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2:09 AM
Q: What is a good anime for new watchers?

LogI've wanted to start watching anime for a long time now but haven't found anything that piqued my interest. What are some good animes to watch for new viewers?

3 hours later…
4:50 AM
1st of march. about a month before Thunderbolt Fantasy 3 comes out + however long it takes for it to get subbed
Spoilers for those who haven't seen watched but if you're not overly concerned, some of the interesting fights over the past 2 seasons
the credits for the OVA/Movie also shows how they go about recording the puppetry
2 hours later…
6:56 AM
1 hour later…
8:04 AM
@Memor-X How's you today~
@Dimitrimx much more relaxing than it has been the past week now that this Config Audit Tool's new functionality is tested and completed
former team lead wants to add more functionality but i am now in the position to tell him to plan it out and not shoe horn it into the sprint like he does
outside of work, been playing Ys: Memories of Celceta, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. just booting up steam now to play the latter now that i have a truck and the MULE Camps have respawned
how about you @Dimitrimx
@Memor-X That sounds nice ^^
Still job hunting, there is a huge "need" for developers. Non the less most parties still work with a processes that take 4-8 weeks to get through the first 2 conversations.
Getting actively involved with a startup on the side, which is taking quite a bit of my spare time.
@Dimitrimx why need in quotation?
As for game wise, I've been playing mass effect 3, and since this morning also started on valheim
8:15 AM
@Dimitrimx i've heard good things about Valheim though i'm holding off from getting it at the moment
@Memor-X Most companies I've talked to would love and need developers preferably yesterday. Yet planning a time for a initial call already takes them weeks. After which I tell them I can't at that time, and the waiting game starts again
@Memor-X My initial take is positive. I like the ps1-esq style, and there's more mechanics than I expected. However, I'm only 1 hour in so far
9:04 AM
@ahiijny well... for one I am surprised Miyazaki allowed this. And second, will be funny to see how they hope to have Chihiro played by TWO different persons (and both in their 20)
9:54 AM
@Memor-X Saw this yet?
sadly, still using the old map. Was hoping for a 3d free-roam remake
2 hours later…
11:41 AM
... I knew this one was going to be made soon or later.
Take my prophecy here. Next they will do Mona and Xiao.
12:19 PM
@Derpy i heard of a Sinnoh remake. also heard there was an open world Pokemon game aswell
i assume the new is from Nintendo Direct but pokemon wasn't really my focus when i was skimming though the video
was more looking for mentions of Golden Sun 4
4 hours later…
4:34 PM
Q: Are the two music notes a reference?

lulalalaIn episode 2 of Idolish7, 11:08 the following two music notes appeared as the background where two main character talks in chibi form. The character on the right is embarrassed and walks away. Is the background music score a reference to something?

5 hours later…
9:31 PM
Q: In which episode did Meliodas say sate sate sate in his demon voice(serious voice)

Winchester260in japanese, meliodas has two different voices, when he switch to demonic his voices gets serious and now im looking where he says "sate sate sate" but with his serious voice. thanks


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