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12:11 AM
@Adirian A metre or more? That's a pretty weird claim.
4 hours later…
3:48 AM
@Adirian Amongst Sagan, Feynman, or Hawking ... Not that familiar with Sagan's work but I'd be surprised if Hawking would be involved here (not only because of his writing style) but also because because A brief History came out in 1988 ... I think it would have been time before Hawking wrote another book (esp. one that made such a claim and I didn't notice it :P)
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4:51 AM
@ACuriousMind it's about the tube not the paste. That's engineering not colloid science :-)
5:19 AM
@JohnRennie Surely, at some point the fluid in the tube gets involved?
@MoreAnonymous the fluid in the tube is effectively incompressible.
I see what u did there .. U call the fluid "effectively incompressible" so u can talk about viscosity in a specific way (and essentially neglect it's effect on the question asked) ... Clever clever indeed :P

I can should create my own crazy conspiracy blog (it would be a paradoy :P )
No, I'm saying the paste is not elastic so it doesn't rebound when you stop squeezing.
@JohnRennie I got what u were saying ... I was just cracking a "terrible" joke ...
I think these genre of jokes have a specific abbreviation in my country: PJ
I think it stands for Poor Joke ... In fact there are two famous characters usually in this joke: https://www.santabanta.com/jokes/
Santa and Banta
6:28 AM
@EmilioPisanty You've responded to yuvrajsingh telling him that him pinging someone for his question was innapropriate. EmilioPisanty Then quoted @Loong who pinged yuvrajsingh. After some reading, using the contact us link, and more reading in the terms of service. I've come to a conclusion.
@EmilioPisanty According to the terms of service, there isn't anything saying what moderators are allowed to do pertaining to this specific case. Reading on answered questions on the main sites. They say it has to be intentionally off topic or overtly abusive. Pinging someone for a question which is on topic isn't off topic and nor is it overtly abusive. So those are ruled out. But of course there is a grey area which in many different jobs and other forms of authority, people use greatly.
@EmilioPisanty Just a little more left. Forms of authority sometimes use this grey area hoping others don't know about it very well. So they say the other person could get in trouble for this or that. Hoping the other person doesn't know. 1 last message and that's all I have to say.
@ScientistSmithYT the mods are not "authority". They are nice guys who just want to make the site a better place.
I've known most of them for years and I find it hard to grasp why anyone would attribute any malign intentions to them.
And the rules for this room are defined by the community here:
A: The h Bar is always open! (Chat Guidelines)

user191954What are the rules? Be nice. Although chat is a place for casual conversation, swearing is generally frowned upon on SE, so be polite too. This is something you need to be particularly careful about when discussing sensitive topics like politics, sex, and religion. Don't use chat as a 'replacem...

@JohnRennie I know. But its a form of authority. I dont have permission to block someone or something like that. So I see it as an authority. I do as well see them only wanting the best for Stack Exchange. It just some use there power wrongly. Most of them though use it very nicely and stay on the good side. Its just those few people that do take advantage of it that gives some people a hesitancy.
> some use there power wrongly
@JohnRennie I'm hoping I said that how I wanted it to come out. I'm in no way meaning shame or anything on others.
6:40 AM
That's the problem. You come in with that opinion and I can't see how your assumption is founded in reality.
Moderators sometimes make mistakes because they're human.
But I've never seen anything even approaching malicious behaviour from a moderator.
And I understand that. I'm saying that its the few forms of authority that do things wrongly on purpose that makes everyone else that do things right with a form of authority look bad.
I haven't either. And I hope I don't either.
But I can't see why you made the statement at all.
This is basically a friendly place. We're all here because we're enthusiastic about physics and want to encourage others.
Why would you start raising negative emotions in this context?
I love physics too. But I said it because I sense that EmilioPisanty is telling yuvrajsingh he will get a chat suspension from pinging someone for his question. Then pinging again. Technically he could give a chat suspension. But I don't think that from how yuvrajsingh pinged him is justifiable for that.
I want to point out things that dont seem right.
@ScientistSmithYT being pinged by random people is annoying.
I get it quite often because I answer so many questions. Someone I don't know will ping me to ask me to answer a question I know nothing about.
So our general policy is that you don't go pinging people you don't know with unsolicited questions.
I meant no harm. I wanted to bring it to our attention and stop it before it gets out of hand. I understand its annoying. But If you get pinged and don't know the answer, tell them hey, I don't know the answer to that one. And maybe give them something to read about that might help. If you cant give then anything, say hey I sont have anything to offer.
6:50 AM
If someone does it so much that it becomes disruptive then they could be suspended, though I don't recall that ever happening because the offenders usually get the message and back off, as has indeed happened in this case.
I try to only ping you or anyone else when I am completely stumped. Just as I was with the fire/plasma and laser light stuff. As well as the magnet stuff. I was stumped so badly that I didnt know what to search for, and I didnt know the terms. I was at ground zero.
Well my profile says I'm happy to be pinged, so even though being pinged when I'm working on something else can be annoying I'm still fine with it.
I read everything that happend. It was a lot to read. But I didn't see it as disruptive. I did see it as a little annoying. But it wasnt that far yet.
@MoreAnonymous: Yeah I just saw it, cannot remember anything on that one ...
@ScientistSmithYT Some people get annoyed more than others. The point is that basic politeness demands that if you are annoying someone you stop.
6:53 AM
That's good to know, but I'll still keep my main idea in mind to only ping when I am completely stumped.
@Rudi_Birnbaum I've massively edited it now (got new insights in the time of a year) :P ... Maybe see the previous version ?
@ScientistSmithYT you're always welcome to ping me, though I may not be able to help.
@JohnRennie I understand that. But sometimes we have to take a step back to make the right choice going toward. I had to recently. It was a 1 week step back. It was not fun. You've always helped me thoroughly each and every time. Sometimes I'm impatient and want an instant answer, but I've learned.
@Rudi_Birnbaum If u happen to remember the previous version ... Lemme know ur thoughts on the new version? (It would be nice to know if I made progress with my insights)
@JohnRennie I've learned that you'll unravel the answer slowly but surely to make sure I learn it. And I've come to appreciate that. I'm sure you've noticed I was very impatient at first and I'm probably still impatient still.
6:59 AM
@MoreAnonymous I remember nothing at all. I even can't understand the slightest bit of my own answer after I (obviously re)read it and the question.
@Rudi_Birnbaum Well i thought u were definately we're some kind of number theorist by the answer/comment ...
(at the time) ... Still don't understand ur comment/answer
@JohnRennie You are very knowledgeable not just in theories but in real world circumstances. I'm sure with what I love to study, you'll almost always have an answer for me. And Thank You for keeping the door open for my questions. Its helped me along a lot farther than I would have ever been.
@ScientistSmithYT that's what comes of being old :-)
@JohnRennie I never thought of you as being old. I've always thought of you as being young and very knowledgeable.
@MoreAnonymous At that time I was playing around a bit with the Riemann zeta function and Möbius transforms, for some reasons.
7:05 AM
@ScientistSmithYT I did my PhD in 1986 :-)
@Rudi_Birnbaum Maybe my post was the "catalyst" :P
@JohnRennie I have been working a little on my "3D Projector Project" using the fire and plasma. I decided to use the fire from a flame pipe. I don't have a real name for the pipe. But on the bottom I have a flame pipe and the top I have 1. I use the conductivity of the pipe as an electrode to arc the electricity across it. Its working nicely.
@MoreAnonymous no it was more like the end of it ...
in terms of point of time I mean
@JohnRennie Oh wow!!! A PhD?
@MoreAnonymous There is one thing which does not stop to puzzle me with the prime numbers
7:07 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum Felt like u mean't ... I was the reason of the end ... Even if it was I feel u brv ... I remember once composing a classical piece which I couldn't play with the "perfect dynamics" ... And I decided to identify myself as a composer from then on ...
@Rudi_Birnbaum What?
@ScientistSmithYT back when I was a kid there were no home computers so we used to mess around with electronics instead. A friend of mine ended up working in power generation, mainly mobile power for festivals etc. I was always fascinated by the big stuff i.e. anything where the currents ended up being measured in hundreds of amps.
@AaronStevens I read your message as well. I see what you're saying. :)
I remember my friend telling me that when they got a short in a big installation they would just rev up the generators and wait for it to burn out then look around for the pall of smoke:-)
@MoreAnonymous No just jokin!
@JohnRennie I've always personally loved electricity and magnetism. I wanted to know everything and anything about both of them.
7:09 AM
@MoreAnonymous Its one of the biggest mysteries of mankind how to express the primes explicitely
Hahaha!!! I do that as well. Accept no generators, just mega AC outlet power and 100 pound transformers.
@MoreAnonymous But its practically trivial to give a sequence that goes through all integers BUT the primes.
I have done things that some may say is not safe. But is safe. Such as connecting 10 Microwave Oven Transformers (MOTs) in series.
@Rudi_Birnbaum I can give you an optimization formula that spits out primes (just don't ask for the proof of that it works and how hard it becomes to optimize for large $n$)
Would that be explict enough?
@MoreAnonymous Thats completely uninteresting
7:11 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum Agreed ...
@MoreAnonymous The point is a fully anaylical and "precise" explicit expression.
@JohnRennie I've actually recently asked around a lot even power companies if they make or have 950 KVA transformers. They all said nope. I guess I'll have to scavenge some metal core pieces and make my own. But they at so heavy to lift. Even at my young age. They get so heavy that my back starts to really get sore.
@MoreAnonymous the (double) sequence is $a_{nm}=(m+1)(n+1) \forall m,n\le1$
@JohnRennie You would have enjoyed or generator at OL3. It's more than 60 kA.
@Rudi_Birnbaum Oh it is "precise" in the sense I'm pretty much certain no-one will ever find a counter example ... It's just god knows how much brute force it requires to minimize it to a prime
7:14 AM
@Loong Biiiiiiiiiiiiig toys! :-)
@MoreAnonymous But we want all primes not just a subset
@Rudi_Birnbaum Haven't heard of this one? Any example
@Rudi_Birnbaum Yea my formula will give u "all the primes in order"
@MoreAnonymous didn't Riemann do that? :-)
@JohnRennie Well I did it with modular arithmetic :P
7:15 AM
BUT: no $a_{mn}=prime$
@JohnRennie Its been nice chatting with you. But it's the next day here and I've got to get up tomorrow... Well today. Night. :)
@JohnRennie no its open ...
@JohnRennie I remember trolling reddit with this one "claimed I had a proof" :P
@ScientistSmithYT bye
It only holds if RH is true
7:18 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum Mine holds if The anonymous hypothesis is true!
@MoreAnonymous then its totally equivalent to the "normal" one.
@Rudi_Birnbaum The anonymous hypothesis is "this formula will always spit out primes when minimized" :P
@Rudi_Birnbaum whats the "normal" one.
@JohnRennie Bye, Thank you for the wonderful chat.
@Rudi_Birnbaum I thought Riemann's zeta function was discovered in constructing the expansion of $\pi(n)$ i.e. he wrote down and explicit form for $\pi(n)$ though obviously not a very useful one.
@JohnRennie yes, thats about right
7:23 AM
So he did have an equation for the distribution of the primes.
@JohnRennie Yes one that contains the all the zeros of zeta
@Rudi_Birnbaum Is there any prime in that formula? (Me bets there isn't) unless $m$ and $n$ can be $0$
@MoreAnonymous no thats my point all BUT exactly the primes
@Rudi_Birnbaum Alright in that case my "useless" formula is what ur looking for!
Im convinced!
If you want to compute the primes quicker then either you change "the rules of computation" (example Shor's algorithm in QM) or you change "the time ur willing to spend finding these primes"
@MoreAnonymous ok show me
7:33 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum One moment
@Rudi_Birnbaum Tah dah!!!
$p_{n+1}=\min x - y \neq 1 $ where $xy = p_1^{\alpha_1} p_2^{\alpha_2} \dots p_n^{\alpha_n}$ and $ x \bot y$ .. Where All variables are integers (assume $p_1=2$)
Any thoughts???
You have a divisor test in there
so formally thats nothing different from Erathosthenes, right?
@Rudi_Birnbaum 5 bucks say u can't prove this will always work though :P
@Rudi_Birnbaum I think it's worse perhaps ... sieve of Erathosthenes might work better as u scale up :P
Well I am not interested in speed
I am interested in formal equivalence and functional relation.
from that pov its the same
7:51 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum I don't know of a fundamental way of defining the primes without the idea of multiplication (like I mean thats what all the sieve's are based on) ... It might be possible though like I mean we have "Goldbach's conjecture" too .. But who knows
@Rudi_Birnbaum did I tell u I once managed to define the ladder operator in quantum mechanics in terms of some number-theoretic operator??
(don't ask me my crazy motivations)
@ScientistSmithYT you seem to be reading the guidelines for main instead of chat. Disruptive behaviour on chat can and does lead to chat bans. (often much shorter than suspensions on main - as short as 30 minutes.)
You've been linked already to this room's guidelines. Breaking those immediately after being told to stop that behaviour is disruptive.
I mostly don't understand your comments. Are you in favour of disruptive behaviour?
8:32 AM
@Slereah also wanted to ask u some stuff ... Wondering if you could just tell me if something already existed in that direction or not ??
Alright let's start with measure theory any knowledge there? (else skip this one)
@Slereah Would you prefer me to list them simultaneously? That might be a nightmare :P
Heyyy @RyanUnger just walked in
he's the one you want for measure theory
@RyanUnger great timing ... Any chances of this ever finding any physics application

@Slereah alright next thing I was curious about was is there any research in the direction where you can u can formulate entropy a function of a "continuous parameter" rather than micro-states (which is an integer)? (Obvious motivation GR)
There are papers on the topic of entropy for metrics, yes
Same as you can have entropy as a function of continuous parameters in thermodynamics
ie $$dS = \frac{\delta Q}{T}$$
8:43 AM
@Slereah but sooner or later you have to bring in microstates (or some replacement)? (alteast thats the impression I'm under)

Whats their alternate reformulation? If not the standard boltzmann one?

Well it's just quantum gravity?
You count the microstates of the metric
@RyanUnger if there is anything I can help you with within that post lemme know?
then you find some classical limit of the entropy
It has been done for ie black hole entropy
@Slereah Microstate is discrete ... I was wondering if there someone working on a version that allowed u to make similar statements replacing Boltzmann's law??
Carlip does it for the 2+1D case for instance, using a variety of quantum gravities
@MoreAnonymous you just work out the continuum limit
8:47 AM
I am in Thailand and the site ads are commercial, i.e. hotels and Amazon.
@Slereah Yea but that assumes the fundamental nature is discrete ... Is there any research where the fundamental nature it's self is continuum ??
@Slereah Your not aware or it's fundamentally impossible?
@MoreAnonymous number theory appears quite often in QM at a certain level.
8:55 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum hmmmm ... Your making me wonder if I gave up too soon ... Wanna help me gauge this one?
@Slereah Maybe there is some fundamental reason?? I can't even find one after a lot of searching ... its like the cranks and physicists are on the same side :P
@Rudi_Birnbaum Also got any non- Berry references ?
@AaronStevens I'm guessing this is the reason why you added "the resource recommendation tag"?

If you see a rather narrow resource recommendation, see if you can convert it into a question about the concept the OP really wants to know, rather than a request for resources that explain the concept. Such questions are much more useful to the OP and the site in general, because the explanation is on-site and the reader need not go elsewhere to learn. So, if a resource recommendation looks directly answerable with a reasonable-length answer, then convert it to such a question.
@ page 49 you have theta functions
9:19 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum while this is nicely physically motivated and the tools are in the number theory mathematics ... I feel mine would come off as someone who tried to "merge number theory basics and QM's ladder ooperator" as a bet ... Though my motivations were kinda to find a "useful" and different way of talking about the ladder operator ... Alas it wasn't "useful" :(((
@Rudi_Birnbaum I'm obviously still wondering about this ... Why didn't you just give the example of the factorial function $(n+1)!$ ... I think that would have been a better example to illustrate the point?
@MoreAnonymous What would be the point in giving you an example you already know?
@Rudi_Birnbaum Because it might help a newbie join the dots quicker?
"at a certain level" was meant as a warning.
9:41 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum hmmm ... makes me wonder if there is any such "truly useless math"?
9:58 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum I'm soooo emotional right now finally a one year old post of mine has an answer ... Snivel Snivel ...Joy ...

@Slereah somehow everything I ask you^ gets answered :P
@MoreAnonymous maths is nice as long as its if no use
@MoreAnonymous when its getting useful its getting boring as well
at least imho
@Rudi_Birnbaum wanna bet? if u see my ladder operator construction you'll wonder" why in good heavens would any do that ..."
show me
Q: Can one calculate the following operator?

More AnonymousSummary I recently defined some numbers which obey multiplication but not addition. To my surprise after some heuristic manipulations (ignoring convergence), it seems I can express the creation and annihilation operators from quantum mechanics in terms of these numbers! I am now interested in th...

10:03 AM
Obligatory mention: Also the ladder operator in the post can be related to QM ladder operator which differ by some pre-factors in front of every bra and ket (normalization constants) .. . Both of them can be related by an inequality sign
@Rudi_Birnbaum Already have :P
looks cool! (I just fail to see a "ladder operator", maybe its just me)
Obligatory mention: Also the ladder operator in the post can be related to QM ladder operator which differ by some pre-factors in front of every bra and ket (normalization constants) .. . Both of them can be related by an inequality sign
@MoreAnonymous Here's some fairly useless mathematics: The real solution of $x^x = x+1$. It has a couple of cute properties, and it's been shown to be transcendental (IIRC), but it doesn't really go anywhere.
In contrast, the solution(s) of $x^2 = x+1$ gives you the golden ratio, and it's connected to the geometry of the pentagon, and the Fibonacci numbers, which have numerous fascinating properties and turn up all over the place in number theory. $x^n = x+1$ for integer n is connected to sequences that are similar to the Fibonacci sequence.
@Rudi_Birnbaum Try writing the ladder operator in QM in bra and ket notation ... Then there's no way you'll miss it
@MoreAnonymous on a sidenote: you seem to have interesting ideas, but you mostly fail to cast them into good proper SE questions. I guess when you work on that you could get much more resonance.
10:08 AM
Is there any way to calculate peak or maxima of a combination of two waves which have different amplitudes and different frequencies?
@AjayMishra why shouldn't it be possible? Just write down the equations and do the curve analysis.
@Rudi_Birnbaum Yea .. I suppose .. Always had a communication problem as a kid ... Remember my family giving up talking to me about math and physics after I tried to explain them centripital force before I learned it school (in the context of gravity)
@MoreAnonymous I don't think its that.
@Rudi_Birnbaum I was explaining it through intuition rather than equations (which I hadn't learned)
@MoreAnonymous A concise question needs a clear conception. here mathoverflow.net/questions/301699/… there simply is no question at all
@MoreAnonymous I have to work now. Bye!
10:12 AM
@Rudi_Birnbaum yea because when you do physics you do it within a context ... And I was embarassed of what I was trying to do: "ambitiously trying to put bounds on the S-matrix.* I figured part of the problem was I had no way of talking about the ladder operator than the "standard way" in bra-ket notation. This motivated me to start from QM and see if I had any alternative way of talking about the ladder operator"
@Rudi_Birnbaum Cya later bruv!
@Rudi_Birnbaum I mean ways other than calculus.
@PM2Ring I can show u "evil" applications rather than cute :P ... Claim you have a proof to this (I did so on reddit :P ):

@MoreAnonymous Sorry, I don't know what that formula is supposed to mean. What are all the alphas? What does min x-y mean? What's $ x \bot y$?
On en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_for_primes there's a polynomial in 26 variables that produces all the primes, but it's totally impractical.
$p_n$ is the n'th prime
$\alpha_n$ is an integer variable
$x \bot y$ means $x$ is coprime to $y$
min means your suppose to minimize $x-y$ from $p_1=2$
Your suppose to try to choose $\alpha_n$ to create an $xy$ and then choose and $x$ co-prime to $y$
And then minimize it to a number which is not 1 (and that will get you a prime)
@PM2Ring Who said mine was practical? :P
Shit gotta add it has to be a postive number (u minimize it to) :P
$p_{n+1}=\min |x - y| \neq 1 $ where $xy = p_1^{\alpha_1} p_2^{\alpha_2} \dots p_n^{\alpha_n}$ and $ x \bot y$ .. Where All variables are integers (assume $p_1=2$)
There all better^
10:28 AM
@MoreAnonymous You're pretty present in the chatroom. When did you join?
@PM2Ring If u wanna know why that formula is working ... The answer is modular arithmetic :P (feel free to ping me if u wanna know how :P )
@NovaliumCompany When I didn't sleep :P
@MoreAnonymous When did you first join this chatroom. I have been here for 2 years ::puffs_out_chest::
@MoreAnonymous Oh, ok. Then I agree with Rudi. It's pretty boring. ;) At least with that stupid 26 variable polynomial you just have to plug in numbers until you get a positive output. But with yours, there's nothing to guide you in the selection of the alphas.
@NovaliumCompany This is my second account (though i don't think I chatted with the first) :P
Short answer dont remember
10:30 AM
@PM2Ring I wasn't arguing mine was better in fact I was making the point when it comes to computation of primes: either you change the rules of computation or you change the rules of time spent
@PM2Ring I guess there's always the get lucky algorithm :P (plus its not that bad you can get the same prime with different alphas as well) :P
For example $3^2 - 2^2 = 5$ or $2^5 -3^3 =5$
@MoreAnonymous BTW, using words like wanna, lemme, and txtspk like u & ur makes you sound like a little kid. As the chat room rules say, we're supposed to avoid txtspk here. The occasional word is ok, and some common internet abbreviations like IIRC & BTW are ok too. But please try to avoid that other stuff.
@PM2Ring really? I do feel like a kid though :P relevant meta post?
A: The h Bar is always open! (Chat Guidelines)

user191954What are the rules? Be nice. Although chat is a place for casual conversation, swearing is generally frowned upon on SE, so be polite too. This is something you need to be particularly careful about when discussing sensitive topics like politics, sex, and religion. Don't use chat as a 'replacem...

I honestly didn't know about this^
It's currently on the starboard...
10:36 AM
Me annoyed with the chat stars (you can guess which starred post) > _ < :

Use stars reasonably. Read What are chat stars?. Stars shouldn't be used as "thank you" indicators. They should be used for useful/interesting stuff which you think should be seen by people who come by after the conversation has finished.
I don't like the idea of that starred post being "useful"
It's a bit annoying that the chatroom guidelines aren't more visible. Over in the Python room, our room rules are linked on the main page, and the Info page, but they're still easy to miss if you're not careful.
@MoreAnonymous Last year, I learned about a reasonably fast algorithm for finding the sum of primes < n without needing to actually find all those primes. I find it handy for testing my prime generator programs.
I'm "Calling out my lovelies" oh yeaaaaaaa
cuz I can'tget a holdof youuuuuuuuu
nah nah ababbababyyyy
10:52 AM
@MoreAnonymous If you're curious about that algorithm, you can read about it here. I use a slightly improved version of that code.
@NovaliumCompany A room owner & mod has asked you not to do that. chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/71?m=51705649#51705649 If you must post song lyrics, at least make them relevant to the current conversation. Or at least post interesting / clever ones. ;)
Yeah, is it too late now to say sorry?
'Cause I'm missing more than just your body
Oh, is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah, I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?
But I'm curious to know if you like these old songs from the 70s & late 60s. The lyrics of the first one are quite clever: Miss Shapiro / You Really Got Me
@NovaliumCompany Ok. I'll pay that. Apology accepted.
@PM2Ring I've never heard that song, but it sounds cool. In my opinion, today's music is just... broken. I like the oldies.
But this is killing it, I gotta be honest
Skip to 2:35, it's just... DAMN
@PM2Ring Where are you now that I need ya?
Couldn't find you anywhere
When you broke down I didn't leave ya
I was by your side
So where are you now that I need ya?
Alright, I'mma go ride my bike now
cya piples
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@Loong the heck is this
@Loong Let's be honest, physics is about 20% of this chatroom xDD
@Loong Can I ask you if I'm allowed to ask you a question which asks a question on behalf of other questions which are waiting to be executed by the main source of the matrix' source power?
nvm I'm going now
11:06 AM
@NovaliumCompany That's quite good. I like soul / funk.
@PM2Ring like rock?? I think I got just the (self-)composition for u!!
The instrumentation ain't great but I'm sure you'll appreciate the funk!
@PM2Ring https://soundcloud.com/an_ant_sax/sets/rising-crimson

(you need the baseline for this one!)
@MoreAnonymous I like a very broad range of music, but I generally don't like rap, with very few exceptions. And I don't like opera.
@PM2Ring I think I'm broader then :P Anyway let me know your thought's or even criticize (its okay) ...
Also make sure you can here that funky baseline in the intro ... THe instrumentation is weird but I'm not great at my digital audio workstation (yet)
@MoreAnonymous Is that all your own work?
@PM2Ring The beat is a sample (terrible at composing beat) .. the rest is all me
Any thoughts? (I'd try to make money with it but no vocalssss :((( )
Also by "all your work" are you referring to the whole album?

@PM2Ring U might also like the jazz soul in this one?

11:17 AM
@MoreAnonymous You linked me to 4 songs. So far, I've listened to the first 2.
4 I thought I only linked 2 different songs"reawaken" and "dusk and dawn" and one entire album "rising crimson"
Any thoughts of those songs - the 2 you heard? (I mean I agree the instrumentation ain't great)
But I think it's enough to get across the musical ideas
Anyone ... Like any style of music isn't an influence in that album RJ More will guide you
to the song for you :P
@PM2Ring in case your listening to the whole album .. I'm curious if there's any song you "hate"?
Oops. I just scrolled down & now I see there are more than 4 tracks. :) It's not exactly to my taste, but it's ok, and you have some musical talent. And I'm sure your composition skills will improve over time. At this stage, don't be too concerned with finding perfection. Just keep churning them out, and keep the ones that work for you. You have to write a hundred songs or stories to create one gem that's really worth keeping. :)
@PM2Ring How could the funky baseline in "reawaken" not win you over :P
@MoreAnonymous Yes, I like that bassline. It reminds me of Stevie Wonder's I Wish
11:32 AM
@PM2Ring Also I have only "written" ... I don't play others compositions ... yes I am self taught ... Though if I really like it I might "steal" it :P
@PM2Ring C'mon the combination of that baseline with that rhythm guitar? (Like I mean one the chord it plays has $6$ unique notes and yes it sounds like a jazz chord :)) )
@PM2Ring Also cheers mate! I remember the first time a classical piano teacher heard me play she was like I've never seen anyone rock a piano with those kinda dynamics before :P ... Even though I am self taught there was a charitable teacher who didn't teach me to read but she taught me how to play and didn't take any money from me :)))
Dusk and Dawn is good. Some of the note repetition is a bit annoying at first, but it works. In a few minutes, I'll find you a progressive rock piece from the early 70s that does interesting stuff with repetition that you may appreciate. But right now I have to eat. :)
@PM2Ring Thanks! I've always been on the lookout for someone with a similar style to mine ... So I can "hijack" his and push things ahead :P
@PM2Ring If you ever have time please go through the entire album? There's only 10 songs (and you've done 2) ... It's quite a diverse album
@PM2Ring for example you can see how merge indian and rock with soundcloud.com/an_ant_sax/superstep?in=an_ant_sax/sets/…
I can hear the vocalist say:
"cause I superstep
One step closer rather than one step back ..."
In this one atleast
@RyanUnger someone managed to solve the "measure theory" problem I linked you to
11:51 AM
@MoreAnonymous I already heard that one. Not one of my favourites. And I can't really hear much Indian influence there (I've listened to a lot of Indian music).
Hmm ... yea .. it's an influence (it's basically when the heavy guitar stops ... I hear an indian vocalist sing ) ... Maybe her voice sounds like this: youtube.com/watch?v=4p44s4J0nW0
@PM2Ring Really thats sooo cool!
The part where you say "I've listened to a lot of Indian music"
@MoreAnonymous My house mate is in an Indian jazz fusion band. A few decades ago, a friend lent me a sitar, while he spent a few months in India searching for a new sitar to buy. That was fun.
@PM2Ring Envy!!!
To be honest I've always found that indian music takes the cake esp. for the slow song ... I mean I've heard soo much western but never a satisfying slow song like "zaara zaara bhektha hai "
@MoreAnonymous Check this out youtu.be/wLAXfkK-DPg Those steel things are called Hang drums. My house mate has a couple of them. He also plays flute, saxophone, and various hand percussion instruments.
@PM2Ring Gotta find my earphones to do justice to music!
12:04 PM
I should mention that I was listening to Indian music before you guys were born. Maybe before your parents were born. ;)
@PM2Ring How old are you again?
I didn't say... but I'm probably the oldest guy who hangs out in this chat room.
@PM2Ring Wahh?? I was under the impression u were my age +/- 5
@MoreAnonymous Very tasty.
@MoreAnonymous I turned 60 a couple of weeks ago.
@PM2Ring IKR! Try this faster but sweet: youtube.com/watch?v=xpI3kzfKpcc (can't find lyrical translations)
12:31 PM
I can't find the video of that prog rock track I was looking for, which was from a French TV show, but here's the album version. Starless, by King Crimson.
@JohnRennie Hey I was just wondering what your reasoning was for hammering this. I feel rather strongly that it is not a duplicate. Perhaps this is a clarity issue that can be resolved.
@PM2Ring All crimson artists think alike :P
12:51 PM
@MoreAnonymous Perhaps they do. ;)
@SriotchilismO'Zaic In that case, you need to explain in your question why it's not a duplicate of the one John chose. But maybe it's a good idea to discuss it a bit in here first. IMHO, the answers there cover a lot of ground, and it's not clear to me why they don't adequately cover your question.
@SriotchilismO'Zaic yes, on closer reading I agree you're asking a deeper question than covered in the duplicate. I've withdrawn my close vote so the question is open again.
@PM2Ring Red is an excellent album!
When I saw that question yesterday, my first thoughts were that it's unfortunate that the term "dimension" has a couple of meanings that don't quite overlap.
Ok, I would like to make it clearer if possible, do you think there is a specific part that is misleading?
@JohnRennie I was a King Crimson fan the first time I heard In the Court of the Crimson King. But Starless is my favourite piece of theirs.
@PM2Ring I loved ITCOTCK, but then In the Wake of Poseidon seemed to be just a repeat, then they went through a number of albums that just didn't work for me.
1:00 PM
@JohnRennie Wanna give my album a go?
But Red was a massive return to form.
@MoreAnonymous what's your album?
If you want specific recommendations I can give that too
I'm also rather fond of Ladies of the Road
@JohnRennie I know what you mean. And the last part of the Poseidon album gets a bit boring, and it's a blatant rip-off from Gustav Holst's The Planets. But I love the 1st part of that album, even if it is a bit close in ideas to ITCOTCK.
1:22 PM
@JohnRennie Here's something a little more recent that you may enjoy. Serbian blues / funk guitarist, Ana Popovic: Navaho Moon. She also sings, but that track is an instrumental. It's a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan & Ronnie Earl.
1:35 PM
"... many mathematicians were initially unhappy that much of the proof was a brute force computation ...."
Whoops wrong chat .. ignore :P
2:17 PM
@MoreAnonymous If you don't mind me asking, why did you make a second account?
@AaronStevens Ah that ... It got accidently linked to a friends account when I logged into stackexchange from his computer ...
He was a comp sci stackexchange ,,. I was physics and math ... did use the same account for a while until I just left one day (wanted privacy)
2:30 PM
Hi to all. Anyone here possibly from Germany, or with studies in Germany? Any suggestions on private insurance companies for master students, besides mawista? Thanks.
1 hour later…
3:55 PM
@MoreAnonymous Anant Saxena?
2 hours later…
5:31 PM
We played baseball instead of working today. It was fun, but I can report that I much prefer being able to sit at a desk all day most of the time ::P
5:41 PM
@ACuriousMind I was taken by surprise when I was walking across campus and saw a lab we collaborate with playing croquet on one of the lawns. " Why aren't you inside?! Doing science?!"
Long time no chat here
Anyone know how to use Matlab?
@Loong Technically, it was slow-pitch softball, as far as I understand. (The balls aren't very soft, though...)
He had stormy gusts today; such slow-pitch softball would not have worked here.
@amanuel2 As in code in matlab or use the matlab environment?
5:52 PM
@AaronStevens As in code
But this is physics chat, my bad wrong room
6:18 PM
@AbhasKumarSinha was afk ... I was playing badminton :)))
Anyway .. I wasnn't under the impression the proof was correct ... I just wanted to know how to convince a kid it wasn't correct
@AbhasKumarSinha your way of convincing sounded like use the kids proof against him :P show him that therefore $0 = \infty$
Kinda a crazy way of teaching I must admit :P
7:15 PM
The GR class at Princeton is being taught by a mathematician
Using the proper notation for the Laplacian 😌
@RyanUnger In my university you could learn "GR" as a math module or "GR" as a astrophysics module
Durham university ...
Spoiler: astrophysics GR was a mistake
@AbhasKumarSinha I feel like asking what is the probability that Douglas Adams chose 42 versus the probability of the values of constants in fine tuning ... Feel like I can draw a parallel :P
@RyanUnger It's $\Delta$, right? :)
7:43 PM
@ACuriousMind of course
I once saw someone use a star of David for a differential operator
$\nabla$ and $\Delta$ at once
Apparently Märzke-Wheeler coordinates may be what other books call radar coordinates???
Let's investigate
But "radar coordinates" seems to only bring up flat spacetime cases
why is this so hard to find
that's literally step 1 of a physical theory
How do you take measurements
hopefully that book arrives soon
I really hope that the coordinates are actually used for GR in that bloody book
8:55 PM
@Slereah Could I ask your views on something??
9:27 PM
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wormhole: "it is a transcendental bijection of the spacetime continuum, an asymptotic projection of the Calabi–Yau manifold manifesting itself in Anti-de Sitter space"

Is this real terminology?
10:04 PM
@user76284 that language seems to originate in a October 2017 edit
i am...dubious
particularly since, aside from duplicates of that particular sentence across the internet due to other people posting the same article in different places
the most visible use of the phrase "transcendental bijection" is this:
"The opening of my hands-on demo [of the video game Chernobylite] had Igor infiltrating the bowels of the facility in order to extract a piece of chernobylite, a product of the nuclear accident that in the words of Igor, “creates transcendental bijection of the spacetime continuum”. ign.com/articles/2019/09/05/…
which...yeah, not exactly the most reputable location for that phrase
(though that article dates to 2019, so it's not the source of the phrase)
importantly, the phrase "transcendental bijection" doesn't show up on either google scholar or the arxiv (or even on vixra, lol)
sooooo yeah. I'd say that's pseudoscientific terminology
10:21 PM
Huh. Weird that it's stayed in the lede for so long.
I'm posting a question about it to make sure.
fair enough. but my default reaction would be "oh hell no"
Q: Terminology used in the Wikipedia article for wormholes

user76284The lead section of the Wikipedia article for wormholes says the following: More precisely it [a wormhole] is a transcendental bijection of the spacetime continuum, an asymptotic projection of the Calabi–Yau manifold manifesting itself in Anti-de Sitter space. The above appears to origi...

another point of evidence against it: the phrases "asymptotic projection" and "calabi-yau" certainly show up on google scholar, but they don't ever show up in the same article
10:47 PM
@EmilioPisanty I am not in favor of disruptive behavior. Let me be clear on that. As far as it being called the title of disruptive, that's not what happened. It can be called a little rude. It was borderlining disruptive but was not in the disruptive area. As for the governing guidelines set by the site owner. That is for another time as it has already been talked about. I spent my time to contact the site itself and get information on there guidelines for this specific chat.
@EmilioPisanty He wasn't violating any rules or regulations. But he was borderlining on them. I was just bringing it to everyone's attention of what was going on for those who knew or didn't know. But it has been resolved already. So I'll digress.
11:15 PM
@ScientistSmithYT just to get this straight: you come into this room, you observe a moderador warning user A that their behaviour is disruptive and that they should stop, you observe that user continuing that disruptive behaviour, you observe multiple users noting the disruptiveness, you observe user B (not a moderador) give user A a friendly reminder to keep to the moderator's instructions,...
and your response is to launch on an aggressive tirade against user B, without bothering to find out about context or the platform or venue rules or guidelines?
Apologies for saying this, but I don't think that's constructive at all.
I don't know what you were thinking and I'm happy to accept that your intentions were ultimately good. I just hope that the next time you take the time to think through your contributions, maybe ask before criticising, find out the context and the overall issues, and then hopefully provide a constructive contribution

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