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Q: Find sequence by adding 5 or multiplying by 3

splashinnI wrote this little JavaScript function that starts with the number 1 and continually either adds 5 or multiplies by 3. This function tries to find a sequence of additions and multiplications that find that number. Keep in mind, this function does not necessarily find the shortest sequence of o...

1:37 AM
Q: Why is this code inefficient?

niftygriftyI'm attempting this code challenge. Here's my code modified to handle one simple example test case: string = "bcdefghij" l = string.size result = [] permutations = string.split('').permutation.map(&:join) l.times do permutations.each {|p| result << p.chars.sort.join} permutations.map! {|...

2:15 AM
Hello, World.
Gotta do a whole bunch of laundry
Q: Optimizing and improving a `username` regex

Javad_AmiryI asked this question at SO; But they told me this a CodeReview question. So, I'm asking it here: I have created this Regex to validate usernames which I need in my projects: ^(?=.{3,32}$)(?!.*[._-]{2})(?!.*[0-9]{5,})[a-z](?:[\w]*|[a-z\d\.]*|[a-z\d-]*)[a-z0-9]$ It works just fine; but I'm won...

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Something fun:
3:31 AM
@Phrancis I remember it as if it were a meal ago
4:18 AM
hrm, interesting
using decltype(...) inside a template
4:57 AM
@Yuushi Next step: decltype(std::declval<T>.foo())
I think I'd just never needed it before
then I ran into something like auto x = [](const Type& t) { ... ; };
passing that in, and then realising I needed to actually explictly specify the template parameter types
@Yuushi Sounds about right.
5:28 AM
Q: Canvas is not rendering anything while using processing.js? Why?

DOSHII am implementing the first method, as recommended here,http://processingjs.org/learning/. My code is: Anything.html <script src="processing.js"></script> <canvas data-processing-sources="anything.pde"></canvas> Anything.pde void setup() { size(200,200); background(125); fill(255); ...

Q: Ip and Web spoofing using C++/Java?

HiteshI want to spoof the public IP that my computer sends to servers. Would it be possible to spoof their IP address to match any other IP address?

5:43 AM
@Jamal what time is it where you are?
0144 ??
12:44 AM
(I think that's 0044)
6:00 AM
Q: Code refactoring: Outsourcing substeps to helper classes

phaniWhen a class performs a complicated and lengthy task, I usually refactor it step-by-step based on the situation, as shown below. Version 0 public class ComplicatedTaskDoer{ public void doComplicatedTask(){ // lots of complicated code } } Version 1: Break it down into multipl...

morning @all
and for the whole @USA thank you for a fantastic game yesterday
@CaptainObvious Too broad?
@chillworld Morning!
long time no speak @jamal, how are you?
I'm okay. :-) I have to go to bed soon, though.
6:16 AM
just commented that question to :)
lol I just had "How to read from a database in PHP" in my "Programming" class.
first thing I said to my neighbor: "He's gonna use mysql_"
and he did :(
morning @Vogel612
Am I stupid or do the OP not take mine code?
6:41 AM
Q: Given a Perfect Binary Tree, reverse the alternate level nodes of the binary tree

JavaDeveloperGiven a Perfect Binary Tree, reverse the alternate level nodes of the binary tree. Given tree: a / \ b c / \ / \ d e f g / \ / \ / \ / \ h i j k l m n o Modified tree: a / \ c b ...

didn't he gonna create answers also as I can remember @jamal or @rolfl said?
@chillworld huh??
You mean @JavaDeveloper?
also @chillworld i VTC'd as stub code and not as broken code ;)
@Vogel612 indeed JavaDeveloper, and indeed is stub code. (broken if you don't have th eimplementations of the methods to actually ;) )
well... We got a separate close-reason for stub code for a reason... ;)
7:02 AM
If I could I'll change it
Q: Linq code. Need to make generic using PredicateBuilder

user3794310I have some code that reads an email from a text file, parses the text, removes some lines (the cc and to lines) and then finds the line numbers of various phrases (e.g. "Regards", "Thanks") and then removes all the text for the lines after the first phrase found. It works fine, but is not gener...

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@Codex thx
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@CodeX ^^
Q: What does " (int) value & 0x1, (int) value & 0x2, (int) value & 0x4, (int) value & 0x8 means"

patr The "value" ranges from 0 to 15 (it's possible values). when will those 4 "if"condition be met? if my (int)value = 2 does this mean 0010? if ((int)value & 0x1) { //statement here } if ((int)value & 0x2) { ...

Am I not seeing part of the chat here?
I don't see where CodeX said anything =/
@CaptainObvious: Offtopic, but which reason to choose?
12 hours ago, by CodeX
@Mat'sMug @Malachi @MadaraUchiha @Jamal @Phrancis @ckuhn203 @chillworld @CaptainObvious @rolfl @SimonAndréForsberg I love you all! Thankyou! :)
oh lol
8:44 AM
@Nobody I already flagged it to be moved to Programmers
@Jamal it was OKed with ChrisF, migration has greenlight
@MadaraUchiha: So you know what is on topic on Programmers? ^^
@Nobody ChrisF is a mod there, I asked him.
You've earned the "Strunk & White" badge (Edited 80 posts).
gratz @SimonAndréForsberg
@DaggNabbit: I find the close reason not fitting (the OP might maintain this code)
> Questions seeking an explanation of someone else's code are off-topic.
he might
but i can fork someone's git repo and maintain code, and it's still someone else's
it could be take over a project and found that inside
the true close reason is: this question does not ask for a review
i think he'll get the message
8:51 AM
@CaptainObvious Why would one want to do that? What's the real-world use for something like that?
you think that's bad? This thing somehow got +3: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/55838/…
why is the function defined twice?
the thing i just linked?
i guess so he can initialize it with 1 e.e
oh i see what you mean
who knows
8:56 AM
@DaggNabbit Well that one's at least interesting.
it is?
@SimonAndréForsberg: I find the problem of reversing the alternating levels of the tree interesting as well (although it might not have uses)
that one i do find interesting
it might have uses we're not thinking of
8:58 AM
@DaggNabbit: To which one are you referring?
the binary tree one
Perhaps the reason I don't find the JDQ uninteresting is... well... it's a JDQ. It's about a binary tree. It's not really the first JDQ about a binary tree...
this +5, *3 one seems completely contrived
@Nobody why do you say it contains an invalid test?
the test does work
i think that's a node thing
prints to stdout
9:03 AM
shouldn't findSequence be called with a parameter?
there is no parameter given
by code and test I mean the two code blocks
the first one is labeled code and has print(findSequence()); on its bottom
the parameter is 178
9:04 AM
@MadaraUchiha ^^
Hi all
oh i see it
let's just edit it
so this is the kind of questions you guys like to see ._.
that makes me sad
i see no point in doing this whatsoever
in fact -1 for being not useful
just to balance out those +1s :p
@DaggNabbit Why does the purpose of the code matter?
@MadaraUchiha why would it not?
@DaggNabbit Because it doesn't make the code any less valid.
Would you call a PHP parser written in PHP stupid/useless?
what's the point of writing, posting and reviewing code that does nothing useful?
no, it can be useful
the php thing
for introspection
9:12 AM
@DaggNabbit fun
Just because it's not production ready code, doesn't make it any less valid or reviewable.
I made myself write a ton of projects which never saw the light of day, does that make them any less reviewable?
i didn't say it was not valid or not reviewable, just that it is not useful
and not useful things is one of the reasons the downvote arrow is there
@DaggNabbit Not useful to whom?
BTW, you downvote not useful questions, not necessarily code.
to the voter, i guess. Who else?
to me, the question is not useful because it is about code that is not useful
if you just want to write some code for fun or whatever, wouldn't it be more rewarding to do something useful than something contrived?
9:26 AM
Q: update multiple records with Entity Framwork

JonathanPeelI am wondering what the best way to update multiple records with Entity Framework is. This is how I normally do it, and it does work: private static void SetNcprpCodesAsComplete(string[] ncprpCodes) { using (var ent = new Data.Entities()) { var query = from ba...

Q: JavaScript subnetting calculator

eric_lagergrenI've skimmed CR a bit and my question seems longer than the rest. Since I'm not looking to step on any toes, let me know if I'm asking too much. I'm fine with any sort of answer that helps better my code -- I'm not necessarily looking for a full refactor. (Although if you're willing...) I have a ...

Q: Usage of Interlocked.CompareExchange for deciding whether a property has been changed by another thread

ZharroI'm developing a Windows Servise that receives data from somewhere and saves it to DB one time per 5 minutes. The Service is multithreaded and I actually got problems when several threads saved data at same minute (no thread sync was implemented). So now I've implemented it and looking for code-r...

@SimonAndréForsberg did you enjoy the battle yesterday?
@chillworld What battle? Have I missed anything?
@MadaraUchiha Remember that @Dagg was the one who really disliked the Alfred question.
@SimonAndréForsberg belgium - usa :D
@chillworld I don't follow the football/soccer :)
@SimonAndréForsberg ah pitty, it was a fantastic game, even till the last minute.
9:37 AM
@chillworld I like this game better:
you like to joke with me ^^, you know I have blocked streaming media :p
@chillworld I keep forgetting that...
Portugal vs. Holland World Championships 2006. 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards.
@SimonAndréForsberg i did find that question to be particularly horrible on many levels
Looks a bit more like Bowling than Football at times...
@SimonAndréForsberg: At least it was rather balanced ^^
9:46 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg lol not bad, I hope they didn't end the game with 5 vs 5 :D
10:05 AM
Q: Avoid redundancy of HTML entities in .net framework

BujutsuFor a number of reason I have to store various HTML named character references. This is the way I used to store untill now. public static class WebHelper { #region [ Fields ] public const string Agrave = "&Agrave;"; public const string Space = "&nbsp;"; #endregion } Is this ...

question(JAVA) :
I have abstract class(Foo) with a public static final int A = 1;
Class (FooImpl) that extends the abstract class : public static final int A = 2;
and some more implementations.

If I do :
Foo f = new FooImpl();
f.A = ?
@chillworld it will be 1. But either way: Don't do that.
better put a abstract getA();
Always reference static variables using the class reference, not an object reference!
btw thx @SimonAndréForsberg
then I have in all subclasses the same code : @Override
public int getMaxCodeLength() {
10:26 AM
@chillworld Yeah, that would work. Another alternative is to initialize a protected final value that gets passed to the constructor, although that's not so neat since the value should preferably be static. So I think that way you're doing there is probably the best one...
@SimonAndréForsberg indeed, I think I'm going to create a "default" setting in the abstract class so I don't have to implement it in all the catalogs (30 catalogs atm)
If only there was a site somewhere for getting tips on how you can make it better once you got it all working...
@SimonAndréForsberg well tip one for me : find a better boss :D
10:58 AM
Q: Time Limit Exceeded with Segment Tree data structure

The GI am trying to solve this problem : http://www.codechef.com/problems/MSTICK/ Here is my solution to this problem : http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/4172545 I don't know what's wrong with it, it gets TLE. I implemented the segment tree data structure and I "think" the complexity of my algori...

11:14 AM
Q: Subdivide itertools.permutations process in Python

user46508Is there any way to subdivide a process that takes a lot of memory (itertools.permutations in this case) in order to improve the efficiency and to not run out of memory?

@CaptainObvious The first one is OT.
@Morwenn It's On-Topic? Good!
@SimonAndréForsberg I was about to comment, but you beat me to it :(
@Morwenn Auto-comments you know :)
@SimonAndréForsberg how do you generate those?
11:22 AM
Q: AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments (canned responses), which you can easily click to insert. This script was inspired by answers to thi...

This question got a very quick accepted answer, and I think the accepted answer is a bit mediocre and the question could use more attention. (The answer was accepted before I posted my answer) codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/55775/…
lol, not enough rep to see the auto link next to the help link
@chillworld You don't need rep for that, you need a script.
@nhgrif OP can still change the accepted answer
I know, chill, I'm not bothered by not having an accepted answer, even if the OP never returns though, the question is asking whether or not he's correctly using this pattern.
And while the technical answer is "yes", the practical answer is "no".
11:28 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg no ie?
The accepted answer merely tells him "Technically, yes". But in reality, CR is about more than whether something is technically correct.
For example, it's technically fine to name variables as foo, bar, baz, but any good CR answer will point out that much more descriptive variable names are needed.
@nhgrif Just looked at the question and your answer. You interprete it a little different then me. As your answer is correct for your interpretion mine should just be dvdPlayer.play() cause he is nothing returning.
My play() func doesn't return anything.
And you can easily apply everything in my answer to the player or the media.
It doesn't matter which, but what I've outlined in my answer is far more in line with all the existing Apple protocol/delegate patterns.
11:39 AM
yeah but I wouldn't speak of booleans to return, in mine eye's just very bad name choise for method
(but did upvote your answer ;) )
Today, Nobody left the room.
how does he dare to leave the room without saying something
@chillworld Don't know if IE supports scripts.
Monking @BenVlodgi
This is why I found the JavaScript question interesting:
A: Find sequence by adding 5 or multiplying by 3

Simon André ForsbergThis question is a bit related to a previous question. I will give you the same advice I did to the asker of the previous question. Work from the other direction. Currently, you're branching out starting from 1 trying to reach 178. Instead, start from 178 and try to reach 1. I'll show you how t...

11:50 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg I'll try the following then :
for (User user : notIeUser) {
if (user.isOnline()) {
@chillworld Yes, that ought to work!
mine head is spinning around abstract, abstract, abstract find your way into such messy network.
new applic : designer copy paste code from other project :s
Hey @nhgrif! I added a wiki to that tag you added. I kind of just copy and pasted it. It might need some improvement. You might want to look at it.
@SimonAndréForsberg look at this, I suspect bug user :)
I tested the code, but now the initial value "value 2" is replicated in all rows, I do not know if it's a bug in the version I'm using 6.5.3 — user3784182 19 hours ago
Guess what it is? Holiday time! School's over for this year!
12:05 PM
@chillworld Bug user?
Hey @skiwi!
monking @skiwi
@skiwi Awesome! More time for coding then!
@SimonAndréForsberg comment under that comment : Mine code in the post in a fiddle, if you run it you don't see his problem
Now I need to get these paracetamols (aspirines?) out of my body
It's not good to have them, yet you do sometimes need them
Q: Generate the norwegian equivalent to social security numbers in C++

Nilzone-This is just a little hobby project I've been working on. I've been using it to learn/improve my knowledge of C++. The program generate norwegian personal-numbers (11 digits) for males born a given year. It works just fine. But I'd like some input on how to improve the code. For now I have a ba...

12:11 PM
@skiwi do paracetamol really works with you? Mine pain never goes away with that
@CaptainObvious using namespace std;
@chillworld They work pretty nicely here luckily, though it's usually for stomach issues, don't really know how it works on other pain
It did work for earpain though... Nothing above waking up in the middle of the night with unbearable pain in your ear
Re-open votes please:
Okay I didn't know about it since I am new to this community. I edited my post and now the code is included — The G 37 mins ago
@skiwi I always take brufin's (they say it's the same as paracetamol but like tooth pain won't go away with 2 paracetamols and it does with brufin)
Ok. I've answered a Java and a Ruby question this morning. TTGTW I guess.
12:18 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg lol it took 40 minutes..
Q: basic snake game. critics on program design and overall flow needed

aceracoming from a java background, this is my first javascript-only game. Looking for some advices on what to improve. Also, I'm having trouble when it comes to program design, sometimes I don't know if I should write class-like code or just plain functions, how does one go about deciding on this? ...

12:43 PM
Monking all
Monking @rolfl.
Monking @rolfl
Q: DOM building using DocumentFragment, not sure on the design if good or not. need help and tips

acerabasically I want to build the markup below by iterating on an array of objects. the structure of the object is also listed below. I need some tips on how to make it clean. Thanks in advance. markup I want to build: <!--the markup I want to build--> <div class="pull-left col-xs-4"> <div ...

So... Pagination is pronounced "Paj-in-ation" .. "I think, therefore i learn.." :/
12:49 PM
Yes, the g in pagination is pronounced the same way you say the G in giraffe.
Inside a Giraffe is a horse with a periscope..
46 monkeys needed on the wall ...
just saying.
monking @rolfl and @CodeX
VTC Please. No code.
Q: Algorithm for Octree for nearest neighbor seach

Devashish DasProblem Statement: To find the nearest GRID ID of each of the particles using Octree. Fig[1]: Fig[2]: I have a system of particles(~6k, movable) for which I need to check which grid point (rigid; in picture) is nearest to. Somebody have suggested me to go for Octree as it is fast(est) fo...

12:58 PM
Hey @chillworld
3089 Simons needed on the wall. Just saying.
It's much easier to express it as simply 3KSimons.
Except that's 3K+17 Simons. :-)
I, meanwhile, have stalled for a while at exactly one short of 10K.
1:14 PM
@JerryCoffin Down-vote an answer and accept an answer. -1 +2.
+50 ends in 6 hours
Q: Capture the notion of invertible functions

JavranI find sometimes it is useful to capture the notion of invertible functions. The idea is that if two functions f :: a -> b and g :: b -> a are the inverse function of each other, and if there is another function h :: b -> b, then h can also work on values of type a. Moreover, if there f' and g'...

@SimonAndréForsberg Good point (good pint?). For some reason, I don't particularly care about hitting exactly 10K though (probably because 10 isn't a power of 10, so 10K is a mostly irrelevant number).
707 questions with no answers - That's one growing Zombie population, people!
@rolfl I got 2 votes!!! I voted for myself once....lol
You've earned the "Outspoken" badge (Posted 10 messages in chat that were starred by 10 different users). Thanks guys..
yw @CodeX
1:24 PM
@rolfl that is cool! even after I pulled out I still got votes, imagine if I had answered the questionnaire? Stratton still would have won though....lol
@chillworld A free star to the first person who can guess what I spent most of yesterday working with, based on my reading that as yyCodex.
@SimonAndréForsberg sorry I have been gone a week and now I am playing catch up
Does this help stop unwanted shit in the query
if(preg_match('/[a-z]+/', $_GET['action'])) {
$action = $_GET['action'];
It seems most security beyond logging in is a user trust issue..
where is that post about losing rep on deleted posts?
@Malachi this one?
1:31 PM
@CodeX no
it had to do with deleting posts after 60 days and not losing rep
I posted it just yesterday
A: Clarifying the criteria for when rep from deleted posts is maintained

Nick CraverThe rules are as follows: 60+ days must pass between when the post is created and when it is deleted for the rep to "stick" The score must be 3 or higher at at the time the post was deleted (since the score can't change while it's deleted, that's the same as current score)

thank you
I used a blog post, but don't remember how I found it
Q: Can any body help me about when user click on the parent directory the sub directories names should automatically store in mysql database

Ramana Can any body help me about when user click on the parent directory the sub directories names should automatically store in mysql database

Darn this
Q: Can any body help me about when user click on the parent directory the sub directories names should automatically store in mysql database

Ramana Can any body help me about when user click on the parent directory the sub directories names should automatically store in mysql database

I saw and then it's a freaking useless question :(
@skiwi It's not even really a question. "Give mE tEh CoDez" is not a question.
1:50 PM
Hello, World!
@skiwi wow this is so off-topic
@JerryCoffin no idea, I'm with 1/4 eye on chat cause I'm trying to get something to work what could save me a lot of copy/paste
a kind of delegator for the controller of a specific page :)
=( My wonderful question
check out this up and comer!
A: Is there any way to speed up this stored procedure?

Clockwork-MuseGeneral Remarks First off, you want to make this a dynamic SQL statement, or use OPTION(RECOMPILE): SQL Server has issues with the null-or-provided-parameter pattern (that is, stuff like ((@atLeast IS NULL) OR (d.[inCount] >= @atLeast))). I also feel a disconnect about your parameters - you're ...

@jliv902 you may want to try Stack Overflow for something like that. There is no code to review in your question...
Monking! Wow, "Look 'ma" is on its way to 2K views!
2:04 PM
@chillworld That would be lex and yacc--lexer/parser generators. They generate C code as output, and (since C didn't have anything else to do the job) they prefix most names with yy to avoid collisions with other code. By default they generate a lexer named yylex and a parser named yyparse.
Q: JS Plugin for communication protocols in browser(s)

jas-I would like to get some feedback from the community regarding a plugin I recently moved from requiring jQuery to a stand alone JS implementation. It is meant to handle browser communication protocols such as XHR, XDR, WS & WSS without a lot of fuss. This is my first post here so if your going ...

@jliv902 To me it was quite obvious that it wasn't meant to be good, so... what kind of review did you expect?
I was really bored yesteday.
There is plenty to review though.
@skiwi ...exactly as you should I'd have expected. :-)
2:05 PM
Would I be able to use it for rags-to-riches?
Or would that be cheating?
@malachi I know right! I haven't seen this user but he seems to know his stuff
@Mat'sMug I haven't been able to read through the whole things yet, I will try tonight after I work in the yard.
@jliv902 I think that would be an excellent idea.
I'll put a bounty on it when I can. @sim heh, I think I like breaking mugs ;)
@Mat'sMug Well, just don't break any of... me!
2:11 PM
If you want to break Mugs, you can check my latest answer:
A: Passing listener to customized extended View in Android

Simon André ForsbergYou don't need either thisList or the mValueChangeCallback in your class. As your value change listener is an anonymous inner class, it has access to the outside this object, which you can access with RemListView.this. As your callback is passed as a parameter and you want to use it inside the ...

@sim napalm'd ;)
lots of good answers on this good question.
Q: Is there any way to speed up this stored procedure?

Kamil WasylIs there any way to optimize this stored procedure? Maybe something instead of so many joins? It takes some time to execute. Maybe there are other options that I could look into? SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO ALTER PROCEDURE [stimulator].[GetLastMessages2...

@SimonAndréForsberg reading this now
@Mat'sMug the question itself isn't that good though, look at my comment on monkey's answer.
I might reach 17K today!
@rolfl got enough Comma's in there? lol not sure if that is intentional for the reading effect....
now I have to upvote like 4 of @Mat'sMug's answers....
2:17 PM
@Malachi yeah, you have to ;)
@Malachi if we implemented everything that was suggested into this sproc, it would look radically different
@Phrancis yes it would
Ooooh 29 rep and I'm at 1000
@Mat'sMug Catchy titles man... It works.
I will be back I have some debugging/coding to do
and I need a mountain dew
2:21 PM
@ckuhn203 damn right!
Ooh 2048 views!
@Phrancis gratz your at 1000 rep now ;)
Oh shit - THANK YOU :D
Q: How to properly implement an overloaded function?

Elizabeth C.I'm new to C++ (about 4 weeks with no prior programming experience in other languages) and am writing a program that's SUPPOSED to do the following: define an array of 100 sequential numbers of type 'float'. define an array of 20 Fibonacci numbers of type 'int'. use an overloaded function to co...

I hope that wasn't serial voting :D
2:26 PM
@CaptainObvious That's a nice question.
Hey, we have our first question.
Q: Project CMS in PHP

user47489I've recently released a new version of a CMS (beta build though) I'm working at. Can you check it out and tell me if I should change something or if it completely sucks? I would very greatfull. :) Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/frequencycms/files/Beta%20Builds/Build%204/ Thanks!

Today after I get a few things done at work I'm going to play around with the RAND() SQL function and what happens when you CAST float values into various formats
The only time I visit this site is when I'm at work. All my coworkers are too busy watching the World Cup whenever it comes on.
2:36 PM
It shouldn't by now, but it absolutely astounds me how little people actually know about fitness and health.
@JohnP It always surprises me how much they think they know.
@JohnP Wait, you mean cocaine and cotton balls aren't a healthy way to lose weight?
@CaptainObvious I hope you like the new title :)
Very nice^.
Q: Namespace handling on nodejs and inheritance managing

FabioCostaIt should solve the following issues: Handle namespaces; Be a class factory from Pojos Be a object factory Create a class with inheritance capabilities from a POJO using john resig inheritance implementation; Handle singletons Here is some examples of usage: var OliveOil=require('OliveOil')...

2:47 PM
*Yes, the code's terrible*
Well, that got the ball rolling.
Yes, the code's terrible and yes you've used overloading incorrectly, but it's hard for me to see how you were supposed to fill your project spec without using it incorrectly. Your lecturer must be awful if this stuff is what he teaches. Here. Not very constructive IMO. The rest of his review isn't bad.
Q: PHP DMZ Passthru

dgigI have a server that cannot be connected to from the internet, but I need to get some info to it. I have another server that can, so I have a simple passthru script that I want to see if you all think is secure. Basically, you hit http://example.com/domain=subdomain1&url=it/myscript.php and if i...

@jliv902 waits for the offensive flags
@jliv902 I upvoted it, but I find there's a lot of "do not"'s in that answer..
which question are we talking about?
2:53 PM
He seems really angry. =)
@Malachi In the link of my post above CaptianObvious.
@jliv902 I seriously thought that was Loki at first, but then again, even he isn't that harsh.
@jliv902 what?
Q: Standardly deviated Fibonacci

Elizabeth C.I'm new to C++ (about 4 weeks with no prior programming experience in other languages) and am writing a program that's supposed to do the following: Define an array of 100 sequential numbers of type float. Define an array of 20 Fibonacci numbers of type int. Use an overloaded function to comput...

there is no comment there?
It's part of an answer.

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