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12:00 AM
Cool chap.
@0celo7 What's your current answer to whether you're a nerd or not?
@ACuriousMind Never. I tell Rebecca I am to make her feel better about herself being one.
But I am of course not one.
Your self-denial is adorable :)
I can't even understand homology
how could I be a nerd
@ACuriousMind Name one nerdy thing I do
I do not play video games
I do not watch sci fi
I have never read a comic
Manga does not count
@0celo7 ...I've got only mean responses to that :/
@0celo7 You don't?
12:04 AM
@ACuriousMind I tried to play one on Friday and was quickly bored.
I read some Milnor and got depressed and so did...something
Not sure what happened
Video games are not exciting.
@0celo7 Read GR and math books for fun. That's pretty nerdy
I haven't read a GR book in...like months
and I don't read math books for fun
Milnor does not count as a math book, of course. He's using it to learn how to cook.
12:06 AM
@BalarkaSen Technically I'm taking a class
Although I won't do it again...I thought there would be more interaction with the prof
@BalarkaSen Knowledge of the critical points of the pan is important, I agree
"Milnor's 10 advices on how to cook a desert"
@0celo7 Why exactly did you read, say, Arnold?
@ACuriousMind Well...the same prof told me to.
I'm actually quite upset at him right now
He's made me feel like a complete idiot
Perhaps he's a meanie and that was the goal
12:09 AM
cook him a desert following Milnor's advise and mix some potassium cyanide with it
@ACuriousMind No, he's always really nice and helpful when I ask him for stuff
He writes proofs and sends them to me when I have questions
He proved something that Sam sent to Ellis
@BalarkaSen Unless you think the advisor likes bags of sand that should be a 'dessert', I think ;)
ss = strawberry shortcake
@ACuriousMind In other news, I had to proof-read my other prof's journal review. I apparently spot his Germanisms the best out of anyone in our group.
Also I'm the most junior member, that might have something to do with it
Well, you have the advantage that you can spot he's translating literally instead of just expressing himself awkwardly
@0celo7 What?
@ACuriousMind the worst thing in there was "it has not yet the value the authors insist"
When he thinks about it, his English is pretty good
12:13 AM
Is that a mnemonic for the double s in dessert?
Emails on the fly are usually terrible though
@ACuriousMind it's a reference to hitler
hitler_count ++
@0celo7 lol, was about to write the same
@ACuriousMind Yup.
@ACuriousMind But that was a typical German construction
12:15 AM
if anyone has a problem with hitler, i can call him the h-dawg
"hitler is my homeboy"
It's hard not to troll when Hitler comes around
But I got a week for that once
A week and 6 hours or something
@BalarkaSen uhhhhhh
I'm not sure what you want to tell us with that
@ACuriousMind Be proud of your heritage
@ACuriousMind We should beat them in hitler-count
12:18 AM
@ACuriousMind Nothing, really.
@BalarkaSen Ok, I'll suggest either Bott & Tu or Cheeger & Ebin.
Been wanting to read the former for a while.
Global Riemannian geometry.
Whatever that makes you happy.
I think neither is unreasonable.
Unlike Milnor.
@0celo7 Be Deutsch, you mean?
@BernardMeurer I think that's rather high on the list of "bad life goals".
@ACuriousMind You're talking to me remember? The guy whose life goals include running linux on tubers
12:23 AM
@ACuriousMind The hell.
@BernardMeurer I, for one, welcome our new potato overlords
@ACuriousMind I just hope they don't have Oedipus complex
@BernardMeurer uhhhhhh
I might need to bleach my mind now
@ACuriousMind :D
I have that effect on people sometimes
@ACuriousMind slightly strange question
12:28 AM
Potato-cyborg AI overlord interracial porn does sound cool
Does American black culture seem strange to Germans or is it pretty mainstream there?
In other news, apparently being a pokemon hotspot is now a selling point in apartment listings.
I grew up in a "kaff" according to everyone, there was no pop culture there
@ChrisWhite is that from clickhole
@ChrisWhite Heya! Yep, I saw that, I'm actually checking that for my recent move :)
12:29 AM
@ChrisWhite that's not news
@BalarkaSen No I'm actually searching for an apartment right now.
@0celo7 I don't think Germans have a notion of "American black culture". I certainly couldn't really tell you what exactly it entails
@ChrisWhite lol
I'm surprised, but I really shouldn't be
@ACuriousMind rap culture, gangster culture
@ACuriousMind What are your thoughts on Brazilian african religious culture in the 21st century?
Just imagine what would be asked for an ACM AMA
12:31 AM
All he knows are Witten facts
@ChrisWhite Lel, that'd be awesome though
@BernardMeurer Thought: "Thank the gods that I'm not in school anymore and don't have to write essays on stuff I have no clue about anymore"
@ACuriousMind Please do an AMA
@ACuriousMind Ha, that does sound like a school essay topic doesn't it?
He's not a researcher
12:32 AM
No wonder I microwaved grapes in school
you did what?
that's what kids call it these days
@BalarkaSen I got suspended for microwaving grapes
@ChrisWhite Kinky
i do not get paid for microwaving grapes
@BalarkaSen It's pretty cool, they make plasma and it ruins the microwave overtime I found out
12:35 AM
How the hell did you get that idea, even?
The school inspectors where very keen on it, thought it was p. cool as well
@BalarkaSen Someone mentioned that it made fire to me once when I was a kid I think
It took me a while to improve the technique, you need a very specific cut to make plasma
Microwaving most things makes fire eventually.
Microwaving metal does. But grapes?!?
Eventually @BalarkaSen
@BalarkaSen Yes, ask my philosophy teacher, he saw it
12:37 AM
I think?
Plasma coming out of grapes
is amazing
I have not tried it, I admit.
My chemistry teacher loved immolating gummi bears in some sort of acetone solution, iirc
@ACuriousMind I love dissolving random plastic things in it at work
They burn blazing white for about a minute
12:37 AM
When I'm eating for a measurement, etc. I melt stuff
Also throwing things in liquid nitrogen
Disclaimer: do not try this at home!
Any volunteers?
I'll be gentle, I promise
i volunteer Michelle
@0celo7 She's too good to me for that
@BernardMeurer Oh, that's a relief, you will gently cut someone up and turn them into plasma
Then it's fine
12:39 AM
@ACuriousMind I'm glad you're on the side of science in this one :)
Also, what does it tell us about this chat that that got 2 stars in like seconds? :P
@ACuriousMind just some like BDSM
@0celo7 I bet ACM is into hardcore BDSM
We're savage nerds (except for me)
@BernardMeurer oh you know it
12:40 AM
I can't tell if he's sub or Dom
speaking of which...
@BalarkaSen I'm not sad?
Probably too skinny to be a convincing Dom
I see an add for an apartment that includes "a happy unit with great vibrations" -- I honestly don't know if this is serious, innuendo, or lost in translation
@BernardMeurer Why does everyone think that?!
12:41 AM
@ACuriousMind You have the looks of a kinky man
@ChrisWhite lolwut
@ChrisWhite It means it's right next to a train track that shakes the building regularly
@ChrisWhite Wear a condom please
@ACuriousMind well then tell us about your preferences
Clear up the confusion
@0celo7 oO
12:44 AM
@ACuriousMind btw Mordin was your best avatar
Weird conversation, not sure why I am not leaving.
@BalarkaSen You're probably turned on by it :P
@0celo7 I am inclined to agree, with the possible exception of Morte
@ACuriousMind That's why everyone thinks that you're kinky
12:46 AM
Officially weirded out now.
For the record: I am not currently aroused
@BernardMeurer Touché
@0celo7 I'll tell Reb you're being aroused by German man on the internet
@BernardMeurer we're each allowed one person to cheat with
@0celo7 I doubt that
12:47 AM
Persons, not trolls/orcs.
If her definition of person is broad enough that could be quite a few individuals
Oh shot ACM is a troll
Sorry buddy
@0celo7 She must believe that "We are all one in Christ", so there you have it
I guess it defaults to Scarlett Johannson in that case
I'm an orc, dammit!
12:48 AM
I should be a lawyer
@BernardMeurer contrary to your belief, she is not a Christian fundamentalist
@ACuriousMind what's the difference
@0celo7 That's what she wants you to think
@BernardMeurer how do I find out for sure
Burn a bible in front of her?
@0celo7 Get a satanist symbol and touch her with it, check for skin burns
1:13 AM
Has anyone here ever read Eddington's The Internal Constitution of The Stars?
has @ACuriousMind gone to sleep
@BernardMeurer will do
@HDE226868 Yes, spoiler; they're made of pudding
@BernardMeurer Picks up spoon and whipped cream and journeys to the center of the Sun
Wait, I forgot a bowl!
Picks up nearby black hole
2:11 AM
@ACuriousMind What are the chances of a person being decapitated while hung?
@0celo7 I guess the fatter they are the more likely it is
puts more pressure on the neck
2:42 AM
3:36 AM
@HDE226868 No, but I highly recommend Schwarzschild's Structure and Evolution of the Stars if you're into that sort of thing.
(Note there are only about half a dozen textbooks ever written that I highly recommend.)
3:48 AM
@ChrisWhite what are they?
Hmm, I'm actually not sure I can come up with that many.
Probably Carroll and Dummit & Foote are on the list.
4:17 AM
@ChrisWhite wow no HE?
4:41 AM
@ChrisWhite Do you know good learning material for ASM?
2 hours later…
@JohnRennie Thx for ruining my life
@0celo7 I'm sure I answered a question about this, but I can't find it now. Anyhow it runs out the force needed to reliably break the hangee's neck is only slightly less than the force needed to pull their head off. Decapitation used to be quite a common side effect of execution by hanging.
@BernardMeurer Physics: ruining lives for two millenia
@JohnRennie Because of this I am now a fundamentalist creationist
see what you've done to me?
When Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging they got the drop height wrong and he was decapitated.
Did you watch it on youtube?
6:23 AM
@BernardMeurer It's still an awesome experiment. It used to entertain my nephews and nieces for hours. I've never known it to damage a microwave - mine still works despite immolating many, many grapes.
@Sᴋᴜʟʟᴘᴇᴛʀᴏʟ no
It's not that good.
@JohnRennie Yeah, but the thing is when you bypass power limitations to manually control microwaving power and make extra fire
@Sᴋᴜʟʟᴘᴇᴛʀᴏʟ Yes it is!!
@BernardMeurer and I imagine installing Linux on the microwave doesn't help :-)
I wonder it the military in turkey is going to execute the revolutionaries?
@JohnRennie I failed to do that, it's a bit scar in my career
6:35 AM
When do you leave for Lisbon? @BernardMeurer
@Sᴋᴜʟʟᴘᴇᴛʀᴏʟ God only knows, sometime in the next 2 months
So you're not packed :P
@Sᴋᴜʟʟᴘᴇᴛʀᴏʟ Nope, why?
And I don't really own anything to bring with me apart from some books
Gotta get ready for the big league.
@Sᴋᴜʟʟᴘᴇᴛʀᴏʟ Me?
@Sᴋᴜʟʟᴘᴇᴛʀᴏʟ What do you mean? Which league?
University is the "Big league"
Ah, yeah, I'm not excited for that
1. I need a degree
2. Going somewhere > going nowhere
I'm just sad I'm not going to a school I wanted to go to
I feel like maybe I'll be a good CEng student, and I really wanted to go to a good school
6:50 AM
That's understandable.
And also, I don't know anyone in Europe in my area
Q: About close votes

lucasThe process of closure of this question of mine has been started. As you can see in the figure below, the number of close votes is 3. (the picture has been taken at 18, July, 2016, 06:00 UTC) But there are just two close votes in the review page of that question. (the picture has been taken at ...

not even remotely
That makes me insecure as hell
I really wanted to go to US/Canada
You'll be able to transfer...
I know, I know; I just haven't gotten over the fact of how badly I failed at college apps
It's kind of a punch in the gut, I felt like I was good at my stuff and now I don't anymore; it's weird
6:54 AM
Now you can prove those college app people wrong!
7:18 AM
@DavidZ Congratulation! You showed me your power! But I don't know why do I not fear?!!!
this chat room used to lay out well on my mobile. Now it's all borked. Do you guys use a web browser or the app on mobile?
@BernardMeurer you are good at stuff
8:06 AM
@lucas the Physics SE is a great place to learn about physics, and actually it's a great place to chat to other nerds physicists. But you have to approach it in the right spirit. Right from the outset you have seemed determined not to have a good time here.
I guess it's up to you, but it seems a shame to ignore a great way to have fun.
@BernardMeurer not that I boast about it, but I didn't get my college of first choice. In fact I had to take an unexpected year out and reapply the following year. However I ended up having a really good time, and stayed on to do a PhD, which was an even better time!
@JohnRennie Thank you John! I miss you. I am so happy that you are talking with me. May you please guide me why am I wrong?
If you go to uni determined to have a great time then you will. I guarantee it :-)
@JohnRennie I was at uni for 4 years.
@lucas you've got yourself into the position where you thinks the mods are out to get you. They aren't. They are just trying to keep this site running as it was designed to.
If your questions and answers are being poorly received then you need to look at why this is rather than assuming it's down to hostile moderation.
@JohnRennie I agree, but some events make doubt for me. I think you know what are those events.
I don't talk about down votes.
8:12 AM
Why did you link Ron Maimon's profile? Do you think he is another example of unfair treatment?
@JohnRennie No, David Z closed my question to show me he is powerful. And I wanted to say him his power is nothing in my opinion.
@lucas David Z closed my question to show me he is powerful - if that's what you believe you might as well give up now.
@JohnRennie I don't want to continue if they respect to me. Believe me.
They usually insult me, close my posts, delete my posts, etc.
And now, I am the bad person.
Because their actions are hidden.
If you had access, you could easily know that their actions about me aren't usual.
They want (force) me to go. But I won't go.
@JohnRennie Are you with me yet?
@lucas I think you are entirely mistaken. Why you think you're being persecuted I don't know, maybe it's the language problem. Whatever the case, you have completely misinterpreted the actions of the moderators.
@JohnRennie Maybe. I don't want to waste your time. But may you please (fairly) say me that has he insulted me in his answer or not? And may you please say to me is my question very bad? physics.stackexchange.com/questions/267302/…
Believe me, I won't stretch the discussion. I promise!
8:34 AM
@lucas I read and reread that question of yours several times, and I couldn't work out what you are asking. I would also have voted to close as unclear if the question hadn't been closed before I got to it.
@JohnRennie Thank you! What about the first question? (insult)
Who, Motl?
Motl is an overgrown schoolboy and I suspect he says insulting things without even realising he is causing offence. We put up with him because he has also provided some of the best answers on the site - far better than mine.
Motl would no doubt argue that what he said is true, and I have some sympathy for that point of view.
Your answer got closed because it was too confused for us to provide a meaningful answer. The difference between us and Motl is that we didn't say so to your face.
@JohnRennie Thank you very much John! You made me happy today after I had some terrible days. I really miss you since you decided to not talk with me. May I ask if you will talk with me in the future or not?
8:43 AM
In the past I have found you don't listen to what the other person is saying - you consider only your own point of view. Maybe this is just the language problem, but that's the impression you have left me with. This makes discussing physics with you not much fun.
@JohnRennie If I promise that won't discuss about physics, will you talk with me?
I have to leave for about an hour to go shopping. If I don't reply in the next hour it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, just that I'm out shopping.
Have a good shop!
3 hours later…
11:25 AM
Hey guys, I would like to discuss density matrix evolution. I'm having trouble understanding the equivalence between the evolution of a density matrix in the eigensystem of the hamiltonian compared with the evolution of a wave-function in the eigensystem of the hamiltonian
The evolution of a wave-function will be very simple if it's in the eigenstate of the hamiltonian, because each state's evolution will be independent of time
Now how does this simplicity show up when dealing with density matrices? Are we supposed to have only a diagonal matrix? That doesn't sound right.
Would someone please explain this to me? I'd really appreciate it
@TheQuantumPhysicist "Diagonal matrix" would be a basis-dependent statement. But look at the definition of the density matrix associated to a state $\lvert \psi\rangle$: $\rho = \lvert \psi\rangle\langle \psi \rvert$. Now, if $\psi$ is stationary, then it evolves with just a phase $\exp(-\mathrm{i}Et)$, and its bra with the conjugate phase, so the density matrix...doesn't evolve at all. It doesn't get simpler than that!
@ACuriousMind I'm interested in the nature of mixing the states and when they don't mix
that's my dilemma, because I'm trying to simply computation
I'm not sure what you mean
You asked how the density matrix of an eigenstate evolved, I told you
Or did I misunderstand your question?
@ACuriousMind Not entirely. You got part of it
The generator of my question is the following issue: What are the cases that guarantee that all my states in my density matrix will evolve independently, and what does that imply
Let me try to explain a little more, if you don't mind
Imagine I have some Hamiltonian H that is time independent. Now I want to evolve some initial density matrix, and on the other hand I want to also evolve some wave-function
What I understand is that evolving this wave-function is the easiest (computationally) when the wave function is in the basis of the Hamiltonian. This is because each matrix component of the wave function (which is a column matrix) will evolve independently of the others
Is what I'm saying correct until now?
Yes, I have no objections
11:39 AM
So what I'm trying to understand is: What are the similarities between this simplified version of wave-function evolution, and density matrix evolution
In other words: How simple will density matrix evolution become when it's in the Hamiltonian basis
@TheQuantumPhysicist Let's call the Hamiltonian eigenbasis $\lvert \psi_n\rangle$ with energies $E_i$. Then the matrix in that basis is $\rho = \sum_{i,j} \rho_{ij}\lvert \psi_i\rangle\langle \psi_j\rvert$. Apply how each eigenstate evolves and you get that each matrix element evolves with a phase, i.e. as independently as the coefficients of a wavefunction in the Hamiltonian basis.
$\rho_{ij}$ is an arbitrary initial density matrix, right?
The $\rho_{ij}$ are the coefficients of the initial density matrix $\rho$ in the Hamiltonian eigenbasis
So you're saying that I have to evolve with $e^{\left(\omega_{i}-\omega_{j}\right)t$
which means that each matrix component will evolve independently
11:46 AM
But this can still (computationally) be simplified further, right? Because density matrix is Hermitian and $e^{\left(\omega_{i}-\omega_{j}\right)t}$'s diagonal is 1
So I can ignore half of the matrix + consider the diagonals to be constant
@ACuriousMind I hope I'm getting this right!
@TheQuantumPhysicist Yes, that's also correct.
Are you trying to do numerical computations?
@ACuriousMind Yes
I have some recipe from someone who left the group and I'm trying to understand what he did
In that case, there's a large body of literature and well-tested methods on how to implement the appropriate numerical schemes
He uses element-wise matrix multiplication which simplifies time-evolution A LOT!
Trying to invent your own scheme will almost certainly be inferior to using the tested methods
11:50 AM
Would you provide some of these references?
@ACuriousMind Well I'm not inventing... I'm just following up with what he did
@TheQuantumPhysicist Oh, okay, in that case, carry on
I have a code that works, and I translated it to C/C++, and now I want to understand it :P
@ACuriousMind Would you provide some good reference for this problem?
@TheQuantumPhysicist Well, I know those references exist from talking with people who do these numerical schemes here, but I am not actually qualified to recommend any.
@ACuriousMind Oh, I see! Thanks for the help :)
I'll think about it further and see where I arrive at :)
@ACuriousMind Somewhat possibly silly QM question...In the eigenvalue equation of the position operator we have $$\hat{R}|\vec{r} \rangle = \vec{r}|\vec{r} \rangle$$, on the right hand side we have a position vector times a vector from Hilbert space. How is this vector multiplication allowed?
12:01 PM
@Alex Ah, that's not a vector multiplication. You're supposed to read that as $\begin{pmatrix} \hat{R}_1\lvert \vec r \rangle \\ \hat{R}_2 \lvert \vec r \rangle\\ \hat{R}_3\lvert \vec r \rangle\end{pmatrix} = \begin{pmatrix} r_1\lvert \vec r \rangle \\ r_2\lvert \vec r \rangle \\ r_3 \lvert \vec r\rangle \end{pmatrix}$ or more simply as "code" for $\hat{R}_i\lvert \vec r \rangle = r_i\lvert \vec r \rangle\forall i$.
Confused me when I first saw it, too
@ACuriousMind Oh yeah that does make more sense...should I think of the position eigenvectors as being vectors in some larger generic Hilbert space, since they are not $L^2$?
Guys do you see Math here? Should I install some plugin to see it? Actually I currently use LyX to read your equations
@TheQuantumPhysicist Look in the upper right corner, there's a link to MathJax for chat there
hmmmmm... I normally install MathJax myself on my websites, and not expect my clients to install it :)
I'll check that. Thanks :)
@Alex Yes, but the larger space is not a Hilbert space (for one because it is not self-dual). You actually need a triple of spaces to make sense of this, called a Gel'fand triple or rigged Hilbert space. See, for example, this question
@TheQuantumPhysicist Chat is kind of an afterthought on SE sites, features for it are not very high on the developers' priority list, and there aren't that many sites that would need TeX in chat anyway
12:12 PM
Kewl, will check it out.
@ACuriousMind Yeah well. It's not that bad. I installed the extension and I see equations now :)
@Alex Be careful - delving into the proper mathematics is interesting, but it will not make understanding what the average physicist does any easier. It might even puzzle you more how the heck they get away with what they do ;)
Q: $V(T)= 0.0000679T^3+0.0085043T^2- 0.0624T+999.87$

MrTanorussorry for asking this kind of question. do you recongnize this formula? $$V(T) = 0.0000679T^3+0.0085043T^2- 0.0624T+999.87$$ when $V$ is volum of water in $ml$, $T$ is temperature in celsius. this is approximation for volume of 1kg of water with temperatures between 0~30 celsius this formula i...

↑ ?
Looks fixable, but not quite sure how best to do it.
@EmilioPisanty Is the question being asked "How is this approximation for the temperature-dependence of the volume of water derived?"?
Then one should cut out all the fluff and trim it down to that
@ACuriousMind Yeah, that's what I get from it
btw, if there are any SQL / SEDE wizards around
Q: Can I query the SEDE for what fraction of close reviews are initiated by flags?

E.P.I would like to know what fraction of the recent close-vote review tasks were initiated by a flag cast by a user under 3k reputation (as opposed to tasks assigned to the queue by a close vote by a 3k+ user). Is there enough data in the Data Explorer to get this information? If so, how can this be...

12:40 PM
Good morning
@JohnRennie In the show I'm watching, they had to expedite the hanging of a double agent and his head came off in the process.
@ACuriousMind :D :D
It might evoke a certain feeling of disgust, at times ;)
1:21 PM
Schiff's QM book is quite weirdo.
He writes the Uncertainty Principle as $$\Delta p\cdot \Delta x \geq \hbar\;.$$
But I was acquainted with $$\Delta p\cdot \Delta x\geq \hbar/2\;.$$
Also, the bandwidth-time interval product he gives is this:
$$\Delta \nu \cdot \Delta t\geq 1/2\pi\;.$$
Although I got in Crawford's Waves, this:
1:28 PM
$$\Delta \nu\cdot \Delta t \geq 1\;.$$
So...there are either flies in my room or I'm seeing floaters
neither one is a good prospect
what are floaters
signs of a detaching retina, i.e. eminent blindness
every time I try to swat one of the flies they vanish
or maybe I have lupus
or schizophrenia
@0celo7 what? .... is it hallucination?
I don't know
1:33 PM
go see a doctor
no money and I don't know if it's an issue
we will see
don't wait till it becomes an issue
pretty sure all students in the US are on a mandatory health insurance plan
@0celo7 Are you still seeing them?
but I wouldn't worry -- you're not doing college right unless you have a hallucination episode due to overworking and undersleeping (in my case) or drugs (in everyone else's case) ;)
1:39 PM
drugs that keep you awake make you hallucinate
@ChrisWhite how's the conference going?
@ChrisWhite Correct
However going to the doctor when there is no issue brings great shame
@skillpatrol you apparently can't keep up with the pace at which my life proceeds :)
oh, you're back :)
what conference
no I'm in Berkeley looking for a cardboard box to live in
1:52 PM
oh, did you get your PhD?
happy hunting
@ChrisWhite I've heard that recommended quite a lot.
22 mins ago, by skill patrol
don't wait till it becomes an issue
@ChrisWhite don't they give you one free with your PhD diploma?
99% sure it's flies
they're just tiny
@skillpatrol GREAT. SHAME.
You don't know what it's like being Asian
1:58 PM
@0celo7 Are there something nasty in your room? Maybe that's why the flies came.
@MAFIA36790 No, I cleaned up as soon as I first noticed them.
There's maybe just one now.
opened the window to give them a chance to fly out
there's less now
just one that's driving me insane
@0celo7 You can use Citronella oil to shoo away those petty creatures.
1:59 PM
it's a really small one, not like a fat fly
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