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12:55 AM
Q: Why won't Urushi Yaotome ask out Ayumu Tanaka if she likes him

Aka-InuI've been reading the Webcomic version of When Will Ayumu Make His Move?, and I've been wondering why Urushi won't ask out Ayumu. I've been wondering this because, in the first chapter of the Manga, the author makes it obvious that Ayumu has feelings for Urushi, who is his Senpai. There are also ...

5 hours later…
5:55 AM
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Nero, Tamano, the Sakuras, Elizabeth, Altera, Rin, Rani. Fem-Hakuno can turn the moon into her own yuri paradise if she wanted to
also morning
6:26 AM
@Memor-X ooh nice
oh fancy seeing you here
7:01 AM
i occasionally click your chat icon, remember this place exists, check in, then leave
6 hours later…
12:58 PM
Q: Is Platinum End meant to refer to the Biblical story of Elijah (1 Kings 19:4-7) who was suicidal and God sent an angel?

BCLCAlso asked on reddit. Feel free to migrate this to mythology, Christianity or Judaism (or Islam?) se Re Elijah: http://web.mit.edu/jywang/www/cef/Bible/NIV/NIV_Bible/1KGS+19.html https://ibpf.org/the-prophet-elijah-was-depressed/ https://bible.org/seriespage/15-crisis-elijah-1-kings-194-14 https...

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7:18 PM
So... you only get Albedo version?
3 hours later…
10:28 PM
Gahh, been away for too long. All the pretty pictures!
@Memor-X You watch Arcane? Seeing a couple of VI pics ;)
@Peilonrayz ooh, have you watched arcane? it's so good
As a DotA fan... it was completely unwatchable ;) It was pretty good, IMO I think it was better then Dragon Blood
And I pretty enjoyed Dragon Blood, stayed up all night watching both...
oh, you play dota? cool. Never heard of dragon blood; might have to give it a try sometime too then
I stopped playing when my friends stopped. But yeah, only 2k hours played... It's quite a bit more anime, made by the company who made Avatar TLOK. I do like the MOBAs are getting more lore tho, that's pretty cool
ah, I see. still playing league a lot, which is almost definitely an overall negative influence on my life ;) but yeah, I do love all the attention there's been on lore
now, if only overwatch could get some lore on anything...
10:46 PM
Ahhaha, "negative influence on my life", yeah you're definitely playing a MOBA XD. Did you guess any of the plot for Arcane, when watching? When I was watching Dragon's Blood I could tell a little what was going to happen just cause I know the characters
@hyper-neutrino I could imagine that'd be cool. But the whole Activision Blizzard stuff going on lately... Possibly wouldn't be that good
@Peilonrayz there were a couple of things I could forsee, but I was never all that familiar with the lore behind league
there were a couple of references i feel like might've gone missed by people who don't know anything about league but i wasn't really able to predict the plot all that well
That's pretty nice. Yeah, I can imagine I missed just a few references... D: Still really fun to watch none the less
yeah, even if you've never heard of league it was definitely still a really amazing show
it's just important to remember that just because you loved arcane does not mean you should try league of legends - for your own health and safety
11:07 PM
Q: た particle usage

BoopigyI was watching an anime and the character said something along the lines of "のど乾{かわ}いたね~". This would mean something like "I'm thirsty" (looking at the previous dialogues, this was pretty obvious.), but I thought the た at the end would make it past tense, but then it wouldn't make sense making it "...


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