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12:00 AM
What is the domain of function $\tan\theta_1(\theta)$?
And the value range of $\theta$?
That doesn't really matter - you can't use anything after the step you multiplied with $\frac{V'_i}{V'_i}$ for the case $M_1 = M_2$.
What your teacher did yields the correct result, but not in a rigorous way
Hmm, you mean It's 0 and It's impossible..
The $\theta$ is $\pi$ thats OK.
The reason your teaching did that trick is that the equations alone don't really tell you a unique outcome for that case
What about the $\theta_1^{\max}$?
It is consistent with the equations for conservation of energy and momentum that the first object just passes through the second without anything happening, i.e. the equations alone cannot tell you that $\theta = \pi$ and not $\theta = 0$.
We need to use common sense to deduce that $\theta = 0$ is a nonsense solution (balls don't pass through each other)
12:07 AM
Hmm, okay I get what you mean
The proper argument for what your teacher did would be to argue that $\theta(M_1/M_2)$ needs to be a smooth function on $(0,\infty)$.
I don't know teacher did draw graphs of the situations
It's really hard to understand by me :/
And if you take the limits $M_1/M_2\to 1$ from below and above there, you'll find they both yield $\theta = \pi$, so for smoothness you need $\theta = \pi$ and not $\theta = 0$.
I feel I could explain this better if it wasn't 1 am ;P I'm going to go hit the sack and think about how to explain this properly.
Okay, I trust you
I took that lecture today
And when I arrive home I started to think on this
Everything was perfectly going good while the teacher telling but at the last 15 minutes he messed up everything
Nevermind thank you for your time
I'm really thankful to you because of your help
Hope you have a good sleep
For >10k rep: physics.stackexchange.com/a/518650/25301 Rob's comment is sadly spot-on
12:30 AM
@KyleKanos That answer is essentially spam. Google the first sentence. I know it's been posted to Physics SE and deleted many times.
It's like they spend a lot of time reading questions and articles on dark matter all over the internet, and post that as a response everywhere.
@JMac yes, I wonder if it's the same guy each time though. Or if he has some cadre of believers...
@KyleKanos I'm not even sure either. It's like a terrible physics meme that people would post as a joke... but they are either all serious or very dedicated to the joke.
Don't underestimate the power of Reddit & 4chan users
That's why I can't rule out a joke.
12:47 AM
@KyleKanos Ugh I just submitted a paper using this answer to motivate my reasoning.
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9:28 AM
5 hours later…
2:24 PM
@KyleKanos, 2d physics simulator, can you check it for me
I heard from a user that u can help so.
frame.setSize(900, 600);

timer = new java.util.Timer();

timer.schedule(new TimerTask() {

public void run() {

// has moving objects
if(gui.getScene().inFlux()) {
}, 0, DELAY);
1 hour later…
3:27 PM
@yuvrajsingh is that the code from:
Q: 2D Physics Simulation (game-like)

defoificationMy program is meant to simulate 2D physics(hopefully 3D as well in the future), namely classical mechanics and eventually electromagnetism. Currently it simulates projectile motion by firing a cannonball(which is plainly a black ellipse) from an invisible cannon. It simply spawns an ellipse wit...

@yuvrajsingh looks like Java code. Not sure what you want me to say beyond that because that's much too short of a snippet to be useful
3:48 PM
Browsing the physics stack exchange counts as studying, right?
@aRockStr absolutely! :-)
@JohnRennie yes
Actually I saw that code on the site, but I am not too sure about that so I posted it here
2 hours later…
6:03 PM
@DavidZ aren't you going to join in on this year's Winter Bash?
@KyleKanos And you don't like Java ;)
@AaronStevens mostly because it's slow
is chrome the fastest browser?
@KyleKanos How dare you slander the Oracle
6:22 PM
@dmckee can I ask you something about reputation?
@TheLastAirbender Don't ask about asking, just ask.
@AaronStevens Can I ask you about your comment about asking about asking?
Today I got a total of 246 reputation on Physics.SE. How is it possible?
@JMac Can I ask you about your comment about asking about asking about asking?
@JMac No, but may I ask why you want to ask me about my comment about asking about asking?
6:24 PM
@AaronStevens Why do you ask that?
don't ask
@JMac Because I determine my self-worth from what people on the internet think about me
@TheLastAirbender Let's see...
@TheLastAirbender Acceptance points don't count towards the rep cap, and you seem to have 3 answers accepted today, which accounts for the extra (besides the bonus 1, which is common IIRC, can't remember why)
I think the extra 2 might be from someone removing a down vote on a post
6:27 PM
bottom line: they are only imaginary rep points
@AaronStevens Oh, that makes sense. And they probably see 246 instead of 247 because they've downvoted something and can see that reflected in their points, while AFAIK no one else can see those numbers on in the reputation tab.
@skillpatrol They aren't imaginary. I see them right there.
@JMac Nailed it. Let's make a meta post to celebrate
@AaronStevens I'm going to title it 'The Tyranny of Physics Stackexchange" and then the body will just be my theory about super solid quantum protogravity.
@AaronStevens you can say that about imaginary numbers too :P
6:31 PM
@JMac Ah yes, I heard SSQP is really gaining ground now
@AaronStevens I would hope so. I have a bot working overtime to spam it as an answer to any question or comment section on any site that mentions "Dark Energy".
@JMac I think that really is the only way to get the word out
@AaronStevens It seemed a lot easier than learning about the field, doing actual research and publishing something that academics could understand!
@JMac I think that method of doing science is becoming quickly outdated. No one has time to really understand anything these days. The best any one can ever do now is personal theories.
I mean someone has to be right at some point
Isn't that what Einstein did?
All he knew was patents
@skillpatrol depends on the metrics, but i think Opera is, actually
6:36 PM
@AaronStevens I mean really, no one can truly know what's real anyways, so we're much better off to believe what we feel is right and dismiss everyone else as biased. This makes sense, because they clearly are all biased by their own personal feelings.
@KyleKanos thanks
but really "fastest" is a bad metric, honestly
@JMac If it feels good, do it
a rocket shuttle is fast, but do i need that to get across the US? obviously not
@AaronStevens Great, now you just got a song stuck in my head.
6:38 PM
i'd rather my reliable car to get across the US
or maybe a commercial airline
@JMac Which one
but either way, using the "fastest" browser may not be what you want, you might actually want the most reliable browser
May I ask you which one?
and, obviously, that'd be a TOR browser
@AaronStevens en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_It_Feels_Good_Do_It Got a lot of radio play around here because they are a fairly local band.
6:40 PM
@KyleKanos thanks for the recommendation
@JMac Ha that's funny..
@AaronStevens Yeah, the words "If it feels good do it" are the catchy part of the song.
if murder feels good, should you do it?
@KyleKanos If murder doesn't feel good should you not do it?
@AaronStevens correct
Q: Using computational physics to calculate acceleration in a pulley system

Andrei MihailescuI am trying to calculate the acceleration of this simple pulley system: Up until now I was able to take into consideration the two weights, the mass of the pulley and the friction between the pulley and the axle. I am however stuck on the rope of the mass. I thought about considering the mass...

why is this tagged ?
6:43 PM
@KyleKanos Uh, did you even read the title?
@AaronStevens that's the next question
why is there a tag in the title
I guess there is no line between "computational physics" and "physics where I used some computations"
To be fair, he does seem to have the goal of programming and simulating it on the computer. I think it fits fine as computational physics. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a good question for the site; but IMO the tag fits.
6:59 PM
@JMac i don't really think that's his goal, just how he was going to solve the problem b/c he didn't think it would be analytic
@KyleKanos I consider that his "goal" for the sake of the question still. It seems to be a poor goal based on his misunderstanding; but he did seem to be asking specifically about doing it computationally, because he thought that was what it would take. I think he used the tag right, he just asked the wrong question.
7:50 PM
I am still hatless :(
@ACuriousMind i think i am too
but i'm mostly indifferent about it
Yeah I'm hatless too. I just let it happen if it's supposed to happen. And Aaron get out of here with your hat.
I thought it was a Bane costume
7:54 PM
@AaronStevens Any hat is a bane costume if you wear it wrong enough...? Yeah that sounds like a good moral. Lets go with that and pretend it's deep.
i once collected all but like 1 or 2 hats
took way too much work
and gave me nothing (exccept bragging rights over Brandon)
so then i stopped caring
I'll start trying when they roll over to following years
I'm still trying to figure out how to exchange these fake points for prizes before I try to get any hats.
@JMac Oh you haven't gotten your prize package yet?
seriously? you haven't?
7:57 PM
I would have more rep than @JohnRennie if I didn't keep exchanging my points for prizes
@AaronStevens IDK, last time I tried to redeem the points for a prize package at Walmart they treated me like they didn't know what I was talking about.
Same thing with the grocery store.
@JMac How many times did you wink?
@AaronStevens I reviewed my video footage, and I winked the 4.5 times that it told me to wink in the manual. Is my manual outdated?
@JMac I think a better question is how you got access to Walmart video security footage
@AaronStevens My video footage. I have 15 go-pro's on me at all times filming multiple angles so that NASA can't sneak up on me and install more mind control chips.
8:01 PM
@JMac How did you get 15 go-pros without using SE points?
I'm a bit worried that you didn't assume as much.
@AaronStevens Reddit karma.
@JMac Well there you go. Just convert your SE points to Reddit karma
Apropos the discussion on reputation above, you can get 1 rep if someone deletes an answer that you had downvoted.
@dmckee But we wouldn't see that when viewing their profile, right?
Just as an alternative to +2 for a un-downvote on one of your posts and -1 for a downvote applied by you.
@JMac No. I don't think you would.
8:05 PM
@dmckee That's how we sluethed out what we think happened. They must have downvoted 1 question (which is why they saw their own rep as +246) and had one downvote removed (or some similar combination) and that's why we saw +247 and they saw +246.
@JMac I'd give you a sleuthing hat if I could
I think it would be more aligned with the holiday spirit if hats were awarded to users by other users
@AaronStevens It was a team effort. Not the most complicated ARG I've seen; but we nailed it.
My 2020 hat has been taken away! The swine!
@JohnRennie Hats obtained via time travel are not allowed
That takes me down to three hats. A far cry from my heyday.
8:22 PM
@AaronStevens The cynical mod sees just another incentive for sockpuppetry there ;P
@ACuriousMind Well that is not aligned with the holiday spirit, so by definition it cannot happen

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