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12:02 AM
@rolfl Have you taken a look at this question yet?
Q: Authenticating with the official Mojang (Minecraft) server

BobbySo let's start at the beginning before we head jump into my code mumblings, Minecraft is a game which also has multiplayer capabilities. You need to have an account (which needs to be verified) for playing on servers. The authentication procedure looks like this: Authenticate at the Mojang (cre...

@rolfl I'm reading a bit about what will be new in Java 8 and I read: "(...) dealing with times and dates required a lot of monkey code (...)" this got me thinking of you somehow...
12:17 AM
I now have the Fanatic badge on MSO!
12:28 AM
@syb0rg I was looking at that one on and off for a while. I just posted my answer, and came here to see you asking .... ;-)
@Donald.McLean - were we talking Trait's and Scala recently? Check out @SimonAndréForsberg 's link: javaworld.com/article/2078836/java-se/… - here come "Functional Interfaces" in Java 8
@rolfl I also thought about that :) Good thing I just learned what Scala traits are :)
@amon were also participating in the Scala and traits discussion yesterday
Hey! It's a new SE day! (and been so for 43 minutes)
The votes are back in town
12:57 AM
I would rather just stick with Scala. Given a choice between a whole loaf and half a loaf, the whole loaf seems like the better option.
@Donald.McLean But if you have a whole loaf, then you can't both have the loaf and eat it too. Instead, if you have half a loaf, then that's exactly what you have.
No, but I can halve the loaf and eat one half and still have the other.
@Donald.McLean and @SimonAndréForsberg - but, if you take a half-loaf, and fill it with Curry, you have a Bunny Chow !!!!
Bunny chow, often referred to as a Bunny is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry, that originated in the Durban Indian community. Bunny chow is also called a kota ("quarter") in many parts of South Africa. History The bunny chow was created in Durban, home to a large community of people of Indian origin. The precise origins of the food are disputed, although its creation has been dated to the 1940s. It was also sold in Gwelo, Rhodesia, during WWII and is still sold in the nearby town of Kadoma, formerly known as Gatooma. One st...
@Donald.McLean But then the loaf isn't whole anymore
1:05 AM
Goodnight for now, Sweden's gotta sleep
My reaction when seeing a question receiving lots of answers in its first day:
user image
From this question:
Q: Euclid's Algorithm (Greatest Common Divisor)

Bit Fiddling Code MonkeyAccording to Donald Knuth in "The Art Of Computer Programming", the following is how to find the greatest common divisor of two positive numbers, m and n, using Euclid's Algorithm. Divide m by n and let r be the remainder. If r is 0, n is the answer; if r is not 0, continue to step 3. ...

1:22 AM
I guess I'm going to have to break down and ask a question on SO. Bother.
1:45 AM
@Jamal what do you make of this:
A: Euclid's Algorithm (Greatest Common Divisor)

darkrisenHere is a simple recursive solution in C, this is pretty elegant. Note* I used ternary operators for the boolean statements, Type it in on google for more info and check out the wikipedia page for ternary operators in C! #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> // recursively computes gcd int gcd...

In my first-post review queue ....
^^ burn!!
Doesn't get more elegant than that.
Seriously though, I've left a comment there. If there's no response, that block can be edited out.
I'm a wimp, I am going to upvote ....
I like the C code enough for a first-post upvote.
and I enjoyed the list of euclid solutions in different languages.
2:02 AM
Q: I'm new to SQL and PDO- Converting entire table to json data. Is there a better way?

QwisoBuilding a 'card' database: I'm simply learning to take input data and store to database. Incorporating json, pdo, sql, and enforcing my general coding skills through php, hopefully. Here is the script- $query = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM " . $table); $query->execute(); $result = $query->fet...

@Donald.McLean - want to chat quick about your HTML & problem?
In Java, the regular expression "&(?!((#x[0-9a-f]+)|(#[0-9]+)|([a-z]+));)" will match any incorrectly escaped &
Can you use an expression like that in Scala?
I Java you can do: html.replaceAll("&(?!((#x[0-9a-f]+)|(#[0-9]+)|([a-z]+));)", "&amp;");
What I mean is that, any & that is not followed by a valid HTML excape sequence will be replaced by &amp;
I can always just use a Java class, since Scala is 100% compatible with Java libraries.
valid escapes are &chars;, &#0123; and &#x1f3e; for example.
2:14 AM
I was hoping for a slightly more general solution, on the chance that there might be other improperly escaped HTML metacharacters.
The regex will find any occurence of & where it is not part of a valid escape sequence.
Q: Correct Logic (Monty Hall Problem)

Modify YouI've written this code, in attempt to create the Monty Hall problem, and check the ratios. I would like someone to check the logic on it. I know it isn't organized well at all, I just need to see if I'm performing correctly. If you don't know what the Monty Hall problem is: http://en.wikipedia.or...

My family was just talking about Monty Hall yesterday.
Why does he need a program to check the ratios?
Q: How to make this code simpler/optimized? in Java

RobOk, hello. I made a code to make a calendar, and it does work, BUT I believe it's extremely inefficient. I think I have way too many else if statements: import java.util.*; public class MyOwnCalendar { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.i...

2:33 AM
@Malachi answered your question:
A: pulling specific data from XML from inside 3rd party application

retailcoderJoined declaration & assignment This isn't necessarily a bad use of the : instruction separator, but it did surprise me. Actually, I'd even give you a star on that one: Dim Age : Set Age = Parameters.Item( Bookmark , "Age" ) Pretty much any other use I can think of of the : instruction sepa...

Q: Tag burnination: [logic]

200_successlogic currently has 17 questions. I don't see what they have in common. There is no tag wiki to clarify what it means or when it should be applied.

3:00 AM
@retailcoder - well duh.... (I deleted my comment).
I can still see them. ;-) Yes, the rep part is true, but it also prevents the votes from affecting the tag score.
@Jamal is there such a thing as meta-rep on CR?
@Jamal - are tag-scores like this: codereview.stackexchange.com/tags related to the upvotes on the core, or the number of questions?
@retailcoder - there is, of sorts, you get meta-badges based on upvotes.
true (says the guy with a [meta-tag-badge:discussion])
@Jamal question score counts too. I got the tag badge when the CoD post got a 26th upvote I think.
3:09 AM
@Jamal - no, you misunderstand.... on the page there's a number e.g C# x1793 ... what's the number
Oh. That's just the number of questions with that tag.
No it's not ....
The least-popular tags .... they have questions, but no score.
Some are synonyms, and others just have one question.
is in there.
Oh wait
it;s a synonym.
Ok, thanks, I understand.
3:13 AM
Yeah, page 6 is listing x 13, has 13 questions.
Right, bed.
3:33 AM
@retailcoder I will be able to make changes before they test that token in the test environment. I gave the test code on purpose...lol
@Malachi good thing you didn't include that On Error Resume Next - I would've slapped your fingers with that one!
I figured.
it is mandatory for these tokens @retailcoder
because there can be several tokens on each form and we don't want it crashing the program just because one of these tokens fails. the users know what is supposed to be on the forms and tell us if something is missing (helpdesk I mean)
Looking at the xpath shortcut, I think it can't work off an IXMLDOMNodeList, ...but the idea of cutting the loops with an XPath does work.
Haha. :-)
I'd like to take this opportunity to publicize Code Review. — 200_success 45 mins ago
they use rinky dink code sometimes. and the fact that I don't create much leaves me looking at templates and trying to figure out the best way to do things. the reason why I post the code here, I am hoping to learn some here and make my code look good when someone else sees it whether it be one of our guys or someone from the larger 3rd party application development team....lol
@Jamal where was that?
3:37 AM
Q: Burninate: badcode

MakotoYes, we have a badcode tag on Stack Overflow. I didn't realize it until just a moment ago, either. There's like sixteen questions, most of which can be reasonably retagged without any loss in quality...but I would propose that this tag be terminated with extreme prejudice.

@Malachi you could click the "45 mins ago" to find out ;)
@retailcoder good answer
back to AC:revelations
catch you guys tomorrow
@Malachi Cya.
@Malachi thanks! what's AC:revelations?
3:43 AM
@retailcoder Assassin's Creed Revelations (PS3 Game) I have some catching up to do, I can't wait to get to AC 3 and AC 4
that was developed in Montreal!
And I'm gonna start playing Team Fortress 2 soon.
And I'm gonna fetch some pokemon xml via a webservice soon
Don't forget Pikachu!
but I have a poker game to polish first :)
3:46 AM
Wouldn't it be cool if we all got together on a mutually decided game and played each other?
I'm in. Anyone have a Steam account?
I do.
You have to for the Humble Bundle.
That I waste a ton of money on...
But it's for charity!
Speaking of which, the holiday sale is coming up soon. Warn your wallet!
I only have Xbox Live, and not so many games (and so little time to play!)
We should build that game and post it here to be reviewed piece by piece :)
@Jamal (wallet runs away)
3:53 AM
@retailcoder I like that idea. A mutual Github repository in a language we all agree upon?
ooh this is where it dies
Yah, the language could be hard.
I'm willing to learn C++, and I know Java fairly well.
I actually have a book on C++ I could read.
I just don't have enough time to read it :P
wtf ^^
A very accurate depiction, in my opinion.
3:59 AM
(I feel old)
And one of the best shows ever (Breaking Bad), in my opinion.
So back to the game developing idea.
Or did that fall apart?
I guess isn't too far from , but I'd probably break my teeth on it. I mean, I'd miss anonymous delegates and LINQ and all the .net goodies that allow me to be such a lazy coder...
@retailcoder You'll get over it by Java 8.
I'll download Eclipse (that's the Java IDE right?) when @SimonAndréForsberg downloads VisualStudio :)
4:04 AM
@retailcoder Yes it is.
@SimonAndréForsberg Won't download VisualStudio?
@SimonAndréForsberg won't touch C# with a 10-foot stick
^^ just so he sees that notification when he wakes up
the RPSLS game we did, I coded in Mono on my linux box because I still haven't gotten the keyboard for my windows machine yet. I think I can do Java in Mono too
I will let you all know this weekend, maybe I will try to code something simple in Java or something
anyway back to my game
@Malachi hey look at that ^^^ you've got a big round 4K total SE rep!
it's 4010 now
oh yeah!!!
I'm kinda close to 7K.
4:09 AM
@retailcoder I need to work on it some more, SO and CR and maybe do some on Christianity (on Sunday), and SuperUser for SSRS or Visio or something like that
I'm so close to earning badges on these answers...
A: Speech processing on the Raspberry Pi

syb0rgThis is the main project my Raspberry Pi is dedicated to right now, so I figure I can add my two cents. Keep in mind this project is still very much a work in progress. I chose to use the C programming language for this project exclusively on the Raspbian OS, and that may have affected some of ...

A: Are the BIOS and firmware located on the SD card?

syb0rgShort answer: firmware is programmed into the chips on the Raspberry Pi, and there really is no BIOS. Expanded answer from here: The firmware is closed-source proprietary code programmed into the SoC (System on a Chip) processor, which cannot be modified. Upon power-up the firmware will...

lol are you sure it's ok to earn rep on Christianity.SE on a Sunday?
4:11 AM
@retailcoder yes. but not on Mi Yodeya
@retailcoder That was old Mosaic law (not working on the Sabbath).
probably not on the Islam one either
getting late, I'll call it a day :)
@syb0rg holy crap that is a long answer, you expect me to read that all....... I only have an arduino, which I should get back into one of these days. I can code that on my linux box too
See y'all tomorrow!
4:14 AM
@retailcoder have a good night
@Malachi It is the main project my Raspberry Pi is devoted to...
It's still not finished either.
I have to do installation instructions for libsprec.
But I'm contacting the developer to make installation a bit more easy.
@syb0rg I don't know any of what you just said. I mean I do but it's late for me too....lol wish I had more time to work on my arduino and create something, wish I had more money to buy more parts and wires and stuff for it
wait, a Raspberry Pi thingy is like $20???
@retailcoder $25 for model A, and $35 for model B (which I recommend).
Then there is this answer I'm slowly working my way to a badge for.
A: Execute script on start-up

syb0rgFor running Midori on startup, take a look at this tutorial. For DIY solutions, read on. You can add your script executable command to the bottom of .bashrc that will run your script every time you log in. Make sure you are in the pi folder: $ cd ~ Create a file and write a script to run...

I think I'm going to call it a night.
I have a bit of homework I still have to finish up too... :/
4:34 AM
Q: Measuring The Rythm of Music & Visualizing It In A Browser - Is There A Better Way?

Armend VeseliThis JavaScript code gets the average loudness of a sound. //rest of the audio code is omitted analyser.getByteFrequencyData(freqByteData); sum = 0; for (var i = 0; i < freqByteData.length; i++) { sum += freqByteData[i]; } avg_loudness = Math.floor((sum / freqByteData.length)); } T...

5:04 AM
Q: How can I improve the following code using HTML5 and CSS3?

YaokiUsing the Flat Web Design Tutorial offered at 1webdesigner I tried converting the resulting PSD file to HTML5 and CSS3. While attempting to use sectioning elements in the markup I quickly found myself lost in how to maintain semantic code while also adhering to the original design. As a result th...

5:49 AM
@retailcoder by the time the SD card and power adapter are factored in, they're closer to 50 than 35... but, yeah, if you've got $50 lying around, raspberry pis can be pretty fun
theyre way less powerful than you expect them to be though in all honesty
they're made for hobby hardware projects and nothing more
@Jamal you should let me know when you play TF2 sometime. I have a mild tf2 addiction. 6 years later and I still play it almost daily >.<
@Corbin Unless you get like 1,024 of them to create a massively parallel computer.
@Corbin: Definitely! What's your Steam ID?
6:35 AM
@Donald.McLean Eh, for $40k, you can build something rather faster.
@Jamal corbin923
Just 251 hours? Wimp. :-)
indeed :)
didnt play it all that often until about 6 months ago
Unrelated: a 1-rep user has suggested an edit on the wiki. I'm not sure if it's necessary (and if it is, I can improve it).
6:52 AM
@Corbin Undoubtedly.
7:46 AM
Q: Is the following regex correct to remove all formatting from phone number?

user96546A phone number may contain formatting like "(123) 456-7890" or 123-456-7890 Is this regex sufficient to remove all formatting from phone numbers :- fromNum = fromNum.replaceAll("@\"[^\d]", "");

1 hour later…
8:52 AM
Q: Moving method from derived class to base

LoomI've some classes (Derived1, Derived2, etc.) derived from class Base. All of derived classes have a following methods (reduced sample): void Derived1::handleTimer(const StatusType &st) { if (!st.isOk()) { SetTimer(10); // wait for 10 seconds; AsynWait(boost::bind(Derived1::handleTimer,...

2 hours later…
10:29 AM
Q: create a pythonic snippet to read and clean csv files

Ram KumarI am trying to import a csv file,trying to clean the contents, and making sure all the errors are eliminated. IO Error file format error Data error. I am using the snippet below, could someone help me clean and make it more pythonic? try: fl = request.FILES['csv'] except: return Http...

2 hours later…
12:04 PM
@retailcoder You will download Eclipse when I download VisualStudio? Give link!
@retailcoder Lucky for me I got 12-foot fingers. Or at least I can pretend I have
12:24 PM
People, we need to upvote comments more! Otherwise we'll not get the Pundit-badge
starred... does that help?
Unfortunately that also means that there's not much to say about the code
That, and it's a bit exotic (angular.js and pouchdb, which is a JS implemenation of parts of CouchDB)
So please upvote the question! (And certainly not my answer unless you know about angular.js and pouchdb)
12:45 PM
@QuentinPradet - can't upvote ... (again)....
12:59 PM
then don't! =]
Q: Update only modified fields in Entity Framework

NarayanaI'm working on a website on ASP.NET MVC4 and EF5. I want to ensure that only modified values are updated in the database. I'm using a unit of work pattern and repositories for data work. Here's the code for a generic repository. I've two questions, and need a code review for the following code. ...

@rolfl at least it might help in remembering to upvote comments more often
I posted an answer to a MetaSO question and advertised a bit about Code Review:
A: Should beginner questions be offered optimized code?

Simon André ForsbergRegarding "Ideas for improvement", if there's just a few couple of things and you have time/energy to add them then feel free to do so. Otherwise, there is a whole other StackExchange site dedicated for that: Code Review If you feel that the user could use some more in-depth explanations about ...

1:14 PM
Poor guy, 2-weeks ago asks a question on SO, gets poor reception, asks again here, gets an answer he upvotes and accepts.... then today his SO question gets migrated here, and it carries a lot of baggage.....
Q: Better way to create samples recursively

giacomotbI've done this piece of code for creating Bernoulli samples, but I think that it is a so heavy algorithm becouse every time I call this recursive function I create a new vector that is passed to it. Is there a way for making this algorithm faster? Here is the algorithm and the description: As al...

wait a minute
I recognize that code
Q: Better way to create samples

giacomotbI've done this piece of code for creating all possible samples without repetitions, but I think that it is a so heavy algorithm because every time I call this recursive function I create a new vector that is passed to it. What means create any samples without repetitions? it means creating every ...

Even the titles are incredibly similar
Not entirely sure if it's a duplicate or not though
lol. just saw that you already voted to close for that reason
I also voted to close, but I choose the wrong reason.
1:31 PM
Is Code of Duty considered over?
(Code of Duty actually exists, it's a French contest from an Internet ads company I participated in labs.criteo.com/code-of-duty)
@QuentinPradet Call of Duty is never over! New Zombies gets spawned every day
Nobody edits the post anymore!
As @retailcoder wrote in the question: "843 zombies is still 843 zombies too many... keep answering!!"
And we don't seem to be able to get below that :)
1:47 PM
@QuentinPradet Actually, we already have. We now have 817 zombies and 845 zombies with no upvoted answers (Two different things)
Hello all.
Q: How to refactor many small but similar classes in Ruby?

Reed G. LawI have classes like these: class DepartmentSerializer < Serializer self.root = false attributes :id, :name has_many :employees, serializer: EmployeeSerializer has_one :location, serializer: LocationNameSerializer end class DepartmentWithManagersSerializer < Serializer self.root = fals...

2:18 PM
whoa @rolfl cakes you been up all night?
@Malachi - actually, I got a good noght's sleep... ;-) Bed before 11, up at 5:30.
6.5 hours, apart from 2 nights ago, is more than twice the amount of sleep I've been getting for a couple of weeks.
(2-nights ago I went to bed at 8pm, and woke at 7:30).
@rolfl sounds about right.
Huh, max-rep+20 for today already
'morning! (@SimonAndréForsberg @QuentinPradet 'afternoon!)
@rolfl very nice
2:22 PM
Still space for +10, and more accepts.
@retailcoder Morning ( I like how you didn't say "good" preceding that statement, just in case )
Hey guys, I'm the creator of PokéAPI, if you need any help or support let me know. Also - if you find bugs or want to suggest any features then let me know! — phalt 4 hours ago
Average rep of +100 per day since joining.
Actually, my rep-average the day I joined was better than it is now ... :(
@retailcoder he created an account here just to talk to you
Of course, he should have commented to the Question, not the answer....
2:26 PM
@rolfl I think this is what started it:
I wonder if there's a web service that spits out XML-serialized pokemons... — retailcoder 18 hours ago
Ahh, OK.
I didn't notice the change in the room name. Very nice.
Yeah, and it's time for me to go back to the 1st.... :(
@rolfl on that Monty Hall problem question, I saw it in the close vote queue and didn't see your answer, but I voted to close after I read your answer
@Malachi - it's an interesting one .... I think th asker was trying to BS the system, and I called him on it... on the other hand, his code does actually work, for a limited version of 'work'.... i.e. it runs, produces and answer, but the answer is wrong.
2:36 PM
@rolfl I was leaving it open because it looked like it would run with no issues.
♪♪♫♫♪ Where Have ♪ the VBScripter ♪Guys ♫Gone? ♪♫♪
Q: Perform instruction in loop every time except the last time?

Jeff GohlkeThe specific issue is this: I am writing to a file and want to output a new line after each line written. If I use a normal loop without any further checks, this will create a blank line at the very end of the file for no reason. So I need to do this every time except the last one. Despite the...

3:03 PM
@retailcoder Starts to feel like evening about now.
@Malachi ♪♪♫♫♪ What's wrong ♪ with the Java ♪♫ folks? ♪♫♪
@rolfl Weren't you supposed to slow down?
@SimonAndréForsberg ♪♪♪♫♫♪ I am not Writing in Java ♪♪♪♪YET♪♪♪♪
@SimonAndréForsberg - rep 4.3K, no [badge:enlightened] ... I don't get it... :(
@Malachi ♪♪♪♫♫♪ Then I think you should start ♪♪♫♫♪
O...K ...... back to 1st monitor .... no more dings!
@no-ding-monkey To get the enlightened badge you need to be accepted. People are too bad at accepting answers around here. First to answer + Accepted + Nice Answer = Enlightened
3:15 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg ╧╤ there's no need for it at work so it's a backburner thing ╥╙╒}►♫☼♀♂
@Donald.McLean Thanks! :)
3:49 PM
@retailcoder Ding!
Ding! ... where?
Now where's that Visual Studio download link?
@SimonAndréForsberg Dong!
serendipity .....
@no-ding-monkey No ding for you, next!
Is there IntelliSense, auto-complete and all these things I'm used to with VS?
@retailcoder Hell yeah. And more.
damn, there's like 200 links on that page.. which one do I want??
(the 1st one I guess)
@retailcoder Yeah I believe Eclipse Standard should be good enough for you
3:54 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg we'll see that... I might port my RPSLS to Java as a "hello world" project :)
I'll remember that
@retailcoder Btw, it's RPSLS
yeah, typo
Or are you playing Rock Paper Lizard Spock Lame scissor?
Rock Paper Lizard Spock Laser
Now that sounds like a good one
What does Laser beat? And is there anything that beats Laser?
3:57 PM
(Scissors deflect Laser, Paper blocks Laser)
or should it be Rock blocks Laser, Laser burns Paper
But if you play Rock Paper Lizard Spock Lazer, then there are no scissors
aw.. lame
Yes, I told you... Lame scissor
Spock deviates Laser then
with his Phaser
And Lizard eats Lazer i suppose?
3:59 PM
Lizard absorbs Laser's thermal energy
uh.. let's keep it at that
Yes, let's.
@retailcoder - edited your answer:
A: Weekend Challenge #3

retailcoderSudoku solver Given a Sudoku puzzle as input, find its solution (or determine that it is unsolvable or ambiguous). The program must take as input a puzzle in the form of a 9×9 grid of digits and dots (the dots representing blank squares in the puzzle). For example: ...84...9 ..1.....5 8...2146...

For one of these games to be fair, the number of elements has to be odd and for each element, half of the other elements beat it and half are beaten.
@rolfl was your answer really :)
@rolfl There's an app for that.
4:06 PM
@Donald.McLean - sure there is, but not my app (and you don't think there's an app for the simpler W-E challenge?, or RPSLS?)
hey, talking apps, wouldn't it be cool to just take a picture of your Sudoku puzzle, and 'pull' it in to your device?
huh, I could make some adsense money of that, but, there's probably an app for that already.
@rolfl Yep, there's an app for that too.
I'm a huge Sudoku fan and occasionally I'll get stuck on a puzzle in the newspaper. So I just suck it into the app and have it give me hints until I solve it. I'm gradually learning the advanced techniques, but there are a lot of them and some are hard to see.
Finned fishes are my downfall.
@rolfl Just because there's an app for that already doesn't mean that it's a good app.
I have to admit that there are some things I would do differently in a Sudoku app if I were writing it.
@retailcoder, got a question for you
@Donald.McLean Exactly. So why not write one? There are thousands of apps out there with horrible quality, which even a monkey like @rolfl could do better.
4:21 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Time.
O.K. This little monkey went out for lunch .... ;-) and oes not think he'll come back to work.
@Donald.McLean I should have guessed that was the reason :) So many ideas, so little time...
@rolfl Apparently, the data that I have currently, the only unescaped HTML meta characters are ampersand, so your solution works just fine.
@SimonAndréForsberg I have two things I would really like to program. One is a specialized log search tool. The other is my BIG IDEA.
@Donald.McLean Well, it would be nice to be more provably robust, but glad to be of assistance... ;-)
I bet my Sudoku Solver app will get stuck at the exact same place I'd get stuck on a fiendish puzzle... because I'd probably code the same algorithm I'm running in my mind...
@Malachi what's up?
4:23 PM
@rolfl Yeah, exactly.
@retailcoder I commented on the answer again
@Donald.McLean Lucky you, I have about ten things I would really like to program...
@SimonAndréForsberg - the clock on your microwave?
@SimonAndréForsberg Well, I also have about two dozen novels I want to write, and digitize all of the family pictures, and there's this charity I want to start.
@rolfl ha - ha - ha. Not exactly. I'd like to code an AI or two for some games, and then I have several ideas for puzzle game apps.
4:25 PM
But the BIG IDEA, is a really, really big project.
surprised you didn't bring up the fact that i don't use oNode anywhere in that code, I forgot to take it out before posting it, along with some other stuff @retailcoder
@Donald.McLean Now we're talking :)
@Donald.McLean I suppose it is as secret as it is big?
I'm talking about changing how we use computers big.
@SimonAndréForsberg No, but I can rarely find people interested in listening to me blather on about it.
Sounds interesting. I'd really love to hear about it (I promise, I won't "steal" anything. Even if I wanted to I wouldn't have time)
@SimonAndréForsberg you are too addicted to CR
4:28 PM
@Malachi I know. Ever since I joined here my personal estimated code lines per day metric has been going downwards.
@SimonAndréForsberg I'd love to remake Kirby's Avalanche - even Bejeweled doesn't beat that (it's all about chain-reactions)
@SimonAndréForsberg I have been wanting to write more code since I got active here again.
@retailcoder What's stopping you? :)
^^ (lack of)
@retailcoder I gave you another question...... traversing XML is way different than traversing SQL tables ( I can do that )
4:30 PM
The basic premise is that the concept of a "document" and "files" is a terrible way for us to store information. Partly because this locks users in to the application writer's view of how the data should be stored and used, and partly because it prevents us from linking data which is related in some real way, but isn't the same kind of data.
@Donald.McLean OK.
@Donald.McLean so you are talking about bringing the cloud into data management, kind of.....like being able to do spreadsheets and text and db all in the same "file format"???
@retailcoder The game doesn't sound too difficult. Propose it as a weekend challenge and you might get one implementation of it. (In Java, of course)
@Donald.McLean I can almost visualize in my mind what i think you mean, but I don't think I could write it out very quickly
So I figured the way to fix this is to use an information pool, repository, cloud (whatever you want to call it). Apps don't access the data directly, they go through an API - so that there is no actual "file format", but rather a number of ways to store and relate data.
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@retailcoder, we need more VBScripters.....
Q: pulling specific data from XML from inside 3rd party application

Malachithis is another script that is used as a token to extract information from a 3rd party application, the application does other things in the background that I don't specifically know about. this code does work inside the parent application and produces the expected output. Is there a nicer w...

@Donald.McLean @Malachi I was thinking about the usage of "tags". Like tagging all StackExchange related stuff with a specific tag, no matter if it's a text-document with the beginning of a question, or some code for a weekly challenge, etc. But that's just what I thought about based on your first description
@SimonAndréForsberg the fun thing about it is that when you do a chain reaction, your opponent gets an avalanche of uncolored blobs to deal with - if you chain 10 moves, you typically "drown" your opponent with an "Avalanche!" and win the game. The more blobs involved in your chain reaction, the more crap your opponent gets.
@Donald.McLean but the reason for file format is a way to display the data on the screen, you could store it that way but the application would still need to know how to display the data and what "templates" to run the information through to display properly. good luck trying to get every (Apple, Microsoft, Linux, Unix, etc) to play with the idea nicely.
@retailcoder I vaguely remember that game! I think I sucked at it
@Donald.McLean What about traditional file managers? (Windows Explorer, Total Commander, Midnight Commander for the Unix folks...) I have seen that many young people today have no clue about traditional file managing.
Yeah, it would have to be an open standard and it would have to gain some industry wide traction to be universally useful, but it would be useful in and of itself for some things I would like to do.
@SimonAndréForsberg Files are, for the most part, part of the problem. Except for AV media, which is a pig of another color. No way to get around that, as far as I can tell.
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@Donald.McLean Yeah, if you could find a way to get around the need for traditional file managers, it would be very interesting. Although in one way, perhaps the past few years have started that already. Instead of sending files/pictures/videos/music these days, we "Share" them all over the place.
I have this idea for a fiction authoring app. Authors could create character profiles, and they would be linked to every appearance of the character (making name changes easy, for example). Same with place and object profiles.
Another thing would be to link information about relatives, who is related to who, but also linked to contact information and to pictures containing the person.
@Donald.McLean Facebook 2.0 ?
@SimonAndréForsberg Sort of, but I want to have it on my personal computer where I can secure it, back it up, share it, etc.
@retailcoder, your code doesn't even run.
@Donald.McLean Facebook actually provides a way so that you can download all your personal data. All your pictures, all your status updates, etc. (comments you've written on other posts are not included though)
4:49 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg In a well documented format that you can easily use from other apps?
@Donald.McLean XML I believe. I'll see if I can find it
@Donald.McLean Last time I did it, it was quite raw HTML or something. Seems scrapeable
@Donald.McLean facebook.com/settings on the bottom of the page it says: "Download a copy of your Facebook data."
Scapable isn't quite the same thing as useable.
Yeah, it's HTML
4:53 PM
They obviously don't provide this service to give us useful data. Their Graph API is more accessible for Apps, but is subject to privacy settings
@Malachi I know, the SelectNodes() method runs off a IXMLDOMNode, my answer tries to run it off a IXMLDOMNodeList - you need to iterate the ServiceEventNodes and select the child nodes from there
@retailcoder so I have to do it the way I was, sort of
@Malachi I'll edit with a working solution, but your code had 1 nested loop that wasn't needed - the XPath can be refined to select the comment nodes you need, that was the point I was trying to make in my answer :)
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