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12:00 AM
Bummer... I keep coming up with equations that are way more complicated than the original NS equations. Which is a bad thing, since it's probably cheaper just to solve the NS equations, and because I probably made a bunch of bookkeeping mistakes... heh
My research work was too easy (though I've seen far easier work by some applicants!) with bring a simple set of coupled PDEs in Cartesian coords, but was enough to land me my great jaerb.
Someone I work with got a PhD in math for finding an optional mesh refinement condition for one PDE.
Now that I'm on the other side also, I've seen a lot of... head scratching... PhD work done by applicants. I'm often surprised by what passes at some places
Part of it may be that we can't get the best applicants since we're in a government lab. US citizens only and willing to work for much less than industry offers kinda turns people off...
Thinking more, I did have some coordinate transformation for a project in one of my courses, but it was purely trigonometry & no differentials (had to distribute particles in a galaxy and then be able to project what the sky would look like from a particular point inside the Galaxy)
That sounds kinda neat
@tpg2114 I was accepted into one of those govt labs, but I'd already started at the bank when they sent the offer
12:07 AM
Oh yeah? Which lab was it?
One in NJ
Totally forget lab name or where, though. It was 4+ years ago at this point
Even though the pay isn't as good as industry, I really like the environment. It's like being in a university lab, without the need to teach and being fully aware of what the real needs are and trying to work out how to tackle them
That was certainly one attraction
I get to do basic research, but mission-informed basic research.
And I don't have to compete for funding to do it.
I tried getting into LANL on a post doc, but that didn't pan out
That would have been super ideal too. Except the complete isolation from extended family
12:11 AM
Have you been out that way? My wife and I went to Santa Fe for vacation -- it's amazingly beautiful out there
I have not been that way. Furthest West I've been is Dallas, actually
Santa Fe itself is a cool little town, but it's a bunch of high-end art galleries and stuff. So window shopping was cool, but not much else.
But the landscape in the area is stunning
I'd love to get out to Phoenix (especially so if I can time it to when the Penguins will be in town to play the Coyotes) though
Though I think the Coyotes play somewhere that isn't Phoenix anymore
I went to Phoenix in May for a conference at ASU... but I don't remember it. Haha. I went from home (Eastern time zone), to Germany for 7 days, landed at home and slept for 4 hours, then got back to the airport to go Phoenix for 7 days
And my flight schedule got so jacked up due to delays and missed connections, I ended up taking 11 flights in that 14 day period
I cannot imagine even trying that, but I'm also speaking as a parent with half a dozen kids... Literally
We have done a few flights with the kids, but it's a pain to be anywhere with them without a car
12:15 AM
My brother is such a Flyers fan -- he got season tickets when he was at Temple as an undergrad, and kept them when he was in grad school at Pitt. He would drive back to Philly for every home game
Flyers suck
They're the worst
We were at game 6 of the semi-finals back in 2003 (? or was it '04) when they beat the Lightning to send it to game 7
Etc etc. No love lost with the Turnpike Tussle
Heh, yeah... There's a rule when you grow up around Philly -- you either like the Philly team, or you cannot enjoy that sport.
Though strangely people of Philly PA don't seem to hate the Steelers as much as they hate the penguins
12:18 AM
I used to go to Thrashers games in Atlanta... it was disappointing when they got sold off
They weren't good... but it was still fun.
Cheap tickets I bet too
Very. And free upgrades to all of the empty seats
I've gone to plenty of AHL games (including the Phantoms when they were still in Philly!)
What if all ocean water left the planet at the speed of light?
but simultaneously all sharks turned into black holes
I forgot about the Phantoms!
I went to a Checkers vs Phantoms game with a friend (who is a Caps fan) just to boo the Phantoms
Speaking of traveling with half a dozen kids... our desire to keep traveling is no small part of why we're holding off on kids... heh
I see so many people in airports struggling to wrangle everything for one kid onto a plane. I couldn't imagine doing that, let alone 6
IMO traveling with 1 or 2 kids is easy because you & the wife can share duties, but once you pass 2 it's now difficult
Classic new parent: overpack!
I can't remember -- I think you're in Hurricane country now, right? Do you go to local games at all?
I was going to go to some Blue Jackets games, but then they did really well and it was way too expensive to get tickets... haha
I have gone to their AHL affiliate, Charlotte Checkers, but not made it out to Raleigh to a Canes game
But G2G now, son is done swim practice so I have to be a parent and pay attention
12:24 AM
No worries. Have a good night!
12:53 AM
If anyone here is into fantasy series like Wheel of Time or Mistborn/Stormlight Archives, I highly recommended the Licanius Trilogy by James Islington.
Kinda random, but I just finished that series and I'm pretty blown away by the ending. As long as obvious religious metaphors aren't a dealbreaker, the plot is one of the most satisfying I've read in a long time. I just need to let out some appreciation, it's really good in my opinion if it's the type of book you like.
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2:18 AM
Woohoo, completed submitting my newest paper to Arxiv...now I just need to figure out where to really submit it...
2:47 AM
@enumaris congratulations! whats it on? wanna read it! noticed youve been busy... being productive! :)
Task specific model distillation for BERT
interesting hadnt seen much on this. this nice intro says its a sequel to GPT which open AI recently garnered big headlines on. towardsdatascience.com/…
In terms of "use" BERT far outshines GPT2
in fact GPT2 is just a slight modification of BERT and then scaled up
my recent research has been concentrated in this area
did you see the recent openAI work on "hide and seek" agents? impressive! :)
3:14 AM
pretty cool stuff :)
3:26 AM
Sigh. Another “I don’t Understand the classical theory of light but I’m sure I’ve figured out photons” post.
1 hour later…
4:37 AM
sigh... physics phds: theres something off about QM+GR+strings etc but we're sure nobodys figured it out... :P
2 hours later…
6:22 AM
Pretty sure :D
Anyone know, answer which got maximum down votes?
1 hour later…
7:56 AM
@JMac thanks, I'll have a look. I'm always interested in good SFF books. In retaliation let me recommend the Divine Cities trilogy. This has a similar feel and I thought all three books were excellent!
8:28 AM
Surprising that SE is not filled with UK elections chat.
8:57 AM
Q: Would a uranium 235 fuel pellet the size of Earth explode?

user6760Imagine a standard U235 pellets scaled to the scale of Earth, I wonder would it explodes or just meltdown? I believe despite overshooting the critical mass however the heat produce is still too cool to start sustained chain reaction? Right?

Our next HNQ?
@Sid it's too depressing to think about
@JohnRennie do you reckon now is a good time to move to the UK?
@EmilioPisanty I'm eligible for Irish citizenship because my father was born in Northern Ireland, and I'm now seriously contemplating it.
At least there will not be a no deal exit since Johnson's deal will now be passed.
We just have to face the fact that a majority of Brits really believe we should leave the EU. That's democracy for you.
To be honest I think the EU is better off without the UK. Charles de Gaulle said that in 1967 and he's about to be proved right.
9:16 AM
@JohnRennie what about Scotland?
What did yesterday do to the outlook on indyref2?
@EmilioPisanty There will be no second referendum. Johnson has a majority now so his deal will pass the commons and the UK will formally leave the UK. This will happen sooner rather than later.
9:32 AM
@EmilioPisanty Scotland overwhelmingly voted for the SNP. However I still doubt there is a majority for Scottish independence so I suspect nothing will happen. The Scots won't like it because they will lose a lot of EU funding that I doubt the Conservatives will fully replace.
Also it is raining and cold in Chester so I couldn't ask for a better morning. Still I am making a garlic sausage and cranberry pasta dish for lunch so all is not lost.
9:46 AM
@JohnRennie bon appetit =)
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1:07 PM
@Secret do you feel good about non-degenerate bilinear forms?
1:53 PM
Hey guys. I would be deeply grateful if someone could mention various active research topic/areas that are currently pursued using AdS/CFT?
1 hour later…
2:55 PM
Fact: Ultradark will comment on anything that has that shape in the middle of the diagram
@dsm nope, I am not good at quadratic forms either as they are not covered as detail in my linear algebra class
3:10 PM
Anybody around?
Anyone here?
4:12 PM
Anyone want to engage in discussion of some sort? More specifically, academics related stuff
@Secret that...seems about right
(also c.f. one of the recent starred messages in another room)
4:25 PM
Q: References to closed questions and their visibility

GiorgioPI am puzzled by an apparent possibility of incoherence of the site behavior. Let me use a specific case as an example. As a comment to a recent question on SE.physics, @dmckee cited a link as a possible duplicate. Going to the liked page, one finds that it corresponds to a closed question and,...

5:16 PM
@AjayMohan See journals...
Any mechanic here?
The Quantum Mechanic?
I've a few uranium atoms to fix...
Q: Infinity time divisibility: Can we observe it and would it disprove ideas of the universe being a simulation?

CuriousWebDeveloperThis question has a basis in what I would call theoretical and metaphysical computer science. Naturally, it would not be welcome on CS SE. Hopefully it fits here and there are those of you here interested enough in both philosophy and computers to answer. I have asked a question here related to ...

5:58 PM
@AbhasKumarSinha Hi
6:44 PM
Had to scramble today to find another name for my model cus the name I originally chose was already taken apparently...painful...
2 hours later…
8:52 PM
@ACuriousMind I need a little help with German. Translate "untrennbare Kette zwischen Objeckt und Subjekt". I know "breakable" verbs as "trennbare verben" and "zwischen ... " I easily get but what of "Kette" in this context?
something like "unbroken link between the object and the subject"?
Literally "chain", probably more like "link" or "connection" there.
right that's what I thought.
9:38 PM
Hello everybody
I need some advice about to learn thermodynamics.
I want to become a propulsion system engineer or with more general name, rocket engineer.
I'm studying Physics (not Physics Engineering, note that) and I want to learn lectures or topics related on that field.
Topics like thermodynamics, liquid mechanics, vibration theory etc.
I think I should better start with thermodynamics.
I take Mechanics 1 lecture at the university.
The course curricilim is as follows: Vectors, Newton's Laws of Motion, Frames of Reference: Galilean Transformation, Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Linear and Angular Momentum, Harmonic Oscillator: Properties and Examples, Elementary Dynamics of Rigid Bodies, Inverse-square-law Force, The Speed of Light, Special Relativity: The Lorentz Transformation, Relativistic Dynamics: Momentum and Energy, Principle of Equivalance.
I don't really know what I will learn in the next years, it is more focused on modern physics as you can see.
What do you think about it?
10:25 PM
Mechanics 1 is the foundations :)
you will take more specialized courses once your foundations are set
For concrete advice you should probably talk with your counselor though

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