go WAY low, then flip.
as a 1.9m guy that's kinda hard to do ...
3:15 PM
@Mast Well more money does help!
@Mast Usually it is wishing being in my twenties knowing what I know now.
3:50 PM
4:06 PM
Monking- Happy Friday!
4:45 PM
Tik-Tok is a fictional character from the Oz books by American author L. Frank Baum. He has been termed "the prototype robot," and is widely considered to be the one of the first robots (preceded by Edward S. Ellis' Huge Hunter, or The Steam Man of the Prairies, in 1868) to appear in modern literature, though the term "Robot" was not used until the 1920s, in the play R.U.R. == Baum's character == Tik-Tok (sometimes spelled Tiktok) is a round-bodied mechanical man made of copper, that runs on clockwork springs which periodically need to be wound, like a wind-up toy or mechanical clock. He ...
Greetings, Programs.
4:56 PM
For review of working code, you should post at our sister site Code Review. — Code-Apprentice 42 secs ago
@Feeds Maybe not with mathematical precision but we do fight zombies...
Q: Is it safe InternedString implementation?

astefI need to use large strings as a dictionary keys, and I want to optimize the repetitive GetHashCode() and Equals() calls in it. The number of keys will be quite small (<1000), but each string length will be very big (it's generated SQL queries cache), and I expect a lot of hot lookups. My idea ...

5:20 PM
To get a good answer on SO, I'd suggest you to come here when you really got stuck. As it stands, I don't see what your question is. You won't find tutorials here. If you want an opinion on your code, you could also check out Codereview. Just keep coding and eventually you'll run into enough trouble... — MrFuppes 30 secs ago
5:38 PM
I'd say that nested ternary operations are not an acceptable style at least not in any code review I've ever attended. Just because you can do it doesn't make it an acceptable style. Style has to do with how the code looks and its readability and grokness. Readable and style are not necessarily two different things. — Richard Chambers 59 secs ago
5:54 PM
Question: what is a good word for wirerer, aka something that wires?
or lays wire
What kinds of wires?
Because there are many.
well, its for a class who wires listeners to ui elements
Oh, not what I was expecting lmao
6:51 PM
Regarding the question, requests for tutorials are strictly off topic. You're better off muddling your way through with what you can find and then ask questions about why what you've tried doesn't work or asking at Code Review about how to make what you have better. This was the sort of problem Stack Overflow Documentation was supposed to help with. Real shame it didn't work out. — user4581301 19 secs ago
I hope you weren't opening the circuit breaker panel without shoes on. Rubber soled shoes are to electrical work what pants are to going out in public. — ChrisB 18 hours ago
@konijn I was going for electrician.
Perhaps a connector?
7:08 PM
@pacmaninbw Oh the moments I wished for time travel, just to impart a small amount of wisdom on my younger self.
7:23 PM
I wonder what the trendy adults in 2019 who are too cool for Pokemon will be into. Probably Digimon!
I had nothing to do with that.
@Mast I like this comment better
Touch it a second time - if you get zapped again, it wasn't static. — Nuclear Wang yesterday
7:44 PM
That's, effective. Among other things...
If anyone really wants to get zapped, always use your right hand. Getting zapped on your left hand will make the current pass much closer to your heart.
Which is obviously more dangerous.
@konijn what about Router?
8:10 PM
possible answer invalidation by Julie Cohen on question by Julie Cohen: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231271/revisions
@Duga Here we go again.
8:28 PM
Q: Container that holds objects of various types, and can be searched for an object convertible to a given type

Daniel McLauryI built a container that can hold objects of various types, and look up an object convertible to a given type. I wrote something about my intended use-case here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58562173/typesafe-way-to-provide-enriched-dependencies-to-derived-classes-in-c Basically I want ...

Q: Making code with interdependant observables reusable

J Rui PintoWhenever I find myselft repeating the same actions across different components in my projects, I imediatly feel that I should extract the code to a function The problem this time is that I can't imagine a clean solution to this problem: I have a angular service (UIService) that I inject in all ...

8:39 PM
This sounds like a great first project. After your code is fully implemented, I would encourage you to make use of CodeReview.SE. — Brian 5 secs ago
9:09 PM
Q: API - Naming convention advise

KarthikI am designing a REST API and was hoping you can guide me in my approach. Below is what I have: GET /api/v1/feeds GET /api/v1/feeds/{id} // create a new feed POST /api/v1/feed // validate one or more feeds: POST /api/v1/feeds/{id}/validate POST /api/v1/feeds/validate Is the above a good way...

You've earned the "Famous Question" badge (Question with 10,000 views) for "FizzBuzz in Brainfuck".
Also, that question is 9 upvotes away from earning me another gold badge.
I went with electrician.js ;)
9:29 PM
Q: Why am I getting a runtime exception: NoSuchElementException when the array has elements in it?

K.DoeI tried compiling the following code with input: [7, 1, 5, 3, 6, 4] and it works and gives me the correct answer: 5. But when I try running it with input: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] (i.e., with array elements in ascending order), it gives me an error message. Here's the code: import java.util.ArrayLis...

10:15 PM
This may be interesting:
Q: Feedback and suggestions for editable section of Help Center

Samuel LiewI've recently noticed that moderators are now able to edit a section below the Help Center's search box on the landing page. For reference, two other sites that are using this section as well are Hardware Recs and Code Review. While I have added in a simple section for starters, thoughts and sug...


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