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Q: Remove outliers from N dimensional data

sazrI have created a function that will remove outliers from a series of data. Generally the data n dimensional. Loosely, an outlier is considered an outlier if it +/- deviates by 1.5 standard_deviation's from the mean (see code for more detailed explanation of what constitutes an outlier). The fun...

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@MathieuGuindon Getting closer...
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I think you might be looking for codereview.stackexchange.com if your code is working — Anthony 34 secs ago
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Q: program options from command line initialize [v3 - after CR]

KorelKAfter getting a CR from @pacmaninbw here, here I'll share my new code, and to ask for better ways (which always exist) to improve the code, even with new libraries. The only thing that important to me, is the way of receiving the parameters have to be the command line [I am using Linux OS, so it'...

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Q: An explicit cast for narrowing numeric conversions

John IlacquaInspired by gsl::narrow_cast, I created my own implementation with the addition of a couple of features: a static assert on the types to ensure the cast is actually narrowing (if future changes to the code mean the cast is no longer narrowing, we don't want to still have a narrow_cast there) th...

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Q: Collision Detection Code doesn't detect all the collision

ThinkSmallI am doing capsule-capsule collision detection. It's not perfect; it lets through some collisions. I'm thinking it may have to do with floating point error, but I don't know how to correct for that. I used this algorithm to find the shortest distance between two 3D line segments: http://geomalgor...

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Q: Is this Python indentation style valid as per PEP 8?

Sean Francis N. BallaisIn my Django project, I have the following code. urlpatterns = [ path('login', LoginView.as_view( template_name='users/login.html', redirect_authenticated_user=True), name='login'), ... ] Does this indentation style violate or is discouraged by PEP 8? If so, what is the...

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Q: Binary file reading and plotting data

noman pouigtThis code reads binary file. Read data is converted into signed values and gets plotted if the user wants it. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import matplotlib.animation as animation import struct from optparse import OptionParser from collections import OrderedDict import sys...

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Q: a Python script to format plain text to markdown title

baojieqhI wrote a Python script to format plain text to markdown title. for example, modify multiple lines ['1 Introduction\n', 'Part I: Applied Math and Machine Learning Basics\n', '2 Linear Algebra\n', '3 Probability and Information Theory\n', '10 Sequence Modeling: Recurrent and Recursive Nets\n...

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I noticed a common theme with a lot of the responses I got on this Code Review. C# developers tend to view their code almost as art! I see the terms elegant, clear, clean, production quality, etc.. One person was bothered that my ternaries weren't lined up in the same order! This is a really different culture than I am used to. As a utilitarian developer, my focus is almost always on code that works. I use a lot of Python, and I do try to adhere to PEP 8 standards, so I guess I am used to what looks good in Python but am just naive about what does or doesn't look good in C#. — Chris Nielsen 2 days ago
He's not wrong :P
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on Code Reviewphuzi 43 secs ago
Q: PDO Is this registration secure and well coded?

Ingusi finally have been moved to PDO (from MySQLi) and i m now trying to make simple login and registration page (for training purposes). This code does work! But i want to know if it is secure? Also witch way is better for prepared statements to pass values with ? or :username? Is the way i use PD...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to codereview: codereview.stackexchange.comHarun Yilmaz 50 secs ago
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Sorry, I'll move this to code review! — Zxoir 42 secs ago
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Q: Simple Todo Script needs feedback

CuckooSo this is my Todo script. It's working well apart from one irritation. For some reason my 'displayTodos' function (line 193) is doing it's job fine, but then reporting an error in the forEach loop AFTER it's finished - "TypeError: this.todos.forEach(...) is undefined". Althought it doesn't appe...

Q: Simple code that checks if you're old enough to drive

ZxoirI made this small system that checks if you're old enough to drive. I'm new to C#, but I do know most of the basics since I also know Java. I'm trying to make my code more efficient. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. using System; using System.Threading; class EfficientCode { sta...

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Q: generate 10 random numbers that are not duplicates between 0 to 20 using arrays

ayemmani have to generate a list of 10 random numbers between 0 to 20 using arrays.When i run the program, there are still duplicate numbers what am i doing wrong? import java.util.Random; import java.util.Arrays; public class L5Q2 { public static void main(String[] args) { Random input = new Ra...

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Q: Python - how to shorten time needed to request an API?

cdrrrI'm using the below code to call different methods from an API: import requests import json from unidecode import unidecode from datetime import datetime temp_county = 'County' temp_locality = 'Locality' # Function - login session = requests.Session() def login(): # Application header ...

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Q: Determine Max record in each Group

AbhijitConsider a Table with duplicates +-----+----+---+ |asin |ctx |fo | +-----+----+---+ |ASIN1|CTX1|FO1| |ASIN1|CTX1|FO1| |ASIN1|CTX1|FO2| |ASIN1|CTX2|FO1| |ASIN1|CTX2|FO2| |ASIN1|CTX2|FO2| |ASIN1|CTX2|FO3| |ASIN1|CTX3|FO1| |ASIN1|CTX3|FO3| +-----+----+---+ If I group the records to count all dupl...

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Q: overlapping rectangles c#

Deependra SharmaI had to write code for a competition which calculates sum of the perimeter of three overlapping rectangles in a 2D space. rectangle A and rectangles B and rectangle c is overlapping each other.They have also one common point of interaction. i need to calculate the overlapping area of each rect...

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Please include your code directly in your question, rather than providing a link to an external source. And if your question is "how do I improve this code, which is already working?", you should ask on Code Review instead of here. — Kevin 56 secs ago
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Q: Project architecture, Inheritance, Files names

Grzegorz KrugI am writing some application what I want to use later to help me gather tweets, extract some data from it, manage, make some machine learning on it. This is my structure so far. I always did like this, my programs were mostly simple. Now I wonder what should be changed. Looks good to, becouse I...

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Q: JSON to CSS in JavaScript

Snr NaldoHello Im working on a JSON to CSS converter in nodejs, which takes a .json file and generates a .css file with its utility classes from it. .json example } "breakpoints-map": { "default": "0", "sm": "only screen and (min-width: 508px)", "md": "on...

Q: Creating a dynamic menu from JSON with multiple nested and sub nested objects

PostonohThe menu is building except for the section GroupName: Employment Department Reports. I create the first sublevel with the SubGroupName menu name have problem adding the reports information under each of them. So the image shows the a snippet of the menu. I need the each reports to display under...

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Q: Convert generic class into XML string of specific structure

AnthonyThere is a need to have a specific structure of XML string when interacting with 3rd party system. Here are two examples: <DocumentElement> <Country> <CountryCode>UA</CountryCode> <Name>Ukraine</Name> </Country> </DocumentElement> and <DocumentElement> <Currency> <CurrencyCode>UAH</C...

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Q: Not using 'Service' as suffix in class names

ParikshitSuppose I am writing a class that is finding/fetching employees that have their birthdays matching the input date. I have chosen to keep the class name as public class BirthdayEmployeesFinder { find(Collection<Employee> employees, Date date){//logic to find employees having their birthdays...

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@AGirlHasNoName hi!
Hi Mat! Congrats on being back in blue!
Hey Mat, you ever do those PluralSight "Skill IQ" things?
^^^? It would belong to code review. — Jeroen van Langen 13 secs ago
@AGirlHasNoName thanks!
@410_Gone didn't you do some translation stuff? I found IMO the best online translator (and if paid as web api as well) while translating our docu to english.
Welcome to Code Review! You didn't test your code, did you? At least approach #1 is throwing a InvalidOperationException with an inner exception of InvalidCastException. Please fix this otherwise your question is off-topic. Btw, if you fix it, my answer would be ready. — Heslacher 9 mins ago
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@AGirlHasNoName @MathieuGuindon What does being back in the blue mean? I see Mat's name in blue now, but I never noticed blue until it was pointed out.
In chat, moderators have a blue name
@Heslacher Sorta. I have one thing that used Azure to translate, and then the other one I was working on was not translation so much as "error generation".
@410_Gone I did them when they were announced, found it rather useless. apparently I'm a C# "expert"
Room owners are in italics
2:45 PM
@MathieuGuindon Same. Stack Overflow lets you add it to your developer story, so I started doing that and apparently I'm an "Expert" in everything...
@410_Gone take a look at deepl.com/translator
Its a german startup which by references is beating google and microsoft
Nice, I'll peek at it. :)
I would love to translate the whole microsoft .NET documantation into german. My eyes are always hurting when I see the german version.
The Microsoft documentation is always so "blech" in general.
I think it's because they try to write it in a way that over-complicates everything.
@MathieuGuindon I guess I should wait for th OP to fix the question, shouldn't I?
"Well, I have to prove to people that I'm smart, so obviously that means using big, complicated words."
@410_Gone The english version is faaaaaaaaaar better than the german version.
@Heslacher which?
Q: Convert generic class into XML string of specific structure

AnthonyThere is a need to have a specific structure of XML string when interacting with 3rd party system. Here are two examples: <DocumentElement> <Country> <CountryCode>UA</CountryCode> <Name>Ukraine</Name> </Country> </DocumentElement> and <DocumentElement> <Currency> <CurrencyCode>UAH</C...

Oof, I hate that question.
2:50 PM
Whould be just replacing typeof(T) with typeof(DocumentElement<T>) to make it working.
@410_Gone Not really, the best way to be smart is to be able to explain complex concepts so that lessor brains can understand them.
Since your code works and you're looking for improvements or constructive feedback, I think you should ask on Code Review instead. — Amy 49 secs ago
Code review is best in the case since the code actually works. On another note, just a quick peek at your code, you could however remove the int declarations, you don't need them just to get a count. — Çöđěxěŕ 48 secs ago
@pacmaninbw basically you should explain it in a way you would explain it to a 5 year old.
@Heslacher I'd go for 12 years old, but that is basically what I'm saying.
2:56 PM
Q: Handling heavy conditional rendering in react

AttemptedMasteryI have a general question pertaining to a component from one of my apps. I have a function, renderConditionals that is at the core of my UI. It's incredibly sloppy looking and I am not even sure, from a conventional standpoint, that I am utilizing react correctly with regards to putting functio...

@Heslacher need a hammer?
No, not really. Didn't VTC because I hope OP will fix the code soon. Would like to do it myself just to post my answer ;-)
@MathieuGuindon He hasn't voted to close.
@Heslacher well OP isn't asking how to fix an invalid cast exception, and assuming they liked approach #2 better they indeed might not have tested #1... reviews have found bugs before. not a stellar question IMO, but not clear-cut broken enough for me to intervene.
normally we VTC to avoid having answers posted that could get invalidated if/when the OP fixes their post
if your answer wouldn't be invalidated by fixing the bug in the OP, then it should be ok
Well, no shouldn't be a problem. I just won't mention where the bug is ;-)
The question won't get many views anyway, because its having "Convert generic class into XML" in the title, having e.g "Simple code" in the question titles attracts lot more views and votes.
And the question is fixed.
3:20 PM
possible answer invalidation by Anthony on question by Anthony: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/230960/revisions
@Duga thats ok
3:36 PM
Q: Call the function multiple times

RamI have a requirement where I need to make a database call to get sales record count(GetRecordCount in code) and then process 1000 records at a time(ProcessNewOtranRecords in code). If the salesrecords are all processed or no sales records are found then the next marketing records should process i...

3:57 PM
Q: Code reuse when generating dynamic variables

AmadI have some code that I want to repeat in the best way possible. I'm looking for some advice to an approach. Function, object, other? Thanks! // There are many #mad-1, #mad-2, #mad-3 etc // There are many radioButtons1Value, radioButtons2Value etc // There are many radio1subtract, radio2subtrac...

4:17 PM
Q: Hackerearth challenge - Roy and Code Streak

coder Roy is working on HackerEarth Profile. Right now he is working on User Statistics. One of the statistics data (Code Streak) is as follows: Given the User Activity Data, find the maximum number of continuous correct solutions submitted by any user. Seems easy eh? Here's the catch! In...

4:34 PM
Well, somebody finally made a post about it:
Q: Did anyone consider the impact on autistics of recent Code of Conduct changes?

Arlie StephensFrom the answers I see on Official FAQ on gender pronouns and Code of Conduct changes it seems like a lot of people are unhappy because they can't follow the grammar rules they learned back in English class, or because they find the changes ambiguous, or various other objections I see more common...

in The Water Cooler, 2 hours ago, by AGirlHasNoName
@RichardU The poor treatment of autistic people doesn't call for the continued poor treatment of trans people. It calls for a defense of autistic people as well.
@AGirlHasNoName They should've found a better way instead of alienating a lot of people the way they did.
We can still agree going one way is the wrong way to go without having to agree on the specific direction we should've been going.
Correct me if I am wrong here. But isn't codifying more precise rules more helpful for allowing autistic people to navigate these social interactions?
Not like this.
I don't agree that the CoC is the wrong way. I agree that everything that happened to Monica was wrong.
Those are not the same thing
4:41 PM
There was a comment somewhere that phrased it better than I could.
This will have to do.
Code of Conduct is absolutely a good thing to have, but not if it's a shoddy one.
We should have something codified, absolutely. Be Nice failed a long time ago. But every attempt to fix it seems to have made it worse.
We will have to disagree with how shoddy it is.
@Mast That post is dismissive. It implies that no minority can ever have any policy set in place to help them because doing so inherently ignores every other minority. We need to stop tearing each other down. We can all advocate for each other. We can all want everyone to be treated better.
But I'm talking to an empty room =[
@AGirlHasNoName This room is never as empty as it looks. Always lurkers, always people catching up.
I'm not trying to be offensive to anyone here, but did you know it's possible to be 100% right and still come over like an ass about it?
I put an answer below, but this question might be more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.com. — Evan 14 secs ago
@Mast Are we talking about the CoC or how the CoC was delievered then? Because I support one of those things.
Or did you mean me?
Also, I respect that some autistic people have difficulty engaging in social norms because they just don't see the nuances that others see. I don't know how to codify a solution that would ease that for them but would highly support the creation and implementation of such a solution.
4:58 PM
Q: C++14 function composition

Ton van den HeuvelThe idea is to provide function composition (provided that the composed function types 'match'), with perfect forwarding of both callables and eventual function arguments: #include <utility> template<typename F> constexpr auto compose(F&& f) { return std::forward<F>(f); } template<typename F...

@AGirlHasNoName I didn't mean that as an attack.
@CaptainObvious Was I clear enough on what is needed here?
@AGirlHasNoName And that's why I consider the current solution shoddy. They should've though it through more since it's perfectly possible to create a CoC that's both clear and helpful.
@Mast @AGirlHasNoName Have they actually posted the new CoC yet, I was not happy with the FAQ they posted and there was no link to the new CoC.
@pacmaninbw I saw @Phrancis coming in and you posting a comment. Confusing...
@pacmaninbw That's about as close as they're going to get to the new CoC I think.
Current CoC reads like this:
> Be inclusive and respectful. Avoid sarcasm and be careful with jokes — tone is hard to decipher online. Prefer gender-neutral language when uncertain. If a situation makes it hard to be friendly, stop participating and move on.
(source) for those who don't know where it's hidden.
5:06 PM
Sara Chipps on October 10, 2019

Last year, we wrote about our important work to build a more welcoming and inclusive community. This summer, I wrote about how we are evolving our product to encourage better interactions and guidance. While there’s still a lot more to do, we’ve begun to take concrete steps toward a better coding community for everyone. This is the most important work we’re doing in our community, and our first wave of improvements are starting to show results.

Here’s one concrete example: For some time, we’ve been using machine learning to flag comments that might be potentially troublesome in the community, e …

That is their update
Right. That feels like so long ago already.
@Mast HAI
but that was it. The FAQ is just an attempt to explain answer all the extremely contrived rhetoric revolving all things trans
@Evan Thank you Evan, I read the help center of codereview.stackexchange.com but I think i couldn't ask this question there. I think it's for improving the code I already know how it works. Am I right? — Arshia R 51 secs ago
@Mast Okay I guess I understand what you mean now. I don't know how to help make it clearer. People are intentionally muddying it to undermine it
The people undermining it aren't trans users. We aren't lying in wait to catch you making a mistake so we can insist the mods ban you for life.
The mud is being dragged up by the same people that then make posts like that and complain about the mud
5:11 PM
@pacmaninbw Kind of. It smells like he's simply in the wrong place for what he wants.
Hanlon's razor is an aphorism expressed in various ways, including: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."An eponymous law, probably named after a Robert J. Hanlon, it is a philosophical razor which suggests a way of eliminating unlikely explanations for human behavior. == Origin == Inspired by Occam's razor, the aphorism became known in this form and under this name by the Jargon File, a glossary of computer programmer slang. Later that same year, the Jargon File editors noted lack of knowledge about the term's derivation and the existence of a sim...
Stupidity, ignorance, lack of education, pick one.
There are some users on MSE at the moment who are just basking in the attention they're getting, sure, but not all of them.
Those users, we could do without.
No. Just no. I get to experience too much overt bigotry to accept anyone defining whether it is attributable to malice or not.
And here I thought I was cynical.
Did you know that in my country they are currently considering whether it is okay to kill someone like me out of "panic"?
I don't have the foggiest in what country you live, so no.
It's called the "trans-panic defense" and it is currently used as a justifiable murder defense
5:14 PM
I've been to some pretty extreme places though, including the DPRK. So I think I have a basic understanding of what persecution looks like.
You're hearing things that you associate with what's being said. That doesn't mean it's being said.
I don't blame you either. Not your fault.
But not everyone is out to get you.
And take that from somebody who has had paranoid tendencies in the past.
Okay first off I have had overt bigotry used against me. Here on SE. Many times. In the last two weeks
Yes, there are dickheads on SE. Never said there weren't.
I'm not saying everyone is out to get me.
I'm saying that there are people intentionally making things worse and then complaining about it.
There will always be people complaining. And at the moment, there's also people trying to poke the bear (the Powers That Be) and see when it bites. Yes.
Then there's a bunch of kids on the network (or people from all ages behaving like a bunch of kids) not improving things. Absolutely.
And there's bigots. Lots of them.
yes. yes. yes.
5:19 PM
Kind of makes it hard to categorise who's doing it on purpose, who's being a dumb fuck and who's just trying to make heads or tails out of a changing situation.
It is hard yes.
For most of them I can't tell/
So, don't attribute to malice by default.
Yes, there are those on MSE who could use a ban for being a troll.
There are a few who tip their hands.
There are those who need to grow up.
Getting angry about it doesn't help though.
But I'm not singling anyone out. I'm saying that the mud is made from all of those people you describe.
The actual person who pointed at the mud may be innocent of the malice.
But some of the people who kicked it up did do it out of malice.
It's hard not to get angry when people say some of the things that have been said to me.
When those things get upvoted before they are swept away.
5:22 PM
I know. Life isn't fair.
Getting angry at life doesn't help.
I tried.
But when I get angry I walk away
Because then nothing I do makes anything better,
There are plenty of situations where nothing what you do makes a difference, yes.
When it feels like it's you against the rest of the world.
I don't actually think we disagree. I think we are just phrasing it very different.
We agree on an awful lot. We disagree on the tone.
I can handle feeling like me against the world
I'm used to that.
It's when it is me against me that I need to step away
5:25 PM
@AGirlHasNoName This comment wasn't called for. It was very defensive IMO. The answer isn't as dismissive as you read it.
Not your fault, seen it happen plenty enough.
Last week on MCR even, I think.
I disagree. I found it very dismissive. The word pander alone has extremely strong negative connotations.
If everybody thought a bit longer on how what they type would be perceived by others, we might see world peace one day.
@AGirlHasNoName What you find it to be and what it actually is, is not necessarily the same.
In most situations, there's one side, the opposite side and the truth.
Not everyone has a strong understanding of connotations.
@Mast I have been deeply critical of my writing for all of my life and I still get it wrong. Language is too imperfect and too personal and we value it too much. There will always be war fought over language. Unfortunately.
Heck, I've had colleagues that still don't grasp it.
Can we just assume innocence until proven guilty again?
How is taking someones words at face value assuming guilt?
5:31 PM
@AGirlHasNoName You say the answer is dismissive. However, the answerer's just answering the question as stated. Not dismissing anything.
The words have a negative connotation for you. That's unfortunate. Doesn't mean ill intent though.
> Stack Exchange has gone so far out of its way to pander to just one protected class
^-- That is the first sentence. It is also dismissive.
That's not wrong. May not be phrased friendly, but it's quite correct. The CoC was written with a specific minority in mind.
I honestly don't know any other way to interpret that sentence
@AGirlHasNoName Can I ask you something without you considering it an attack?
> It implies that no minority can ever have any policy set in place to help them because doing so inherently ignores every other minority. We need to stop tearing each other down. We can all advocate for each other. We can all want everyone to be treated better.
@Mast As long as it isn't actually an attack.
5:34 PM
It's not intended as one anyway.
I will assume good intent
@AGirlHasNoName Is that my problem, the answerer's problem or your problem?
You can't smell intent from that answer.
Good question.
It's not written in a politically correct way, no. But you can't assume intent based on the content of that answer. The phrasing isn't attacking, dismissive or deliberately offensive as far as I can tell.
I argue that the onus to be understood is always on the speaker. If there is a failure in understanding (that isn't intentional) the the person trying to communicate is responsible for making theselves understood correctly.
It is that fundamental belief that has led to me being hyper-critical of my own communication my entire life
5:36 PM
There's a guy (I checked) at Academia who writes answers some consider offensive. They're usually very good answers though. He brings the answer as it is, even if it's not phrased particularly friendly. Does that mean he's unhelpful? Unkind? No. He's kind in his own way.
But I also stand behind the fact that one minority can benefit and we can still want to help others. To do something for one group isn't an exclusion of others.
@AGirlHasNoName I'm not going to tell you that you have to change what you believe in. But I have my doubts of that belief being particularly constructive.
StackOverflow is more for issues you are having, CodeReview is for having people review what you are doing and make improvements to working code. — MyNameIsCaleb 7 secs ago
@AGirlHasNoName Absolutely. And that answer doesn't say otherwise. I don't say otherwise.
A lot of people actually agree on this.
We can help one group without alienating 10 others.
I think it does. That answer says that "pandering to trans" is exclusive to others, particularly autistics.
5:38 PM
And that's one of the reasons why MSE is such a dumpster fire at the moment. SE screwed up. Big time.
This screw-up wasn't necessary.
The screw-up is there. I can't do anything about it.
It's not your problem to fix.
I feel like the backlash would have still been fairly bad.
Definitely not quite this bad
@AGirlHasNoName Eh, no?
I don't see it, anyway.
It says SE went out of their way to protect one class.
And that's absolutely true, they did.
which is okay!
5:41 PM
Nothing wrong with that on itself either, no.
Answer doesn't tell us otherwise.
Rome isn't built in a day
However, the way it's done offended/alienated/etc. a lot of other people.
Which is also true.
That's all that first phrase says. That the approach is wrong. Which most people agree on.
There's no judgement in it.
Well, against SE there is, not against a specific minority.
Again, it's not phrased politically correct. I can understand why you'd think it offensive at first glance.
I find it offensive beyond first glance Mast. It's okay to disagree on this though. I don't think either of us is going to convince the other.
Does it help you to find it offensive?
why would it?
5:46 PM
Just wondering, since you're so convinced it has to be offensive. I'm saying it should've been phrased better but not to assume ill intent.
@Mast The problem is the premise of that question is a pointed attack on the LGBTQ+ crowd, and as a result any answer that remotely agrees with the premise of the question is, in fact, dismissive.
Well, SO is no coding service and no code review platform. — csabinho 14 secs ago
I'm quite fed up with premises.
You know what assumptions are, right? To make an ass out of u and me.
The question isn't an attack.
> they can't follow the grammar rules they learned back in English class
It's one minority misunderstanding the hardships of another.
5:48 PM
8 mins ago, by Mast
It's not your problem to fix.
FWIW the fix is under way
That asserts that "grammar" is equal to persecution.
Which is kind-of what autistics are famous for, not understanding other people's hardships.
> I might get banned for a natural mistake
@410_Gone not true
@MathieuGuindon It's a quote. From the question.
5:48 PM
It has already been mentioned dozens of times that one mistake does not mean you will be banned. Repeated deliberate ones do.
@MathieuGuindon I'm quoting the question, sorry.[
yes, and there's a lot of more-or-less justified paranoia on MSE right now
Considering the things I have had people say to me with zero repercussions I can assure you no one is getting banned
OP there is genuinely ill-informed I suppose.
@Mast Thus, the premise is flawed.
Q: Did anyone consider the impact on autistics of recent Code of Conduct changes?

Arlie StephensFrom the answers I see on Official FAQ on gender pronouns and Code of Conduct changes it seems like a lot of people are unhappy because they can't follow the grammar rules they learned back in English class, or because they find the changes ambiguous, or various other objections I see more common...

5:49 PM
@410_Gone So? Point that out in an answer.
@MathieuGuindon they get removed. and that's it.
@MathieuGuindon so the new CoC is going to be one long series of ill-conceived, knee-jerk reactions after another?
I'm not saying there's a smart discussion going on. I'm trying to point out people should try to think so ill of their other users. People do misinformed things all the time.
Humans are bloody stupid.
the CoC in itself isn't the problem, the FAQ about it is.
CoC boils down to "be nice" as it always did
Some of them are bigots, probably too many of them. Doesn't mean everyone is.
5:51 PM
@MathieuGuindon With specific indication of "not using preferred pronouns is not nice."
Nothing changed, except SE made it more clear of what is, and is not, nice.
@410_Gone 'Preferred' might be the wrong term, I believe 'stated' is more accepted there, IIRC?
moderators are currently reviewing a revised FAQ strongly based on the community-provided one, should go public next Tuesday (10/22)
@MathieuGuindon Nice. Another step towards the right direction.
(That's not sarcasm, by the way.)
5:55 PM
@MathieuGuindon I don't entirely disagree but a tremendous number of people making it harder for the sake of making it harder are part of the problem too.
@AGirlHasNoName No kidding.
@Mast Does this equate to ignorance? The biggest problem I see is that people hate anyone that is different from themselves.
You would think that software engineers familiar with agile development (iterations on iterations) would understand that the CoC is a living document, and can be iterated on to make things more clear. You would also think they would understand that grammar is iterated on constantly.
You can literally boil societal development down to one really big agile lifecycle: try a thing and iterate.
@pacmaninbw Ignorance is a huge problem with hate. I agree with that.
@410_Gone Agile developers may not agree that any document is a living document. They seem to hate documentation.
6:00 PM
@AGirlHasNoName there undeniably is a certain amount of people for which XKCD 1357 comes to mind...
I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.
How would one dress up as a UDP packet? That's more conceptual than physical.
Greetings, Programs.
hey @Donald.McLean :)
@Donald.McLean Someone responded they wanted to dress up as a DDos Attack, but didn't have enough friends.
6:14 PM
And Greetings
My wife and I have our costumes planned, but not quite finished. The pressure is really on this year though.
We won the costume contest at the dance studio party for the last two years.
@pacmaninbw If you consider ignorance a stupid thing, absolutely.
@Donald.McLean Like the Grim Reaper. Assuming we're talking about a Usenet Death Penalty.
A joke I used to hear at the student's association goes like this:
What's the joke with an UDP packet?
What's the joke with an UDP packet?
What's the joke with an UDP packet?
What's the joke with an UDP packet?
6:39 PM
A: creating class from JSON with different types of a node

410_GoneYou need a custom converter. You are trying to convert a complex type, as a result Newtonsoft doesn't know what to do. The fix is rather trivial, and is documented here: Using a Custom JsonConverter to fix bad JSON results. Because links go bad, what you need is the below: class SingleValueArr...

Probably should have been closed but it worked out.
Q: Magic Square (Python)

EmmaProblem Write a method to return a boolean if an input grid is magic square. A magic square is a \$NxN\$ square grid (where N is the number of cells on each side) filled with distinct positive integers in the range \${1,2,...,n^{2}}\$ such that each cell contains a different integer and the s...

@Mast My favorite: "I would tell you a joke about UDP, but you probably wouldn't get it." (Source: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8466276)
finally gets the packet joke .... I need more caffeine
@MartinR The technically correct version would say ", but I'm not sure you'd get it."
@MathieuGuindon Right, you lot are lagging behind again. It's evening here already.
@MathieuGuindon You want to sleep tonight or not? :P
6:53 PM
@410_Gone When handling crap, wrap it before touching.
@Marc-Andre lol it's not even 3PM, I'm not worried :)
Good answer.
@Mast The other two answers are flat-out wrong.
sips giant McCafé
@MathieuGuindon Just compensate with alcohol in a couple of hours.
6:53 PM
@MathieuGuindon cough Wow.
@410_Gone Yup. Too bad we don't disqualify answers for being wrong.
> Of course, your json must be formed correctly in order to use it.
@410_Gone ..it's a million times better than Tim's ok!
Ain't nothing wrong with this person's JSON...>.>
@MathieuGuindon 3PM is my limit for caffeinated drinks...
6:54 PM
(Tim Horton's)
@MathieuGuindon cough I think I need to lie down.
@Marc-Andre haha mine is more like, uh... maybe 10PM
@MathieuGuindon Once saw that spelled "Tim Hortians" and I wasn't sure how I felt...
@MathieuGuindon You ninja'd my search. What's so bad about Horton's? The McCaf'e around here isn't very good.
it's basically dirty dishwater? other than that it's great...
6:55 PM
@MathieuGuindon Trivia fact: Do you know you know why? If not then some time ago Tim change suppliers for theirs beans and Mcdo took the opportunity to "book" (need citation but I read that somewhere)
@MathieuGuindon Oh, like Heineken.
Except that's dirty dishwater with alcohol, presumably.
@MathieuGuindon Call that "pee water" but with the slang word for pee.
@MathieuGuindon Only thing I can drink at Tim's now is the dark even that is last resort
Like Busch or any other american "beer".
@Marc-Andre same
6:56 PM
@Marc-Andre I prefer my coffee so black I can taste the dirt it grew in.
Tim's has been going downhill IMHO since 5 years or so
@Mast if your standard is truckstop coffee, it's awesome. if you're used to, say, Starbucks.... yeah.
Is Buckler still available in the USA + CA?
@MathieuGuindon Why do you like every terrible coffee?
Starbucks is garbage.
@MathieuGuindon A good truckstop here still has old filter coffee. Nothing beats it.
6:58 PM
@410_Gone Pricey garbage :)
Yeah, premium trash.
@410_Gone what do you drink? Dunkin Donuts' isn't an option!
Unfortunately a lot of truckstops serve trash now, yes.
@MathieuGuindon I buy Folgers at the store and brew my own. If that fails, gas-station coffee.
$0.95 for a cup of that
And if that fails, tea.
Like, if the coffee ain't black, I just drink tea.
We brew our own coffee at work. Since me and my chief are the first ones in, we get to decide how strong it is. Perfect.
6:59 PM
when I'm home I grind the beans myself. on the road Couche-Tard's is the best, next McD's, Tim last-resort.
I got banned from the work coffee machine.
@410_Gone If you ever go to China, don't drink coffee. It isn't coffee. Same for Korea.
Q: Synchronous use of Mongo-Scala Driver

djschwalThe Mongo-Scala Driver (v2.6) currently only supports asynchronous operations, although my use cases often seem to lend themselves well to synchronous reads. This may be to block downstream code execution, or to save off the result-set of documents for later use. I'm guessing there may be a way t...

@410_Gone Now that sounds like there's a good story behind it.
Two, actually.
7:00 PM
Oh, it gets better.
(You don't get "banned" from the work coffee machine for a single issue.)
Both were the same though.
What did you do?
For improving working code, you want Code Review. Also, you should provide output as well as input, to verify that everything's working correctly — G. Anderson 12 secs ago
Basically poured 3x the recommended concentration of grounds in it.
It was gritty...perfect.
Damn-near had to chew it.
Owner said "don't do that again."
So you did.
7:02 PM
So, next morning, I beat him to the machine by about 10 seconds, looked him DEAD IN THE EYES as I overloaded it.
Got the "you're not allowed to touch this ever again." "That's fine, it was worth it to see the look on your face."
His look was literally that Pikachu meme. Paint him yellow with red cheeks and there would have been no difference.
So, you did the sensible thing and got a cheap second-hand brewer for your office to use?
Nah I drink my coffee before I get in.
user image
It was literally that ^^ but for coffee
that's hilarious
7:11 PM
Nothing wrong with pouring asphalt.
@MathieuGuindon I cried the first time I saw it
7:59 PM
@Mat ^^
@Mast @MathieuGuindon Timmy's showed you
Q: Cleaner way to write this Python function?

ImNotLeetI don't develop for a living. If someone could point me in the right direction to make it more readable/pythonic I would appreciate the assistance. I have tried writing it as for workbook.add_chart({"type": "pie"}) as piechart to make it easier to read, but received a _exit error which I guess ...

@410_Gone /@Mast yeah yeah ;-)
Don't worry I'm on your side that place is a cancer.
8:21 PM
Q: LeetCode: Daily Temperatures C#

Giladhttps://leetcode.com/problems/daily-temperatures/ Given a list of daily temperatures T, return a list such that, for each day in the input, tells you how many days you would have to wait until a warmer temperature. If there is no future day for which this is possible, put 0 instead. ...

This sounds like a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com, though definitely check their help section as well. — David 49 secs ago
1 hour later…
9:37 PM
Also, OP: if when you have an idea of what the limitations of your calculator will be, you would like feedback on how to structure the classes and functionality of your code, you should definitely consider posting on the Code Review Stack Exchange which is dedicated to exactly that sort of thing — MyStackRunnethOver 30 secs ago
BTW.Monking, I think I forgot
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