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12:55 AM
@Jbag1212 as others have said, there are the trivial representation (technically any group has a trivial representation of any dimension) and direct sums of the standard representation. You probably want to ask about non-trivial, irreducible representations. One example is given by traceless symmetric tensors, which transform under a 9-d irrep
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7:35 AM
Q: down-voting without reading questions

IstiakI had asked the question few moments ago. In 20 seconds a had downvoted the question. Here's the proof It's not possible to read the whole question in 20 seconds. So, how did he down-vote? Is it ok to down-vote like this?

@ACuriousMind Do you need more RPG suggestions before you run out of avatars to use
I'm always happy to get RPG recommendations!
what about uuuuh Land of Lore
Classic RPG
I've found that my patience to deal with old-timey games for which I have no feelings of nostalgia is...limited :P
7:53 AM
The list of good Planescape style RPGs isn't that long and I suspect you know them already alas
ooh, new profile pic
of the non-flayed variety
Disco Elysium?
It doesn't have to be Planescape, I'll take actually fun variants on the BG2 formula or stuff like Wizardry 7/M&M, too :P
@NiharKarve yes (only his soul is flayed :P)
@ACuriousMind Do you mean another isometric RPG :p
Doesn't have to be isometric - Morrowind was great, so was F:NV
though they arguably aren't of the type described above :P
last one I played was Pillar of Eternity
which was... alright?
Trying hard to be Planescape but just okay
8:10 AM
I liked Pillars well enough the first time through, but the more I tried to replay it over the years the less I like it
there's an overall feel to it - the combat, the characters, the story - that I can't really describe in detail, but it somehow feels flimsy, or...too polished, perhaps?
it's one of those games that revel a bit too much into exposition of historical stuff that I don't care about
I think the first time around I didn't mind that because I thought it was going somewhere with it :P
To be fair Disco Elysium does it a lot, too
It's like if you went to the supermarket and the cashier started to tell you about Ronald Reagan
I'm sure he is very relevant to our current issues, but I'm not sure hearing this will help the quest of daily life
DE is very pretentious, but it knows it and manages to actually create atmosphere with that
It also recognizes that it doesn't actually need combat as a mechanic and just...doesn't have it. I wish more games at least entertained that idea instead of placing wave after wave of filler enemies so that the player has "something to do" in between the "boring" story bits :P
8:27 AM
Well you know the alternative
Without that you need to put in a lot of shenanigans to occupy the player, and usually that means that those mechanics can't be reused
Basically turning it to an adventure game
Mixing combat and sleuthing can lead to Vampire the Masquerade syndrome, unfortunately
Where if you don't level up the appropriate way the game becomes unbeatable
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10:30 AM
HelloO World...
Hello @JohnRennie Sir,
11:15 AM
Could someone here help me in figuring out how to find the future past null infinities. In penrose coordinates the $T=\tan^{-1}(t+r) + \tan^{-}(t-r)$ and $R=\tan^{-1}(t+r) - \tan^{-}(t-r)$ if I need to find future timelike infinity I put r=const and t= +infinity or past timelike infinity I put r=const and t=-infinity...
But how to I find the future and past null infinities. What are the corresponding condition for them...I was trying with t=infinity and r=infinity
@Slereah how can we figure out the eqn for the null infinities
Null infinity is a diagonal line for Minkowski space, so it's just $T = -R + \mathrm{cte}$ or somesuch
11:43 AM
@Slereah, yes but how do you reach this conclusion that it’s just T=-R
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1:47 PM
whats the most typical example of a physical system which evolves according to a gradient flow?
Charge in a potential?
can you elaborate a bit
why would a charge be minimised
i am stupid explain to stupid person :)
2:15 PM
Charge in potential basically means the electric potential, or voltage, is the difference in potential energy per unit charge between two locations in an electric field.
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3:50 PM
A: How would you review your experiences at Physics Stack Exchange?

John Duffield1. Are you happy with the kind of question being posed on the site? Not totally. I thought this was a site for physicists, but there seems to be an awful lot of high-school kids asking homework questions. Do you find that the site gives satisfactory answers to the questions asked, and has ...

wow, that is one interesting post
also a shoutout to all the high-school students in that thread! CC @HDE226868 :-)
@EmilioPisanty Haha. Once upon a time. . . Wow, I did answer that, 6 years ago.
4:20 PM
"Has anyone's account been suspended unfairly? Or for a much longer duration then you would find reasonable."

"This account is temporarily suspended network-wide. The suspension period ends on Mar 18 '92 at 16:28."

@bolbteppa what's wrong with a 170-year ban?
Obviously too lenient
Hello @EmilioPisanty @bolbteppa
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7:44 PM
Does simple cartesian coordinates depend on constraints? Because they are completely independents due to orthogonal property.
So in what cases cartesian coordinates can be dependent in lagrangian mechanics.

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