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8:46 AM
Q: Drinking kouki effect

MansuroIn the first episode of Mushishi, it is mentioned that Renzu was starting to become a Mushi since she drank kouki. However in the first episode of Zoku Shou, the sake brewer drank the Kouki but it didn't have that effect on him. Is this an inconsistency? or did I miss some detail?

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9:59 AM
Q: why kaneki ate hide's face instead of any other body part?

Utkrs RjAt the end of season 2 of anime Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki ate part of Hide's face as mentioned in the manga but eating a body part like hand would have left Hide in better condition, so why did he specifically ate his lower face?

@hyper-neutrino @SPArcheon , are you available on discord? (sorry for the ping)
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
@SafdarFaisal No problem for the ping, but I don't use Discord. Also, just for sake of disclosure, in case you assumed I am a player I am not, a friend of mine is and I just play with them at times.
So while I can discuss the game I can't really offer any in-game support or co-op if you had that in mind
12:20 PM
Well I can't play either rn.. I just have a discord server for genshin and general convos, and was wondering if you guys could join..
1:14 PM
Q: Regarding the changing body of naruto?

Alex D'MatteIs naruto.. like pregnant or what? I saw him in Naruto and he is different in Naruto Shippuden. Is it like with hinata or sakura?

1:42 PM
@hyper-neutrino Your wish came true!!!
@Sakamoto excuse me, what?
> In Inazuma, some regions have overly high levels of Electro Density. Staying in these regions will cause you to continuously lose HP. This phenomenon is called "Electro Disaster". With the aid of Electrograna's protection, you can resist damage caused by "Electro Disaster"...
what idea was it?
similar to dragonspine cold
@SafdarFaisal yes, HyperNeutrino#9467
1:49 PM
2:14 PM
Apparently one reddit user discovered the results of killing the duck during Timmie commission and now feels guilty.
Had they knows about the letter also.... they would feel worse.
the letter?
@SafdarFaisal you know the daily commission with Timmie asking you for some wheat to feed the ducks?
that one has two possible ending and that is a well known thing.
either you just feed the ducks and the quest completes normally or you kill the ducks, the game acknowledges that, Timmie gets angry and next day you will get another commission with the nun asking you to apologize.
Is this familiar?
yeah.. been there done that..
There is also another commission about pigeons. One of the hunter in Springvale asking you to search for the missing carrier pigeons. When you find them either you hunt them and you get one ending with the hunter getting angry at you and making you deliver a letter OR you scare them off and they still end up eaten by hilichurls
Most player seem to kill the pigeon here too just for added Timmie despise and free fowl.
So, most miss the fact that there is a third ending.
there is?? i don't recall this then..
2:24 PM
When you find out that the hilichurl ate the pigeons you can also find a letter. And if you do (the quest DOES NOT list it as a step) you get a somehow different ending
Next day you get another secret commission with the hunter asking you to deliver the letter.
And that....
let's just say that if you killed Timmie pigeons you will feel like a worm.
because you will discover WHY the kid is so desperately waiting for pigeons all day long.
Hint: Genshin seems to have an obsession with orphan kids.
yeah every other kid you run into is an orphan. genshin really seems to like that trend.
i feel bad enough as it is scaring away his pigeons but there is no way to avoid it if you are crossing the bridge lol
i don't cross the bridge often though because it's usually shorter to teleport around it anyway but sometimes i have to
wait wrong person
this is the secret quest you get if you find the letter after the hilichurls got the pigeons
has a (secret) achievement.
2:55 PM
Still wondering why this isn't an event yet
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4:15 PM
https://anime.stackexchange.com/questions/43592/why-does-sasuke-consider-naruto-to-be-his-best-friend?rq=1 Perusing this question's answers just now, one of the comments stuck out as potentially grating:
'"to facilitate the underlying Asura and Indra plot" But wouldn't this imply that the author had that plot in mind from the very beginning? Is there proof of that?'
Checked the username attached, and it was mine. One of my comments from 2017. The lols.
So I looked through some of my stuff to see what else I'd forgotten that I'd done. Also Shaymin Gratitude from 2017: "This issue is so distracting that I find myself searching for their eyebrows whenever either one of them appears." I found that one kind of funny.
4:40 PM
Q: Do Lag Seeing and Gauche Suede have eyebrows?

Shaymin GratitudeI noticed something very perplexing while watching the Tegami Bachi anime: Gauche Suede and Lag Seeing don't appear to have eyebrows. This is a perplexing situation because they both have long hair that could be hiding their eyebrows. To make matters worse, the tops of their eyelids are both prom...

Nobody answered it. I read to the end of the manga, and I didn't get anything definitive, so maybe there is no answer. We'll all just have to go on wondering.
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7:51 PM
did an A&M mod get his mod-status removed?
if i remember correctly senshin used to be a diamond mod but the diamond's gone.
senshin was elected in 2016
8:20 PM
they have no resignation post on meta so we can't really be sure why they're not a mod anymore. most of the time it's just a mod stepping down
oh my darn goodness
account name is inappropiate, so i'm linking it in text instead of posting the link (which shows the name). do people with this typa account name get banned
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ their name should be reset
how does that work
mods can change users' usernames and profiles
8:26 PM
since it's an unregistered user i'd personally just destroy it
what exactly is destroying? i've seen a meta post regarding it but it didnt clarify much
it deletes the user as well as any posts, votes, or other actions they've ever made (not sure about flags and such)
you can destroy accounts with less than 500 reputation
regarding @inappropiate username he modified a post (atleast it says that) so im gonna assume he posted something inappropiate but not sure
yeah, here's a record of the post (warning, same offensive content)
8:34 PM
dang didnt know u could do that
it's a third-party project that automatically scans and detects spam and offensive content
they keep records of stuff that's been detected
well im of skin color to say it i guess but im not as stupid to do what hes done
could you have seen that on the way back machine
CoC policy here dictates that you can't use that kind of language no matter what; even though i personally will not consider it racist for a black person to use that word it's still within "likely offensive" language on SE. no matter who it is I would just warn them and let them know that language isn't acceptable here, but in this case it's obviously just to offend people so the post and account should be destroyed without question
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ probably not; it was probably deleted too fast
yeah i'd never say that whether on se or somewhere else, and iirc ive never used the word irl
people like that just piss me off, being racist to annoy people and cover it up with "i was just friendly trolling"
as long as I believe it was a genuine mistake and not just for the purposes of trolling and offending people I'll just let them off with a warning the first time (except in chat - I'll just flag that and let the automatic 30 minute suspension carry through) if they have no history
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ yeah, exactly. friendly trolling is like rickrolling someone not using racist and offensive language and then excusing it as a joke later
8:40 PM
didnt know there was an automatic suspension
i'd remove all history of existence of that user if i was a mod tbh
if your message in chat is successfully flagged as spam/rude, you get an automatic 30 minute suspension
dont you lose 20 rep for being offensive
if your post on site gets flagged as spam/rude, you lose 100 reputation
oh, somehow mistook 100 as 20 lol
Is it possible to remove revision history on a said edit? Say one removes an illegal link (hosts free stuff that is hard to obtain etc etc.) from a question, but people can just look at the rev history to find it. What do they do?
it takes two moderators, but yes, you can redact a revision
8:48 PM
i think there is only one A&M mod here but they can redo his username when they have the chance
but can't you find revisions on the wayback machine and stuff that functions like it? it'd make it useless right
I've already let Andrew know
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ yes, but there isn't much you can do to avoid that
the point is so SE doesn't host illegal stuff
also, sometimes people accidentally post personal info or API tokens or whatever and want those redacted
of course, if it's been crawled or archived it's hard to get rid of that
well based off what you said things dont show up on the WBM if its removed quickly, so wouldnt it be logical to make it take one mod instead of two
8:54 PM
Is Quora related to Anime.SE in any way? See a Naruto question i posted and then the exact same thing shows up on quora
i even made a comment on the quora answer
nope, SE and Quora have absolutely no connection
you just got plagiarised from
lmao. ignore my quora username i just thought of some random rhyme lol
I got IP banned from Quora in the past lol. I have an account again but I don't use Quora. The place is terrible.
why? is it just because theyre plagarising people on SE and you talked about it? or is it another one of there negative number iq ideals?
someone was harassing a couple of underage girls with very NSFW/shock-type images
9:00 PM
and then what
they kept getting banned, but kept just creating new accounts
and quora moderation did pretty much nothing to help
they also banned a bunch of high-profile / well-respected users due to a ton of reports
likely all from a few trolls and their alts
i tried to appeal but since it wasn't me who got banned they just tossed it and didn't listen to anyone
and the troll wasn't even using a VPN or anything which I know because I doxxed them successfully, they just didn't get IP banned I think
and then I got IP banned for creating a whole one alt account ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I spent a lot of time on Quora and got to know a bunch of people but most of them are gone and I cannot stand Quora's environment, and I have no regrets cutting off the remaining people I eventually got contact with again
whole one? whats that
like, i only made one alt account
and I got IP restricted
the troll made like at least 50 accounts and probably not from a proxy
9:04 PM
besides plagarism i havent had a lot of problems with quora
I mean, a lot of the stuff I participated in and answered / talked about on Quora had to do with religion, LGBTQA+, racial issues, and other social justice related current events and political discussions
some reoccuring idiots show up often asking about future events. "who were on the destroyed parts of the otsutsuki dimension?????" like mb its destroyed how do we know
its especially annoying since ive gotten used to anime-se's functioning
they ask unanswerable questions and get pissed off when they dont get answered lol
SE just has a significantly higher standard of quality compared to stuff like Yahoo Answers (oh wait), Quora, Reddit, etc, and I credit that mostly to the community/reputation moderation system
i don't understand why quora users plagarise unless they have some reputation-like system.. idrk because i only used quora due to the plagarism i saw
to get followers or smth? who tf knows lol
9:10 PM
i should note that this isn't my only plagarised question
reputation allows the community to moderate which distributes the task and makes it more of a community than a bunch of people on a random platform, but it also incentivies positive participation
exactly. se has some of the best mod systems tbh
lmfao they really tried adding tags as part of the title
yeah. there are definitely good people on quora but the platform sucks
i dont like the app nor will i reccomend it. its primarily opinion based and when you give your opinion those same people are like "no but this guys stronger, your wrong kid" without backing it up. for example a person asked who is the strongest otsutsuki family member in boruto. dude gave rakings with no backing up. i have rankinys with backing up. he then says my opinion is flawed lmao
oh yeah people just attack each other all the time and at best you might be able to get their comment deleted if they told you to kill yourself and short of that nothing's gonna happen
9:22 PM
woah has that happened (to you, or before)
probably? don't remember.
name any stupid, offensive, or dumb thing and its highly probable (97% at max) some quora user does it lol
yep. granted stuff happens here too but the difference is it usually gets deleted by flags in a few minutes or even seconds, and the community is able to, and does, actually do stuff positively
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ redactions are permanent
deleted posts can be undeleted just as easily
but a redacted revision is gone forever
Q: Why does redaction by a moderator require the prior approval of another moderator?

feetwetOccasionally SE is used for doxing, or posts contain sensitive information that should be promptly removed. As a moderator I just redacted such a post and am now notified, "Another moderator must approve your redaction" Until a second moderator sees and responds to that redaction the sensitive in...

don't exactly see why thats tagged feature request lol
wait would they change the name to? would it be user(numbers)
in the case of inappropiate username fellow
9:40 PM
username changes aren't really permanent
except in chat
so you can just change it to user(numbers)
which is what usually happens
or change it back to their last (appropriate) username in some cases
wdym by name changes arent permanent
are they always changed or som
sorry i meant they don't really leave history
if you change the username it changes everywhere on the site
and there's no (public) revision history or anything
my username was dan broo or something along the lines of that lol
i made it when i first joined the site. would be awful to get something as stupid and cringy as that name shown publically
well i wouldn't have known but you've just told me now xD
didnt realize that
ive been lurking peoples A&M profiles and I see a hell-ton of people (usually high rep users) losing rep for being removed. at first i didnt care but its especially shocking when i figured out some of em were the most community/site impacting users
9:48 PM
that isn't very surprising
uh how come
question: what do you think "-100 | User was removed" means
they got banned?
Nope. It means that another user that had upvoted this user 10 times (or however many times that resulted in a net +100 rep for this user) was deleted, and thus their votes were uncast.
9:53 PM
there's a "Learn more" button next to it that explains this ;)
why does it occur so many times tho? plus ive seen things like 70 or 10 and so on
because if one user gets deleted it removes rep from every person they've ever voted for
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ that just means the user upvoted 7 times or 1 time and then got deleted
that explains things. i thought it meant the user itself was banned
lol :P does kinda look like that
you said it wasnt very surprisng high rep users kept losing rep. is what youve said why or is there some other reason
9:59 PM
yeah, it's just what I said
high rep users tend to get votes from a lot of people and thus have a higher chance of having a user that voted for them get removed
I lost 130 rep the other day from a removal
makes sense
10:18 PM
altho im not in position to decide or do, o feel like they should tho
10:32 PM
you can flag the post explaining why or flag a comment or two as no longer needed and mods can move the comments directly to chat
or just delete them if they're not really needed and the conversation is over
10:52 PM
oh just flag the question saying comments should be moved to chat?
11:50 PM
yeah that could probably work

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