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2:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly dots in body (51): Что означает знак "&" в этой строке? С++ by user322459 on ru.stackoverflow.com
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8:05 AM
good morning everyone. @NicolasChabanovsky as seen in https://es.meta.stackoverflow.com/q/3850/83 we commented about the small amount of people reviewing. Did you use any resource to promote reviewing? I was thinking on:
- decreasing from 5 to 3 close votes
- making some posts about it in Meta and featuring them
8:24 AM
@fedorqui Morning! How are you? We are about to launch tips. Could you please tell me if you think it might be useful to add a tip about reviewing?
I will add to my schedule a task to think about how to promote the reviewing on SOes!
9:03 AM
@NicolasChabanovsky yes, I think that can be useful. Also, what else did you do in SOru for this? It seems to be a very good community reviewing-wise
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10:51 AM
Q: ¿Podemos añadir una advertencia en las preguntas con etiqueta [python*]?

fedorquiHace unas semanas planteé Añadamos [python] a todas las preguntas de Python. A tenor de los comentarios recibidos y los votos (+14/-0 a 11 de enero, unos 50 días después de publicada), parece que hubo consenso en que sería bueno que todas las preguntas de Python tengan como mínimo la etiqueta pyt...

I have added a feature request to add some warnings on python-tagged questions, as it used to be done in es.meta.stackoverflow.com/q/3299/83
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11:52 AM
@fedorqui It's a tough question. I wrote a lot of meta posts, probably. I received an email from my colleagues who are responsible for the design. They told me that they will start working on the banners for you in a week or so. It means we have some time to add a few tips! Please let me know if you add any, so I added them to the internal proposal.
cc @gbianchi
@fedorqui I have not seen anything like that before. Let me ask somebody who might know if it's possible and what do we need to do to get it done.
12:14 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky thanks! Well it is exactly what g3rv4 was doing in
Q: Advertencias en preguntas potencialmente problemáticas

g3rv4Actualización: No voy a seguir monitoreando esta pregunta. No tengo claro cómo seguir aceptando solicitudes. Voy a conversar con los moderadores a ver qué nos queda mejor a todos. El otro día, mientras agregaba error a la lista negra, descubrí que además de bloquear etiquetas, podemos mostrar ad...

I just opened a new question to handle this request
@NicolasChabanovsky cool! Will do. Going through ru.meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/7020Подсказки-о-механиках-работы-st‌​ack-overflow I don't see any answer related to reviewing. I am looking right? Just to have some template to start from
@fedorqui It might be! With Google translate they look different to me :)
@fedorqui Yes, you are correct. We do not have such tip because it was not a problem for us that time.
You can add a tip for any problem you have.
@NicolasChabanovsky haha Google translate is our friend :) Yes, I just mentioned the request because I know you keep track of them. Just to let you know what this is about, and that hopefully it will be able to do by g3rv4
@fedorqui Why do they look different to me? Because in your request you ask do not allow to post without without certain combination of tags. At the same time I have seen only cases when we do not allow to post something like particular tag, some words in the title or a question with a title less then some number of characters.
It might be possible, though. I just want to say that I have not seen such cases before. I asked Shog9 about it. Let's see what he says.
@fedorqui Thank you for letting me know! Please do it in the future as well! I do track int'l metas but can might miss some meta posts or updates on them.
@NicolasChabanovsky aaah ok, yes indeed it is different. I thought you did not know about the warnings, which seemed surprising to me. Yes, the request is to have at least a warning when some "python" appears in the tags. Otherwise, the taxonomy is getting a bit dirty on this programming language
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9:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body (97): Promise Javascript wixsite by Shaco Gg on pt.stackoverflow.com

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