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1:03 AM
@rob My book keeps saying "algebraically add." The only other addition I know is the topological kind, but I doubt they're talking about that
@anonymous, hello =)
@heather Hi, I had apparently fallen asleep on my laptop and just woke up :D..good morrow/night !
@anonymous lol =)
wow, seek medical attention
Its just exam pressure
Will get over it :P
1:29 AM
Q: Stay with me here... plasma cannon-sword made scientifically feasible

ArborianSerpentI've decided I want a sword which in addition to being fully functional as a sword, can also fire plasma at enemies. About the specs: -It is essentially the size of a longsword -It should be able to fire a continuous beam as well as individual bolts -Preferably no openings in the sword that l...

@0celo7 "I've decided I want a …" is on topic on Worldbuilding? That opens new doors.
Well that is likely because the users might have interpreted "I want a... " as in the context of building their fictional world, not in the sense of actually getting advice on building one

However, given the way the question is structured, I think the latter intent is more likely. It does open new doors exploiting this ambigurity
1:49 AM
Old news
Based on the sources, this particular equation is indeed fictional , but from the looks of it, it might be some kind of einstein action in 10 dimensions
...wonder whether something similar is in string theory?
Einstein was a punk
(LQG guys, move on, your model does not specify any extra dimensions, thus its irrelevant)
Q: From String Frame to Einstein Frame for 10D supergravity

leastactionThis question is related to but not answered in the post String frame and Einstein frame for a Dp-brane, so it should be treated as a separate question. Beginning with the gravity action $$S = \frac{1}{(2\pi)^7 l_s^8}\int d^{10}x \sqrt{-\gamma}\left[e^{-2\Phi}(R + 4(\nabla\Phi)^2) - \frac{1}{2}...

does look remarkably similar, save for those $\partials$ in unnatural positions in the movie
1 hour later…
3:00 AM
@Secret idk why people are impressed by formulae
in my experience, authors can't easily lie when there are fomulae
it's when there's a block of text and no symbols that you start sweating
Hi @ACuriousMind
@ACuriousMind I found an REU in commutative algebra that doesn't sound bad
Trying to show that, in a convex normal neighbourhood $U$, $I^+(p) \cap U$ is open
Obviously $I^+(0)$ is open in the tangent space
But what about $I^+(0) \cap D_p$, where $D_p$ is the set of tangent vectors such that $exp_p(v)$ is defined
Gotta show that it is open
3:20 AM
@Slereah intersection of opens is open
I know
How to show $D$ is open
Wait wasn't it in Choquet
Let's see
Well I guess that by definition, it's a neighbourhood, so it has to be open
$\exp_p(D) = U$ and $U$ is a neighbourhood so $D$ open
So the proof of its openness lies in the existence theorem
yeah that proof is in Choquet Bruhat
I'm just letting you figure it out
3:37 AM
I guess I should also prove that for $v \in I^+(0)$, $\exp_p(v) \in I^+(p)$
Since the connection is metric, a geodesic that starts timelike will remain so
But I guess I need to show it will map to the correct light cone
@Slereah Interesting analysis problem
Let $\mu$ be Lebesuge measure, and consider a measurable set $A\subset\Bbb R^n$ with $\mu(A)<\infty$. Find a measurable set $B\subset A$ with $\mu(B)=\frac{1}{2}\mu(A)$.
Cut it in half
Could be pretty horrible
that might not work
I want to say "Take every contiguous interval and cut it in half"
but that might not work for a cantor set
what is a contiguous interval?
3:47 AM
one described by a ball
Oh wait we're in $R^n$
Hi, everybody.
I spent all day looking at spec sheets.
What are y'all up to?
measure theory
3:55 AM
That's perhaps the least interesting topic in mathematics I have ever studied.
Then you didn't study it properly
Obviously you've never read category theory
@0celo7 Indeed not.
@Slereah Indeed not.
I don't even know why some people describe AQFT with categories
There's no point in it
Job security.
Same reason entropy is called entropy.
4:05 AM
@DanielSank actually these problems are pretty annoying
Like I said...
4:50 AM
@Slereah When you know category theory every problem looks like a nail.
Or something.
I guess the same is true of fiber bundles :p
There is a reason people call is "general abstract nonsense".
And not because it is actually nonsense.
isn't it
Russian is too hard. Ban it.
@Slereah No. It makes sense. It's just so general that (a) it can be hard to extract meaning from and (b) it can be applied to absolutely anything. These two features go together: it contains within it nothing specific to the domain you apply it to and therefore you must already understand the domain to extract any value.
5:07 AM
So does set theory
But nobody describes all QFT with set theory
2 hours later…
7:07 AM
@0celo7 I guess part of the reason is as follows: As a physics researcher, would you rather read a block of text than a formulae with sufficient empty space surrounding it. Also most laymen folks have a "wow that sounds cool" kind of mindset, it is one reason why technobabble works despite most of the time it is just words with no content
mathematicians, on the other hand, have a rather balanced mix of wall of text and formula. Theoretically everything can be wrote in terms of symbols in maths, but doing so makes the reading a bit uneasy for reasons I don't quite understood
7:25 AM
Q: Vote locked in till the answer or question is edited

MuzeI have voted on questions and answers then pondered on it to undo my vote the next day and it is locked in. It says I cannot change my vote until it is edited, but unfairly the people are not notified of Q&A edits that they have voted on. Can a feature be added to where one can be notified when a Q

Can anybody help me in this .
Q: Does breaking voltage depend on dielectric strength?

user123733We know Voltage=(electric field)(distance) This is same it capacitors Now we also know Breaking voltage =(Dielectric strength)(distance between capacitor) $$B.V.=(D.E)(d)$$ Now my doubt is that why after increasing d , BV does not increases .

8:03 AM
OK people, listen up!
The first place to stop when you want to know if relativistic effect X has been tested is a bar where particle experimenters and accelerator physicists hang out.
We have the answers and we like beer.
Or at least the kinds of beer served in that kind of bar.
That's related to the Has relativistic velocity addition been tested? question?
@user123733 the breakdown voltage does depend on the distance. Why do you think it doesn't?
That is, have you found some book or article that claims the voltage doesn't depend on distance?
Hey, does anyone know where I can find 1-loop QED renormalization in the MS scheme?
8:37 AM
Q: Minkowski Diagrams

Doryan MillerBefore I start, I promise this is not a duplicate. I've read through all of the answered related questions, and none of them have quite the insight I'm looking for. Below I've attached a spacetime diagram with a couple of events labeled, as well as what I'm guessing to be their Lorentz transforme...

@JohnRennie I searched it on internet , it also says it does not depend
But in formula there is a term of distance
@user123733 You'll need to give me some examples ...
9:32 AM
Hey guys, anybody know of some software that lets me design a shape and simulate its surface as mirrors
That's what 3D modelling is
Nothing but light rays hitting shapes
1 hour later…
10:47 AM
Hi, everyone :-)
You're excited! How's it going!? :-P
Did you do the exam yesterday, or did you manage to inveigle your way out of it?
@Slereah Well yea, but lets say I wanted to observe how an actual image of a 3d surrounding looked, ideally accounting for chromatic aberrations, focal length, etc.
Here the final image is all that matters
Not inveigle, but no, I didn't write it yesterday. I decided to study some more first...
10:52 AM
Where have you got to? I take it electrodynamics is now a thing of the past?
Nope, it's not.
I haven't got to anywhere definitive yet. I'm figuring out stuff now...
Did you come to any conclusions about the field inside a conductor?
Yeah, totally! Was there anything else to be discussed about it after Kenshin left? I don't think so...
I haven't reviewed the last few days chat logs. They got so cluttered up with all the stuff about politics that I gave up
10:59 AM
But we talked about this yesterday!
After you left, Keshin was online for a bit and we talked about this...
11:26 AM
@Kaumudi.H Are you gonna give jee online or offline ? (mains)
@anonymous Offline. U?
@Kaumudi.H oh, me too
@JohnR: Oh, I just remembered! Birthday in two days! :-P
Indeed :-)
11:31 AM
Is "birthdays bumps" a thing over there?
We used to do that at school. It isn't really the sort of thing 56 year olds do :-)
Lol, I sure hope not! :-)
I though the bumps was an English tradition. I didn't realise you did it in India as well.
Oh, really? It's widely popular here!
There are many and varied customs associated with the celebration of birthdays around the world. == Birthday cakes == The birthday cake is traditionally highly decorated, and typically covered with lit candles when presented, the number of candles signifying the age of the celebrant. The person whose birthday it is may make a silent wish and then blow out the candles. It is also common for the person celebrating their birthday to cut the initial piece of the cake as a newlywed couple might with a wedding cake. The birthday boy/girl traditionally gets to eat the first piece of the cake. ...
11:34 AM
That hasn't happened to me yet and hopefully, it never will! One time, my friend slapped me on the cheek on my birthday and it hurt so bad that I almost burst into tears :'-(
Birthday spankings? Good grief!!
:'-( I know. Birthday traditions in colleges here are craaazy.
I'll tell u more about them when I experience some of them first-hand later this year.
When we did the bumps at school it was always good natured. We certainly never tried to hurt anyone.
11:36 AM
I don't think anybody has intentions of inflicting severe injury but none of it is nice at all.
@Kaumudi.H I'd guess this wouldn't be as widespread at college. It's really a school thing.
@JohnRennie No no, it's more popular in colleges than in schools here!
@JohnRennie examples of what
@user123733 you claimed there are examples of people saying that the breakdown voltage is independent of the size of the dielectric, but you haven't given citations so I can't check for myself exactly what those sources are saying.
If you can give me a link I'll have a look and see exactly what is being said.
@Kaumudi.H I suppose you don't have to tell people when your birthday is ...
@JohnRennie I will have a year to decide whether or not to tell them. On second thought tho, they will ask for some date, no?
11:42 AM
Most people don't even forget my stupid birthday--it's difficult to forget about it once you've been told which day it is.
@Kaumudi.H You'd have experienced it better if you were a boy :'D. Being a girl I don't think you'll be hit much. In our school we call it GPL and the birthday boy is kicked on the butt. I am lucky that my bday is during vacations!
@Kaumudi.H I'm sure you've told me, and I've forgotten. Is it a particularly notable date?
who cares
@anonymous Yes, that is true.
@JohnRennie Yep. Well, sort of.
11:43 AM
@JohnRennie sorry ,I had the wrong statement . I mean does breaking voltage depends on distance
@BalarkaSen Excuse me?
@Kaumudi.H 1st Jan?
@JohnRennie You're right about the number, not the month :-)
1st April?
Bingo :-)
11:45 AM
Is 1st April All Fools Day in India as well?
that sounds like a bad day to be born
or rather, to celebrate your birth
@JohnRennie sir do you live in india
@user123733 no, I live in the UK.
@BalarkaSen No, not really.
11:46 AM
Ohh , you know much about India
i wonder what happens if someone has 29th feb as birthday
@user123733: you have lost me now. I don't understand what you are asking. Is it to do with dielectric breakdown or not?
@Kaumudi.H presumably 1/365 th of the world population were born on 1st April. You have lost of company :-)
@JohnRennie sorry , my exact question is does Breaking voltage depends on distance between capacitor plates
@JohnRennie Yeah :-)
Q: Error Analysis in Experiment

Alpha RomeoI am trying to calculate transformer ratio of an unknown transformer by measuring primary and secondary voltage. I have 2 standard voltmeter with small error. My job is to take the 4 readings and find the transformer ratio. ignore all labeling My manual says that for each individual reading, ...

11:48 AM
@user123733 Yes, the breakdown voltage will be the breakdown field strengh multiplied by the distance.
@JohnRennie so will it be dependent on distance
@Kaumudi.H Better than being born on Christmas day anyway!
Only one set of presents!
@user123733 yes, it will be the dielectic breakdown strength multiplied by the distance between the plates.
@JohnRennie but I read somewhere that it does not depend on it . Same sa capacitance does not depend on charge and voltage
You say I read somewhere that it does not depend on it but if you can't direct me to where you read that I can't comment.
It is certainly true that the capacitance is determined only by the geometry so it doesn't depend on the charge and voltage.
@0celo7 Nice, what's it about?
11:57 AM
@JohnRennie That won't affect me :-)
Ok, it's better than being born on the same day as some notable Hindu festival where you traditionally give each other presents :-)
@JohnRennie Lol. I don't receive presents/money on any other day of the year :-)
@JohnRennie sorry sir , I am not able to find that website
@Kaumudi.H oh well, there are advantages to being (notionally at least) a Christian then :-)
@JohnRennie Certainly! :-)
12:01 PM
Though the Hindu religion seems to have more festivals than we do, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts.
@JohnRennie For me, meh, really. I don't particularly enjoy any of the festivals. (Except Holi. Omfg, Holi <3)
@user123733 that says the breakdown voltage is proportional to the distance i.e. the same as I said above.
Holi (pronunciation: /ˈhoʊliː/; Sanskrit: होली Holī) is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. It lasts for two days starting on the Purnima (Full Moon day) falling in the Bikram Sambat Hindu Calendar month of Falgun, which falls somewhere between the end of...
@JohnRennie at last dependence is also given
@JohnRennie Yep <3
12:05 PM
Capacitor is also directly proportional to charge
@user123733 I'm not sure I understand what you're saying there.
Paschen's law ( V = f(pd)) should really be stated as V = f( Nd)
@user123733 Capacitance is a constant. "Capacitor" is a device.
@user123733 Well yes, but $N$ is just the density of the gas, and the density of the gas is proportional to the pressure. So replacing $P$ by $N$ just changes the constant of proportionality.
@JohnRennie so you mean it depends on all four quantities
12:09 PM
@Kaumudi.H In the UK festivals like Easter and Christmas are really just an excuse to get together with friends and family and have a good time.
And having a good time is always good, whatever the excuse.
@JohnRennie I realise this :-) I haven't experienced that in any of the festivals that my family celebrates.
And Holi is not a festival that I've often celebrated, even. It's sometime in March so always during finals. Next year onward, I am going to enjoy the experience every year!
They are Brahmin aren't they? (I say they but obviously that includes you). Does that mean they take the festivals very seriously?
@JohnRennie btw Muslims festivals are taken very seriously
or rather, holy
12:13 PM
@JohnRennie My family? No, we don't take festivals seriously. Back in my mother's village, "celebration" often involves a large pooja, many elephants, refreshments, stalls teeming with bangles and glass items, toys for the screaming children and fireworks.
@Kaumudi.H many elephants - I don't think I could eat a whole elephant, though I'm willing to give it a try ...
...it is a jarring experience but not one that I, being an introvert, enjoy very much for a longer period of time.
@JohnRennie :-) Elephants are decorated and are just...there. I dunno what they really even do.
12:15 PM
elephants are good luck espeically if their trunks are up
Ah that's OK then. I suspect elephants would be pretty tough anyway. And it would be a hell of job to get a stewpot big enough to cook one.
@JohnRennie Why is it that food is always on your mind? :-P
@ACuriousMind Interesting... Although those messages have been moved to the other chat, the starred messages are still here.
@JohnRennie sir do you know Hindi . I have a video on my question
12:17 PM
can I be banned for saying make the h bar great agan?
@Kaumudi.H Caching. Reload and they're gone
Yep, OK.
@Kaumudi.H it's one of my main pleasures in life. But you knew that already :-)
@user123733 I'm afraid I don't speak Hindi.
@Kenshin No, but let me say I personally don't consider that a great contribution to conflict-free discussion, either :P
lol k
12:19 PM
And talking about food rarely escalates into inflamed argument :-)
@ACuriousMind: Why was "HALO" and "HOLI" also moved?
yeah lol I wondered that too
maybe the caps is considered inflammatory?
@JohnRennie Correct :-)
what is your favourite food Kaumu?
@Kaumudi.H Uh...no reason, really. If you really liked them I can move them back, or Kenshin can just type them again ;)
12:21 PM
tbh what i linked is more controversial than the all-caps halo & holi
HISTAMINE! - Is that considered inflammatory? :-)
@Kenshin obviously no,but it was because you insisted to upvote your answer
@JohnRennie in that video the teacher says BV is a property of material of capacitor and dimensions . And Dielectric strength is only a property of capacitor
As we increase d then capacitance will also change
12:21 PM
@Kenshin My mum's dosa with tomato and onion chutney.
@Ramanujan "Invite" ? :D
i've never had dosa but looks nice on google iamges
I'm off. Unless I ask about physics (in the rest of today), feel free to (please) ignore me completely.
Bye, everyone :-)
12:24 PM
@BalarkaSen The halo and holi weren't controversial, I just moved them by accident. My fault; y'all are welcome to halo and holi as much as you like
I figured
The rest wasn't controversial as such either, I just moved it to have all discussion about the meta post in on place
@JohnRennie sorry Dielectric strength is property of material
@ACuriousMind if I pressed "ignore this user(everywhere)" can I undo it?
@Ramanujan Yes
12:24 PM
I'm off too. It's a beautiful sunny day in Chester so I'm going for a cycle ride.
How to do it? @ACuriousMind
@Ramanujan Undo it? Just click on "don't ignore this user", it's in the same place where the ignore button was
@Ramanujan you have to find a messge from that person, then click on the avatar next to the message.
@JohnRennie Have fun! :-)
You can search for messages from that person and they always appear in the search whether you are ignoring them or not.
@Kaumudi.H and buy lunch of course :-)
12:28 PM
I should learn a thing or two about foliations instead of procrastinating
... but will I?
@BalarkaSen don't be silly
@0celo7 I haven't slept all day, so I am entitled to be silly
12:43 PM
Well, you should sleep at night and not all day, anyway ;)
(he said, having just risen at 1 pm :P)
ah, yeah, my sleep cycle is somewhere in the middle of the day right now so i'm rebooting it
1:22 PM
> Consider the set of polynomials in one variable over the complex numbers. We can define a distance between these polynomials that turns out to be a metric. The Cauchy sequences with respect to this metric, however, do not all converge.
> So, we can complete this metric space to get a new metric space in which all cauchy sequences converge. What is this new space algebraically? Surprisingly, it turns out to be the set of formal power series in one variable over the complex numbers.
> The idea of completing a set of polynomials generalizes to rings. Given a local ring, one can define a metric on that ring and form a new ring by completing the metric space.
> The relationship between a ring and its completion is important and mysterious. Algebraists often gain useful information about a ring by passing to the completion, which, by Cohen’s Structure Theorem, is easier to understand. Unfortunately, the relationship between a local ring and its completion is not well understood.
I see. We did a little bit about completion of groups and rings in my algebra course but not in the metric language
The metric is the analogue of the p-adic metric I think
@BalarkaSen Yes; we defined the completion of the ring (w.r.t. to some ideal I) just as the completion with respect to the I-adic topology
I suspect the metric approach is more general; there might be metrics on rings that don't induce an I-adic topology, but for local rings it should coincide
1:37 PM
@ACuriousMind I'm applying for a different program at that university, but I thought this one looked cool too
Right, that's the usual definition. For k[[X]] one takes completion with respect to (X). The metric should be induced by the norm |P| = 2^-v(P) where v(P) is the multiplicity of the power series at 0
@ACuriousMind Right, if the ideal is not principal I have no reason to believe there is a metric
Ok, yes, one needs a local ring whose maximal ideal is principal. Aka, Krull dimension 1
DVR's suffice for example
wtf are you talking about
about the commutative algebra thing you linked up there
"Highest Degree Held or Expected"
Does that mean I should put PhD if I plan on getting a PhD at some point?
2:02 PM
@0celo7 I...think "expected" means that you should be currently enrolled in that program, but I'm never 100% sure myself with these forms
Yeah I just put BS
I'll write in my personal statement that i seek a PhD. JD. MD.
and judgeship, etc.
the usual
I don't recommend putting BS in your application forms
@0celo7 don't forget PP
@BalarkaSen Bachelor of Science
I have a PhD in BS
2:11 PM
@Loong what's that?
@0celo7 Papa Pontifex
you can get Springer to put Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. on packages
not that I would do that
ZFC is inconsistent
oh hush
@ACuriousMind I'm having a hard time verifying $||(A+i\mu I)^{-1}||\le 1/|\mu|$ for $\mu\in\Bbb R-\{0\}$
where $A$ is a self-adjoint unbounded op on a Hilbert space
2:16 PM
@0celo7 He can't help you, he's too busy writing bad policies
I know that $A+i \mu I$ is boundedly invertible
@BernardoMeurer oh hush
There's actually no question in the blokc of text, just some weird mix of half baked economics principles (in particular the OP seemed to be drawing some nebulous analogy of economic real value with with the second law of theromodynamics). This can be considered offtopic as it does not fit in terms of mainstream thermodynamics — Secret 16 secs ago
NB, it does not even fit the established stuff in thermoeconomics, thus it is offtopic-ception
2:40 PM
@ACuriousMind hello?
@0celo7 Sorry, no idea
@ACuriousMind Ah, I got it. You need $A$ to be s.a. so that $A+i\mu$ is boundedly invertible. Then, it's true for any operator that $||(A-\lambda)\psi||^2\ge b^2||\psi||^2$, where $\lambda =a+bi$. So choose $\lambda =-i\mu$, then we see $||(A+i\mu)\phi||^2\ge \mu^2||\phi||^2$. Let $\phi=(A+i\mu)^{-1}\psi$, where $\psi$ is a unit vector in $\mathscr H$. We conclude that since $(A+i\mu)\phi=\psi$, we have $1\ge \mu^2||\phi||^2$.
So $||\phi||\le \frac{1}{|\mu|}$, and taking the sup gives the inequality.
3:01 PM
Looks good to me
3:32 PM
> Tropical geometry combines the worlds of combinatorics, discrete geometry, and algebraic geometry, and we will draw from projects that emphasize these subjects and the connections between them. For instance, we will think about tropical plane curves; these arise from classical plane
> curves defined by polynomials, and are piecewise-linear subsets of the Euclidean plane satisfying a balancing condition, which comes from strong connection to triangulations of polygons. We will also look on embeddings of tropical curves into higher dimensional Euclidean space; the combinatorics of tropical curves as abstract metric graphs; lifting tropical curves to classical algebraic curves; the combinatorics and geometry of higher dimensional tropical hypersurfaces;
> and tropical varieties arising from matrices, such as determinantal varieties and commuting varieties. A common theme throughout these projects will be using tropical geometry as a discrete, combinatorial model to better understand algebraic geometry.
What the hell is this? I need a third choice for this app
It's between this and knot theory
I haven't heard of it before
Jan 23 at 23:15, by ACuriousMind
@AccidentalFourierTransform 500 rep bounty! That's the sign of true dedication or an approaching deadline.
@AccidentalFourierTransform True dedication in this case, this issue is really worrying me. :)
Everyone seems to just cite Polchinski for the dimensions, and the mathematicians have completely different results as I've shown, but oddly I cannot find anyone addressing the discrepancy.
good. I was going to vote to close as homework-like ;-)
I never really liked Majorana spinors
I hope you get a good answer
Maj. spinors dont seem to be a natural concept to me
I have an artificial feeling about them
I have a question , sort of a career related . I am quite tensed about it ( thinking about the future ). I thought I should ask it here. Can anybody help me with it if I ask it here ?
Or is it not the right place
3:43 PM
just ask
yes, its the right place
go on :-)
@AccidentalFourierTransform Well, this thing started because I decided I didn't like spinors. Most of the physicist derivations seem convoluted and messy to me, so I set out to do this right: Start with the Clifford algebra and just do abstract representation theory on it, no matrices, no components. This worked well for Dirac and Weyl spinors - they arise very naturally. The question of Majorana spinors also arises very naturally, in my view:
It's simply the question whether the complex representation of the Clifford algebra can be reduced to a real representation. The question of self-conjugate and real representations is common in representation theory. However, I can't seem to find a natural way to get to the answer.
@0celo7 knot cool
@ACuriousMind I dont have anything against the standard physicist derivation I guess. Just as a representation of the complexified LG.
as far as the LG is concerned, you dont really need the Clifford algebra, just plain basic SU(2) algebra
@BalarkaSen what?
@AccidentalFourierTransform I am in my 2nd year undergraduates B.Sc ( physics maths , CS) in India. Now my major concern is that education here is particularly drastic .Not in just my university, but physics is not well taught through India perhaps leaving IISC. So I am myself understanding all the major topics , mechanics , electromagnetism , quantum , optics , thermal , statistical without any particular help from the university lectures
3:47 PM
If I don't get the geometric analysis one I probably won't go there anyway
@0celo7 It's a pun (say it out loud)
What it not cool?
I'd guess that knots are knot cool? :P
I thought knots were pretty interesting
@0celo7 That you like neither tropical geometry nor knot theory
3:49 PM
@ACuriousMind that's knot what he meant. dont twist his words
But it's also saying that I think knots are cool
Why wouldn't I like knot theory?
Why would you want a third app then?
Because it's not theory? :D
So what is the chat about today
3:51 PM
@BalarkaSen On the application you have to select three areas of interest
Are we gonna ban @0celo7 again
I selected geometric analysis, that polynomial thing, but there's a third area open
sure as hell isn't going to be number theory
3:52 PM
nt is great stuff
@Slereah Not much has been offered, so I guess it's gonna be: Introduction, recent events in physics, then chat policy, possibly renaming the room if someone wants to talk about that.
@BalarkaSen if you like party tricks, sure
Analytical number theory could be nice I guess
analytical has more analytical party tricks. algebraic is pretty cool
Algebra is so boring
@AccidentalFourierTransform I think I am doing good...On comparing the syllabus with other foreign European universities , out maths syllabus is quite sufficient and I think I am doing good in it. But physics here is lacking. We don't have Hamilton Jacobi theory . Nor do we have electrodynamics ( radiation , retarded potential , gauge invariance n all ) and matrix formulation of quantum mechanics . So I want to do my master's in physics from abroad. If I get selected ( do I stand any chance ?
How Am I going to make up for all that if I get somewhere ?
3:57 PM
@0celo7 once you interpret it through geometry it's more interesting. Eg class field theory is actually (one dimensional) K-theory
It takes a lot of work to actually do it though
I like abstract algebra, but my goal is very geometric in mind
@Shashaank well im just a student like you, so I dont know whats best for you. And there doesnt seem to be any adults around right now. So maybe ask again some other day, or today in a couple of hours.
That's is particularly troubling ? How will I ever go through all that. And most of people say if you are studying physics all by yourself ( no university help ) you will no landed anywhere
How do I even write a statement of interest for this?
Take joy out of making things $<\epsilon$. Is that good enough?
@AccidentalFourierTransform oh ok. I will ask again !
3:59 PM
@BalarkaSen Meh, geometry doesn't interest me that much

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