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Q: Ola Hallengren - DatabaseIntegrityCheck - Unable to open Step output file. The step failed

SQLDudeI have used the Ola Hallengren scripts successfully on SQL Server 2012 and earlier. Today I tried installing them on SQL Server 2016. When I try to run any of the scripts, I get an error message like the one below: [136] Job DatabaseIntegrityCheck - USER_DATABASES reported Unable to open St...

Q: Access 2007 - How to Make a Standalone Subform

CurtisDI would like to create a subform that can be used on several forms. I want the subform to be its own independent object, appearing in the Navigation pane. I will then drag the subform onto the forms I want it to appear on. How can I create an independent subform?

Q: How to upgrade pgAdmin 4 version 1.1 to version 2.1?

RajanCould anyone provide me with instructions on how to upgrade version 1.1 of pgAdmin 4 to version 2.1 of pgAdmin 4? Running on Windows.

5:37 PM
Q: Microsoft SQL Server 70-461 Exam Preparation

Aubrey LoveI'm new here, and this question may be out of place. But, does anyone here have some good advice in studying and preparing for the 70-461 SQL Server exam? Thanks.

6:00 PM
Q: Where can i find entity-relationship diagrams of popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, Quora etc

sodhanchaList of websites having list of ERD diagrams of popular websites. This is to stop myself from re-inventing the wheel and be able to follow / learn / imitate and modify these ERD's according to my needs.

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presumably there is no need to add @PaulWhite to the owner list, since he's a moderator.
Q: Inserting query result to another table hangs on "Copying to temp table on disk" on MySQL

Saliha Uzel Possible Duplicate: Inserting query result to another table hangs on “Copying to temp table on disk” on MySQL I started the process of inserting returned results to another table. The query groups the rows in respect of indexed IDs (149,000,000 rows are decreased to 460,000 rows). The ...

Migrated from SO and closed as a duplicate of the same question cross-posted here
Which actually doesn't seem to be of much value either, although it's hard for me to judge really
Q: Inserting query result to another table hangs on "Copying to temp table on disk" on MySQL

JoshuaJeanThreeI started the process of inserting returned results to another table. The query groups the rows in respect of indexed IDs. This causes 149,000,000 rows to be decreased to 460,000 rows. The query includes 3 table INNER JOINs, with each table having about 20,000,000 rows. Further information, the...

@jcolebrand left remarks in the text for the OP to add details, but the question appears to be abandoned
The author's (or authors'?) nicknames are completely different, curiously
@MaxVernon Sorry, do you mean this like we should check back and delete messages linking to deleted questions or do you mean that those messages are supposed to go away automatically?
@AndriyM posts added in here will need to be looked at either now or later... they can be deleted from here once they go away. That's primarily why you'd need to be a room owner - so you can delete them from here once they go away on main.
I'm thinking trusted 10K+ users could be room owners in here
Hmm, in other rooms I've never been able to delete chat messages after the grace period has passed, and I can't seem to be in this room either.
8:31 PM
Room owners can't delete messages, though they can move them. A solution that works elsewhere is to have an archive room to move done stuff to.
We don't need a dedicated "trash" room for this room, do we? Using the one we created for The Heap should be just fine IMHO
It's nice to have a dedicated room for audit purposes.
So we can easily find which questions have been deleted via this mechanism, in case of inquiry. It can also be made Gallery so people don't chat there.
Also: rooms are free on this network 🙂
I'd be fine either way, just didn't think we needed a separate room. The point about auditing does make sense to me.
@PaulWhite I like that!
@PaulWhite users with < 10k - would they have to flag for moderator attention if they see junk content?
I suppose they could just post the link here, and have it "taken care of"
8:48 PM
9:04 PM
@AndriyM That should have been flagged to be merged, not deleted.
The end result will be the same in this case, but more generally there might be comments/answers worth combining.
@AndriyM I closed it as too vague
@PaulWhite Point taken
@jcolebrand So now it's abandoned and closed as unclear. But it won't be auto-deleted because it's upvoted and has an upvoted answer.
However, the latter two things should be easy to fix...
The question is whether there is any lasting value in Rolando's answer.
@PaulWhite - please feel free to adjust whatever you think needs adjusting. Unfortunately, it's hard to "preview" this stuff without actually posting it to meta or creating the chat room.
9:19 PM
I'd prefer to leave it to see what feedback you get without mod intervention first
Archive room. Please do not chat here.
room mode changed to Gallery: anyone may enter, but only approved users can talk
I made the archive room gallery.
yah, I saw that. Perfect. thanks!
9:27 PM
@AndriyM if you want it deleted I can do that too
I just figured closing was fine for now
You guide me. :D
that user was "seen Nov 13 '14 at 15:20:"
16 mins ago, by Paul White
The question is whether there is any lasting value in Rolando's answer.
9:44 PM
Rolando does point to another answer of his at the end of this one where, according to him, he's suggesting the same ideas, but the other one isn't entirely the same in terms of how (or which) things are being explained.
Probably needs a MySQL expert to assess it fully.
I've been called one but never seriously
People can be mean 🙂
Q: Odd syntax error when creating view with SCHEMABINDING

Daniel Allen LangdonI've been working with SQL Views for a while now, and I recently read that something that I want to do requires that one of my views be created with schemabinding. That sounds fine, but I get a syntax error when I try to follow along with an example: CREATE VIEW dbo.MyView WTIH SCHEMABINDING AS...

If we upvote the answer (so that it has the score of 3), will the answerer keep the rep after the question is deleted? Or does that additionally depend on how much rep they have themselves? I forget.
@AndriyM Yes but that's a bit of a misuse imo
9:50 PM
Yeah, that was a really low-hanging fruit, of course
Score of 3+ visible for 60 days = rep preserved when deleted…
That's it, thanks

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