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RELOAD! There are 1646 unanswered questions (94.3846% answered)
12:27 AM
@Duga Is it that time already?
12:40 AM
This type of question belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comforgivenson 31 secs ago
@Mast Actually, the damage left by the bullet entering your body is what (may) kill you.
Hey @IsmaelMiguel
@SirPython How is it going?
It's going well, thanks. And you?
I'm alright
Actually, I'm not, but that doesn't matter (specially for this chat)
12:44 AM
Also, it appears as if your code works correctly, but you are just unsure whether there's a better solution. This question would probably fit better on SE CodeReviewTas 10 secs ago
Do you want to help me to write a question?
Sure, but we should go to a different chat.
Nth monitor or Javascript libraries?
I'm there
1:40 AM
> First, it’s a capacitive sensor. If a thief cuts off your thumb, or kills you, it won’t work. It needs living tissue. (I’d be interested in the QA protocol for validating this.)
1:57 AM
@Hosch250 A thumb of a couple of minutes old would probably work.
@Mast No, it senses the pulse.
@Hosch250 Yea, like it's hard to fake a pulse.
The pulse and the heat. A thumb a couple minutes old would not have the pulse anymore, and it probably wouldn't have much heat left either.
I wrote a FizzBuzz question and now I'm wondering whether I should post it now or wait a little.
Also, I believe it senses electrical pulses from the nerves.
1:59 AM
That would be a very sophisticated module if it does all that.
@Mast Hopefully it isn't one method.
Yea, but doing all of those is usually quite expensive to put all in the same box.
Those boxes have limited size as well.
@Hosch250 Random said post it now.
Get out, it's too late for me, save yourselves while you still can. Project Euler's got me.
It's too mathy for my taste.
Q: Project Euler #1-3 in VBA

ZakI decided to keep doing problems until there was a nice substantial chunk of code to look at. Here we go: Option Explicit Public Function ProjectEuler1() As Long '/ Problem statement: sum all multiples of 3 and 5 from 1 to 999 Dim total As Long Dim i As Long For i = 1 To ...

Q: Move Row When a "Y" is place in the Column P to another Worksheet (Completed WRNS)

TysonI am having trouble with finding a way to tackle this. I currently have a Worksheet labeled "Work Release Notice Register" and when i have a row complete i want to put a "Y" In Coloumn "P" respective with the row and that row will move to WorkSheet "Completed WRNS" Can you please Assist. Regards

2:10 AM
@CaptainObvious @Zak "I decided to keep doing problems until there was a nice substantial chunk of code to look at. " --> Needs a bit more meat, anhd some love
Hey, at least I'm not about to start posting them 1 by 1 :)
One thing
1 minute
Public Function KeepDividingWhileInt(ByVal numToDivide As Long, ByVal divisor As Long) As Long

	Do While numToDivide Mod divisor = 0
		numToDivide = numToDivide / divisor

	KeepDividingWhileInt = numToDivide

End Function
Does this work?
I would assume it does, but I'm not sure
Yep, I did actually test my functions before I posted them :)
Debug.Print TypeName(CLng(42)/CLng(2))
@Zak I'm asking if the new version works with your code.
2:18 AM
Now that's something new...
@IsmaelMiguel What do you mean by new version?
@Mast what's your title?
@Zak Can you test the KeepDividingWhileInt I wrote in the chat and say if it works or not?
I just finished my first ArnoldC script, it seemed appropriate
2:19 AM
Oh, right, that's a proposed modification?
SE doesn't agree.
wait, are you creating an tag??
@Mat'sMug :-D
I'm proposing tag synonym then
though, there's no hyphen in the name of the language.
2:20 AM
@Mat'sMug I think everybody will accept it
ah, ok then
@IsmaelMiguel Yes, it works
@Zak Then answer incoming in 5
I'm going to use that title anyway, it's not against the rules IIRC
oh hey @mjolka, lunch break already?
2:21 AM
@IsmaelMiguel Very elegant :)
@Mast why not just "Asta la vista, baby"
hmm I guess it doesn't say much about what the code does
@Mat'sMug , , pure madness recently
@Mat'sMug I was going to save that for the next one.
@Quill i'm currently funemployed, so i'm always on lunch break
But it would work.
Plenty of lousy one-liners to pick from.
2:23 AM
sometimes people write better titles for you
I remember the edit war over my CR design q's title
WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO WRONG doesn't appear to be stopped by the filter.
No, stay civil.
the F word will be redacted, promise
I don't get a pop-up warning me about it.
@mjolka that sucks sounds really good
in other news, we are 35 minutes away from the first tag badge being awarded
2:25 AM
Brainfuck does give an in-your-face notification, FUCK doesn't.
The filter is broken.
@Mat'sMug are you going for one?
200_success has the qualifying number of answers, and tag score
and unless I'm mistaken tag recalc is at 3AM, Zulu time ..which is in 33 minutes
are they daily?
I'm back from a fingerprinting session for an IRS position. I'm now in the federal database. :-)
@Jamal Like you weren't already :p
2:29 AM
Not with my fingerprints, though. The state already has them as part of my drivers license.
@Mast Consider writing in the shakespeare language too :P
Auto-indent is broken...
@Mat'sMug Copper, right?
bronze, actually
Oh, yea, ofc.
@Zak Feel free to review my review. Just want to be sure I didn't made any mistakes.
2:36 AM
Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12% tin and often with the addition of other metals (such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc) and sometimes non-metals or metalloids such as arsenic, phosphorus or silicon. These additions produce a range of alloys that may be harder than copper alone, or have other useful properties, such as stiffness, ductility or machinability. The historical period where the archeological record contains many bronze artifacts is known as the Bronze Age. Because historical pieces were often made of brasses (copper and zinc) and bronzes...
I know the difference.
My translation matrix is screwed up I guess.
Surely then, this should be the lolcats age :)
I made a tag. With a wiki. Now someone needs to accept it, since I can only make suggestions...
Q: You have no respect for logic

MastInspired by Hosch250, TopinFrassi, Legato and the recent milestone of having our 100th fizzbuzz question on Code Review I decided to add a ArnoldC FizzBuzz to the collection. 200_success, congratulations on being the first to reach a high enough score on fizzbuzz to be awarded the bronze badge! ...

@Mast Approved.
You need one more on each.
I can only suggest for mine, but I can approve for others.
Wait a second. I do NOT remember posting that screenshot!
2:43 AM
Q: You have no respect for logic

MastInspired by Hosch250, TopinFrassi, Legato and the recent milestone of having our 100th fizzbuzz question on Code Review I decided to add a ArnoldC FizzBuzz to the collection. 200_success, congratulations on being the first to reach a high enough score on fizzbuzz to be awarded the bronze badge! ...

Oh, someone else posted it, but the image didn't come in for them.
Oh, and now the code properly indents.
My browser is a bit iffy today...
@Hosch250 So you posted it. So now it's your fault ^^
Where's the window, I need to throw best practice out of it
That is one language I'm not interested in writing.
2:45 AM
I want to write more Whitespace.
@Hosch250 ` `
Tell you what. If I get 500 past 25k, I'm going to post a huge bounty on that whitespace question.
Only, I'm not having that much rep go to waste. One of you guys will have to promise to answer it first.
Don't write Whitespace. Chat can't handle it, not even in code blocks.
Chat can't handle the tabs, anyway.
I got 147/150 out of my proposal.
Still no word on my 250pt recommendation report.
what question?
2:49 AM
@Quill are there that many questions out there? ;-)
The only one:
write a fizzbuzz for it @Hosch250
Try writting in tinyall (invented by me)
@Quill Too easy. I'm going to write a number guesser.
@Hosch250 it's just required
like there has to be fizzbuzz for every language
2:52 AM
What is the tag for question inspired by others?
@Hosch250 There is none.
@IsmaelMiguel That's it.
Q: To "this" or not to "this"?

Rahul DesaiI was given a homework and I have 2 solutions: one that uses this and other one that doesn't. I tested it on jsPerf but sometimes it says the version with this is faster or sometimes the other one. So I think I cannot really rely on jsPerf. But then, should performance be always the top priority...

, if you're improving an existing one
@IsmaelMiguel Yes, but the meaning slightly differs.
Inspired and improving aren't the same.
for some values of "slightly"
@Mat'sMug Has it come yet?
Well, we don't have to be pedantic about everything
33 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
I'm proposing tag synonym then
2:54 AM
We can slightly overlook the differences
There isn't a question yet!
An upvote to the first person to post one!
@IsmaelMiguel Blasphemy
@IsmaelMiguel It's in our genes.
I know, I know... But it feels good to not be pedantic for once. (Or always, as me)
If I'm not pedantic about something when I can be, I have a guilty conscience.
That should be CR's slogan.
2:57 AM
I'm pedantic about being pedantic :)
@Zak Talking about being pedantic, what are the rules about using periods when a smiley is at the end of a sentence?
Thanks, I'm using git-review and when I try to push 2 commits onto gerrit, it says: ----- You are about to submit multiple commits. This is expected if you are submitting a commit that is dependent on one or more in-review commits. Otherwise you should consider squashing your changes into one commit before submitting. ------ This means We should push only one commit for code review once. — herbertD 27 secs ago
Would it be no period (like this :)), period smiley (like this. :)), or smiley period (like this :).)?
@Hosch250 Would it depend on the amount of periods in the smiley?
@Mast No. A smiley is an atomic unit.
3:00 AM
┗( ⊙ .⊙ )┛
(Queue you guys being pedantic and saying it is made of of atomic units (characters).)
BTW, I know that English technically does not allow nested parenthesis, but that is plain dumb, as all programmers know.
Well, probably not all programmers. Am I not a good pedant?
Oh dear, did I scare everyone away with my pedantry?
Not yet.
Although I should take a quick nap. My boss is not amused when I skip nights, for some reason.
Caffeine solves a lot.
@Hosch250 Personal preference
Personally, I tend not to use periods, brackets etc. after smileys
@Mast I both haven't had a coffee and have been working for 5 hours, with 3 hours worth of sleep last night... my mind actually aches right now. I need coffee ;-;
for smileys at the end of a bracket, I tend to either use ^^ or leave a trailing space
3:14 AM
@Zak Flagged for not enough pedantry.
When you typecast in C#, is it best practice to do like (byte) Foo.Bar or (byte)Foo.Bar? (Notice the space)
Q: java code required assp

dasaniGiven a text file that has the following contents, Filename: studens.txt David, CS480, 7, 8, 9 Lily, CS510, 5, 6, 7, 8 Tom, CS510, 10, 10 , 9, 10 Peter, CS480, 10, 10, 9, 10 Tom, CS480, 5, 5, 9, 5 Write a program that perform the followings: Define a data structure that stores the data from t...

3:45 AM
this might get more attention and love on codereviewShawn Mehan 20 secs ago
Q: A recursive program that attempts to solve an extremely large number

immmjimmyimport java.math.BigInteger; import java.io.PrintWriter; import java.io.IOException; public class RecursiveProgram { BigInteger test = BigInteger.valueOf(30); BigInteger zero = new BigInteger(Integer.toString(0)); BigInteger one = new BigInteger(Integer.toString(1)); BigInteger t...

Q: Make A column rowspan the rows with the same Group in coldfusion

Loveth YoungI am writing a Software for a company. Please friends, I want you to help me. This company is a paint company that has different Product Type and Paint Type and colors. A way bill will be generated showing the item no, the description, the quantity, and the remark. I am sorting by the Product Typ...

3:56 AM
A: Output Tildes and Pluses

Mat's MugI know nothing of whitespace, but your code strikes me as something like this: ... Console.Write("+"); Console.Write("~"); Console.Write("+"); Console.Write("+"); Console.Write("~"); Console.Write("+"); Console.Write("+"); Console.Write("~"); Console.Write("+"); Console.Write("+"); ... You hav...

feels quite a lot like
@Mat'sMug Regarding Do While ... It's just the structure I initially encountered while learning the language.
eh, it's just as good! IIRC there are 7 ways to make a loop in VBA
hey @Mat'sMug:
37 mins ago, by Quill
When you typecast in C#, is it best practice to do like (byte) Foo.Bar or (byte)Foo.Bar? (Notice the space)
4:05 AM
@Mat'sMug hmmm. For, For Each, Do While, Do Until, While Wend, what are the other 2?
I like (byte)Foo.Bar better. I have to think more if there's a space
Yeah, I'd agree. Thanks
1. For...Next
2. For Each...Next
3. Do...While
4. Do...Loop
5. Do Until...Loop
6. Do While...Loop
7. While...Wend
8. GoTo / GoSub+Return
9. (general forms of call recursion)
10. hula (hoop, not loop lol)
4:08 AM
@Zak indeed
I've never liked putting loop conditions at the end of a loop
Violates the principle of BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front)
me neither. it's just nicer to read the top line of a loop and knowing what the exit condition is right away
4:21 AM
Q: Largest SubSequence in an array

devdropper87I wrote the following function to find the largest contiguous subArray of increasing numbers (ie not sorted per se, just the next number has to be greater than the previous). How could I improve this function? if there are multiple subarrays of the same length, return the first one, and if the...

4:42 AM
@Mat'sMug You won the checkmark.
I'll have to post a follow up.
Q: A better mt_rand

Shawn RaloffI know this question gets asked a lot and there are many answers. But I was playing around with random number generation as an exercise in writing classes (I did things very old fashioned and my son challenged me to update my skills). I wrote this huge class for generating random numbers thinki...

4:59 AM
1 hour ago, by Duga
this might get more attention and love on codereviewShawn Mehan 20 secs ago
wah, that feed is slow!
5:17 AM
'night all
The algorithm looks ok to me. Since you're just adding 1 each time you could use InterlockedIncrement() instead. Are you having a specific problem with your code? You may have better luck on codereview if it's just general feedback you're after. — Jonathan Potter 23 secs ago
I feel like this would be a perfectly decent answer on most SE sites, but isn't really a useful Code Review answer. thoughts?
A: Project Euler #1-3 in VBA

Joseph MalleRegarding efficiency: Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems -projecteuler.net (my emphasis) Imagine you had to do this all by hand. For the first problem, you would have to check 999 numbers. That would take a while! If you had these problem...

Q: Ordering an array such that a1>a2<a3>a4

user2507845I am trying to work out a solution. There is not much more info from the question apart from what I have shown in the header. public class ArrayRearrange { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub int[] a = { 2, 1, 4, 6, 5, 3, 7 }; ...

5:39 AM
This answer does not really review OP's code. Please see what makes for a good CR answer? on our meta. — Mat's Mug ♦ 15 secs ago
It is sort of bad, but it actually contains some really good advice.
How would you solve it if you had to do it by hand?
Spend years doing it the computer way, or spend some time figuring out the simpler way to do it?
Hi, @schauk11erd.
Hey :)
What's up?
Was checking the "Hot Network Questions" and somehow ended up in here. :D
5:53 AM
Sorry to disappoint you. I don't have anything to be reviewed ;P
Oh, you do. You just haven't posted it yet.
Well, true.
I'm heading off again. Hope to drop by some time, when I got something interesting to share. See you all.
See you.
My latest fetish is playing minesweeper without using the bomb markings and just keeping track of everything in my head.
6:31 AM
Looking through an old Loki question: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/79279/…
Only issue I see is this:
template<typename T>
inline T JsonParser::scan()
    char*   end;
    T value = scanValue<T>(lexer.YYText(), &end);
    if (lexer.YYText() + lexer.YYLeng() != end)
        throw std::runtime_error("ThorsAnvil::Serialize::JsonParser: Not an integer");
    return value;
It doesn't have to be an integer:
void JsonParser::getValue(int& value)                           {value = scan<int>();}
void JsonParser::getValue(long& value)                          {value = scan<long>();}
Unless I'm missing something and that is only hit for integers...
6:45 AM
Q: code for eigen value

riemannOkay, I have a collumn stochastic matrix of order 280×280280×280, the entries are given in an url in some webpage in row format. I need to find all the eigen values and eigen vector corresponding to the eigen value 11 How can I proceed for that? What are the quick online tools are there?could yo...

7:27 AM
Q: Ensuring that events raised by system.diagnostics process class happen in the parent thread

EvanI'm quite new to threading primitives in C# and was hoping you might be able to suggest improvements to this. I need to ensure that the XXX call below happen within the calling thread (XXX is a foreign call into a thread-unsafe library), so I used a queue here. It seems a bit like there should be...

7:46 AM
Q: NAry Tree implementation In C#

Uit 14bsPlease Review my code. Here I implement N-Ary tree in C#. namespace ConsoleApplication1 { public class tree { public int info; public tree child; public tree siblings; public tree(int data) { info = data; } } public clas...

8:25 AM
If your code already works fine, have a look at codereview.stackexchange.com this community is especially for improving already working code — T3 H40 14 secs ago
8:52 AM
Q: AngularJs service for image resizing before uploading

ReinisI have a code that I want to use on a user uploaded image to make it smaller than 1280x1024 at the same time making the pictures size smaller (function () { "use strict"; var app = angular.module("app"); app.service("imageService", ["$q", function ($q) { var imageurl = win...

9:07 AM
Great. I've come down with ill-enough-to-feel-terrible-but-not-enough-to-justify-staying-off-work syndrome
Q: Binary tree , count elements in tree , generic method

OWEN95So i am currently struggling to get my code working , i think its something simple but i just cant see the problem. Im hoping somebody here can.. relevant code: public class Prog { public static <T extends Comparable<T>> int getCount(BST<T> tree) { // Your code goes here. Retur...

Was meant to be in work at 7am. Arrived at 9am. woops
Q: How can I set maximum number on displaying result - Java

DukagjinHow can I set the maximum number of displaying result for example in calculator coding with Java. Example in txtField to display 10 numbers: 1234567890

9:24 AM
@CaptainObvious No code, no clue.
@DanPantry Done that one before. Thought I was on a 12am shift, turns out it was meant to be 9am.
Q: A beginners first attempt at a text adventure

Michael JohnsonI'm a (struggling) beginner trying to get to grips with creating a classes/ function based text adventure game. The code below is the early stage of my game so far. I wondered if anyone could suggest any changes/improvements and also address the following two issues I currently have: 1) exit(1)...

@CaptainObvious @Zak Next time you suggest an edit, try to be as complete as possible. If it's only a minor improvement, you risk your edit being rejected.
@Mast Honestly, I was just passing by, saw something that could be edited and put it in.
@Zak I know. But once you've taken the effort to start editing, it's good practice to try and finish the deal as far as possible, especially when suggesting edits. Once you have instant edit privileges people don't care on Code Review since posts won't automatically go Community Wiki here anyway.
On other SE sites that's a problem though.
The queues at CR aren't big, but if you take SO, the queue with edits is long. Very long. So it's good habit to do as much as possible at once.
Just noticing, I know you mean well.
9:39 AM
Ah yes, that's a good point I hadn't considered.
Duly Noted.
The contagious period ends right around when you start to sound sick over the phone, which is probably evidence of cold viruses evolving to spread optimally in the workplace.
@RMunroe XKCD, you have an incredible sense of timing.
bbl guys I have to actually concenrate to get thsi stuff done on time
@Mat'sMug @RubberDuck These 2 of mine are in danger of becoming bona-fide VBA zombies. #1 #2
9:58 AM
@skiwi What am I looking at here?
My lecture, and Sinterklaas obviously
10:13 AM
@skiwi I believe that is a Drum, not Sinterklaas. Nice try tho ;-)
Q: Wrapper for dynamic array in C

変幻出没Since it is quite a hurdle to manage dynamic arrays in C I wrote a simple generic wrapper to handle a pool of pointers. To prevent internal fragmentation when deleting and appending again I store the real indexes in a secondary index array. Do you see any flaws in my code? Would you have any sugg...

Now the big question is, what should I do ? Adding some code to a CR answer of mine or doing some work of my job ?
10:34 AM
I miss my old job some days. It left me plenty of time for CR. The new one not so much...
Only in the Netherlands
I am so tired of seeing those fking yellow jelly beans
10:50 AM
@DanPantry I think they're cute :p
They were cute the first time.
You know what the problem with writing code in new languages is? Nobody wants to review them ^^
We have a massive minion teddy bear in work that was stuffed between a whiteboard and a wall so it stayed in place
Every time I walk past it I have to resist the urge to punch it out of it's space
@DanPantry At least that one is somewhat useful :
@Mast This would be ArnoldC?
10:52 AM
@Zak Well, yea, but it also works on languages not often used by hobbyists.
theonion is blocked in work because it's "Humour".
We got an awul low amount of MATLAB and VHDL questions here.
If there's a new C++ standard it will take a while before people are going to review it as well, while people may show up way earlier with questions.
I need 19 rep to move to the 3rd user page. Time to finish the next piece of code I guess.
Monking folks
The Onion isn't humour, it's the most reliable news source.
LOL, out of 6 answers the 5 answers which provided code won't produce the same result like the code out of the question. Glad that I didn't post code ;-)
The first fixed but having another flaw.
The second now fixed but introduces another flaw
11:17 AM
Time to sort them out?
Q: Strategy pattern implementation feedback

mitomedI would like to have some feedback on my code, basically because I have been spending a few hours visiting other options before I ended up with this one, so I'm not sure I'm clear enough to value it. I have an API controller that gets and stores products in a memcached database, they will fall i...

They are fixing the code. Only @TopinFrassi is left to fix his
11:32 AM
already 1000 issues on the VSCode bugtracker
I love bugtrackers
I'm proud to have contributed 3 issues
@JeroenVannevel You're supposed to solve them, not create them
11:46 AM
acknowledging the problem is the first step
that's the step I take
the subsequent steps are for others
@JeroenVannevel So Annakin was really just trying to help by pointing out the flaws in the JEDI's collective security :p
so that's why the younglings had to die
It's POOF in 7.0
12:02 PM
Q: Course record java program

user91351package mylib1; import java.util.*; public class Student { private int m_CID ; private String m_Course; private String m_Short ; public Student( int no , String coursename, String shortname ) { m_CID = no; m_Course = coursename; m_Short = shortname; } public int g...

@CaptainObvious broken
This is not the right community to ask this question. Ask on gamedev.stackexchange.com - they eat particle emitters for breakfest. — Den 9 mins ago
12:25 PM
How about FuckYou? — coderodde 46 secs ago
If anyone can help, would be much appreciated
Q: Cannot set reference to RefEdit Form Control

ZakWhen dealing with UserForm input, I prefer to create objects and set them equal to the various controls. Despite my best efforts, I cannot set a reference to a RefEdit control without triggering a compile error. I have checked that I have the correct references, tried both the options provided in...

Ya know I can do this all day, don't you? — coderodde 30 secs ago
@rolfl Yay, a new source of validated flags :)
Unusual to see an otherwise decent-rep, reasonable user suddenly become a troll
12:43 PM
I skimmed other comments, and they seem generally fine though possible a bit short with people. That can translate to being bad at taking advice.
Yeah, I did a standard comment search and found nothing else flag-worthy. A couple of maybe "not very constructive" but nothing that I would normally clock as inappropriate.
The best option would be to develop the app according to best practices then completely hand it off to the client and make it clear its their responsibility to perform the necessary documentation and code review tasks. — Alex K. 15 secs ago
@Zak If something is flag-worthy, it usually gets flagged and removed. It doesn't happen much at CR that flag-worthy comments stick around for long.
So not finding any doesn't say squat.
possible answer invalidation by SuperBiasedMan on question by Pigna: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/112735/revisions
Hello again everyone :-)
12:55 PM
Q: Bash script - if and else if statements

Maciej CyganI am quite new to bash scripts so take it easy on me;). I have a file which does some checks before initiating a /warner file which sends an email. No what the script should do is: If the word 'rror' is to be found in the log file and if the file is younger then 24 hours > send failed email...

@Duga Eh, @SuperBiasedMan, what's happening there?
@Mast Oh, I added the explanation of the challenge and included some code formatted data.
It's all new stuff I added, nothing affecting the OP's code.
@Mast that's the excerpt from euler
(just in case link goes dead I'm going to assume)
@SuperBiasedMan Ah, I see, a classic 'OP forgot to add the challenge description' edit.
Unless you're confused about <pre> that's weird magic that formats code in quote blocks.
Yeah. Even if the link doesn't die, people like me are lazy and wanna see it in that post.
12:57 PM
> "I'm lazy"
Is <pre> some HTML magic I'm not familiar with?
> edits post to add the description
@Mast <pre> stands for pre-formatted block
it was used for code blocks before <code> came along
the idea with <pre> is that it specifically doesn't collapse whitespace (for example.. indentation with spaces)
Yea, but where is it handled? Is it HTML/PHP/Markdown/JavaScript/Sorcery?
@DanPantry That makes more sense when you realise I'm in work doing this.
@Mast all styling of all elements,, by default, is handled by the user agent stylesheet (i.,e your browser)
12:59 PM
So, CSS?
Javascript generally doesn't do anything styling on its own
Aside from adding or removing classes (or using inline styles, don't do that)
@SuperBiasedMan lol

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