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10:21 AM
is there a fast way of switching between tags in an svn repo on the commandline?
Getting a tad fed up copy pasting an entire repo URL
svn switch tags/2.3 . would be far nicer than svn switch http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/jetpack/tags/2.3 .
11:16 AM
@TomJNowell doesn't seem so from docs... could write shorthand script just for it
I found one or two python wrappers but they're aimed more towards branching or creating tags than switching
i am trying to pull a request on github, and am very unskilled at this. can anyone assist?
@TomJNowell do you need for one plugin? in general? do you need vcs?
was more me updating plugins on a remote server via shell and getting fed up of the menial task
11:17 AM
@GhostToast seen Using Pull Requests ?
wondering if i could automate bits of it
@TomJNowell composerifying isn't an option?
@Rarst not particularly, it could be done but I dont have the time to spend on it
composer init --require wpackagist/jetpack=* --no-interaction
composer config repositories.wpackagist composer wpackagist.org
@GhostToast I think GitHub reached 100% insulation from Git for simple patches... which is good
12:06 PM
you forgot the other obstacles:

- there's quite a few plugins
- doing the above over and over takes time
- said time needs justifying
- composer will give a 'command not found' on the server, it needs installing and in a way that'll make the server people happy
- some plugins aren't in the .org repo, and some that are in the .org repo demand specific versions that aren't the latest, I dont know which ones are which yet, and they'll all need setting up individually
@TomJNowell I didn't "forget" just not a mind reader :) have fun with SVN until you find time, what else there is to say then
how goes your wordpress with composer site
writing out content
12:46 PM
great, can't clone my Mercurial repo from Bitbucket thanks to GitHub subrepo... which is down :)
the irony? need it to finish getting rid of GitHub subrepo :)
1:28 PM
they don't want you to go
@Rarst i dont understand it at all. not sure i evern did that right. i cant seem to figure out how to do a pull request into trunk
@GhostToast master is main branch by default, you pick branch when opening PR, "GhostToast wants to merge 1 commit into jaredatch:master from GhostToast:patch-1"
the "Edit" area was less than intuitive to me
WP is a little clunky for "this is path somewhere in web dir, need URL" :\
2:38 PM
so uhhm. how do i unit test a plugin exactly? is there a framework? a set of guidelines?
Anyone else having issues with the new media uploader in 3.5.2 multi-site?
nope, it works really well
@Ikraav Fresh 3.5.X install or upgrade from previous version?
I've been absolutely stumped for three going on four days now with this multi-site install.
3:10 PM
Some image uploads throw internal server errors and some don't. Some could be 1kb and some could be 5mb. Absolutely puzzling.
SE network updates: The comment textarea now features the hint: \"Request clarification or suggest improvements.\" On
posted on July 19, 2013

The comment textarea now features the hint: "Request clarification or suggest improvements." On Meta it is "Request clarification or add information."

@MichaelEcklund try different server? local server?
I've tried an Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 5.9 server. Both with different PHP as well. Same replicated errors persist.
I literally went into "My Pictures" on my computer. Selected every image and uploaded. 19 actually uploaded, the rest failed to "HTTP error" for no reason.
... and size really doesn't seem to matter? :P
lol nope.
I actually made a post here explaining what's going on and what I've tried so far.
I wish I could at least narrow it down to a general area, like maybe rewrite rules or something. Although I compared my rewrite rules to other sites that I've worked on and they're very similar.
3:17 PM
That's strange. Shared hosting or root server?
Private dedicated
I own both the Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 5.9 servers
99% server related somehow I would say, if it's a stock install without plugins ....
@s1lv3r PHP or Apache do you think?
apache with fcgi, php-fpm or mod_php?
I have tested FAST-CGI and MOD-PHP
Both fail
3:21 PM
ah sorry, just read it at your post :P
@s1lv3r Wow.............. Would you look at that. I enabled PHP-FPM and it worked.
What is up with that?
hrhr ... permisssion problem :P
apache owner issues always a pain to deal with
Well you can go ahead and answer that Q if you want kudos
I bet if you chmod 777 your upload folder it will also work with fcgi.
3:22 PM
I'll accept it
Holy crap that's annoying
Well thanks for getting this resolved. 3 days of productivity lost to this mess
server issues suck :(
I was almost certain it was due to my code, or WP core or something.
I seriously cannot believe that was the issue. FML
WP core never fails. If you have a stock install and something is wrong it's always server configuration. That's my experience atleast. ;-)
Good advice
Might not always be true, but atleast for 99.95% of all cases. :-)
3:26 PM
Yup definitely works on both servers now. And I tested it numerous times. With plugins & without plugins, with stock theme, and with custom theme. Still works.
Thank you so much for helping me figure this out though. I can continue working again. yay! :)
@s1lv3r WP core never fails when run on posh Apple notebook, the kind it's developed and tested on. in other circumstances YMMV :)
@Rarst not if you're running PHP 5.5
speaking of which, does nobody else find i shocking that boolval() was only added in 5.5?
@TomJNowell not really...
I find it a surprisingly late addition
I have one recipe and five case studies left to write for the site... I thought it would be more... mini-er :)
3:32 PM
echo (bool)"maybe";
pnggauntlet.com really good results
@toscho that screenshot doesn't show dramatic differences in file size
@toscho I use Paint.NET plugin... no quality lost is bullshit btw, murders gradients all the time
not in my tests
This was processed with PNGGauntlet
can we see original?
3:45 PM
There isn’t that much compression due to the colors.
Absolutely no difference visible - with my display atleast. :|
@toscho The ease of converting image files to PNG alone is pretty nice.
@toscho one file has alpha transparency on the boarder, the other does not. this is not really a comparison of the same file (one processed, original not)
@toscho I have dithering cranked up in settings :)
@GhostToast didn’t see that. :) and I don’t need it
3:59 PM
Hi! I wonder if people might be willing to help me out with a plugin recommendation? (: I'm looking for a paypal plugin that will let me manually add products to the shopping cart. (I've setup a page with a form that users will select options for attending a conference, and then based on their selections I need to add generic products "Conference Ticket" and "Lunch" to their cart (and they can repeat for multiple attendees so I do need a cart).
@RebeccaChernoff Are you savvy with WordPress functionality and PHP?
Otherwise, questions like that are probably best asked on the main part of the site
@MichaelEcklund plugin recommendations are not in scope on main
Since when
@RebeccaChernoff sounds tad more like ecommerce (see woocommerce and stuff) than just "paypal"... not my area
I remember around last year seeing several people asking for plugin recomendations
4:06 PM
@MichaelEcklund september
Ahh I see
@MichaelEcklund yeah, I'm a developer (:
@Rarst I've looked at a couple plugins like WP E-Commerce and Simple E-Commerce. The hang-up seems to be something that will let me manually add items to the cart instead of presenting the user with a picture/description and an "add to cart" button.
not sure :) I don't think there are many ecommerce folks hanging out in room
@RebeccaChernoff If all you need it so simulate a shopping cart, just build your own cart. They're not that hard.
4:16 PM
you might want to look at gravity forms with paypal extension or wufoo (not wordpress)
@MichaelEcklund fair point, it's more the paypal stuff I'm hoping to avoid coding, not so much a cart page hehe
yes Rebecca, go Gravity Forms and the Paypal addon
you dont have cart as such, but people will be able to select the quantity they want for everything 0-x
works out to be the same if its all in same page
I glanced at gravity the other day, didn't seem to support the manual add to cart either, even if I can convince them to spend $200 (which is a lot for this non-profit)
if you want people to shop on x+1 pages, then you need some shopping cart plugin
and I don't want people selecting quantities (; once you fill out the form, that submission is your entry (it contains which sessions you want to attend), another person needs another form submission, so cart quantities would just screw things up
4:20 PM
gravity forms are just forms you can do what you please with them, I think there are cheaper alternatives forget the names
I used ninja forms
the workflow is: people don't have to select/attend all sessions, so on form submission I have "did the user select any sessions? ok, (somehow) add $x conference ticket", "did the user select any lunch options? ok, (somehow) add $y for lunch". those are the products for the PersonA...can rinse and repeat for PersonB...etc, then send to paypal once for everyone they entered
why do it manually though why not just add the luch as a select button with the cost
So to register for 20 people I got to checkout 20 times using paypal?
@Wyck it could work for lunch, yes...but for the sessions, the price is the same whether you select 1 or all 3 sessions.
@s1lv3r you'd fill out the form 20 times, but be sent to paypal once is what I'm trying to do
(and for lunch, you can get 2 sides that wouldn't be an additional cost, bundled as part of your lunch selection)
fun, fun sigh
anybody here know cakePHP? would love to get some thoughts on its value in the world of web development. @rarst? @toscho?
4:30 PM
Maybe you would be better of throwing your existing form away and starting once over using wpecommerce and creating a product which is configurable using variations. I guess you'll have a hard time finding a paypal plugin which you can simply attach to your existing form without any code digging.
Is the existing form complex in any way?
@GhostToast hadn't used it
I believe what your asking for is technically called a "fulfillment system", I know most major e-commerce does it (megento ) but wordpress, I have no idea
@GhostToast ... used it some years ago. Now only using Zend.
@GhostToast I have yet to hear a single nice thing about cakePHP
Ive heard negative things about it
and it's usually referred to on the unforunate end of a comparison against something else
buddy of mine swears by it. and he's always trying to get me to learn it. says i would denounce WP if i knew cakePHP.
4:33 PM
my personal recomendation is: The cake is a lie
@see Symfony, Zend
Code Igniter would be a better bet than cake too
@TomJNowell huh? owners are looking to get rid of CodeIgniter, picking it right now is terrible bet
@s1lv3r the "conference attendee" product would be a mess. there's 3 time slots, 10 talks during each time slot. for each time slot, there's a line for each talk title and you select 1st/2nd/3rd for that talk. with validation to ensure you only select 1 1st choice yada yada. you don't have to select all 3 preferences for a time slot, you can even choose to only attend 1 or 2 of the time slots. either way, you just pay a flat fee for attending.
@Rarst yes but a better one than cake
stay away from codeigniter, cakephp is better even aside from it being dropped
I mean to increase the extremety of the comparison by mentioning codeigniter, not reduce the severity
"don't eat that, the Arsenic would be healthier"
4:41 PM
@RebeccaChernoff hmmm ... if you need to stay with ninja forms I'm afraid you'll need to do some coding. Have you seen Paypal Starter? That's the basic version without any fancy API stuff. Pretty easy to use.
Gmail has new tabbed interface ..immediately turn it off.
@Wyck same
@GhostToast ha ya "social' and "promotions" was a bad idea to get people interested, like wtf
Basically you'll only need to build a form (maybe as confirmation site) with a "pay now" button and $_POST the whole thing over to PayPal.
5:03 PM
@s1lv3r don't need to use ninja forms...it's essentially just what I found first, was free, and had the hooks to enable me to do the custom field types. I've already done the coding with my custom field types and the form is good to go. the paypal piece is all I've got left...it's just a big piece (; I started looking at doing my own paypal api stuff, but they have so many different apis and versions and such so I thought a plugin might be easier. silly me q:
@RebeccaChernoff There are a lot of wp paypal plugins, but I just guess it's harder to get them to play nice with your form then to just build the PayPal stuff yourself. :-P
Honestly I'm confused in the moment, cause I can't find any English doc for PayPal Starter for you ... I have a perfect howto on the German Paypal site though. :-|
5:22 PM
I think I am not pushing that site live today... :) github.com/composer/composer/issues/2096
ummm ... I got it now. They replaced it with another solution. This is now the most simple way to create a paypal payment button; paypal.github.io/JavaScriptButtons
@s1lv3r yeah, that would be a challenge, ha!
hehe Atleast they are smart enough to still provide an idiot proof integration method. Has always been enough for me until now. Dunno why they started hiding it ... :-D
anyone with composer can try this and tell me if it fails please?
composer create-project rarst/install-test wordpress dev-master --repository-url=rarst.net --prefer-dist --no-dev --verbose
I can in one min
hopefully it's not malware:)
5:38 PM
not today :)
but I approve the paranoia
trusting @Rarst does seem a bit dangerous q:
hehe Would be too late for me in that case. Seems to work for me. :P
@Rarst ok so it seems close, but I got an error proc_open():CreateProcess failed, error code - 267
@s1lv3r do you not get error?..
@Wyck yeah, that's what I get. but not if I run it on local composer.json
No, seems good for me.
5:40 PM
it installed about 11 dependancies, then after wp-super-cache I get the error
Ubuntu 12.04
@Wyck OS?
Windows 7
crappity crap...
5:41 PM
you have the stack trace then? I have it you need it
Windows 8, Mac OSX 10.7.5, Ubuntu Some.thing...
I am also on Win, stack unhelpful...
@GhostToast ?
This is my output:
- Installing wpackagist/wp-super-cache (trunk)
Downloading: 100%
Extracting archive

Writing lock file
Generating autoload files

Plugin file seems to got downloaded fine.
I have used composer before on this machine and did not get errors
@rarst don't know ubuntu version. thought we were declaring our OS's
5:43 PM
@GhostToast versions as relevant to troubleshooting this composer package
@Wyck yeah, it works peachy for me, something wrong with this package
@Rarst as far as I can tell it still installed everything
yeah, but no lock, no autoload...
@Wyck similar, but since it still happens must be different issue or regression...
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
@Rarst just saw that all your repos at Bitbucket are Mercurial. Any reason to prefere Mercurial over Git or just personal preference? I'm coming from SVN and just signed up at Bitbucket.
Git is more popular, Mercurial is less of a wreck to actually use. IMO
hmmm .. ok, guess I'll try them both.
all the things are on github nowadays, so have to use that anyway. mercurial is just haven for own stuff that doesn't drive me crazy :)
Jeah, everyone is one the GitHub train nowadays (at least since the Linux Kernel has gone there ...). :-P
I just like Bitbucket for the smooth Jira integration.
But what still confuses me is; Bitbucket vs. Stash ... why the hell has Atlassin two code hosting services?! ... and the differences aren't explained anywhere.
I would rather use Kiln, but FogBugz is dead slow for me
@s1lv3r Stash is software, it's not hosted
7:20 PM
True, but both seems to have the exact same features.
so what? :)
want hosted - bitbucket, want in-house - stash...
Uh, I guess it's really that easy - I have been looking for to long to find differences in the software itself. :|
... Kiln also looks cool - but personally I guess you sometimes have got to stay with what you have, otherwise you would spend more time in getting the newest and coolest tools, instead of writing code. :-)
3 hours later…
10:32 PM
Still someone here? :P
10:49 PM
That's bad ... :-(
I'm just playing with multisite and I'm a bit confused ... codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/switch_to_blog says switch_to_blog() will return false if the switch is not successfull. But obviously it always returns true? Is the codex wrong or is it a bug?
Codex is always wrong. Ignore it.
hrhr Good to know. Just bad for me in this case, ... :P

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