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5:08 AM
Q: Condition on a Fontaine Laffaille module which prescribes the image of the associated Galois representation

Anwesh RayThe Setup: Let $m\geq 1$ be an integer, $\mathbb{F}$ be a finite field of characteristic $p$ and $W(\mathbb{F})$ the ring of Witt-vectors with residue field $\mathbb{F}$ and $\sigma:W(\mathbb{F})\xrightarrow{\sim} W(\mathbb{F})$ a lift of the Frobenius $\bar{\sigma}:\mathbb{F}\xrightarrow{\sim}...

5:22 AM
I am skeptical of the value of bounties. I mostly see them being used on rather poor questions. — Andy Putman 9 hours ago
@AndyPutman When I look at users with highest amount of offered bounties, several names I see there are users I would trust with choosing good questions. (The last column there is link to list of bounties of a specific user - in case somebody is curious.) — Martin Sleziak 58 mins ago
@MartinSleziak: Interesting, though such a list is biased towards people who actually have a lot of reputation to use for such bounties. I don't pay actively pay attention to bounties, but the ones I do notice are typically pretty marginal users trying to get someone to pay attention to them. They don't have enough reputation to do it more than once or twice. However, I don't have any actual data here, this is purely my impression. — Andy Putman 40 mins ago
@AndyPutman I suppose we're both saying relatively natural things: A single user is likely to have more bounties if they have enough rep. However, most of the bounties will be offered by users with small rep - simply because there is many such users. (I suppose I fall under marginal users - and I would consider this legitimate use of a bounty.) To get at least some data, here is sample of bounties from the end of 2018 and ... — Martin Sleziak 59 secs ago
... Distribution of bounties depending on reputation. They both look pretty much as expected. I am not sure there is much more to be said, but perhaps we should continue elsewhere if we want to discuss statistics related to bounties further. — Martin Sleziak 51 secs ago
5:38 AM
Maybe it might be interesting to include similar queries also for Mathematics (just for comparison): data.stackexchange.com/math/query/962775/…
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9:00 AM
Q: Time discretization in the Feynman-Kac formula with boundary conditions

user233650I am applying the Feynman-Kac theory for solving a PDE with boundary conditions. For the SDE simulation I use the Euler-approximation, which introduces a time-step $h$ for the Brownian Motion, and since the PDE has some boundary conditions, we need to compute its hitting time $\tau$. Numerica...

9:14 AM
> the ones I do notice are typically pretty marginal users trying to get someone to pay attention to them.
Perhaps looking at bounties offered on questions by others would eliminate most of such cases - if somebody offers a bounty on a question which they did not post, most likely they are doing this because they considered question (or some of the answers) interesting.
Here are the lists: MatheOverflow and Mathematics.
Since my SQL skills aren't that great, take all queries that I post with a grain of salt.

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