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3:00 AM
Q: Which anime series is this guy from?

UnknownBearDo you know which anime series this guy is from. It has a brown hair and wears a school uniform, so the anime is a school life i guess.

5 hours later…
8:27 AM
Seems like they are doing a lot of advertising.
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
@Memor-X rage intensifies
2 hours later…
11:23 AM
@Derpy it can get frustrating but just have to accept it
i've seen plenty of good looking games only to be disappointed that they are MMOs or only in Chinese
11:45 AM
@Memor-X that thing is translate in English, French, Chinese. Korean and I think Spanish at launch. It even has decent dubs available. But Gatcha
> Gacha aside, there is stamina in the game that if you want to refill to continue doing dungeons and bosses you will need to pay using said currency
12:12 PM
@Memor-X anyway, I am just quite salty because graphically it is one of the best anime stile "rpg" games I have seen recently. And open world too.
1:07 PM
Hows you doing?
good, much better now as i'm back at work
not at my old computer and still have to use citrix
but i have a keyboard and mouse
1:23 PM
Sounds like a improvement. Or atleast a less distracting environement
well in my room it wasn't distracting
just bad working off just a laptop with crap network
Don't think I could ever work with bad internet.
I think I might break something in the near vicinity ;')
@Dimitrimx was more just causing issues with citrix. if it was done for awhile i just watched videos or do some personal work on my desktop
1:41 PM
I think I would probably do the same.
also finding that going to work is improving my health
while i was working from home i found myself getting more and more tired when i normally would be wide awake
since going back to the office, havn't been almost falling asleep at 7pm
2:37 PM
@Memor-X you sure that was due to the location and not to the work hours?
I can imagine that not having a change of scenery combined with things not going smoothly can be very exhausting.
When I have to do projects where it feels like you run into a sort of wall every so often, days on ends. I also tend to get a lot more exhausted at the end of the day.
3:28 PM
@Memor-X from an online interview
> Feng said to complete Black Myth: Wukong, players probably need at least 15 hours of playtime. To ensure people stay excited during the gameplay and boss fights, the team plans on having over a hundred different kinds of monster enemies. However, with their current manpower, they can only have one team work on designing levels. They realized if they want to finish the game within 3 years, hiring more talent is unavoidable.
Estimate three more years of development (I think they said it was already 2 years in so that's --5-- )... 15 hours with over a hundred different enemies?
The trailer had me hyped, but those info are just weird.
(also - source: ign.com/articles/… )
(also2 - source is IGN, so it is possible the interview is wrong in the first place)
^ should we tell Oda?
(or Bandai?)
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10:00 PM
Q: Which Bronze Saint bled the most?

MindwinI remember a repeating joke when Saint Seiya was running that they bled too much. During their fights, which of the original main five Bronze Saints (Shiryu, Seya, Ikki, Shun, and Hyoga) had the highest count of bleeding episodes? For objectivity, each episode where a saint was depicted bleeding ...

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11:11 PM
@Derpy sure because i'm working the same work hours. infact i was playing Etrian Odyssey for longer when i worked at home because i could play it all the way up to 8:30 as opposed to 7:30-7:45 which is when i leave for work
also i didn't get tired when i had annual leave or when i'm out of a job and i'm working on my own projects like my game or book
@Dimitrimx yeh it was getting frustrating but the wall was technical issues. the actual work i know what to do
@Derpy this game looks awsome
the Chinese Government is shit but Chinese mythology is good. i do like the tales of Sun Wukong
11:28 PM
Q: What happend to Colt after the Chimera Ant Arc

KillZWe all know that Reina reunited with her mom at the end of Chimera Ant Arc, but does Colt ever get to reunite with his mom in the manga or does he stay with (girl) Kite. Also when Colt met his mother while the chimera ants were hunting for humans did he know that was his mother when he was a human.

11:53 PM
Q: Is Hunter x Hunter worth watching?

SlideTheStackThis question is pretty subjective but I want to kind of give an insight as to why I am asking. I see lots of people arguing about how good HxH is, some people say its rated in the top ten anime of all time some say it is terrible. I want to know if it is worthwhile. Does anyone know anywhere I c...


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