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12:45 AM
why is my question
Q: Spontaneous parametric down conversion matrix representation

heatherWhat is the mathematical representation for the transformation spontaneous parametric down conversion (type I) in a BBO crystal performs on photons? Would the representation be dependent on the dimensions of the BBO crystal?

being vtc'd as "unclear what you're asking"?
1:12 AM
@heather I am not one of the close voters (obviously, modvotes are binding :P) - because I don't really know much about quantum computing - but there are several things that might contribute: 1. Using abbreviations without explaining them is a surefire way to get people to dismiss a question - what is a BBO crystal? 2. In what mathematical framework are you seeking a mathematical representations of these crystals? 3. The first sentence seems to be ungrammatical - is the "in" superfluous?
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2:26 AM
@ACuriousMind :)
@BernardoMeurer :)
2:46 AM
@0celóñe7 You're drunk, go home
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4:08 AM
@Abcd we don't feel a centrifugal force. What we feel is a centripetal force i.e. the force pushing us inwards towards the centre of the circle. In your example this is the force exerted on us by the car sear.
4:21 AM
Last night dream: A simple quantum circuit which has a component that removes the exponential part of a quantum state
@JohnRennie That's true, but it feels like we feel a centrifugal force.
@DawoodibnKareem It's the same fallacy as the downwards gravitational force. What we feel is the force from the ground pushing us upwards.
In regards to the dream, there are two ways to interpret that circuit element: Either it is a dephaser that decohere the quantum state, or it is some kind of booster that remove the exponential decay element of the quantum state
@JohnRennie Have you been listening to that Einstein fellow again?
@DawoodibnKareem :-)
4:24 AM
Nondimensionalization is the partial or full removal of units from an equation involving physical quantities by a suitable substitution of variables. This technique can simplify and parameterize problems where measured units are involved. It is closely related to dimensional analysis. In some physical systems, the term scaling is used interchangeably with nondimensionalization, in order to suggest that certain quantities are better measured relative to some appropriate unit. These units refer to quantities intrinsic to the system, rather than units such as SI units. Nondimensionalization is not...
Unable to find any element in quantum computing that can deal with exponential decay of signal
@Secret Do all your dreams come with references to published papers?
So far no. The dreams even came up with their own journal papers in some well known journals (such as Chem Comm. for some of my organometallics dreams) that does not exists in reality
How inconvenient.
As far I know, my dreams are a self contained reality which have almost no ties with real life except for tangential related things.
It is very good at coming up with ideas that even some experts will found interesting, but it is extremely poor in solving problems I want to solve
The more academic dreams, however, does often lead me to interesting journal articles that I otherwise will not found, though, via keyword searching
That it is poor at solving problems is illustrated in some of my past dreams: Recall that I have been programming a script to do 13400 calculations for me, in some dreams, python programming is involved in the scene and it is even directly related to the program I am trying to do. However the code is all nonsense with wrong syntax and stuff
5:27 AM
What's gong on in here?
@Secret This is an important technique.
It's what's really going on when people make such ridiculous claims as "we set c=1".
@DanielSank What are you doing up this late?
yeah, it is in some sense more convenient than to have a bunch of constants in every step of your calculation. However trying to get the units back after the computation is done is not so trivial as GR demonstrates
5:45 AM
@DanielSank Watching television is more difficult when c = 1. It really sucks having to wait for the picture to arrive.
@DawoodibnKareem heheh
@Secret Right but if you are more clear and say things like $t' \equiv x/c$ then the substitutions are trivial.
@BernardoMeurer Programming.
@DanielSank That's a lie, physicists can't code
I can code better than u.
Only if you're talking about Python's async features
@DanielSank It is definitely a lie, but you might actually be coding if people didn't keep interrupting you in this chat room.
5:55 AM
Speaking about coding, I have been struggling for 3 weeks on my python code to get my 13400 calculations to work. While I have managed to code the program that will generate 120 energy files (that took 2.8 weeks), the next step is to get it into some PBS batch job so that after it optimise the moelcule, it automatically feed those to do the frequency analysis
@BernardoMeurer Or anything OOP.
@DanielSank Not true, I can handle myself in OOP
I admit you have me beat on systems.
@DawoodibnKareem Good point, although I think we distract ourselves. The internet does not jump out and distract the peaceful programmer.
@BernardoMeurer Dave Bacon has something to tell you.
And the CERN data reduction team.
They should all be using C
What's your point?
You said physicists can't code.
5:59 AM
If you think I had a point you don't know me well enough
@BernardoMeurer lol
I haven't showered in DAYS
That's not enough for a world record.
6:01 AM
Don't bathe for years.
Thank goodness this is a chat room, not a smell room.
Not sure how that would work.
@DawoodibnKareem Smellevision.
I can smell that I stink
Apple might come up with something like iSmell :'D
6:02 AM
Go shower.
@DanielSank Wanna go see the eclipse tomorrow?
I'll give you soap if you need.
@BernardoMeurer Maybe. When is it?
I want to go dancing tomorrow. There's a class taught by a visiting performer from Argentina.
Oh, wait, it's monday
@DanielSank Who?
BTW, can some math person help me with epsilon-delta proof of L'Hospital's rule? I'm so stuck
6:03 AM
Ehh, hang on let me look it up.
@Blue What are you stuck with exactly? Which part don't you understand?
@Blue I can prove it: It works
@DawoodibnKareem it's someone from this upcoming performance.
I looked at an annular eclipse with the naked eye once. Looking back, that was probably stupid.
@Blue Ask a real question.
@DawoodibnKareem Yeah don't do that.
6:05 AM
@DanielSank Well, it did look quite cool though, as the annularity formed.
@DanielSank Buy me a good bike lock
@Blue there's a post on ProofWiki. Does that help?
@BernardoMeurer no
I have cream-sodad and snacked you
see gchat
6:07 AM
@DawoodibnKareem Epsilon delta proofs seem a bit hazy to me. First we have to find a $\delta>0$ such that $|f(x)-L|<\epsilon$ whenever, $0<|x-x_o|<\delta$. (Where $\epsilon$ is any small positive number). I don't see how we can find $L$ from this definition. We have to know $L$ beforehand and only then we can prove that it is the limit using epsilon-delta method.
@JohnRennie I'm checking it out!
@Blue Suppose you want to prove that $\lim_{x \rightarrow x_0} f(x) = L$.
@Blue Yes, true. You can use L'Hôpital's rule to find $L$, but then you have to prove that it's the right thing.
Then you have to prove that if I give you $\epsilon$ you can find $\delta$ such that $|f(x) - f(x_0)| = |f(x) - L| < \epsilon$ as long as $|x - x_0| < \delta$.
6:10 AM
@DawoodibnKareem Oh! So we need to know $L$ beforehand by the traditional method of finding limits by algebraic manipulation. And then using epsilon delta we prove that it is indeed the correct one. Amirite? :P
@Blue Yes, exactly.
Bye, everybody.
Thanks people :)
@DanielSank They're both barefoot in that first photo. Isn't it awfully difficult to dance tango barefoot on a wooden floor?
@DanielSank Bbye
6:12 AM
@DanielSank Good night.
6:36 AM
Wadup, everyone? :-)
I've come for my weekly dose of kindness after yet another terrible week at college YAY! :-P
@JohnR: Are you around?
Hey :)
It hasn't been the best week, that's certainly true
@Blue Hey! :-) You seem to be learning lots!
6:39 AM
@Kaumudi.H Yay. Finally I'm free to learn without giving a damn about exams (for a while) :P
@Kaumudi.H any plans for today? Cycling? Pizza?
A working Internet connection? :-)
Eh...I think connection problem...
@Kaumudi.H Wow, hello! It's been a while! You having fun?
12 mins ago, by Kaumudi. H
I've come for my weekly dose of kindness after yet another terrible week at college YAY! :-P
6:49 AM
Doesn't seem so XD
I'm sorry about that; my had dad called to advice me about my particularly uncomfortable roommate situation.
@Kaumudi.H Oh dear. Is it just one roommate who's the problem?
@Blue Hehe, I'm glad you're having fun! :-)
@DawoodibnKareem Hi, there! :-) Yes, it has!
@SirCumference: YELLO! :-)
6:51 AM
@Kaumudi.H How's college :)
@Kaumudi.H My situation is same as yours actually. Got a few jerk classmates who are trying to bully me over Whatsapp. I'm ignoring them and complained about them to the Anti-Ragging cell. Might file an FIR if the situation gets worse. But yeah, have made a couple of good friends as well who are helpful. :)
I only have one roommate but she can be quite annoying and my dad only called because this annoyance extends in a direction in which I am getting very poor sleep because of her.
@Kaumudi.H So she's noisy?
@Blue Oh God, was it really so terrible? :-( I'm so sorry, man.
@Kaumudi.H I assume you've told her to quiet down?
6:53 AM
It will get better with time. If she is annoying you too much consider complaining to the authorities.
@Kaumudi.H Sort of. But can't do anything. The world is full of jerks. I hope this phase will pass.
In addition to having screaming contests with her mum in the middle of the night, she also refuses to switch off the light at any point in the night.
@Blue Geez, blue, what did they do? :-(
@Kaumudi.H Steal the light bulb.
@JohnRennie :-P I'm sorry. I have no plans, no. Well, actually, I was going to do laundry in the pouring rain in a few and then visit my cousin but that plan isn't particularly exciting, lol.
6:57 AM
@DawoodibnKareem :-/ When I asked her to pipe down quite politely, she merely looked at me in anger. I had been sleeping quite peacefully too, until then :-(
So when does she sleep?
@Kaumudi.H Basically it is that petition issue which I refused to sign (stating that such protests and petitions are silly; we should focus on our studies). After that they one particular guy had removed me from Whatsapp. But on Friday a classmate (who is sort of a nice guy) added me back into the group. Then, again, that guy who removed me earlier started sending me threats that he'll beat me and stuff like that along with one or two friends of his.
So I complained to the anti-ragging cell and told him that I'll file an FIR if it goes too far.
@DawoodibnKareem She is extremely erratic; she spends all day being incredibly unproductive with a book open on the side. In the night, she falls asleep with the light on and when she wakes up again-be it 2 AM-she will continue "studying" as if there had been interruptions in the first place.
@Blue Oh God, that sounds terrible. It's good that you reported it (Y). Do keep us updated on the issue. I really do hope it will get better soon.
7:01 AM
@Kaumudi.H Is there someone you can arrange to have screaming contests with whenever she's trying to sleep?
@Kaumudi.H Yeah. Same to you. :)
@DawoodibnKareem No, man, I gotta sleep :'-(
@Kaumudi.H You seem to have a lot of laundry to do. The bachelor technique is just to buy lots of clothes and then do a massive laundry run as infrequently as possible.
@DawoodibnKareem That's going to make the situation worse.
@Blue I know. I was speaking in jest.
7:03 AM
"You gotta adjust" is what she said, in spite.
@JohnRennie Oh, I only do it during the weekends :-P
@JohnRennie No, the bachelor technique is to buy lots of clothes, and pay a visit to one's mother when there are no clean ones left.
@DawoodibnKareem Yes :-)
To be clear, BTW, I've gotta wash them by hand. There are no machines here.
@Kaumudi.H Oh that really sucks the monkey.
7:04 AM
@Kaumudi.H !!!!
Are there any laundrettes nearby - assuming laundrettes exist in Kochi ...
This is the superb view from my desk by the window and it is where I should be in a few...
GAH, how terribly long that took! :-o
superb =P
7:08 AM
Is that the garden of the YWCA?
For those who do not understand: it is the place to do one's laundry by hand.
@JohnRennie -_- Very funny indeed.
It wasn't meant to by funny. I'm unsure what I'm looking at.
@JohnRennie C'mon. That looks like a garden ? :'D
7:10 AM
@JohnRennie Ah, and now I've explained it!
What are the four tables?
You place clothes on those
To wash them by hand
They're not tables, John! Like I said, it is the place to do one's laundry.
You'll need to bear with me as I've never seen that method for washing clothes. In the UK if you need to wash clothes by hand you typically use a tub and washboard.
7:12 AM
But whew . There should be a laundry nearby. It's terrible to wash clothes by hand.
Yes, you place your clothes on them and scrub them by hand, one by one by one by one...
Thanks :-(
As Blue asks, are there any laundries nearby?
I don't think so, no.
7:14 AM
All the resident students here wash their clothes by hand.
It has to be worth a look, especially now you have the pushbike available.
This is how it's traditionally done here:
Though only if you like wearing carpets :-)
Trouble is that one cannot trust these laundries; they bunch all of the clothes into a single pile and...
@Loong Beautiful people doing laundry on a beautiful river is beautiful :-)
7:17 AM
It has been raining too, all day long, so I must wash them in the pouring rain :-(
How will you dry them?
Gah, I am the depressed bot of this room. I always come with teeerrible news :-P
How is the course going?
@DawoodibnKareem Don't ask :-( I don't even have one set of dry uniforms to wear to college tomorrow.
@JohnRennie Meh.
7:19 AM
@Kaumudi.H I don't think anybody begrudges you your rants. We just feel powerless to help.
I can't wash your clothes for you, or send you more dry ones.
Just meh. That's a little disappointing. Though I guess the first terms lectures are only introductory.
@DawoodibnKareem Aw, thanks :-) I really do wish I lived in this room.
hey all
@Kaumudi.H I wish you a best of luck for the next 4 years :P
Your laundry situation is horrible
@JohnRennie It is, yes. Well, I dunno, really. Everything is quite meh at the moment.
BTW! The disks arrived yesterday!
7:21 AM
BANG!! :-)
:-) My parents found your letter and had themselves a chuckle, haha.
Holiday photos :-)
@PrathyushPoduval Hey! Thanks :-P
But it worked. It got through customs :-)
Absolutely! :-) YES! If only my laptop hadn't died, lol.
7:23 AM
@Kaumudi.H Is that a mango tree in the background?
You ever tried plucking it from your room? :P
with a long stick
That would have to be a terribly long stick. Besides, mango season has come and gone, man.
Mmm, mangoes ...
7:25 AM
Can you buy dried mango in India?
Alright, I better get to my heap of clothes before it starts pouring again.
@JohnRennie I think so, yeah.
Why dya ask?
Dried mango is nice, though obviously a very different texture, and available all year in the UK.
@Kaumudi.H I don't know if this is any use, but if you're at the YMCA Women's Hostel in Kochi, there's a place called Black N White Laundry and Drycleaning Services about 1.5km from you.
7:27 AM
Ah, what? Wokay, I will Google them and call them immediately.
They look quite a professional organisation
Clearly, I am a doofus incapable of doing anything, like Googling.
Free collection and delivery!
Hmm, but money money money! I wonder how much they charge.
I'll call them :-) Thanks so much <3
7:29 AM
There's a prices page on the web site
x'D Nope, cannot afford this.
Yes, they seem very expensive - they charge per item not per load. Sorry for the bad suggestion.
Do you want me to tell you about the other two laundromats within a similar distance? Or will you google it yourself?
No, no, it was very kind of u to suggest it :-) Thanks so much for looking it up :-)
It may just have made my day, lol. This speaks about the quality of my days :-P
@DawoodibnKareem x'D I'll do it! :-) Thanks so much!
7:32 AM
There's a Big Joss Quick and Clean.
and a place called Fabriclean.
Ah, I'm looking at the page and they're all quite far from where I live.
It's a bit further away though. It's on University Road, close to the highway.
...especially after accounting for the ups and downs of roads hereabouts.
Oh, it's hilly?
7:35 AM
It's hard to tell from the satellite view. If you have your bicycle, this is one way to get fit.
It's OK :-) Thanks so much for trying! I would've asked a senior about it but after one of them humiliated me for asking her what was for dinner last night, I decided not to bother.
Oh. And what was for dinner last night?
Fried rice and rotis! :-) Special dinner, last night!
Man, and she went around shouting about how I had dared to ask her a question to everybody in the mess.
Hmm. I don't want to try an unspecial dinner then.
7:39 AM
x'D NO, you do not!
:39510305 You are misparsing it.
"shouting to everybody in the mess" .... "dared to ask her a question".
My goodness. She seems to be cr*****.
Yup. It made me feel very warm inside :-P
@DawoodibnKareem Got it got it
7:41 AM
@Kaumudi.H I hope they all laughed at her for being such a rhymes-with-stitch.
Anyhoo. I should do something about my laundry...
@DawoodibnKareem No, they all glared at me.
@Kaumudi.H Try to make friends with the fourth year students (who have a good track record). They are usually more helpful. Start by adding them on Facebook
@Kaumudi.H Yes, you seem to be procrastinating.
They're the best people for asking career advice
7:42 AM
Of course, John, Blue and I are all helping with this.
Actually, I have found a great friend in a 4th year bhai. He helps me out a lot!
He was a mentor in GSoC last year.
@Kaumudi.H That's great. You could also ask him how to deal with your roomate. He might be able to help you out
@DawoodibnKareem :-P True.
@Blue Ah, lol, maybe :-P
7:44 AM
Wokay, I will see you all later :-) Thanks so much for being the kindest people I know. Have a great day/night! :'-)
@Kaumudi.H You too. Take good care of yourself.
Bbye. Hope you have a good day :)
@JohnRennie Sorry, not sure how I managed to ping the wrong person just then.
8:10 AM
Q: How to prove L'Hospital's rule using epsilon-delta method?

BlueFor epsilon-delta proofs, basically we need to find a $\delta$ such that $|F(x)-L|<\epsilon$ whenever, $0<|x-a|<\delta$ (for a small positive number $\epsilon$). To prove L'Hospital's rule (for when numerator and denominator function both tend to $0$ as $x\rightarrow a^{+}$) let us assume $F(x)...

@DawoodibnKareem After this should I apply Cauchy's mean value theorem?
@DawoodibnKareem that is the truest thing in the world
Wow... I am living far too comfortably here
Oh and @blue want to hear an awesome idea I had yesterday? /s
8:26 AM
So, we NSS class today at 6:30 AM. Now, I thought I can't wake up so early. So, I Shouldn't sleep. My plan almost worked to perfection. I stayed awake till 5 AM and then inexplicably I fell asleep and missed my class
If only I had slept early last night, I would probably have woken up in time
Happened to me so many times
What is NSS btw?
Social Service.
Today was Yoga Class
8:29 AM
Too boring
It is compulsory
Really? That's bad
You have grades for that?
Well, we have a choice between NCC/NSS/PEd
No credits this year, but they can ask you to repeat the course if you don't attend minimum number of classes
Which is.. I think 85% of the total.
I see
8:32 AM
Here, nothing is compulsory :P
You just need to keep 60% attendance I think
@Blue Follow proof 1 on that page that John R gave you the link to.
I wouldn't want to repeat the course, of course. In the next semester, my workload will increase. I should minimize these types of nonsense in the next sem
8:44 AM
$$\left\vert{\dfrac {f \left({x}\right)} {g \left({x}\right)} - l }\right\vert = \left\vert{ \dfrac {f' \left({\xi}\right)} {g' \left({\xi}\right)} - l}\right\vert < \epsilon$$
@DawoodibnKareem I understood upto this step. After this I can't understand how they proved $l$ is indeed the limit
9:10 AM
chat history seems intense
you seem to have an answer on that question already
Oh. I just opened the site. Checking
btw imho you should have just signed the petition if you wanted to stay out of trouble
i mean one is perfectly free to choose not to but i would have
just to keep out of the shit
9:17 AM
@Blue But that's the definition of limit.
They've shown that $\left|\frac{f(x)}{g(x)}-l\right|<\epsilon$ which means, by the definition of limit, that you've found the right value of $\delta$ to make $l$ the limit.
@BalarkaSen The problem was not with signing the petition. But the way in which they were telling us to go on protests with them. That was quite rude. It was necessary to raise voice. Anyhow, from now on I intend to stay far far away from all these matters and just sign (but not go on any protest march with them). BTW, who knew there were such jerks in my class. I hadn't expected such a retaliation.
ah no i would not have gone to the protest
I did tell you J was notorious
@BalarkaSen My parents lured me into joining by praising J. I had sufficient rank to get into any NIT, BITs Pilani or even some IITs.
Anyhow, some students are indeed serious and good in studies in my class
Hope to make friends with them and wish this phase gets over soon.
9:24 AM
yeah I know you did quite good in JEE, which is why your choice surprised me a little at first
I know some really good students who come out from J, and also some good professors
the political shitstorm is at it's peak though
@Blue Do people in WB think highly of JU?
@PrathyushPoduval Yes. Some even think JU is better than IIT KGP
I do not think that is true.
That couldn't be further from the truth
9:29 AM
@BalarkaSen Ask my grandpa :P
All relatives gather after your results are out to take your life decisions for you :D
Oh I meant to say that I think JU > IITKGP is not true, not that I think some people think JU > IITKGP is not true
Now I am just being confusing
true that
But well, leave it. I don't want to discuss much of the ongoing shit over here. hbar is the place I visit to keep my mood stable. :)
What happened after that complain you placed with anti-ragging cell?
Did the guy get expelled or something?
9:41 AM
@PrathyushPoduval Nothing as yet. They will take action on Monday
(I hope)
Do they have a good track record of taking care of complains? :P
@PrathyushPoduval I think so. Last year they suspended a few students for ragging a junior.
@Kaumudi.H Hahah, someone from youtube says this: "if you don't love both of these men [Scott Walker and David Bowie], you live in a post modern, musical dystopia of pro-tools, laptop pop and the Cowell. I'd love to tie a Coldplay fan to a chair and play them Clara (from the Drift) or the entire Berlin trilogy."

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