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Q: Is string palindrome of a permutation?

ishyfishyI wrote code to determine if a string is a palindrome of a permutation. This exercise was taken from Cracking the Coding Interview. Code: #include <iostream> #include <string> /* * Determine if a string is a palindrome of a permutation. * For simplicity, assume each string contains ONLY al...

I just realized C++ and Java's foreach syntax is identical, as far as I can tell
12:17 AM
I would suggest Code Review. — zondo 38 secs ago
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Q: Map over object values and JSON parse

ThomasReggiHere's a small function to check if the property starts with [ or { and parse the value from a sting into JSON or an array. Properties might be a string or intiger also. import { mapValues } from 'lodash' export function resolveValues (data) { return mapValues(data, item => { if (item.mat...

12:48 AM
Q: Yet another bash backup script, using rsync --link-dest

ÉdouardI’ve written this bash backup script. It uses the --link-dest option of rsync; that way, the user have access to the backed data at any time stamped with relatively affordable data overhead. Any duplicated data should be hard linked; the overhead mostly come from the directory structure. It’s mo...

Q: How do I make this code (to iterate a list and call a function) simple and pythonic?

MartyI am writing a function to save ManyToManyField pk of relations to a model object. The list of relations looks like this, ({'publisher': 16, 'category': 13, 'authors': [35, 36, 37]},) and the function, def function_to_update_pk(obj, relation='category', pk): # do magic with relation, obj...

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Probably better asked on codereview.stackexchange.com — shonky linux user just now
@Mat'sMug I still have nightmares about Battery on Rock Band drums, talk about a workout
Good song though
I broke my GH drumset with For Whom The Bell Tolls
Going out with a bang I see ;)
@Phrancis That is a worse pun than Pastis's.
1:18 AM
Stephen Pastis.
Never heard the name
Well, now, ain't that too bad.
Maybe he'll appreciate the reference.
@Mat'sMug Old RB1 drumset still in pretty good shape, albeit I've had to replace the pedal once
How's it going?
1:24 AM
Here’s the GitHub issue on Homebrew’s new, silent, opt-out analytics tracking: https://github.com/Homebrew/brew/issues/142
I'm doing okay. I'm still doing my IRS work, looking for a permanent job, and maintaining a new OKCupid profile.
IRS going to keep you in after tax season?
Yeah, for a few months.
1:58 AM
I'm gonna pimp this answer, which hasn't been seen at all. It was also my first answer in months.
2:22 AM
@Phrancis actually it was with the intro ;-)
You came in with a bang :P
I suppose you went out with a fizzle.
1 hour later…
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Q: Counting sort using STL

ryanI'm trying to learn to use the C++ Standard Library and some of the modern C++11 features. Can someone review my counting sort algorithm below and critique my style/algorithm/use of the STL? Thank you! #include <algorithm> #include <chrono> #include <iostream> #include <iterator> #include <random>...

@200_success Thanks for adding on my question; I wasn't sure if it would be duplicative so I left it off.
Would also be appropriate? It's not a traditional factory (I don't think?), but does automate creation of function objects.
possible answer invalidation by IvanSp on question by IvanSp: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/126619/revisions
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Q: Can this code be optimised or improved?

CodeMaxxThis code used Youtube api for crawling through a youtube channel, parsing responses and syncing the channel videos with a local directory. import subprocess import os import urllib.request as urlreq import urllib.parse as urlparse import simplejson as json playlistIds = [] titles = [] def get...

4:06 AM
Q: Parsing a string

CodeMaxxThis is a piece from the complete program. What it does is parses mathematical expressions of the form (+(*3,x),5) to 3*x + 5 and store it in an object of class Formula. Add,Mul, Div, Exp, X, Integer and Symbols are derived from Formula class. Recursive strategy has been used to parse formulae wi...

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Whew, I know you've all missed me so much.
I've been on an epic journey of discovery as I've decided to do away with an IDE and just go with command line, for now, haha
I KNEW things were simpler when I was first learning this stuff. Because there was no IDE!
5:00 AM
possible answer invalidation by kirsten g on question by kirsten g: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/125424/revisions
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Q: Template Matching Code in Java

AsyifaI'm a beginner in java. I need help to use template matching in java. I have a vector faces in .txt format, also vector template of face features such as eyes, nose and lips. I should detect a new image with the template features of earlier use windowing process. the all of image data that must h...

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Q: Python Tuition base on hours 1.0

aliP L E A S E H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do I write a program that computes tuition and fees for student, based on the number of hours they take. number of hours must be between 1-20 fees per hour taken is $32 Tuition is $1524 if greater than or equal to 12 and if it is less than...

@CaptainObvious gimme the codez
Monking btw
6:26 AM
CR needs an on-topic question :)
Q: Evaluating Parser State

Mat's MugThe "parser state" of a module in rubberduck can be one of several values: //note: ordering of the members is important public enum ParserState { /// <summary> /// Parse was requested but hasn't started yet. /// </summary> Pending, /// <summary> /// Project references are...

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If your code works fine, question should be asked on Code Review Stack ExchangeRogalski 57 secs ago
Q: PMF in Python wrong output

Sitz BlogzI am trying to plot a PMF Probability Mass function for a discrete data and the program below give me an output of straight vertical line but not what I am looking for. Input #sportsnews,6 #abdvilliers,1 #triumph,1 #shoaib_brohi,3 #afternoon,1 #thegame,1 #jinx,1 #reversesweep,2 #englandteam,1...

Q: Message-Div animated with changing colors

st88I've made this animation with jQuery and Animate.css. Could be surely improved. Currently I'm using 125 (5^3) different colors. If one extends the amount of colors, or respectively the filling of the array one gets trouble with the computer-processing. Perhaps one knows an alternative for u...

7:15 AM
@Mat'sMug are you still around ?
monking @DanPantry
@EBrown I see a lot of hate on MySQL: Why? Just curious what is so bad about it. I've always defaulted to Postgres at any rate
7:35 AM
@DanPantry regarding the posted question(codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/126714/…) of Mat'sMug and my non native english :-( does "the state of the most advanced non-ready module" mean the state with the most progress ?
7:46 AM
@Heslacher That's how I interpret it without any knowledge of how Rubberduck works
Ok, thanks
7:56 AM
monking @all
Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Ackermann function
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Entity Database Add/Update method
moking @chillworld
how are u?
fine and you ?
Monking @all
8:14 AM
hey @Zak
now a calm period, been very busy for a long time
but overall pretty good ;)
monking @Zak
8:51 AM
monking @Mast
9:05 AM
@DanPantry MySQL? Where do I begin?
monking @Mast
How about a feature comparison?
See the column of "No" under MySQL.
Then there are MySQL Gotchas, which are significantly weirder than PostgreSQL's gotchas.
In my experience, MySQL's query optimizer sucks at handling complex joins, and has some pathological performance problems.
Then there are the different storage engines, each with their own quirks.
Just an arbitrarily selected excerpt from the 5.6.20 release notes:
> The mysqlhotcopy utility is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version of MySQL. Among the reasons for this: It works only for the MyISAM and ARCHIVE storage engines; it works on Unix but not Windows. Alternatives include mysqldump and MySQL Enterprise Backup.
MyISAM tables ignore foreign key constraints! That is, it allows you to write those constraints when defining the table with no complaints, but then there is no enforcement. You have to use a workaround based on triggers.
Their features don't seem very well thought out. For example, 5.7.8 reverts a bunch of changes made in 5.7.4.
Those changes (which are too complicated to quote here) deal with Strict SQL Mode. Why is there a Strict SQL Mode in the first place? Because their default mode is to accept a whole bunch of nonsense queries, including GROUP BY queries where some columns are neither part of the group nor aggregated.
Considering the way PostgreSQL is solidly engineered and keeps getting faster and better, and the doubts about Oracle's intentions for MySQL, I wouldn't bother with MySQL if I had any choice in the matter.
9:23 AM
Thanks for the info. I've never really looked into "why no MySQL" other than blindly following dogma.
It feels good to be educated. :)
You're welcome. It feels good to let it all out!
now you know how I feel about Angular!
and jQuery
Oh? Now it's my turn to be educated. Enlighten me.
It's all crap
(ATM I don't have the time to go into it)
Suffice to say I just spent.. an hour tracking down an issue due to interop between jQuery/Angular
Though they say a poor workman blames his tools
To TLDR it, Angular has a fair share of problems (Most of it is due to the fact all errors are detected at runtime/string typing/made in an error without module bundlers). jquery is just used too often by people who don't know why to use it other than SO told them to do so
these are much less quantifiable than a checklist of feature comparisons, though
"I don't have time to go into it" goes into it Nice one, Dan.
To be fair, that doesn't sound like a problem with jQuery, but rather a problem with noobs.
9:32 AM
Ah, no, jquery also has the issue of caching every element you pass to it.
Without telling you.
memory leaks 101
But that is my only issue with jQuery. I don't particularly see much point in it in day to day, but you're right - 99% of my issue is with noobs
Well, not noobs. Everyone was a noob at some point; just people who stubbornly refuse to be anything other than a noob.
So what do you recommend?
VanillaJS in place of jQuery unless you need to support <IE9.
jQuery's main place now is as a compatibility layer (and, honestly, Zepto is better at that due to being more lightweight).
Unless you absolutely need the jQuery plugin support (like we do) - then you want to use a custom build of jQuery and not the entire thing.
Interesting. Basically, jQuery without the historical baggage? But isn't that also what jQuery 2 aims for?
Yes, jQuery 2 does offer custom builds (which is why I mentioned it)
However, the way I see it is that, again, unless you need the plugin support, there's really no reason to use jQuery over vanilla
Vanilla itself is very concise
Certainly, any project that is at the stage of using ES6 with webpack or whatever really doesn't need jQuery
If you're not at that stage and just plunking together files inside a git repo without a build process, sure, jQuery might work for you
What about higher level frameworks? Your preferred alternative to Angular…?
9:41 AM
No question about it
Angular works and that's fine, but in my opinion it's too heavy weight and has its fair share of issues with a very large, non-transferrable learning curve
React is "just" JavaScript. If you know how JavaScript works, you know how React works, no questions asked
Whereas with Angular you have to learn all the propretiary directives, transclusion, compile, link, prelink, postlink, scopes...
Additionally React fails loudly at compile time if you make a mistake
I'll look into it more then. My first impression was that I was weirded out by JSX.
Angular will fail at runtime and it may even fail at runtime in production and not in test environments with the same code, just minified
JSX takes getting used to but it is really just function calls
<h1>Foo</h1> === React.createElement('h1', 'Foo')
You could even use createElement if you want, but that gets messy after a few nested calls, so some users prefer JSX
@200_success Just noticed that Postgres doesn't support stored procedures, but T-SQL does. Why is that, do you think? There's a push from one of our T-SQL DBAs to move some code from C# into T-SQL, but we're pushing back on that because it is significantly easier to develop non-performance critical code in C# using LINQ.
Sure it does. They're just called functions rather than "procedures".
Well, T-SQL supports functions too (I read the footnote). Aren't functions more in the mathematical sense than the generic, imperative "function" sense?
in the "procedure" sense.
9:47 AM
Oh, right
Not the Haskell sense.
That's what T-SQL functions are like, which is why I was confused
@DanPantry there's a few things you can do wrong there
first and foremost is using a Function / SProc where other tools would be better
I've seen too many functions that were actually views ...
also just because it's not performance-critical that doesn't mean you shouldn't get it into the Database
I agree there, but the scenario is being that it is a lot more... awkward, and difficult, to link sprocs up to EF
on the other hand, the rationale is that we want all sql developers to be able to modify the way the "db logic" works in our product - and not just the c# ones
even if adding a new column makes it all fall down like a house of cards
adding a new column usually doesn't impact a well-written SProc all that much
9:52 AM
it breaks EF
only exception would be adding a new mandatory column where the procedure inserts things
EF gets pretty angry when you modify the schema of anything without it knowing
Unless it's an optional parameter
EF is a pain, especially when you use it for more than dumbed down DB-First model generation
It is, but the only alternative is NHibernate
and we're already knee-deep in EF
I've worked with EF-frameworks a bit, however doesn't writing optimized queries completelyd efeat their purpose?
9:56 AM
entity framework frameworks? :p
The whole idea behind EF is that you can rapidly develop things by not having two worry too much about schema
It has two parts... migrations and an ORM
You kinda need an ORM in most cases anyway, and that's the part we use
@DanPantry Eh, meant ORM frameworks then ^^
I can't deny that I like it for developing (used it mainly in Grails), but once you get a query that's a little bit complex you're going to have a hard time
@skiwi reminds me of when my friend would say DPS per seconds ^^
Yeah, it's a no-brainer to put complex, or performance critical, queries in the DB - and we have done that
Q: Map a hierarchy of nested DTO objects to a list of business objects

Francesco B.Consider I download my data into this data structures: public class AThingDTO { int AID { get; set; } string AName { get; set;} Dictionary<int, BThingDTO> BThingsColl { get; set;} } public class BThingDTO { int BID { get; set; } string BName { get; set;} int AID { get; set; }...

Q: Best way to build a JSON API coupled with HTML views in a Rails project

LaurentI've got a Rails eCommerce project communicating with an iOS app. The iOS app receives JSON data from the Rails back-end, but there's also HTML rendering when a user comes to the project from his browser. They basically call the same actions (create, destroy, update, etc.) from both sides. /webs...

But there are simple ones that don't necessarily need to be in the DB and / or some sprocs that are simply doing far too much
@DanPantry So React is the way to go?
10:00 AM
@DanPantry That's the increase of DPS every second :p
@Mast As far as my opinion goes, yes.
So far React seems like a safe choice, it is very stable, it's used by one of the most valuable tech companies in the world..
And yes, Angular was developed by Google, but it recently underwent a massive overhaul and still has kept a lot of the bad stuff while trying to simultaneously catch up to React
For example their way of solving their use of inline html strings is... to introduce more complexity to the inline html strings
<input (change)='$ctrl.onChange' [value]='$ctrl.value' /> as an example
To JSX or not to JSX?
I am firmly in the JSX camp because after 2-3 levels of nesting it gets hard to read with React.createElement everywhere
I also think that <h1>Hello, World</h1> is much clearer than React.createElement('h1', 'hello, world').
With the first one you can easily see what's going on
Write code for programmers BrainRE, not compilers :-)
10:21 AM
> Now, I don't want you to think that I'm wearing rose-colored glasses over here. This still doesn't solve all our problems. For example, there's always IE
made me chuckle for some reason
This afternoon's going to be fun. I'm getting an admin login for the company we're acquiring. Time to go Data-Hunting ^^
admin login? did somebody say DROP TABLE?
@200_success I had to giggle at this because 'use strict' in js
Just a note to anybody who's ever having their company acquired. Good faith is admirable, but admin logins are the kind of thing you give out after the contracts are finally signed.
@Zak They haven't signed a contract yet?
@Zak time to blow up the deal??
10:33 AM
Q: Create a cache object in javascript

Marcus HMy intent is to use this object to cache data from web responses. The cache object should only be valid for the current data. var myCache = { Cache: { Date: '', Data: [] }, AddData: function(Name, Data){ myCache.CheckCache(); myCache.Cache.Data[Name] = ...

@CaptainObvious piano chord don't.
dun dun DUUUN
@DanPantry One has to make mistakes in order to get wiser
(Or to be ignorant and remain dumb)
Q: Check if one of several boolean is true

RoxI have 3 (or more) booleans and I want to implement a method that checks if exactly one boolean is true. My code for achieving this is below, but can I simplify this somehow? public static boolean checkIfOneBooleanIsTrue(boolean b1, boolean b2, boolean b3) { return (!((b1 ^ b2) ^ b3 &&...

10:50 AM
@DanPantry There's been a lot of back and forth, and we very much intend to acquire them, but final final terms haven't been agreed or signed yet.
98e30d8 26 hours ago
wut, git? why are you showing me 26 hours ago?
11:33 AM
Q: removing an object using lists, stack and queue

user103878Trying to remove all objects with the colour orange from my program which are in the list ,stack and queue. Currently having difficulty on how to progress from my code and just need to get an idea of how to start it properly. I've made an attempt but it just seems to keep creating more shapes. an...

Apparently, the director of our acquisition target has enough sense not to hand over admin access when we haven't signed final terms yet.
Q: Admin panel, secure login

MarcoI ask information to you that you are much more experienced than me that I am learning. I would like to create an administrative panel with the only possibility to be logged in to the admin. Your wisest thing which is to carry out safely login? Let me explain, I create a mysql database table cal...

@CaptainObvious @Zak related? ^^
11:50 AM
@Zak Smart guy.
12:10 PM
Q: A find method on a Product class

NotflipThe following class holds an array with products that are generated from a Json file. This is what the json file looks like [ { "id": "A101", "description": "Screwdriver", "category": "1", "price": "9.75" }, { "id": "A102", "description": "Electric screwdriver", ...

@CaptainObvious just... wat...
doesn't belong here. Or anywhere else for that matter
Q: What would be my performance gains in lazy evaluation of this list in java?

shrewquestSo what I need to perform is the contains and put methods in the code below. I could precompute the list of bit positions but for contains positions will be computed even if not required if the first approach is used. Which do I go with, do you have a better suggestion? private List<Long> getBit...

12:33 PM
Well, stats time.
Yesterday, we got 25 more accepted answers, 23 more questions were answered, 40 more answers were posted, 155 badges were earned, 191 comments were left, 24 more questions were asked, 1 more questions were unanswered, 94 users were created, and 310 votes were created.
Our question answer accept rate went up by 0.0321%.
Our question answer rate went up by 0.0017%, and our answer accept rate went up by 0.0194%.
@EBrown Graph time.
Q: AngularJS client side logging in a MVC Web Application

AlexeiBeing a newbie into AngularJS, I have overlooked the importance of client side logging until some non-reproducible client-side errors occurred and I realized that they were not logged. My Web application is developed using MVC 5 and AngularJS and my intention is to have a good client side loggin...

@Mast Working on it. :P
I still have some stuff to work out with D3.
Don't forget to turn the result into a CR question :-)
I literally just got home at 0830, went to work at 1500, so I've literally been gone for 17.5 hours...lol
12:47 PM
write it into a table and make a tikzpicture from it :)
All because I had to help a guy who got locked out of his car, then went to give a coworker a ride home.
matplotlib server side and serve the resulting image ^^
So, by the time we got to her town, it was 0650, so we got breakfast as well.
@Mast Eww no.
Last time I had to do something with graphs on a site that's kind-of what the result was though. It worked and was easy to maintain.
$ git log HEAD...
278789d in the future dan.pantry@creditsafe.com <fix info>
This is my favourite thing about our company laptops being 3 minutes behind actual UTC time ^^^
12:49 PM
It was like hammering a nail with a crowbar, but you know, that also works.
Yes it does.
I'm so tired.
And now I have to pick this woman up at 1515 to take her to work.
@DanPantry Wow, have fun debugging.
So now I'm basically going to be home from 0830 to 1430.
It's snowing outside.
Which is only 6 hours to sleep, eat, shower, shave, work, etc.
12:51 PM
It's almost May.
@DanPantry Good work Britain.
The weather doesn't give about your calendar.
@DanPantry Snow, in Cardiff?
How did you piss off the weather gods this time?
It's raining too, so we must have royally pissed them off.
12:52 PM
Sure the rain isn't for compensation?
"You shall look like you have dandruff. You may claim it is snow *but no one will believe you because it will have all melted on the floor MWAHAHAHA"
At least now the snow won't stick around.
@EBrown We're Britain. Whatever we did to piss them off, it happened a long time ago.
It's been snowing here, too
We had hail here, but no snow.
12:52 PM
checkmate global warming /s
I had hail this morning too, when I hailed a taxi.
We've had hail up here but that's it.
ba dum tss
Alright, nap time.
It took me forever to be able to watch the latest GoT last night, it is no wonder people pirate instead of watch HBO
12:55 PM
Seriously though. Britain sits at the confluence of 5 (6?) major weather systems. It is consistently unconsistent.
Not just at weather, either
We have 3 local tesco extras - consistent - within a square mile of each other
and all of them sell completely different products - inconsistent
but the benefit is that one of them always has pepsi max on offer...
Ferrel Cell, Polar Cell, Gulf Stream, Jet Stream, North Atlantic Drift, I forget the others.
My bad! Thanks guys! I'm going to post this code on codereview. — Phelipe Freitas 29 secs ago
Dear Windows:
index.html is not the same file as Index.html. thanks
@Zak First I thought you were listing batteries, then I thought you were listing airplanes.
12:58 PM
@Mast is it a battery? is it a plane? nope, it's super weather system man
here to give britains something to complain about
@DanPantry Dear Dan:
Stop capitalizing your filenames.
I'm not
Tell your co-workers to stop doing so.
They aren't either
It's Visual CaseInsensitive-Studio
Does VS capitalize your filenames?
1:00 PM
it'll do something like this:
I hope that's not a file name.
Welcome to IIS development
I rag on VS a lot, and to be fair, it is really good.. at being rubbish half of the time
I'm battling a Hydra
Kill one part of the bug and two other things break
1:21 PM
Q: Iterating through JS Array + Array Properties

Henry WartembergI' a bit of a novice I was hoping someone could point out what I am doing wrong. The idea is for searchArray to loop through array values &properties. It takes the arguments (property, value). When I run the function I get an error saying that p/property (hostname) is undefined. Is there someth...

Q: Improving function that does an animation with JQuery .animate()

Phelipe FreitasI'm newbie on js language. So i really appreciate any tip about how to improve my code. I'm used to code in java, then i want to know if has any way to abstract my function, because it has a lot of duplicated code, but i have no idea where to begin. I have to do more functions making a animation ...

These kind of questions belong here: codereview.stackexchange.comTobb 53 secs ago
Your last question about this was closed and you were told that there is a stack exchange site better suited for this kind of question. What is different this time? — Gerald Schneider 1 min ago
This is much too broad of a question. You should make an attempt at solving the problem on your own, and then ask questions if you have difficulties. Once you have a working solution, you can ask at the Code Review StackExchange site for how to improve it. — Roddy of the Frozen Peas 53 secs ago
@Duga help vampire alert.
not welcome here.
making the most of my camping experience, I haven't cooked a meal inside for the last week or two
#CodeReview https://t.co/HeFnovGgCy
1:31 PM
Q: dice throwing game

Tony StarkI'm a beginner trying to create a dice game according to the specification given below. Rather than asking other people to correct my code, I would much prefer to be given hints or general principles as to how my code could be improved. I think I can learn more this way. I have been told that the...

Q: Js game, concerned about code quality

Jonas GrumannI'm a front end developer and I've been working in the field for about 4 years. In these 4 years I have never had a code review session with my team all I know is pretty much self taught so I was wondering if someone could take a look at my code and point out the smelly parts. To explain it in tw...

@CaptainObvious title...
@Malachi Making grilling slightly less wrong :)
dead unicrons unicorns
@Malachi You look like @Phrancis but without the hat
(It's the beard)
my beard is better
1:37 PM
My friend asked me if I had a joke for everything. I replied yes, and they asked me if I had any jokes for beavers. I said "Damn".
@CaptainObvious How can you look at a 20-something line block of variable declarations and not see a problem? :(
for c++, do you guys use a full IDE or just an editor?
I've tried a bunch of IDEs, but I am tending to find using them to be just a little confusing. So I'm leaning back toward just using an editor and compiling/debugging with the terminal.
1:54 PM
@WaymanBellIII It Depends(TM)
Q: Ruby: simplify conditional statements

Graham SlickI have this method in my rails app: def find_or_create_session(fbid) @sessions = Session.all if @sessions.find_by facebook_id: fbid @session = @sessions.find_by facebook_id: fbid if ((Time.now - @session.last_exchange).fdiv(60)).to_i > 5 @session = Session.create(face...

anyone here have experience creating chrome extensions?
yeah, a little. what's up?
I think Jeroen has as well.
It appears you're asking for a code review, which would be appropriate on Code Review. Please review How to Ask, as this appears to be a highly opinionated question. — zzzzBov 59 secs ago
1:57 PM
it's pretty similar to a userscript, you just have the userscript headers in a json file
I am going to create the review queue notifier into a chrome extension, I haven't created one before, so I need to know who to bounce stuff off of...lol
awesome. so to start with I can just create a JS file with the userscript that I already have and then tweak it? add what I need? etc?
I just started from this and slapped my stuff on it
you have to have a manifest.json file, which holds all your script info like what urls to match, the name, the author, the icon file names
2:04 PM
this is the branch I am going to be working on
@JeroenVannevel lol, that is what I went to as well...
2:17 PM
Windows *shakes fist*
anyone know of a Stack Exchange API that lists the names and icons of all the stack sites? I can only find outdated API currently
I'm still doing it manually ;-;
there used to be an API, I think there still is, but it isn't in the same place it was in 2010
if I can get a hold of the API I should be able to make the Review Queue Notifier work on ALL TEH SITEZ
2:25 PM
@Quill why wouldn't that be a field in a database...........
Q: simple fetching data and conversion into json using two different pattern

Mr. DeveloperI'm trying to fetching the data and convert into json format. Some days ago I was using the mysqli but someone told me this is susceptible to SQL injections when i asked a question for code review. Now I'm trying to use PDO. Php Mysqli (Oop Based) $CompanyRes = array(); $Company = "select * fro...

it probably is... that doesn't mean SE are gonna share it anyway
I am sure that if I can find the Stack API and stuff that it will have a nice little json to give me....
oh hey, I should have just tried api.stackexchange.com
> be me
> try to contribute to OSS because some software isnt' working
> "just install another version of lodash"
> "but we need the newer version?"
> "tough"
??? the newer versio n is such a simple upgrade
unfortunately I can't even test this because the owner of the repo's entire build process just flat out doesn't work, lol
2:30 PM
in VBA Rubberducking, 1 hour ago, by bvukas
Hey guys, how's it going? I got the 2.0.1a.pre build compiled via VS2013 on my 32-bit virtualbox dev machine just fine (great!). However, when I'm about to load up VBE, I'm getting: "Rubberduck Add-In could not be loaded." I followed the instructions in:
sounds familiar
when it has to work, that's when Murphy's Law comes into effect
I think I found what I need
2:50 PM
It's not new questions, it always the same piece of code. If you really need a review of your code try it there : codereview.stackexchange.com it will fit far more. — Walfrat 35 secs ago
@Walfrat: No, it is not "the same piece of code" (though it is very similar). And code that doesn't work certainly doesn't belong on CodeReview. Please if you're going to be abusive to people at least get your facts right. :) — Lightness Races in Orbit 48 secs ago
Q: code safety C++ std::string

martijnn2008I am writing a class that has a few std::string as member. I can't find clear guidelines how use them in a safe way. Are std::string any different then int when we are talking about class members? Do I initialize the strings in the correct way? (How) can I improve the constructor? I made the fol...

Q: Is this question bad? Is the code bad? Why has it not received any answers?

lowtechsunI am trying to get an answer to this question. Is the question wording bad? Is the code bad? Why has it not received any answers? Thank you for any tips on how to improve the question so that it might get an answers.

3:22 PM
Q: Function that creates an object graph from database rows

Alex BookerUsing a low-level database driver called mysql, I run a query against the database: var connection = ... var query = '\ SELECT \ `poll`.`id`, \ `poll`.`question`, \ `pollOptions`.`id` AS `pollOptions.id`, \ `pollOptions`.`text` AS `pollOptions.text`, \ `pollOptions`...

I just asked to put red text on a red background. No one sees the problem. Or the text, apparently.
possible answer invalidation by David de la Iglesia on question by David de la Iglesia: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/126521/revisions
@DanPantry Lol
You are obviously seeing issues that nobody else is seeing
3:38 PM
@StackExchange +50 bounty is up @JavaScriptReviewers
interestingly it seems OP's meta post is also going under the radar
Q: Simulating character selection with JOptionPane

EridanI am writing a program to simulate some parts of the popular game Hearthstone by Blizzard Entertainment in Java. The first thing that happens in any game is the selection of the character each player will play as, called the "hero." I decided to use JOptionPane to create dialog boxes for this sel...

Q: Removing duplicate characters from a string

Blitz RaketeI implemented a function removeDuplicates which takes 1 parameter, a std::string, and returns a std::string without the duplicate characters. Example I/O might look like this: removeDuplicates("hello"); //--> "helo" removeDuplicates("this is easy"); //--> "this eay" Here is the function: std...

Since you have a working code, this question belongs to Code Review. — icza 51 secs ago
if your code is actually working, and you'd like to know how you can make it better, then this looks like a candidate to move to codereview.stackexchange.comJeff Puckett II 56 secs ago
is it just me or we had a CSS update overnight?
i think I'm goign to end up choking on the about of red tape I'm having to go through
I'm not noticing anything @Mat'sMug
So I have to set up 2 new users and each user requires manual set up of a user in 5 different systems
something changed with syntax highlighting, the colors are different
3:53 PM
@icza note that his code is not complete, which is a requirement of Code Review. He asks to store the output in another csv, which is not implemented currently. — Adam Smith 46 secs ago
@Mat'sMug So,we lost power to the entire industrial estate. ETA is no power until maybe 8pm this evenibg.
@AdamSmith Yes, but the question does not relate to the missing part, but to the existing and working part. Asker wants to optimize the presented and working code - hence it belongs to Code Review. — icza 15 secs ago
@Mat'sMug I'm just noticing that as well, the colors aren't the same as SO's now
Wait... SO's look different too
@Mat'sMug Sorry, didn't mean to ping you.
And yes, I see the irony ^^
Q: Syntax highlighting for strings is hard to see now

MichaelMany of the recent color changes to Stack Overflow have been welcome, but I find it frustrating that the syntax highlighting no longer colors strings and numbers in an easily identifiable color. I can't tell the difference between #4a1c21 (CSS .str, .lit) and #181a1c (CSS .pln) with any reliabil...

@Mat'sMug ^^
Higher contrast colors, pretty!
4:01 PM
These new colors feel like they're straight outta Sesame Street. — j08691 5 mins ago
^^^^ that
HTML/XML formatting certainly look more like the Prettify originals
Q: Create an array with random numbers

Anatolyprivate static byte[] GenerateData(long size) { var result = new byte[size]; new Random().NextBytes(result); return result; } Is it good, robust and efficient solution?

4:18 PM
@CaptainObvious not much to say about such a small, simple method...
@Phrancis I don't like it. They have to put the BLOODY (well, red) back into XML markup!
Might be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com. — Ayush Goel just now
Q: Optimization of rolling OLS algorithm in a dataframe (Python - Pandas)

skylineas stated in the title, I want to be able to find a solution to run the following code in a much faster fashion (ideally something like dataframe.apply(func) which has the fastest speed, just behind iterating rows/cols- and there, there is already a 3x speed decrease). The problem is twofold: ho...

Q: Fullscreen overlay NSWindow using constrainFrameRect(_:toScreen:)

milosA project I'm working on requires a fullscreen overlay NSWindow that must be trusted to stay fullscreen no matter what. Rather than subscribing to NSApplicationDidChangeScreenParametersNotification ... or CGDisplayRegisterReconfigurationCallback ... it turns out that we might merely overri...

I have posted the question in Code Review forum as well. Let's see if I get any help over there. — mandeep_m91 38 secs ago
Cross-post on Code Review. — Phrancis 22 secs ago
4:36 PM
Q: Golang: reading and processing a big csv file

mandeep_m91I am quite new to Golang. I am trying to write a script to read a csv file containing 1 million domain names, lookup these domain names and store the results in another csv file. I am trying the following code. But the number of records I am able to parse with time is quite less. I want to optimi...

If you can edit the title to succinctly explain what the code does, and expand a bit about the surrounding context in the question body, this would be a perfect question for Code Review. — Mat's Mug 53 secs ago
Q: Is it good idea to make request wait untill new update with long poll and comet?

hackerxI have created some chat sistem that can make open connection more than facebook chat.I finally created some chat sistem that send request and wait maximum 3.1 minutes however facebook chat can wait 50 second for this.Is it good idea to open connection without limit?I want to learn that is it goo...

Q: Freakin .htaccess is killing me... images/css not loading sometimes just the code loads - using host gator file manager

My Brain HurtsSo I have a been trying a lot of different htaccess codings to clean up my url but am not even able to simply remove .html without something going wrong Code Im using: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.html -f RewriteRule ^(.+)/$ $1.html [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRul...

@CaptainObvious sounds like "Freakin" broken code
@Phrancis Yup. Close it.
@StackExchange Mug put a bounty on it, that should help :P
4:58 PM
someone add something to the review queue!
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