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12:00 AM
@ObsessiveSSOℲ Even if I did run, I don't know how I'd get past all the good candidates already there.
I only have long hair because I'm too gorram lazy to get a cut anyway...
I cut mine myself but only when it goes wild
@Seth Don;t underestimate yourself. You're a very viable candidate if you ran.
Honestly, I feared you would run.
then I get an axe and it's him or me
@ObsessiveSSOℲ Wow, if all I needed was support I'd have been the first candidate :)
@LuisAlvarado eh, you've got my vote. No need for an axe. (They don't work against phasers anyway :P)
12:02 AM
@fossfreedom This year's posts have a very low character limit. Hence why there's a shortage on long-drawn bios. (And why probably noone will be able to add the answers to their post)
Well, we can't all be moderators. Our robotics team had this trouble.
ok am going to nominate myself. Is that correct?
we just need a couple hackers...
nominate myself
shouldn't it be like "I will apply for nomination"
12:03 AM
@LuisAlvarado If you don't I WILL nominate you.
So on oyr robotics team, there were 60 people, 30 captains... :(
ok thanks for the positive cheer
its kind of funny because you will vote for me and ill vote for obsessive lol
@ObsessiveSSOℲ that's sad :( esp. when most of them would have made awesome mods.
@LuisAlvarado you're not the only one I'm gonna vote for. We get three votes ;)
Yeah, I ended up aggregating a few disgruntled teams into... A 12 person team as originally intended.
12:05 AM
@LuisAlvarado: yeah. thats an oddity with the SE election system
@Shog9 Is the nomination character limit shorter this year?
@ObsessiveSSOℲ it is.
Oh, how much was it in previous years?
(you need to see Roland's nomination from last time)
@ObsessiveSSOℲ I don't know what it used to be :/
OK, I'll take a look.
12:08 AM
I think it just was a full meta post?
Ah, OK.
But 1.2k chars is pretty darn low.
Just over twice a comment.
@FEichinger If it was bigger I wouldn't run for sure!
no way I could come up with too much more :/
12:11 AM
@Seth Oh, stop being so miserable. I only posted mine because I had a surprisingly good draft after I finally said to myself "At least try and see what it'd look like!"
Then I saw the character limit.
And rammed my head into the wall.
@FEichinger I'm not miserable, honest. I'm just fine.
I couldn't answer any questions posed in comments, and jad to use comments myself.
Writing is just what I do worst unfortunately. I'm going to shut up about this election.
I keep getting misunderstood.
English isn't even my native language! I moved to the US from Russia,
@ObsessiveSSOℲ I've always wanted to go over there!
12:13 AM
@Seth You'd make a great moderator. You just have to start writing something up and tinker with it until you believe it says all it has to say.
I do agree. Your meta posts are outstanding.
Good advice @FEichinger.
@ObsessiveSSOℲ Same here. I went with bold question at the beginning and one answer per comment.
Q: A happy Oli♦ day!

ObsessiveSSOℲToday is November 11, so that means... Oli♦ day! We'd just like to congratulate our well-known moderator, author of thepcspy, and second-highest user by reputation here on a happy birthday. Many of us have changed our gravatars to be Oli♦: and last year, it was even better. If you browse t...

I love that @ObsessiveSSOℲ :D
It was kind of off-topic...
12:15 AM
oh, I don't care.
It was also kind of hilarious, though.
@Seth Your meta posts are awesome, and on-topic.
@ObsessiveSSOℲ So are your meta posts.
I don't know if my clinical OCD is a good or bad thing for moderation.
Would I become meticulous, or pedantic?
oh great. Another word to look up.
12:20 AM
Overly controlling.
That is, would my OCD help clean up the site, or stir up unhappiness?
I love this:
@ObsessiveSSOℲ I think it would help clean up.
I agree.
its hard to become a bad SE mod
Well, I was thrown off coxing the crew team since my precision arrant pedantry annoyed all eight rowers. Then the next coxswain was incompetent, so they put me back on, to the dissatisfaction of eight people who never think for themselves when they need to.
Most people don't understand how a good team works.
this is getting rather off-topicish though
12:28 AM
@Seth Lol with the pedantic image
@Seth they could easily have said "Because I said so!" lol
@LuisAlvarado It's nice to see that you have 999 helpful flags, IMO that is a very important part of a candidate. Seeing that a moderators job is to review flags.
omg i do
go get one more ;)
hey omg yeah i have that many wow
am going to get one more then
then retire
becoming a mod certainly is retiring.. FROM FLAGGING!!
12:32 AM
@Seth: on the other hand, you can't get your marshal badge if you haven't already
@JourneymanGeek what? If I'm running I don't get badges?
@Seth: if you get elected as a mod, you have much less chances to flag ;p
ah, I see.
lol, that's true.
there's apparently (and I forget how) ONE type of flag you can still do
12:42 AM
@Seth hey thanks for the comment in nomination hehe
np :)
Well, I feel the pressure rising.
@ObsessiveSSOℲ oh? In what way?
Many good candidates.
That's what I feel like, hehe
But, in the current setting, you have my vote.
12:55 AM
1:09 AM
Dumb question, perhaps. Why isn't @Jorge Castro a moderator?
@maggotbrain because he doesn't want to be one?
@Marco That's what I figured.
Moderating is a time consuming, grueling, tedious, daily process
Where you have to be an emotionless human logic computer and can never make any "right" decisions
I'm surprised we have any candidates at all
@Marco So, considering how much clean-up work he does around here, being a moderator would not help, but hinder his work here?
Pretty much, when you're a power user you have all the tools you need to be a "moderator", we're pretty much trash people doing the 5% of the work that no one wants to do
1:17 AM
That totally makes sense. I'm not seeing any mods pipe up and say "Hey, c'mon in, the water is nice, here".
@ObsessiveSSOℲ If there was a limit, it was ridiculously large. Folks were writing books in those things. Summarize why you want to be / think you'd make a good mod, and let your activity on the site speak for the rest.
Ah, OK.
Also, y'know, there's chat if you wanna schmooze
But I want to write a novel! Stack Exchange Elections: The self-publishing platform
It was the best of answers, it was the worst of answers
1:38 AM
/me blames EC >_>
Good night, everyone!
2:38 AM
@Shog9 I wrote a book in mine, because I integrated allllll the questions people asked me at the bottom.
i thought it was ok.
@maggotbrain The water is not nice. It gets uncomfortably hot every time one of you guys posts on meta.
3:17 AM
3:35 AM
@jrg It was, except when more than a few people nominate, and then it becomes an awful lot of scrolling to read them all. There was a suggestion to hide more than a small portion of the nominations (with "click to show" of course)... But then you're pretty much in the same position you are with comments, and the folks writing novels have to try and summarize the whole thing in the first section anyway.
Incidentally, I'm impressed: 9 nominations in the first day, with some good feedback on them even.
@Shog9 Good feedback will be a think of the past when I'm done with them hahaha
3:54 AM
threw my hat into the ring. Hope there's no issues with my use of url shorteners ;p
why did you use URL shorteners?
would you have passed the character limit otherwise?
4:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek please don't use URL shortners
4:43 AM
Hi @Ringtail
long time no see
hey there
been busy
was thinking bout throwing my hat in the ring.....hahaha
@Ringtail I bet :)
@Ringtail it's getting interesting
saw that
could be a good turn out
I think it will be
(I am multi-tasking)
Hm, 10 nominations already?
4:53 AM
Nice turn out huh?
On another note, I hit 3k today :D
Being able to close vote is pretty nice.
Yeah, I feel like I can contribute more now.
though I can't do 40 TL anymore
@jokerdino are you going to make that 11?
I have a couple days to decide, aye?
that's true.
I haven't seen your nomination yet.
5:04 AM
I'm going to reply with a quote ;)
45 secs ago, by jokerdino
I have a couple days to decide, aye?
I have been lazy for the past 4 months or so. So, I am definitely not in the form.
A good advantage you have are your Electorate, Marshal and Copy Editor badges.
Do they really count?
big time.
@jokerdino Foss added them to his
Good lord, I have all four of those :P
5:09 AM
@jokerdino that's what I was trying to say :P
Copy Editor is eluding me... but I plan on catching it some day.
Are you on your holidays?
@jokerdino nah, I homeschool.
So many people who do. Interesting.
5:11 AM
You're in Singapore right?
Not now.
I live in my home town. GMT +5.30
oh, I see.
well, I am at Chennai, India right now.
That's a good ways from Singapore though
(we're getting rather off-topic too)
It's a 4 hour flight from Singapore.
5:13 AM
That's not bad.
Well, bed time in UTC-8.
Good luck @jokerdino!
Thanks and same to you.
5:47 AM
Well, I gave in and wrote up my nomination post.
2 hours later…
7:31 AM
I can't believe this.
Why is Evan Carroll running on Ask Ubuntu???
1 hour later…
8:55 AM
LOL I nominated myself (really):P
9:08 AM
WHAT! I woke up and I see 14(!) candidates!? cool!
@gertvdijk Yeah:D
@jokerdino add oil
> I can continue with the same way I mean answering the posts and flagging , review , editing the posts.
in the one of snow
that means he is actually saying "I don't need to be a mod"?
@gertvdijk Dunno
9:22 AM
@smartboyhw Hm?
@jokerdino add oil to get yourself elected (I nominated myself too BTW)
All the best :)
@GeorgeEdison A better question is: why is his nomination even being considered serious?
I lost count of the number of sites he nominated himself.
@jokerdino Good one:P
9:37 AM
I'll be back in the evening.
2 hours later…
11:11 AM
@Seth naw, I would not have. Should I remove them?
ok, edited to not use the URL shorteners.
@GeorgeEdison: he does it everywhere
@MarcoCeppi: fixed, sorry about that.
@JourneymanGeek real weird
I thought you had a lot of rep
But then actually in AskUbuntu you didn't
@smartboyhw: on AU? sadly I use ubuntu as a server mainly
so there is not much I can do
@JourneymanGeek ouch
I also favour KDE over Unity so...
@JourneymanGeek /metoo
11:30 AM
Well, the election is heating up... Good luck to everyone!
@ObsessiveSSOℲ You are one of the big chances I think
I don't know about that... Anyway, I have to run now,
1 hour later…
12:57 PM
Weee Meta becomes so active during election season!
@MarcoCeppi lol
1:33 PM
2:12 PM
hmmm ... everybody is so nice with each other at nomination stage...
let the fun begin...
thinking of some very nice questions to roast you all with.
I am here to kiss babes, and shake hands....
err... I mean kiss babies...
I have no hope at wining... so I am just along for the ride...
in that case - I'll give you a light grilling rather than a roast.
Roast 'em all.
2:17 PM
lol thanks...
... and when it comes to the election itself - we'll make a Flambé Special out of all of you.
Sounds awesome!
I don't know what that is so I am going to just say "thanks" and move on...
@Gui: I mainly want to see how I do
(and it would be interesting to see if my record elsewhere will affect voting in any way ;p)
@JourneymanGeek well your not getting my vote :=P
2:20 PM
@Gui: aww
I am joking... I will vote for the candidates I think will do the best job (or whoever pays me the most)....
mainly the latter? ;p
Yeah mainly...
2:41 PM
@George show him the same respect you would any other candidate.
2:54 PM
@jrg: well, he probably wouldn't make it past the first round. I just dread what happens when there's a statistical anomaly and he wins an election
He won't be a moderator if he violates the agreement.
That's not a thing specific to him, that's a legal problem.
de-modding someone would nonetheless raise a ****storm.
especially someone who .. well has a interesting history
I think he is just trolling the boards...?
If I post your IP address, or any of the information I have access to, then I get demodded, suspended network-wide, and depending on how stupid I am, maybe a lawsuit.
pretty much
@jrg: by which time things just get messier
2:57 PM
@jrg... oh so that is how my IP address got out there??
So far it hasn't happened throughout the history of the network.
cause we've been pretty good with mods
other than the occational burnout
@gui I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah you guys do a fairly good job...
@jrg of course that is what you would say...
3:16 PM
Suddenly the nomination rate goes down....
ZZZZ 404
we still have 14 people running.
and about a week left.
3:34 PM
We'll probably have around 25 nominations
Now that the people biting the bullet to be a moderator have thrown their hat in, 10 others are sitting on their hands thinking "Should I run?"
<--- is number 11.
@MarcoCeppi am with the "should I get out while I still can" team ^^
@LuisAlvarado Yeah, so you're in the "potential smart people" group ;)
Also, @LuisAlvarado I had no idea you were from Venezuela! Where abouts are you?
3:37 PM
@RolandiXor you can have my vote (for a certain price)
Soon to be in the US once I get hired by Ubuntu hehe
A large portion of my family lives in Caracas and Puerto Das
@Gui name your price?
3:39 PM
tell me the truth, they stay here because of the food right
its the #2 reason for anybody that visits Venezuela
the third reason is because we all want to visit you.
10 Billion chocolate covered aunts....
The 4th is Chavez ;)
anytime buddy
free place to stay and free food on me
3:40 PM
@LuisAlvarado what is the first?
@Gui - You could not resist asking right ^^
girls, way too many model type girls here
When is the next flight out?
but also way too many "HEY WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT HER" girlfriend
3:42 PM
What did I miss!?
@smartboyhw everything.
so seriously, anytime you want to come here, do not worry about staying some place paid, you can have food and a place to stay free
you're only saying that because you know the odds of us making it down there are pretty slim. ;)
hehe maybe
but hey, it's cheaper for you to come than me to go
3:44 PM
@LuisAlvarado for who though?
@LuisAlvarado 70,000 AU members are about to descend on your place ... quick move!
@jrg damn
You? Me? the fence post?
My favourite mouse is drying off...
3:47 PM
is anybody here using 13.04
@LuisAlvarado I am
does you gwibber work? I mean with FB and Twitter?
Just tried to test it right now and.. empty
@LuisAlvarado I don't use it:P
@LuisAlvarado i was hearing the same thing from somebody yesterday
I don't have fb (I have Twitter but rarely used)
3:50 PM
maybe it was @RolandiXor?
oki doki. Was testing it right now to see how it behaved
yeah same, am starting to use twitter
@LuisAlvarado I am
It's not empty for me though
That's how it shows for me
@jrg - Just for curiosity I was checking the American Airlines prices from Miami to Venezuela. HOLY MOTHER! I think only rich people can fly now.
The prices range from 1800$ to 2400$. I rather go there walking.
@LuisAlvarado i did the math, it's cheaper for me to drive with 6 people to las vegas (2K miles, or 3.2K KM) than it is to fly.
yeah man
3:56 PM
I thought I was in the general room here haha
are the oil prices still up over there?
@RolandiXor - Lol I thought so too. I swear clicked on it
i did the math off of $4/gallon, which is likely.
who's running for mod?
3:57 PM
well, we recommended some dude called Roland
since he was a mod, now he'll be a super mod
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