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12:00 AM
@Secret Hmm... Potentially interesting...
Meanwhile, Pluto's bladed ice formation gain its explanation as methane sublimation and give us a more dynamic picture of its climate
12:31 AM
> By the end of this year, Martinis says, his team will build a device that achieves “quantum supremacy,” meaning it can perform a particular calculation that’s beyond the reach of any conventional computer.
←↑ dubious Martinis has anything against the term... Google’s New Chip Is a Stepping Stone to Quantum Computing Supremacy / MIT tech review
@vzn What more than the word of someone who works with him do you want? What about scientists sticking to standard terminology they dislike for better communication do you not understand? You are essentially accusing DanielSank of lying there, is that what you want to say?
12:47 AM
@ACuriousMind do you use texstudio?
@0ßelö7 Yeah, I do
have you figured out how to enable the spellcheck?
It's enabled for me, I don't remember doing anything special
@ACuriousMind wtf
@0ßelö7 for texstudio you have to go to preferences > language settings - and change the default language to en_US
1:06 AM
@ACuriousMind suppose you had, oh, 5 minutes to introduce Riemannian geometry and motivate scalar curvature deformations
how would you do it
I wouldn't do it because I don't know what a "scalar curvature deformation" is :P
@ACuriousMind then ignore that part
@ACuriousMind I need to find a way to actually define tangent spaces in a sensible way
@0ßelö7 Well, it depends - what sort of audience am I talking to?
and the connection/curvature
@ACuriousMind my advisor wants me to do the negative case of the Yamabe problem as a presentation in my elliptic regularity class
so...pde people
1:21 AM
oh not you again
What is your problem dude
And why do you multi account?
I don't
sure mate
@ACuriousMind delete my alternate account pls
1:23 AM
it was already banned mate
who was it
oh joy. drama
this is drama to you?
@Semiclassical I'm literally retarded. How do I get spell check on TeXStudio :/
i don't use TeXStudio, so...dunno?
I downloaded the dictionary but it doesn't like it
1:25 AM
@0ßelö7 The definition as equivalence classes of curves seems pretty "easy" to understand for mathematicians to me
@Kenshin Please don't accuse people of sockpuppetry unless you can provide evidence.
@0ßelö7 Please don't "welcome" people like that.
@ACuriousMind happy to provide evidence, should I do so here in the chat or is there another more appropriate forum for it?
I didn't want to put too much potentailly private information in the chat but happy to do so if required
sometimes mods say discusis9on of banned accounts isn't permitted
Oh, I'm evading a ban?
1:29 AM
@ACuriousMind please delete my account
I am breaking the rules
@Kenshin Standard procedure is to raise a moderator flag on a post of one of the offending accounts, not to make trouble in chat.
@0ßelö7 I have no reason to believe that.
oh i see ty
hopefully he thinks I'm John Duffield
@0ßelö7 it should come with it's own dictionary, or at least mine did on mac and pc. did you do what I said? because I did it myself right now and it worked.
@ACuriousMind but if he provides evidence will I be shadow banned?
@3075 I don't see that option
I think there might be multiple texstudio distributions or something
1:32 AM
@0ßelö7 oh, it looks like it's different depending on your version of texstudio. does yours say "grammar" in the configuration window?
(on the left)
then click all the tabs on the left of the configuration window until you see a page that has an option for default language.
if that doesn't work then I don't know, sorry.
I changed it to en and nothing happened
try restarting, mine just refreshed itself when I did that.
the PC or texstudio?
1:34 AM
@0ßelö7 I don't know what "shadow banned" means. If you are found to have sockpuppets you'll be suspended with a corresponding message as usual in such cases, but I have literally zero reason to believe that.
I've done it like 5 times
@0ßelö7 restarted five times?
@ACuriousMind this guy seems to be convinced though
@Semiclassical texstudio, yes
1:35 AM
every time I try a google suggested solution
I can't get it to accept the Open Office dictionary
oh, look at the line that says spelling dictionaries directory.
did you link the right directory?
yeah and it said no dictionary in that directory
then put the dictionaries you downloaded in that directory
I linked to the unzipped dictionary file
for me, when I click "import" and choose the open office dictionary, it brings up a window prompt and if you click "yes" it links it automatically and applies the spellcheck.
1:42 AM
what dictionary
it tells me my dictionary has no dictionary
did you link the folder or the actual dictionary file?
the .o whatever file
what dictionary are you using
I could only find one english one
@ACuriousMind will you update me on this investigation
I would like to know whom I am being accused of sockpuppeting
yes that should work. now did you change the default language to "en" after you imported it?
in which screen
@0ßelö7 Not likely, since investigating such an assertion involves PII we're not at liberty to reveal.
1:47 AM
I'd have to see a screenshot of your settings. the "language checking" one.
@ACuriousMind There are three possibilities. 1) The user is trolling. 2) In a drunken rage I created a sock and got banned. 3) He somehow got my IP and someone else from my school got banned. (Not sure how IP works on school wifi.) I take it 3) will not be an issue?
@0ßelö7 3) is indeed not an issue, 1) is not a issue for you either.
is that windows?
your directory looks wrong
did you paste that yourself?
1:52 AM
when I did the import it set itself to that
use the libre office one then.
I don't know why it does that for yours.
thank you so much
how the hell did you find that
@ACuriousMind Is that a subtle way of telling me not to say that?
google search. lol. I learned from the best (@ACuriousMind).
2:09 AM
@0ßelö7 I'd frame it more as "don't feed the troll."
So he is a troll?
If he is a troll, then don't feed him.
@ACuriousMind if I need a letter for a metric that's not $g$ or $h$, what should it be
@Semiclassical Riemannian
ah, $b$ is standard
not sure why
2:50 AM
Pro tip for dealing with drama: Send the trolls to an amorphous set
2 hours later…
4:29 AM
@Semiclassical what is going on over there
@Semiclassical If you say so.
@Semiclassical "Note that the physicist will be familiar
with this as a Laplace transformation."
that subtle disdain
@Semiclassical this paper keeps referring to "the physicist"
4:39 AM
also somehow implying only physicists know about Laplace transforms?
...do those even show up in physics?
they do. though I'd more expect it to be framed around 'engineering'
It's weird how whether you learn about laplace transforms in an ODE course depends on the instructor.
some of them don't teach it for some reason.
it is objectively the best way to solve constant coefficient ODEs
it is pretty fun.
The people in the math chat are so cold.
I bet they put me on ignore.
5:01 AM
@IcEmybReaD I just find them hard to be around
@Semiclassical cya
yeah they lack humour.
@IcEmybReaD Oh hey, you're back?
2 hours later…
7:08 AM
@0ßelö7 btw I was trolling
when do you not troll
7:23 AM
7:45 AM
Damn, out of milk. Do I:
a) walk to the corner shop (in the rain)
b) have a black coffee - I don't like black coffee
c) put up the potentially fatal caffeine withdrawal symptoms
Ask the nearest lady for the use of her milk
Talk to another human being you mean? In real life?
@JohnRennie d) have some tea without milk :)
Tea! TEA! Are you mad?!!!
Actually I do have some teabags at the back of a cupboard somewhere, but they're so old I doubt they have much flavour left ...
@dmckee @DavidZ @ACuriousMind @Qmechanic the chat mod room is frozen again
Some decent, actual, non-dust (technical term for the tea that goes in standard tea bags) tea is the solution :) Although yes, it's possible that I'm slightly mad
7:50 AM
John why don't u use an umberella
do you have a car John?
I'm looking into GPU programming
It is quite a powerful thang
power isn't everything
at least as far as parallelism goes
I should do like a GR raytracer with it
can you make an AI
7:55 AM
cool bro
GPU programming makes it easy to program a neural network
they r the future
Since NN are very easy to do via parallel computing
far superior to human minds
I've worked with NN before and I'm not sure I agree
7:56 AM
I've worked with human minds before, and I do
I've never seen you use yours
(reported for violating be nice policy btw)
you big baby
i kid i kid
8:16 AM
You know I'm not sure what happens to the Alcubierre metric if the speed of the bubble is different from the lightcone slanting factor
Do things move inside the bubble?
8:31 AM
yes they do
Done coding for the day. Will head to bed now
2 hours later…
10:37 AM
@Kenshin Throwing accusations around in bad faith is not acceptable behaviour; you may return tomorrow.
I feel like learning some Riemannian geometry today
Maybe I'll end up doing that
What are your alternatives?
I'm primarily learning Riemann surfaces but I feel kind of stuck (philosophically, not mathematically)
Stuck on Riemann surfaces? Sounds like you need to expand your mind to the third dimension.
You're into complex algebraic geometry right
In particular you know 1 dimensional complex algebraic geometry aka Riemann surfaces don't you
10:45 AM
I wouldn't say I'm into it, but I've had to learn pieces of it ;)
@BalarkaSen So you might ask me a question about Riemann surfaces but it's a gamble whether I know the answer or not :P
One of the problems I am having is I don't know what to ask, but it seems I am not entirely sure I grok the material either.
Let me think of a specific example
@BalarkaSen Sounds like a normal state of mind while learning something to me, actually
So, uh, this: Suppose $X$ is a Riemann surface and $P(T) = T^n + c_1 T^{n-1} + \cdots + c_n$ be a polynomial in the ring $\mathscr{M}(X)[T]$ over the field of meromorphic functions $\mathscr{M}(X)$ over $X$.
Forster says there's a branched cover $p : Y \to X$ with a function $f \in \mathscr{M}(Y)$ such that $(p^* P)(f) = 0$
I want to say this is an analytic continuation result but I can't seem to parse myself
I guess I mean that $P$ can be thought as a meromorphic function on a holomorphic chart $U \subset X$ by feeding $P(T)$ points in $U \cong \Bbb C$ in place of $T$, and if I take a germ of that at some point $p \in U \subset X$, $f$ is really the analytic continuation of that germ?
11:18 AM
@BalarkaSen I'm not so sure what you mean by "analytic continuation" there. The way I know to construct that $f$ is to reduce to the case where the zeroes of $P(T)$ are simple, take the space of local zeroes of $P(T)$ (ie. $\hat{Y} = \{ (x,f_x)\in X\times \mathcal{O}_x\mid P(f_x,x) = 0\}$), observe that $\hat{Y}$ covers $X$ with constant degree except at the poles of the coefficients of $P(T)$, which are isolated, so we have extend that to a covering $Y \to X$ with these points added in.
Now $f$ is the function that sends $(x,f_x)\in \hat{Y}$ simply to the germ's value $f_x(x)$, and is extended meromorphically to the rest of $Y$.
Ah, I see what you mean
Yes, that $f$ is the analytic continuation of all germs that fulfill $P(f_x) = 0$.
11:30 AM
@ACuriousMind Ah, right, that's probably what I meant
So, if I take $X = \Bbb C$ and look at $P(T) = T^2 - z$ over $\mathscr{M}(X)[T]$
I guess the branched cover we get is the two-fold covering $p : Y = \Bbb C \to \Bbb C$, $z \mapsto z^2$ with the coordinate function $f(z) = z$ over $Y$?
Because away from the origin, a germ $g \in \mathscr{O}_p, p \neq 0$ which satisfies $P(g) = 0$ would be germ of the holomorphic function $\sqrt{z}$ in a neighborhood of $p$, and we'd be trying to analytically continue that
@BalarkaSen You have to take $\mathbb{C}^\ast$ because your polynomial doesn't have simple zeroes at the origin, but otherwise you're correct.
Ok, I agree
Thanks, that was helpful
I guess this theorem is the formal explanation of what it means to "take Riemann surface of this [gigantic algebraic expression]"
which a lot of people like to say but i never really groked what it meant
12:03 PM
What's this
wuts wut
@BalarkaSen you could learn some wave equations
what are they? what are they for?
most importantly, why should i care?
(those are genuine questions, 0 snark intended)
I have accepted that I am a physicist
12:10 PM
I don't think that wave equations will get you a fields medal
would it get me a nobel prize
But it seems kind of silly that with all of the time spent looking at Einsteins equations, the simple wave equation is pretty neglected
the nabel prahaize
12:23 PM
@BalarkaSen Are you curious about GR at all?
@ACuriousMind what did the investigation turn up?
@0ßelö7 What investigation?
Into my sock
@0ßelö7 Aha, so you do have a sock I could investigate? ;P
Having a sock isn't illegal.
No, but it's suspicious :P
12:32 PM
@ACuriousMind I haven't admitted to anything.
@ACuriousMind This book uses (+---) and it has $t=x^1$. The perfect storm of bad notation
@ACuriousMind Speaking of, where is AFT? Has he just abandoned chat?
@0ßelö7 Ugh, $t=x^1$ is truly terrible
@0ßelö7 I have no idea
12:50 PM
I was hoping that plotting math functions in SVG was simple but so it turns out you just plot a big bezier curve
1:08 PM
@0ßelö7 I am!
@ACuriousMind @Slereah I'm actually retarded, what is "multiple characteristics" supposed to mean in the context of hyperbolic PDE
Is it just that there can be multiple characteristics through a given point?
1:40 PM
mathematica, you're doing it again
2:00 PM
@EmilioPisanty Clearly, Mathematica a) knows special relativity and b) measures the timestamps and the time elapsed in different frames.
2:32 PM
@0ßelö7 ugh why just why
@0ßelö7 context?
@Semiclassical null hypersurfaces are "multiple characteristics" for tensor wave equations
For the life of me I cannot find anyone who actually defines the term. Plenty of papers on it though!
Maybe the characteristics depend on which component of the tensor waveform you're looking at?
I'm just spitballing, though
2:48 PM
@Semiclassical The general claim is that all characteristics are null surfaces and vice versa.
So I really have no idea what's multiple here -- of course there's lots of null surfaces
And the tensor wave equation components couple in the first order term
And then they give an example that makes no sense
It's just the definition of a null surface, but with a random power of n
The best thought which comes to mind is that of ruled surfaces is differential geometry
3:06 PM
@Semiclassical Never heard of that.
surfaces which contain straight lines
A sphere isn't ruled, but a cylinder is
Straight as in geodesic?
straight in the ambient space
famously, a hyperboloid of one sheet is doubly ruled
@Semiclassical It has to do with the operator, not the surfaces themselves
Because all wave equations have the same characteristics by the Theorem
So if you pick a point on this surface then the surface contains two lines in R^3 through that points
Oh, sure.
I mean this as at most a crude analogy
3:12 PM
@ValterMoretti Do you know what "multiple characteristics" means? The best I can find is some old paper by Lax that has a complicated limit of symbols in the pseudodifferential sense.
Ruled surfaces are fun
Fun fact: They all have nonpositive Gaussian curvature
@Semiclassical So it has to do with some polynomial having a multiple root.
I'm not sure what polynomial it is.
Probably the principal symbol.
I need to learn abstract hyperbolic theory
@BalarkaSen read volumes 1-4 of Hormander with me
@0ßelö7 weren't you the one complaining about array indices starting from zero? :-)
@JohnRennie the time coordinate should be ix^4
3:23 PM
$(x,y,z,t)$? no, no, no.
@JohnRennie who said it should go last? I count as 4, 1, 2, 3.
3:39 PM
@JohnRennie be nice :/
I am a delicate flower
Monty Python: memes for the middle aged
What would memes for the elderly be, then?
@Semiclassical anything starting In my day or When I was young :-)
3:50 PM
@BalarkaSen this is triggering me
@0ßelö7 a picture of a flower is triggering you?
does "when i was your age" count?
He is implying I am an evil flower
@user685252 When I was young it did
M e t a
@JohnRennie i need a pro tip for storing spinach
3:52 PM
uphill both ways
@0ßelö7 clearly you have never played undertale
@BalarkaSen I prefer to spend my time productively on 4chan instead of playing "vidya"
@0ßelö7 the round metal container outside the kitchen door is an excellent place to store spinach.
I'm too poor for a metal trash can
poor delicate flower?
3:56 PM
@JohnRennie if you don't like spinach I don't know what to say
It's an impossible mindset
Possibly bleeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
When's the last time you tried it
i'm fond of broccoli when it comes to vegetables
though it really does depend on how they're prepared.
Scattering amplitudes and energy as a complex number anyone?
@Semiclassical I like spinach on sandwiches and salads
3:58 PM
@0ßelö7 Can't remember. When I want something horrible I hammer nails into my kneecaps because it's less distressing than eating spinach.
@bolbteppa what?
home-made pizza with broccoli on it
@JohnRennie wow you're a big baby
raw broccoli is fine in moderate amounts, but much more than that and it's just too much bitterness
Raw broccoli does sound good. I should buy some for study snacking
3:59 PM
steamed broccolli is good if it's cooked thoroughly enough.
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