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12:27 AM
@syb0rg I review C fairly often, and William Morris reviews C pretty often. You could try to de-golf it then post it, and I'm sure someone would get to it. But yeah, the codegolf discussion has happened pretty recently and the feeling is definitely no code golf: meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/943/…
@Corbin Sounds good, I'll get to work on cleaning it up.
Q: Credit Card validation using the Luhn forumla

Jagst3r15As the title says, I am trying to do form validation with credit cards and the Luhn formula. Any advice is appreciated. function Luhn(luhn) { // **** step1: double every other digit, starting at 0 var doubleDigits = [0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9]; // **** step 2 + 3: any resulting value must be...

12:52 AM
"your account was a little bit broken. Then I broke it worse." - Exactly the kind of thing you want to hear from a StackExchange moderator
Wow, was that all it took? :
Ok - you should be in good shape now. Let me know if you're not automatically logged in when you visit discuss.area51 — Shog9 4 mins ago
I iwsh I had the same problem, I need to get in to good shape too.
Well I don't know my shape is any better, but I certainly can login and use discuss now.
@rolfl Typo-day today too, huh?
@SimonAndréForsberg haven't noticed? it's Typo-month!
@retailcoder And @rolfl make puns month (of course, that's every month)
@SimonAndréForsberg puns? I work in a doors and windows shop. Today I sent an email to the people that support our ERP system and told them that the skeleton library they sent us must be retargeted to .net 4.0, otherwise all our dreams of LINQ and Entity Framework would go out the... window. Bad one.
1:08 AM
^^ Even worse
Mwahaha that's the best possible use of a Mac!!
I'd have to agree with you there :)
(either that or a combustible for a campfire)
What, iTunes messes up Linux, too?
Is there anything iTunes doesn't mess up?
I rarely use Linux though, I'm mostly a Windows user (especially on warm summer days)
iTunes messes up a Mac, too?
The only Mac I'm a consumer of, is the Big one. With fries. And a Coke.
1:16 AM
@retailcoder I would never have noticed unless you pointed it out. You want to upsize?
Hello @TRiG
@rolfl just the fries.
I have had such a busy day today I have not met my rep-quota.
Worst day in a while.
@rofl This week is really slow on Raspberry Pi beta as well.
@syb0rg well yeah, you're spending all your time over here! :)
1:20 AM
I am sort of hoping to score 4K on this cycle, just to irritate Jamal.
@retailcoder That is true, but I still check up on it and it is slower than usual. There aren't many new questions.
I would review code while I am over here, but all the questions are in languages I don't know.
@rolfl define "cycle" - at 3.8K I presume you mean "by 12AM UTC"?
Or are already sufficiently answered by the time I am not too busy to answer them.
@retailcoder - Check this out:
Bad link... what?
@rolfl yeah I saw that earlier
1:22 AM
yesterday, by Jamal
Pretty sure about that?
Yeah, so I have to pretty much max out today.....
22.5 hours.
Which really means I have to answer easy-hit questions, instead of spending time making Malachi happy (which no-one appreciates).
@rolfl ok it's settled. Your new name is Rolf Skeet.
@retailcoder - what's that monkey song I remond you of?
Shoot the monkey?
@syb0rg you could post and self-answer, could draw some attention to your preferred language
Skeet shooting is a recreational and competitive activity where participants, using shotguns, attempt to break clay disks automatically flung into the air from two fixed stations at high speed from a variety of angles. Skeet is one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting. The others are trap shooting and sporting clays. There are several types of skeet, including one with Olympic status (often called Olympic skeet or international skeet) and many with only national recognition. General principles For the American version of the game, the clay discs are ...
@rolfl shock the monkey
1:26 AM
@retailcoder I'm working on a post right now. Just cleaning it up to make it readable, since it was Code Golf code.
I think I am going to review a nagging zombie...
@retailcoder - I saw that freudian slip through a moment ago .... you're busted.
The question was whether it was intentional or not .... and whether I believe your answer... ;-)
I don't even want to go there .... I'm on my work computer.
@syb0rg Hi. Just passing through.
@TRiG Can you do me a favor?
Really, you are going to ask?
Yes :)
I want to beat @retailcoder!
1:32 AM
@TRiG - brace yourself, and ge tthat right hand flexed
@TRiG Do you see that pinned message with 7 stars next to it (the one by me)?
@Trig, please just click that little yellow star on the right there .... make @syb0rg happy!
@rolfl leftie
I would be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy if you would star it.
1:34 AM
Especially while he's beating retailcoder
You peeps have a competition going here?
@TRiG - you get a badge if you are 'starred' by 10 or more distinct people.
@rolfl Now that I did not know.
1:35 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg woah now that's a slap!
@TRiG Me and @retailcoder are competing to see who can get that badge first.
I once got a badge on Mi Yodea for going on a proofreading spree in their chatroom.
@TRiG - see, I got it, when I wasn't even expecting it, and I was the first....
What @syb0rg does not know, is that RetailCoder beat him....
1:36 AM
@retailcoder He did?
Weird. Someone keeps upvoting old SO answers of mine.
@rolfl WTH?
@syb0rg Just got three today. Just now.
@retailcoder - didn't you get 10 stars on your pinned post?
1:37 AM
@TRiG That was me. :)
@rolfl yeah, and that didn't get me da freakin' badge!!
@syb0rg Ah. But I've had a few others over the past few weeks.
@rolfl But for some reason he didn't get the badge.
@TRiG Those were your best answers, so I figured those would be the ones I upvoted.
Oh... @TRiG - you may want to make @retailcoder happy too, the problem is finding somethng he says worth starring.
Looks like SE Chat is star-whoring-aware...
Mean monkey.
1:38 AM
My two most upvoted answers (1 and 2) were both 30-second jobs written off the top of my head.
I would never repwhore in here .... BTW, you see this answer:
A: Critique my COBOL code? I am completely unaware of best practices

rolflWhile the code is crisp and clean (COBOL always is .... ;-) ) I see some logic flaws in your computations. Specifically, consider the current time 14450000 (2:45pm) and the user enters 15 for [HH] and 15 for [MM] as his ETA (3:15pm) Your subtract will store the difference between 14450000 and 1...

@rolfl Oh, that badge?
Yeah .... bet they don't talk about rep-whoring there ... :(
rep-adultery perhaps
1:41 AM
@TRiG I see you are a member of many different sites. Is the Raspberry Pi beta site one of those?
See, there's 14 people with outspoken on that site, now, what do they do on mimes.stackexchange.com
Can you be outspoken there?
@syb0rg is that member-whoring? :p
(@rolfl stupid me did click that link)
@retailcoder NO! [ducks away and hides]
@syb0rg I'm probably a member. I'm a member of all sorts of sites. That doesn't mean I participate.
@rolfl Don't they get hung upside down in the scorpion pit?
@TRiG Then why join if you don't participate?
1:44 AM
@syb0rg I'm in Coder Dojo (teaching kids programming), and we might be getting a few Pis for the site sometime soon, in which case I'll think of something to ask.
@TRiG - something like that, though I think they put them in the mcdonalds play-room... torture!
OMG, he upvoted my COBOL!
@syb0rg I join because ... when I come across an SE site, I hit the "sign in" button. Force of habit.
@syb0rg see, If I type lots
and lots
of lines
I get a number
under my name.
Also, it allows me to mark favourite questions. And to edit. I like editing.
Look at @rolfl showing off
1:45 AM
@rolfl That
If I join 10 SE sites now, I get 1K of rep there!
@syb0rg - you have to type more than 3 lines
@rolfl I'm
1:46 AM
I give up
@TRiG you should meet @Jamal at an Anonymous Editing Addicts meeting
@syb0rg here's a hint.
Type a line, then hit shift-enter
You can do
a lot when
you do it
that way
1:47 AM
Bother! I won't be able to use my carefully prepared interruption if he does it that way! ;)
@rolfl I
Take that spam-bot filter!
@rolfl I just made an epic typo and nobody noticed!
@retailcoder Pfft!
Missing the f were you?
Dang it. I'm sooooooooooooooo close to 7K
1:48 AM
@syb0rg look again
@retailcoder I LOVE YOU!
I must say, this isn't the weirdest chat conversation I've got into.
in The DMZ, Feb 13 at 2:23, by TRiG
@AdamMcKissock And I likes fit lads. ;)
Score 101
1:49 AM
@rolfl But I don't have kids....
Hi @Jamal
So, @TRiG may not be jewish?
in The Upper Room, Aug 18 '12 at 19:29, by TRiG
@El'endiaStarman If you want embedded GIFs, how about British Olympic Diver Tom Daley taking his clothes off?
Time to get back on topic.
The upper room ... that's really good name.
@rolfl Oh. Is there a topic around here?
I just joined parenting.se
1:50 AM
@rolfl Ex-JW atheist.
@TRiG General talk about programming
Hang out on the religious SE sites, because they amuse me.
@TRiG Because of all the worldviews?
@syb0rg Now, I'm more used to the English Language & Usage chat room, which makes a point of never being on topic.
1:51 AM
@Jamal Hola.
Welcome to CR!
@TRiG Yeah, we usually go off on random tangents here at Code Review.
Or so I've seen.
And I like it.
@Jamal - he is welcome, he came here to upvote my brilliant COBOL answer.
@rolfl Oi! Don't be spreading rumours.
Is this now the new member requirement?
1:52 AM
He's a COBOL guru, ready to take over the mantle of being the CR Expert on all things arcane.
@rolfl My last vote on this site was on the 16th of October.
@Jamal Technically I wasn't a new member, I was a reborn member.
I can throw you lots of things to vote on if you want ... ;-)
I don't want to know what monkeys be throwin'.
Especially not exceptions.
@Jamal - we were actually talking about whether I will make 4K in 23 hours.... (thats about as fast as I run...).
1:54 AM
I think I mistimed my vote on that COBOL answer from @rolfl.
Ohhhh .... it was you !!!!!
Why hadn't you voted on it already? Did I miss my opportunity when you came in?
@rolfl Yeah.
@TRiG .... did you see my COBOL answer ... ;-)
throw new MonkeyRepWhoreException();
Drat, I have work to do.
@retailcoder - the real question is where you catch that exception ....
1:56 AM
uh, haven't thought of that
in chat, I guess
I don't want to know.
did you just make that one up?
2:04 AM
I can't, I'm the monkey ..... :(
Q: Can this relative date code be more efficient?

syb0rgHere is some code of mine that prints out the relative date according to the current time: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> int main (int argc, char *argv[]) { int i = 1; struct tm date = {0}; char relativeDays[80]; char* temp = strtok(argv[1], "/"); while(temp...

@Jamal Can you review that question that just came up from me?
Make sure the title and tags are all proper?
I'm disappoint. I was expecting rep to fly out after spanking the monkey at 249 MPH.
Another refactoring tag?
249 ... ohhh the youth of today.
@rolfl I am trying to cut down on the code while retaining the function of the code.
2:06 AM
@syb0rg: I'd probably go with .
What fool posted with that tag?
Oh, never mind...
it was a machine.
@Jamal What about ?
@syb0rg you were not to know, but recently there has been debate about the merits of the refactoring tag. .... ;-)
see ... what @retailcoder said.
@rolfl you're turning into some @StackExchange monkey are you?
2:08 AM
So, out of interest, @syb0rg .. can you reason through why you chose refactoring as a tag (it would be useful to understand.... serious question).
@rolfl I removed it in favor of
@syb0rg: It could be okay, if you're also seeking such advice.
@Jamal I am.
See, @Jamal - that's why the wiki text is wrong.....
@rolfl I chose it because of the description. I do want to reduce the LOC while retaining the same function of the program.
2:10 AM
Voting to close as "opinion-based".
*"Any thoughts on how to improve the code, specifically how to make it shorter?"*
-- "no" would be a perfectly acceptable answer.
@rolfl: But didn't you say we have other issues to attend to? It looks like we should do something about this, at least with the tag wiki.
I think my proposed change to the tag wiki is a good one, but it will create a lot of work.
work I am not really prepared to do.
I am not about to suggest that we go back and revise 350 questions.
I do wish more CR mods were around to discuss this with me.
I agree.... this is a tough one.
Out of interest, since you are here, @syb0rg here's the issue, in brief:
Agreed. Revising them, unless they really need revising, is too much. I'd take the time to close/delete if necessary.
2:12 AM
well, that's brief.
If you come to code review, you want your code to be inspeced, and have suggestions made.
You want to refactor your code somhow.
every question has the goal of some sort of refactoring.
Other than what I think is a refactoring question, which is: Hey, I refactored my code, did I do it well?
In other words, if you want your refactoring reviewed, then tag it refactoring.
Otherwise refactoring is always a valid answer.
Unfortunately, the wiki text for refactoring indicats that you can use it just the way you did, as a suggestion to the reviewers.
In other words, we don't need that tag. Could it be somewhat akin to ?
@rolfl I could see how could become a part of in both cases you describe; if I refactored my code, I want to know if it really optimized the code, if I want my code refactored, optimization is also a part of that.
yeah the wiki is inviting questions that ask for code to be written
(still laughing at F-Off)
@syb0rg - it's a delicate thing, CodeReview.... you cannot come here asking us to improve your code... but, you can ask us what you got wrong.
Refactoring is just on the wrong side of the line.
2:17 AM
Let it be noted that the retardcoder here agrees with the monkey.
@rolfl The delicate part is all part of the beta. People like us are supposed to sort things like this out so the site can be built on a strong foundation.
And so new users can be pointed to what is wrong and what is right.
Yeah. I don't know how it works for other people, but CodeReview is not an easy thing to do... for example this answer took more than 2 hours ... :
A: Weekend Challenge - Poker Hand Evaluation

rolflAceValue This class has me confused. I am not sure what the ranks[] is for.... and there are magic numbers, and no comments? Suite This has an isBlack() method, but that indicates that DIAMONDS are black... but they are red! suiteCount(boolean) could be much simpler: return Suite.values - (...

Speak of the devil...
Q: What is the best way to refactor this code?

NikkaI am looking at an outdated code written in rails 2.3, and feel that there should be a way to make it dry, decoupled, and look better, but cannot point out what it is yet. class MyModelsController < ApplicationController def edit something = MyModel.find(params[:id]) return unless chec...

@Jamal - that's on SO ... what's the problem?
Someone mentioned that it should be sent to CR.
2:20 AM
Oohhh.... yeah, we have to educate the SO folk.
@rolfl That code you reviewed also had many different classes.
Yeah @SimonAndréForsberg should have posted his monster in several, more digestible questions.
Yes ... it did, but, it was complicated code, and complicated interactions, and it needed to be in one place to understand.
I agree, it was too much for CR, but anything less would not have made sense.
^^ which, as you cleverly noted, is a smell all by itself.
(or was it on that post?)
yes it was.
Anyway, my point is that (a new) someone asking questions here likely does not realize that it's not simple to just scan some code and suggest some changes....
Also, what the asker thinks is a problem likely is not .... not to someone who's been there before... the actual answer may be something else entirely.
A: Simple object pool on Android

rolflI have to question whether this makes any sense in your application: Assume the server is sending data to our app at regular intervals, at least once per second Have you done any testing/metrics that indicate that the current system you have is actually a problem? I would be very surprised ...

2:24 AM
Whoa, my question has gotten 3 upvotes in 20 minutes!
Q: Can this relative date code be more efficient?

syb0rgHere is some code of mine that prints out the relative date according to the current time: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> int main (int argc, char *argv[]) { int i = 1; struct tm date = {0}; char relativeDays[80]; char* temp = strtok(argv[1], "/"); while(temp...

@syb0rg - that's an effect of chatting here....
Also, someone has taken my name in vain...!
Who is this imposter:
Curious George?
I bet he didn't even take his own picture
Member for 4 days, let's coach the n00b :)
I wonder if that's a girl monkey .... :-)
Oh boy...
2:27 AM
What, no monkey business with the fiddly bits?
You can post user profiles and they get expanded?
You can do a number of things ... wiki is a good one too.
@rolfl Wiki? As in Wikipedia?
The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. In this context, "almost surely" is a mathematical term with a precise meaning, and the "monkey" is not an actual monkey, but a metaphor for an abstract device that produces an endless random sequence of letters and symbols. One of the first instances of the monkey metaphor being used comes from French mathematician Émile Borel in 1913 but it may go back further than that....
If you want to talk bits here, it had better be binary bits.
2:31 AM
Just a quick poll for everyone here:
Why do you think it is beneficial to be a part of a chatroom?
I gels the core community.
@syb0rg you get upvoted... ;)
I didn't even know it was from a movie soundtrack...
@Jamal A upvote for your thoughts?
2:39 AM
Already have before. :-)
@TRiG seen this?
Q: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

retailcoderThis is a direct reply to Grace Note's recent CR review, more precisely the following part: (emphasis mine) Unanswered Tying in to all of the above is one of the most pressing concerns about the site I had in my own review, which is the gigantic pool of unanswered questions. There are, ...

213 more views and it gets to 1000!
@All The reason I ask is because I need to post something over on the Raspberry Pi meta site to get more people to join the chat over there.
To "gel" the core community.
uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
At first using SE chat felt a bit awkward. Then the more you use it, the more people come over and use it too, and then it snowballs.
Well, here is the post:
Q: Populating the chatroom

syb0rgI recently went over to the Code Review beta site, and for some reason felt inclined to join one of their chat rooms. Over the time I have chatted with them, I have learned a lot about the community over there, and feel that the chat experience is a huge part of acquiring a larger core community...

Any comments?
Your chatroom is named The Bakery?!
room topic changed to The 2nd Monitor: General discussion about Code Review. (no tags)
Complaints and objections shall be debated on meta!
Q: What should be the name of our main chatroom?

retailcoderOur main chat room is currently called Code Review General Room, with "General discussion about Code Review." for a description. I propose The Zombie Hunters' Lounge, but I'd like the community to post their ideas here (1 per post, include why it's the best name), the one with the highest number...

2:52 AM
@retailcoder Well, I thought it was clever. Since, you know, you usually bake Raspberry Pi's.
What do you think of the 2nd monitor?
(nice name btw - "the bakery")
@retailcoder It's nice. And somewhat related to reviewing code.
I did upvote that answer.
As I said in a comment to the question, if we dislike it, we can always rename it.
I just couldn't stand Code Review General Room anymore
Not with The Bakery around.
What should our tags be?
Tags for Programmers' The Whiteboard:
Did you just create those tages here too?
@rolfl wrong place. search here: codereview.stackexchange.com/tags
Ah, OK.
room topic changed to The 2nd Monitor: General discussion about Code Review. [addicted-to-cr] [just-saying-hi] [pretending-to-work]
room topic changed to The 2nd Monitor: General discussion about Code Review. [addicted-to-cr] [just-saying-hi] [monkey-business] [pretending-to-work]
3:03 AM
@Corbin You are in "The Bakery" right now?
Earned at least 100 total score for at least 20 answers in the discussion tag.
My first tag badge is on meta!
Q: Linked List Delete Node Function

Adam Johnspublic boolean delete(int d) { Node tmpNode = head; Node prevNode = null; boolean deletedANode = false; if (head == null) { return deletedANode; } while (tmpNode != null) { if (tmpNode.data == d) { if (tmpNode == head) { head =...

Just joined RPi
Another 100Rep earned on
@rolfl You did?
I wish I could star the:
17 days later…
@Jamal - actually, I wonder if it needs a request....?
It's the 'purest' form of code review.
3:12 AM
I just want to make sure.
@Jamal wtf didn't I already have that "discussion" badge??
Your tag score must've gone below 100.
so I lost the badge.. and re-earned it? that's weird, first time I see a badge being revoked...
@retailcoder I don't think badges get revoked. Once they are earned, they are earned.
Unless maybe moderators can revoke them, can they @Jamal
No, they're the one badge can be naturally revoked. If you no longer fit the requirements, the system will revoke it until you meet them again.
3:34 AM
Hmm. I'm pretty sure it's just for a few select badges (possibly all tag badges) - @syb0rg is right, I'm sure I read somewhere on MSO that once they're earned, they're earned.
Poor guy ... posts his first answer, it's a decent one, and the asker rips the carpet from below him by radically changing the function of the code....
Can I give a bounty to a deleted answer?
(he self deleted his answer 20 seconds after posting it....).
When you reach 4K, you can vote to undelete answers.
I wish I could see his answer...
@rolfl What was the question he answered on?
Q: Linked List Delete Node Function

Adam JohnsThis code is supposed to delete every node from a linked list with a given value. Are there any logical errors with this implementation? Did I do anything wrong or is there an area of this implementation that needs significant improvement. Any suggestions? public boolean delete(int d) { ...

^^ killcam
(zombie down)
Seriously -- Asked 37 minutes ago. Take that, 8-12 hours average!
What can cause a badge to be lost/revoked/taken away after it is awarded?

The Stack Exchange administration has stated repeatedly that "regular" badges never go away unless they were obtained by heinous cheating. Behavior that qualifies as "heinous" is defined by devs on a case-by-case basis, but here are some guidelines:

using a bunch of sockpuppets to upvote posts by your main account for Enlightened or Nice Question qualifies as "heinous"
downvoting something and then immediately undoing your downvote just so you get Critic for free is kinda dumb, but not "heinous"
A: How do "badges" work?

SCdFWhat are badges? Badges are awarded to users in recognition of their contributions to the community. There are many ways to contribute, and consequently, there are many badges. There are three ranks of badge. Bronze badges are relatively easy to get, and often help teach users how to use the sy...

3:42 AM
It should say somewhere that tag badges can be revoked by the system.
Yeah, if you read the pasted quote through: the last part says "Tag badges, on the other hand, disappear immediately if you ever cease to meet their criteria, which could happen through deletion or downvotes."
Q: Python alogorithm - Jumble solver

user1162512I'm writing a program to find all the possible combinations of a jumbled word from a dictionary in python. Here's what I've wrote. It's in O(n^2) time. So, my question is Can it be made faster ? import sys dictfile = "dictionary.txt" def get_words(text): """ Return a list of dict words ""...

Q: Article JSON format review

Justin808I'm looking for a review of my article JSON format. This will be used to both transfer documents via ajax calls as well as store the document in NoSQL. Do you see any issues? Are there any gotchas with it? Anything you would do differently (and why)? Other comments? { type: 'article', t...

Q: Please help me refactor this exception handling

SuparsI received this piece of code and this is horrible. I need your help to refactor this: try { SomeOperation(); } catch(IllegalArgumentException iaEx) { try { iaEx.printStackTrace(); } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); throw new CustomeExceptio...

@rolfl You just beat me to that comment on this post:
Q: Please help me refactor this exception handling

SuparsI received this piece of code and this is horrible. I need your help to refactor this: try { SomeOperation(); } catch(IllegalArgumentException iaEx) { try { iaEx.printStackTrace(); } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); throw new CustomeExceptio...

Gota be fast!
The question is off-topic for a number of reasons too.... but only just...
it' not his code... hmmm that's pretty bad.
3:58 AM
@rolfl Why do you say it's not his code?
he says:
 >  I received this piece of code and this is horrible

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