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2:31 AM
you know what sucks
parity violation
I mean seriously
what the hell
2:53 AM
^ agreed... I guess...
lest this chat actually begin discussing physics... here's an English language question
Anyone have an opinion on whether a phrasal adjective that normally is hyphenated remains so when preceded by (not containing) an adverb?
@tpg select count(*) from posts where posttypeid=5 group by owneruserid or something. Pick the tag wiki (NOT excerpt) posttyeid
ex.: extremely low-velocity region of parameter space to hyphenate or not to hyphenate?
well, extremely modifies low
2:56 AM
@ManishEarth or does it modify low-velocity? :P
So I would say either two hyphens (ick, though I use that all the time on the internet)
Or none
after 20 minutes of internet searching I concluded that the internet has no opinion on this matter (imagine - the internet, without an opinion!)
Hmm, possibly
No opinion or very-mixed-opinion?
none - everyone stops short of addressing that case
2:58 AM
they all get hung up on "omit the hyphen if the phrasal adjective is of the form adverb+adjective"
they don't have an answer
and in fact you'll see that they close all hyphenation questions as duplicates of one question that doesn't answer anything
Mention why it isn't a dupe
If you want, I'll do it
(on mobile now though)
meh - I'm too lazy myself - do it if you want
3:00 AM
I should actually go back to proofreading the paper that prompted this question
@tpg btw , the badge is for wikis, NOT for excerpts meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67397/…
@chris as a 10k user you will be forever plagued by the suggested edit counter (and the flag counter if 10k flags>5, but you narrowly missed the change that made that no longer likely on Phy.SE. In the past, flag to close was 10k-handleable out of the queues, now they aren't flags)
As a mod I see both an edit and (all) flag counter. And a review queue counter, but that's a userscript
@ManishEarth but why does the edit counter not kick in at 2000 (edit Qs and As) or at most 5000 (edit wikis)? nothing new happened at 10k wrt edits, right?
it does, iirc when the edit queue is >5 at 5000. Not sure, though, with the reduction of the privilege to 2000 things may have changed
10k users have a lot more visibility everywhere
Check /tools, especially the close section. And the flag queue, if there's anything in it
I guess the site trusts you more than 2k and doesn't want to nag 2ks (who may not yet be good reviewers) about edits
But in general, the 10k bunch gets a lot more visibility in community moderation, this is probably a part of that
@chris oh, also, did you check out the edit tags button?
(on questions, hover your mouse near the end of the tags)
3:15 AM
@ManishEarth wow! I couldn't find it before even knowing it existed - talk about hidden features
that still bumps the question, presumably?
Fwiw, it's listed in the privilege page; I added it there myself
But it's quite convenient
If it didn't bump things, you'd only see QMechanic half as many times on the main page :p
3:48 AM
I wonder how coconuts can get so pressurized. The one I just poked open squirted me in my eye. And this is something which happens quite often -_-
4:32 AM
@ChrisWhite my decidedly non-expert understanding of English is that you keep the hyphen
because "extremely low velocity" is a noun phrase
@DavidZaslavsky lol - I just removed it :P
meh, like I said, not an expert. It would take a really pedantic reader to pick up on that anyway.
more fun to proofread this than actual content
oh, indeed.
actually, I think I'm just toggling however the hyphenation is done in the draft - I just added a hyphen to make "one would expect to find more clearly-defined features..."
4:35 AM
there it makes a difference - clearly-defined features, more of them, vs. features that are even more clearly defined
but I don't really know which meaning I meant
more ambiguous statement -> harder to disprove ;)
in other nitpicky news - some combination of natbib and aastex (the document class for astronomers) suffer from this:
Q: Space after et al. too big

FelixI have a document as \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{natbib} \bibpunct{(}{)}{,}{a}{}{;} \makeatletter \renewcommand*{\NAT@nmfmt}[1]{\textsc{#1}} \makeatother \begin{document} According to \citeauthor{test01} space is important. According to \citeauthor{test01}\ space is important. \...

5:56 AM
> Should this question be closed as: too broad or primarily opinion-based or duplicate or unclear what you're asking?
Why is it that there are 3 engineering questions in the close queue? That's abnormal, and it's like it's teasing us for not yet activating the 3rd close reason.
whoa guys guys is this not the coolest thing
There are two posts in the close queue. One is this. Any idea what the other is?
There is no reason at all to believe that the fermions that have been discovered experimentally are all of those which exist. Very probably there are many, perhaps even infinitely many, fermions with masses of order one, that is, of order M_{Planck}.
You mean elementary fermions?
We can always stick particles together and make bigger fermions
6:11 AM
yeah elementary
Apartfrom the 6 in the SM? Intriguing.
You're saying that the SM does not prohibit >planck scale fermions?
well that is what this paper says at least
Linky link?
Or are you saying that there may be more particles prohibited by SM and/or not yet discovered. That seems reasonable, for all we know some cosmic banana particle may exist at the planck scale
I think over there he's just stating a fundamental fact of physics -- you can't be 100% sure of what's there in places you've never looked at.
6:17 AM
uh well they're not in the standard model because nobody put them in
but you can put them in if you want to
Ah. That's more interesting :)
I think I've heard of that, and theories which tweak the groups to accomodate 4 families. O.o
@arnav i know, I'm saying that $\exists$ theories which do that
"I never thought of that but yeah that makes sense thanks for pointing it out" -- nice way of puttng it, that's the same way I felt. A lot of physics is obvious in retrospect.
6:41 AM
@ManishEarth I only see one now. Anyway if there are questions that need to be closed with it now, I can go ahead and put the engineering close reason in the list.
@david already closed as trolley car (they had a couple of close votes and a trolley car comment already)
There were 2 for me when logged out, one when logged in.
Well, on when logged in. But by going through y skips I found one
Ah, well, I didn't think we'd have any engineering closures for a few days at least.
Whatever, it's been two days, that should be enough time, and there haven't been any comments on it in a while. I'll go ahead and activate it.
OK, done
ooo look at the pretty new close reasons
6:54 AM
@chris two of them were activated yesterday
Does it make sense to a ?
(Either way, applying red tags is fun)
@ManishEarth yeah, it it was good enough to be , it's good enough to be when it's done
which I meant to do
oh look: cosmological expansion, take 437 - i'll let someone else write an answer or find a dupe
good night
We probably should just close the whole [space-expansion] tag as a dupe of itself :p
Awesome, new community team member
7:22 AM
@ManishEarth I thought that fate was reserved for the [recursion] tag ;-)
8:10 AM
@ManishEarth: I just can't understand what these things are...
Autodeletion roomba wasn't working
Those are edits on old closed downvoted posts
@ManishEarth WTH is that?
So, they're all my suggested edits..?
And, those questions were removed simultaneously..?
They were supposed to go a few weeks ago, but they didn't because the roomba was off
@ManishEarth: Cool... I'd have agreed with a bunch of downvotes (as they'll be reversed anyway :P), but my hard-earned 12 rep. score is gone :D
Booo hooo.... ;-)
Q: About the long comment list

OaoaHere an other post with a huge amount of comments below each post. I'm feeling annoyed by this: or I have to clic to let them appear if I want to read them all, or I have to scroll a lot for nothing if I do not care about the comments. Is there a way to overcome this issue ? I propose some ways...

8:59 AM
Q: Deleted comment

Asphir DomMy comment got deleted in the topic "Aspiring scientist". It got deleted - fine. But i don't see who did it? Is it normal here, is it norm? I would like to be aware of moderators who do that without leaving a comment.

2 hours later…
10:34 AM
@ArnavTripathy yep there are BSM theories a whole zoo of specific models (points in parameter space ) that predict new particles at different scales ...
@ArnavTripathy I am still waiting for some nice questions from you ... ;-)
1 hour later…
11:47 AM
Which flag should be used for questions like this? In Flagging>Closing>Off-Topic>Migration there isn't a choice for migration to scicomp.SE .
@Mostafa Just write out a custom flag...
(Scicomp isn't available yet...)
@CrazyBuddy You mean : it needs ♦ moderator attention>other?
@Mostafa Yeah...
1 hour later…
1:13 PM
@ChrisWhite As our astro-person-thing in residence, is this on topic by the extended scope of Physics.SE (as in "non physics astro questions allowed")? It seems a bit localized and speculative imo
1:27 PM
Hi I have a quick question
hey @ManishEarth
@ManishEarth do u know about atomic spectra?
how are they measured, is it like they capture a signal and take its spectrum (Fourier Transform)?
Uh, no, just shine light through a sample and put a prism in front of it
Well, not through
iirc they measure emission spectra
So you can heat it
or shine intense light on it
For absorption spectra, you shine through. I think
1:46 PM
the emission spectrum, how is it captured? I mean what device they use, some kind of a photographic plate or is it acquired by a digital data acquisition system like for example recording a signal?
@RajeshD they used to use plates, not sure about now
A spectrometer (spectrophotometer, spectrograph or spectroscope) is an instrument used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, typically used in spectroscopic analysis to identify materials. The variable measured is most often the light's intensity but could also, for instance, be the polarization state. The independent variable is usually the wavelength of the light or a unit directly proportional to the photon energy, such as wavenumber or electron volts, which has a reciprocal relationship to wavelength. A spectrometer is used in spectr...
@ManishEarth : I am interested in capturing the spectral line continuously, I mean imagine there is a chemical reaction happening and I want to capture the time variations of the spectral lines, for eaxample they may be shifting etc.
@RajeshD Photographic plate iirc
@ManishEarth Too bad the excerpts don't count for the badge... It takes a long time to edit 50 anything.
1:58 PM
@tpg2114 lol
I managed to write up a query for it, and for some reason your name isn't showing up anywhere, even in the excerpts. I probably messed up a JOIN somewhere
I wonder if the credit goes to who approved it
Rather than who edited it since it was just a suggested edit
If @ChrisWhite has like 40 of them, that might be it :)
@tpg2114 no, i included suggested edits
That wasn't the case either.
When was your first tagwiki edit?
2 days ago is when I did the bulk of it
I'm sure I had one or two before then though
that's it
data.se updates every week
I know I wrote at least one a long time ago though...
At least I think I did
It all kind of blurs together...
I did knock out excerpts for almost all of the ones that had nothing and I could do without looking up what they were
So I think I'm done on excerpts for awhile...
2:02 PM
@tpg2114 exactly one
2:50 PM
Duh... Slept 5 hrs. and now, I see a question getting ready to heat up ;-)
@ManishEarth: Nice hat :D
I already had it on MSO
@DavidZaslavsky Aarthi-cast tomorrow. You may want to attend :)
3:14 PM
Right before the tag was burninated, I kept a note of all the OT questions there (surprisingly few)
I have now initiated close reason #3 with 10-odd closes
@ManishEarth space exploration \neq astronomy/astrophysics - i have no expert opinion
OT meaning on topic or off-topic?
@ChrisWhite kk
@tpg2114 off
There were only a few off topic ones? I thought I saw a lot when I posted the meta
But I don't remember now
I don't keep things in memory long any more
@tpg2114 well, fewer than I thought
Around 15 out of 90
3:17 PM
Oh, yeah, okay. That's probably right then
There were many not-so-good-but-on-topic ones
And the on topic ones didn't need the tag at all
Holy cow... I'm always amazed when I actually get the right answer in my research work!
@tpg2114 What did you discover now?
Explosions are dangerous? :P
3:21 PM
Well, I matched experimental and theoretical results with my simulations, so now I can start filling in the gaps in data
But even cooler -- I took a fluid dynamics code and just changed the EOS
And now it runs condensed phase explosives
Yay for 2nd order PDE's ruling the world
so, in here rane.com/pdf/ranenotes/… (p3 after eq1) is he really saying that dof is rational?
fractional, in other words
Fractional? What the...
@tpg2114 what did you use for simulation
@ManishEarth, exactly :/
@ManishEarth, am I reading it wrong?
@JoeStavitsky Not sure; bit busy
3:40 PM
@ManishEarth, n/m he phrased it funky. why is dof related to heat capacity ratio?
Equipartition law
Basically, each DOF contributes 1/2k to the heat capacity
heat is equally distributed as K.E. amongst the DOFs
ah ok so they are equall likely to be moving in any direction so the more directions they have the more ways heat is distributed
@JoeStavitsky yeah
Basically, if you have a box of gas, a fraction of the energy will be for KE in x direction (etc etc), then for vibrational motion along various vibrational DOFs, the same goes for rotation, etc
@ManishEarth, entropy basically
@JoeStavitsky Not sure of that
I don't see why entropy would force the average $\frac12 mv_x^2$ to be equal to the average rotational energy along a given axis
3:50 PM
@ManishEarth, but youre saying that the kinetic energy (heat) is evenly distributed which I thought was the definition of entropy
@JoeStavitsky Not just KE as in translational energy
KE total
This includes rotation and vibration
For a helium gas, yes, you can just talk about Translational E, and it comes from entropy
Hydrogen gas has 2 rotation axes and one vibration
@ManishEarth so why does translational come from entropy and not vibrational - and how do you know hydrogen has 2 rotations and one vibration anyway?
@JoeStavitsky No, I mean that while entropy forces the hydrogen translational energies to be the same, it doesn't say that the vibrational energy needs to be the same too.
@JoeStavitsky Draw an H2 molecule, you'll get it :)
right, H=H
So, H=H can only vibrate along the bond
and it can't rotate in the x direction
Well, it can, but it's much much smaller there
(the mass is concentrated in a very tiny point relative to the bond -- so the moment of inertia is pretty much zero)
3:58 PM
Which is the correct wiki article for this?
@JoeStavitsky Law of Equipartition?
The stuff about Hydrogen and all can be found in most introductory physics textbooks with thermodynamics
yea right its all there
OK I will
@JoeStavitsky It's a code called LESLIE, it's a large eddy combustion code developed at my lab, the Computational Combustion Lab at Georgia Tech
@tpg2114, I thought computational compustion was what happened when your case fans fail =P
@tpg2114 do you need special hardware, or a cluster, or jus a workstation?
4:11 PM
Way back in the day... mid 90's I think... I put a CPU in the socket rotated 90 degrees cause it didn't have a square pin or corner cut off like they do now so you know how it shoudl go in
Whole motherboard started to glow then melted and flamed up
It will run anywhere from 1 processor to 10's of thousands
@tpg2114; ooo, fully scalable, nice
These runs were on a cluster just so it wouldn't take long. I could do it on my workstation and it would take about an hour (12 processors), I did it with our in-house cluster and 32 processors in 3 minutes
@tpg2114, gtcher hot computers here
Then I had some runs on really big machines for the 3D case, 100 million cells
jeeez 12 core workstations, you ppl are spoiled
4:13 PM
Yeah, you don't want to know the specs...
no, i really dont
It's really only 6 cores with hyperthreading, if that makes you feel any better :)
speaking of computers i was in liberty science center the other day and they were demoing a computer vision system by bell labs
Where is that?
north jersey, its a kids science museum
4:17 PM
Ah, okay. I used to go to the Franklin Institute in Philly all the time growing up
and they marketed it as a security movement trcking system, and they showed some stupid image filter to try and make me believe that it was anonymizable
and then I went home and found that they had done no writeup whatsoever, the assholes'
Worse, they actally installed a working system in the facility and told nobody wtf it was
Not even senior staff
fucking telecoms =P
2 hours later…
6:03 PM
Anybody really good at finding journal papers online? I'm usually good at it but I can't find data I need
@tpg2114 I can de-paywall but otherwise I suck
Try Google Scholar
@tpg2114 not unless it's an astro paper
I've been using scholar
I can't find a paper that has the data I need in it :(
Getting frustrated
@tpg2114 Data? Make data
I need the Arrhenius reaction rate(s) for PETN reactions
I can't just make those up :)
6:06 PM
Yes you can
Believe in yourself
"The thermal decomposition kinetics of PETN has been studied by many researchers in the past, though there is no general agreement about the decomposition mechanism or values of its Arrhenius parameters." Stability Studies on Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate
I'd settle for 1 mechanism, even if others don't agree... :)
But I'll check that one out, thanks
I hadn't found it
I found one paper that puts A = kT/h which is bizarre, I've never seen the preexponential parameter defined by Boltzmann's and Planck's constants before
I can only imagine all the red flags I set off by searching the internet all day, every day, for explosives
@tpg2114 Look at it this way: If you ever need something, the President's listening.
6:27 PM
Thanks @ChrisWhite, that actually was exactly what I needed and new explosions are being simulated :)
I wish I still had that BOOM button on posts. Maybe I'll put it back. But it's too dangerous :S
One mis-click and we get a meta post "My post was delete and I lost 100 rep!!111"
Serious physics: Does anybody vehemently agree that first base umpires in the MLB almost always favor the fielding side?
@ManishEarth You know that BOOM BOOM is a cricket bat brand?
O.o nope
@ManishEarth When I buy clothing or shoes or stuff like that, why is it never from India (according to the labels)?
@Gugg No clue o.O
6:41 PM
You're there, aren't you?
also not
by not I mean "on different window"
(if you ping me I get an immediate notification, so I can ignore you faster :P)
@ManishEarth I meant "there" as in "in India".
So, no clothing produced for export in India that you know of?
probably exists
but not that I know of
6:52 PM
@Gugg agreed about the umpires - my understanding is that they do it because they don't really want the 1st baseman to be on base when the runner comes in
We ought to edit the room description now that we have regulars
@ChrisWhite I don't quite follow. I was thinking about the timing of the catch by the first baseman, whereas you are thinking about the first baseman's foot not touching the bag?
yes - but I roll it all together - I figure if they're not gonna be picky about where the foot is, they're not gonna be picky about where the ball is either
@ChrisWhite There are no complaints from the public, say, that they want a video-umpire or something like that?
@ChrisWhite Alternatively, it could be that first base makes it look like the runner reached when he really didn't
6:59 PM
@ChrisWhite A review like in tennis and cricket?
@Gugg meh - people are more concerned about the delineation of the strike zone
When I look on YouTube for, say, best plays MLB 2012, over half of them I'm thinking "that's safe." But I never see any discussion about it.
I think they played around with video cameras a while back, before deciding it was a bad idea - turns out there are a lot of calls that go the wrong way, and people don't want the status quo to change
@ChrisWhite So, who is "people" here?
random question: what does "+ BQ" mean? like in the title of [this question](http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/70732/)
7:04 PM
@Gugg umpires, but fans too to some extent
i think people enjoy complaining about bad calls against their team more than they dislike having calls made against them
@ChrisWhite Bonus question = BQ
I think
7:08 PM
@ChrisWhite I think it's stupid, because video-reviews make great TV.
@ManishEarth You knew that.
who titles posts like that? Next it will be "Discrepancy in the Lense-Thirring effect? And a random statement afterward"
Who? mikhailcazi.
@Gugg i didn't
Maybe I should have given you 3 more seconds.
@ChrisWhite Are you in the US? If so, how come the game is played not according to the rules and not being criticised for it?
I thought that's how all US sports work
7:13 PM
football and especially basketball are much worse
basically, dribbling in the NBA violates every single rule i learned as a kid about how not to handle the ball
@ChrisWhite Also, I was surprised that many/most US people lose interest in the world series as soon as "their" team is out.
And then this:
Racewalking, or race walking, is a long-distance athletic event. Although it is a foot race, it is different from running in that one foot must appear to be in contact with the ground at all times. Stride length is reduced, so to achieve competitive speeds, racewalkers must attain cadence rates comparable to those achieved by Olympic 800-meter runners—and they must do so for hours at a time since the Olympic events are the 20 km (12.4 mi) race walk (men and women) and 50 km (31 mi) race walk (men only), and 50 mile (80.5 km) events are also held. Rules Men's 20-km walk dur...
After studying video they noticed that basically nobody sticks to the rules.
^ what's with the thumbnail?
Uh? Thumbnail?
@ManishEarth That's one for you.
no clue
7:23 PM
Off-day, eh?
speaking of non sequiturs, @ManishEarth I like the cap
About racewalking, what I understand, is that it practically is an impossible sport. Sort of.
@ChrisWhite It's a real thing. Just not gotten it yet (could take a while, I hear they've not been manufactured yet)
@Gugg Define "contact".
7:26 PM
How close do to atoms need to be to be in contact?
btw, wtf is happening with our latest #1 hot question? physics.stackexchange.com/questions/70839/…
the answers cover the full spectrum of physics <-> ridiculous
@Gugg Scraping your foot along the ground can be thought of as contact
Yes, of course, but they are airborne at every step.
Between every two steps.
@ChrisWhite yeah. Since I answered that I didn't apply mod magic anywhere (not that I can't, just that it's usually good manners not to), but I guess one of the other mods may delete the ridiculous
@Gugg No, not if you shimmie
7:29 PM
@Gugg well, in fencing the point-weapons have spring-loaded tips that are calibrated to only make electrical contact at (500 grams)(g) force
so maybe racewalking needs that in shoes - set some minimum force to define "contact"
If you watch the racewalking videos, you can see them flying.
And the umpire, right next to it, doesn't notice.
Or referee, whatever.
Anyways, about head transplants. The article I mentioned in a comment was worldwide big news. But I glanced at it and it didn't even look scientific.
I'd like to see a poll about homeopathy among 1) physicists, 2) chemists, 3) medical doctors.
@Gugg that article is also... disturbing... in a foreshadowing sort of way
7:45 PM
@ChrisWhite I don't think so, yet. Why?
50 years from now, when the last of the inferior natural-heads has been killed off (for refusing to surrender his body to the head to whom it had been assigned on a medical basis), some inquisitive transplant-head will wonder if ancient people thought they possessed not just the heads but the bodies they were born with
maybe I should switch from academia to dystopian sci-fi author
@ChrisWhite Make sure you write about !!
@ChrisWhite Why not take a lower body from somebody who just got his head crushed to get rid of your own "infested" with cancer or something else.?
@Gugg well, it will start that way. But the prequel to my novel will take place 20 years from now, when one unsuspecting insurance company actuary realizes there has been a disproportionately large number of convenient fatal "accidents" to people's heads
7:54 PM
I'm thinking that installment can be set in a nondescript, economically downsliding city in eastern europe
I was thinking Philippines, but OK.

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