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1:38 AM
@All Who Can Answer: (Input Needed) I talked about a thing I made on accident the other day. Look back a few days to find my messages. But do you think it could be some form of atomic molecular movement and replacement transaction between the elements and item I used in the combination?
Like an atom has a negative 1 and the other has a positive then they switch back and fourth making this never ending loop.
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5:41 AM
@ScientistSmithYT No.
Happy birthday, world-famous astrophysicist Brian May
6:46 AM
Brian May also was the guitarist for D-Rok, the band that produced one of the first Warhammer-themed CD
Noise Marines exist thanks to him
@vzn LSD project sounds fun
Hi there, I try to understand the/a(?) QM hyper virial theorem. Among other things, I am mostly struggling over the name. I have some idea about the virial theorem in classical mechanics. Can someone help?
7:27 AM
@AaronStevens Ok, I know people try to answer questions. But I want to know what your theories are on my thing I accidently found. I'm still thinking on whether I should say found, or made.
@NovaliumCompany if you study high school here, you would probably be trained strategic thinking in math course because our math course in high school teaches far harder than the uniform textbook to cope with far more difficult math questions in exams.
@JohnRennie Do you have any theories on what you think could be going on with what I found accidentally? If I get some theories, I can try to proove or disprove them. And narrow the possibilities down faster. You have a better mind in this area than I do.
@RyanUnger I considered physics is not so related to math when in high school because high school physics doesn't really use the material taught in math course or only uses the very easy part of it which I don't count as real math.
@ScientistSmithYT can you link your earlier post. I had a quick look back through the chat log but couldn't find it.
8:31 AM
@vzn This finding gets pretty interesting to me because some long time ago, I asked about very short gravitational waves
Feb 11 '16 at 23:21, by Secret
The hype of the announcement last night caused me to dreamt about millimetre gravitational waves (as said in the dream).

After waking up, I then translate this into the usual language used to describe the gravitational wave spectrum (i.e. in units of time) and I got femtosecond gravitational waves

However I am not sure if there are any sources that can potentially produce that, whether they can in principle be detected (because it is oscillating too fast) and whether they can actually be produced (since the GW detected by LIGO is from black holes that are already travelling at near 0.5c
9:23 AM
I read about the law of accelerated returns (LOAR) which states that information technologies grow exponentially. The book also explains that the charts are very predictable and can hint you when is the right time to start a specific business. Two questions: What is the difference between exponential growth and linear growth. Does it really matter when you start a specific business and should you look at charts and think about when and what?
I checked the linear vs expo growth nvm
So final question: Does it really matter when you start a specific business and should you look at charts and think about when and what is best to do?
10:20 AM
Hi can someone help me with a thermodynamics problem
@AfiJaabb what's the problem?
10:44 AM
Q: Finding the temperature of a gas using the $P$-$V$ diagram

AfiJaabbI need to know a way to relate the P-V curve of an ideal gas to its temperature.I found a similar question on stackexchange but couldn't understand how the relationship between a point and the adiabatic curve drawn there gives us an idea about the temperature of the gas . If you can explain it us...

Any idea
@AfiJaabb The ideal gas equation of state (for one mole) is PV = RT, so rearranging gives T = PV/R.
Oh.Thank you.
The axes of your graph aren't labelled, but if you just want to compare temperatures we can use arbitrary labels e.g. label the two axes 1, 2, 3, etc so the point A is V=1, P=4
That would give T = 4/R.
Likewise for B we have V=3, P=2 giving T = 6/R. So T_B is 1.5 times as large as T_A.
And finally for C we have V=5, P=1 giving T = 5/R. So T_B > T_C > T_A.
11:00 AM
hi, anyone has got lecture notes for Special relativity upto 4 vectors?
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12:51 PM
What's the good way to write $\not P$ again
A: What's the most elegant way to obtain Dirac operators? (slash notation)

SADAT DjSmall tip to enter the Dirac slash: k\!\!\!/ = \gamma^\mu k_\mu

1:52 PM
What's the difference between a touch screen and a fingerprint scanner? I mean, they both work on the capacitance sensing principle?
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5:43 PM
@Secret lol figured someone from peanut gallery would note the (un?)fortunately named LSD reference. you beat slereah to it! strongly agree with its exciting implications, glad to hear somebody around here is enthused by cutting edge physics research + experiments. :) as for very short scale gravitational waves, think they are generally called charge :P
lol! oops 2nd look just got slereah + secret mixed up srry
Darn tootin
@Slereah lol full peanut gallery credit goes to slereah :P
I just take LSD until I can feel gravitational waves with my body
lol "getting high + floating" etc
6:16 PM
everything is just frequencies man. if you tune into the universe you become one with the whole. something something resonance, this must be true because science
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7:52 PM
I'm suspicious of much of what safesphere is saying in the comments to this black hole question, but my GR skills aren't good enough to argue with him. OTOH, I know from past experience that he's unlikely to back down even when confronted by an expert...
@JohnRennie I had mistaken the other site with this one. Here is the screenshot of it.
@JohnRennie I welded aluminum onto a steel rebar, that and I put Hydrochloric acid in a very low concentration on it.
8:23 PM
can someone explain how this is true?
$v$ is the vector pointing to $A$ from $B$ and has constant modulus
$u$ too has constant modulus
in the question $A$ and $B$ are inversed
8:47 PM
@PM2Ring I think his last comment sounds fishy
9:29 PM
it turns out that $u\cos{\theta}$ is the speed at which $A$ is moving towards $B$
9:46 PM
away from*
hence the distance between them is changing by $dl=u\cos{(\theta)}dt-vdt$
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