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1:50 AM
> And it chooses a certain type of person, of which there are no more than several thousand in each generation, worldwide. And they all carry the stamp of those sorts of people mathematics has chosen.
2:33 AM
@PhysicsMeta @TheLastAirbender please consider undeleting this question. The fact that it's been covered on the Mother Meta does not mean that it is off-topic or not useful here.
In this particular case, it serves a valuable purpose as a waymarker and advertising to an MSE answer where votes from this community are (we hope) as valuable a signal as can be sent to SE that this change matters.
7 hours later…
9:57 AM
@NovaliumCompany I've actually a theory behind it.
It's because we are inside a simulation (I'll justify that later) and it's been observed by Aliens.
^also a counter theory too, I'll explain that.
If you are testing an environment using neural net simulation, when why you make simulations?
The answer lies that we want to know whether X property is better or Y. So, you give organisms (entity) their characteristics and make them evolve.
You are bound to give one species more X than Y.
This is what happens here. Humans are equipped with special power on earth which is inside a simulation.
Why this is all happening?
Aliens like that.
They are manipulating us We were first apes and monkeys, they added their own genes to human beings as a result, their physical characters like bigger head, taller body and thinner/less har is a result of apes/Monkeys + Alien Genes.
Also, don't take ^ seriously, I'm currently in my chemistry class, sitting backbench and sleepy like hell. It feels my chemistry teacher broke all laws of nature and made the class super boring.
Hope, I'll survive. I'll join back after I wake up.
10:19 AM
Q: How can I get the function of motion for this oscillation

Alexan Please can someone help me get the phase difference for this oscillation

@TheLastAirbender appreciated =)
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4:52 PM
Q: Is there some rule regarding posting same answer at different (but similar) questions?

A_not_so_random_userRecently I found that one user was posting the same answer (copy of a single answer) at different question though they were similar enough for same answer to be posted. So what is the consensus of the community regarding such kind of incidents? Also clarify why it should or shouldn't be done.

5:43 PM
First attempt at mince pies (cc. @JohnRennie)
in The Frying Pan, 3 mins ago, by Mithrandir24601
user image
6:15 PM
they look like SirCumference avatars :P
Sir Cumference, A small blue rock in the middle of nowhere, space
6.9k 3 30 63
(cc. @SirCumference)
Mithrandir24601 fond a dozen of your sock puppets!
@PM2Ring "here's a related post from SO meta" - where?
6:43 PM
@EmilioPisanty Oops!
Posting duplicate answers is not good. Here is a related post from Stack Overflow meta, but this policy applies across the network. — PM 2Ring 1 min ago
6:54 PM
@EmilioPisanty This exercise is left up to the reader.
@JMac ah, of course
7:10 PM
How do I get into AI?
@PM2Ring interesting that the SO opinion is to close the questions as dupes, rather than doing anything about duplicated answers
@NovaliumCompany via studying?
What? I mean, do I just read books or do I try to program AI? I don't know where to start
Well I cannot imagine you being able to program AI without having read anything on the subject, so you should probably read first, no?
(and the "imagine you" is the general/plural "you" instead of the specific/singular "you")
As to what books, no idea.
I was just going to ask :P
I've never studied AI.
Isn't there an AI SE site? If so, they might be better suited for beginning texts
7:16 PM
Can someone answer this
Q: Why does atmospheric pressure acts on us?

The Last AirbenderI have a bit misconception about weight which I want to clarify. The air pressure is explained as the weight of the air column above our head acting per unit area. But since air is not continuous how can the weight of all the air molecules (above our head) be acting on our head. I mean we would...

You have 4 answers there. Perhaps you could comment on those answers about what you find lacking?
Well, I simply don't know where to start. I want to learn all about A.I. and superintelligence but I don't know which specific books to read first, what to program... I will ask for a roadmap in AI SE
I somewhat doubt that there's a single "specific book to read first" and the answer will depend on your interest, capabilities & likes/dislikes of authors.
yeah true
I'll just explore the field freely on my own
I like freedom :P
But I imagine there's introductory texts on the subject that you could peruse
@TheLastAirbender also, all SE posts are version controlled, so there is never a need for "Edit" marks to denote change. Upon an edit, a link at the bottom of the post appears that leads users to the edit history where they can see exactly what changed & when
So you should edit whatever material you want into posts as if it were always there.
For more reference, see
Q: Let's not have posts look like revision histories

user10851Inspired by this meta post on RPG.SE: I think we should keep in mind that posts with lots of "Edit:" and "Update:" sections are a bit hard to read from beginning to end, and we should strive to avoid this style (which I'm certainly guilty of using from time to time). Yes, sometimes we need to ch...

7:30 PM
@NovaliumCompany This is the gold standard book on deep learning: deeplearningbook.org
@KyleKanos Well, if the questions are similar enough that identical answers apply to them, then they ought to be closed as dupes. OTOH, when I've seen identical answers copy & pasted on Physics.SE, the questions were only broadly similar, and so the duped answer didn't really fit all that well.
@PM2Ring "answers didn't really fit all that well"...that's been my experience as well
I doubt anything much needs to be done, apart from telling the author not to dupe answers like that.
i've generally only written something like "significant text overlap with {this post} by same author"
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9:09 PM
@ACuriousMind I dare you to watch
through the ~15min mark
without having your brain shout AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC on repeat at top volume

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