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3:03 PM
The crypto chatroom will not work well if everybody is also in the security.SE chatroom
Thomas! Another day, another 200 rep? :)
@nealmcb Not yet.
only 13 upvotes for today (+2 accepted answers)
but the day is still young
3:21 PM
Q: advances in usability for cryptography/authentication

Jason SI'm wondering if there have been any recent advances (say, the past 5-10 years) in human usability for cryptography and/or authentication? By that I mean something that makes it easier for an average person to make use of the benefits of cryptography. It strikes me that although we have all the...

Good candidate for migration to security.se?
Do we have mods yet?
Ahh - mods are still "TBD"
3:40 PM
Another one:
Q: Security of using passwords or even passphrases to encrypt files

Andrew RussellIs it ever appropriate to use real-world passwords to encrypt files to be sent via unsecure means. By real world, I mean a password that is memorable and memorisable by a mere person? I am implying that in order to securely encrypt a file you must follow this guidance: Use a long random passw...

Yes, I think both are more security.SE stuff than crypto.SE stuff
4:06 PM
A: how to decide between Cryptography.SE and Security.SE?

nealmcbI think if it is about math, algorithm specifications, etc it is good here. But if it is about implementation, coding, risk management, usability, etc. it should be on Security.SE. See Frequently Asked Questions - IT Security - Stack Exchange for the scope of that site. Questions that are abou...


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