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8:50 AM
@KacosPro hi! Could you please tell me if you have had a chance to talk to the SOes community about the following initiative?
Q: Añadamos una alerta en preguntas que son solo código

KacosProHoy me encontré con un problema y pensé que tal vez la comunidad de SOen me podría ayudar, así que me decidí por hacer una pregunta. Puse el título y empecé a redactarla. Como no se me ocurría nada pensé en poner el código formateado primero y luego ir describiendo el problema, copié el código d...

I cannot wait to hear back from you if the community wants/does not this to be turned on.
9:14 AM
Hi @fedorqui! I did not find an answer to your question:
Q: Las auditorías de revisión no aparecen en el historial del perfil

fedorquiEl 29 de octubre se activaron las auditorías de revisión (¡bien!) y al día siguiente, hoy, ya me he topado con una (¡bien!): https://es.stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/122646 Lo curioso del caso es que si miro en mi perfil, sección "revisiones", no aparece listada, pese a que las aud...

Though I found out that not all of reviews are presented in the users' profile.
A: I would like to see my review audit history

Tim PostSomething that concerns me is that having these accessible through your profile somehow gives the impression that there's some sort of permanent record due to failing these, and there really isn't. Administrative actions taken by the system in /review are purely based on a revolving 30 day window...

Note: Only failed review audits from Close Votes, Reopen Votes, and Suggested Edits appear in your review activity. For some reason failed audits from Low Quality Posts, Late Answers, and First Posts do not. — animuson ♦ Aug 12 '13 at 16:02
Could you please ask the question on MSE? I think if there is no such question it should be added one day. It might me the day :)
5 hours later…
1:51 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky Hi Nicolas! Sorry I’ve been very busy with the work this past weeks 😅
This weekend is a national holiday, I’ll do it bu sunday 😁
Thanks for remind it me
2:39 PM
@KacosPro It's fine. Thank you! Please let me know if you need anything from me to get it done. I'm glad to help :)
@NicolasChabanovsky will do! And thanks a lot, we at SOes are very happy with how things are getting done for our community

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