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A: I get "Failed to load session "ubuntu-2d" when using XRDP

VishalAs of Ubuntu 12.10, the Unity 2D desktop interface ("Ubuntu 2D") no longer exists. Ordinarily, computers without adequate 3D acceleration use the llvmpipe software renderer. Unity 2d support dropped in 12.10, what now? Since Unity 2D used to be the easy way to xRDP into an Ubuntu system, its...

This is a great comment, but it still doesn't help me work around/solve my problem. How can I use xRDP to connect to unity in Ubuntu 12.10?
@GeorgeStocker This should answer the question fully now (as it had in an earlier revision, hours before your comment).
@EliahKagan Not really. All it said originally was that 2d wasn't available. That sure is the problem I have -- but the overall problem is getting xRDP to work. As I wrote, How to I log in to my Ubuntu Desktop using XRDP in a foolproof fashion. I can successfully SSH in to the command line, so do I need to install another window manager? Do I need to reset some settings?. His original 'answer' didn't address that at all, it just posted a link (Link only answers are not answers).
@EliahKagan Now I see that someone replaced the 'original' link in the second revision. That original link did answer the question, but it was a link only answer.
@GeorgeStocker Yes, as you've seen, original answer contained a link to a full answer to your question. The subsequent edit replaced the link with another link that did not answer your question. (By the way, link-only answers are answers. They're not very good and they are discouraged, but they are considered answers. Flags on them are almost always disputed or declined.)
@EliahKagan I'm a moderator on Stack Overflow. We routinely delete link only answers. see also:…
6:14 PM
@GeorgeStocker Yes, I'm not saying you should start keeping them on Stack Overflow. Rather, Ask Ubuntu is not Stack Overflow. Here's a recent example of an apparent policy difference where (this time) AU is the less permissive site. "MSO is not a template for other SE sites."
@EliahKagan Great! Since they're different, can you show me AU's policy on link only answers?
Hi. This answer by a moderator expresses what appears to be a policy of keeping link-only answers, even sometimes when they have serious additional problems:
Q: What to do with answers that are just a link to a page that requires registration/login to view?

Eliah KaganThis answer is an example of an answer that is just a link, and to a page that requires a user account just to view. Creating an account on that external site is free. You can even log in with a Launchpad SSO account. And it's even an official Ubuntu resource. (In case that answer is removed or...

In contrast, answers here (though not by moderators) suggest they should be removed:
Q: Hyperlinked answers with no content

Brandon BertelsenI've noticed a lot of questions where an individual has linked to external content to answer a question without bringing in the actual information. Some of these questions, the links are dead (even links to the official ubuntu wiki, for example). Is there a plan or policy for dealing with these t...

In saying we don't remove them here, my thinking did not actually derive from either, but instead was based on my experience with how flags are responded to. I've heard people talk somewhat frequently about NAA and VLQ flags on link-only answers being declined or disputed. However, that is anecdotal, and should not be considered conclusive.
I'll look some more, but perhaps a new Meta.AU question should be posted to get further clarity on this.
Indeed. Two people in the community agree with the moderator, whereas 7 agreed with Gilles. Seems like that to the extent there is 'community involvement', they like the latter post.
@GeorgeStocker Yes, it does seem that way. Thanks for bringing this up--it seems perhaps we ought to be treating these posts more the way they are treated on SO.
@EliahKagan It brings up something I've never really thought about: If other SE sites decide to (let's say) say, "Hey, we love link only answers", then you could potentially have a case where someone could be a good user on 3 or 4 SE sites, but be a pariah on other sites because the same policies don't hold.
Granted, this is an extreme-- but it's something I've never even thought about until now.
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I can certainly imagine that sort of thing happening regarding some policies...but since the most positive attitude that I've seen so far toward link-only answers is that they're bad but often worth keeping, my guess is that that the differences in policy would just be explained, with no hard feelings.
Indeed. It just makes me think of other policies that may cause similar issues.

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